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37 thoughts on “Forex Cash Multiplier”

  1. Just purchased FCM yesterday and so far is profitable for the 10 pairs I have running. Runs 10-20 trades per day. Anyone else have any results for this EA? Thanks

  2. Rick I was thinking of purchasing this ea or is it a trade copier? Can you tell how it has done for you so far. from the web site it said that they have 91% win rate. what is there sl and do they watch out for the news? The last one I had did not,I got hit hard with its hugh stop loss. Fx auto millionaire is really bad.

  3. Hey Rick,

    thanks for your input. Are those results on your Live system or Demo? And is it with the standard system or have you gone all out with the upsell system?? Your help in this is greatly appreciated 🙂


  4. To Charlie / Jason: So far in 2 days I’ve had about 40 trades on the 10 pairs. I bought the standard package (not the upsell) but still got the 10 pairs Ultimo package. So far on this demo account I am about breakeven (after a great $500 profit first day). The TP is 30 pips and the SL is 50 pips and the system sticks strictly by this. For a $5000 demo account it trades about 0.15-0.20 lots per trade on all pairs. Looks promising and I will continue to monitor and comment on this site and would appreciate yours and others comments also.

  5. Hi all,
    Just startyed using this product under the money back guarantee…1st day only traded for 9 hours and made 3.4% for the day. I purchased the basic version however the sent me the link to the Ultimo vesion so trading 10pairs.

  6. I would really like to see published results for this
    @rick – is it possible for you to use mt4i to publish the results of your demo account then post the link here?

  7. Thanks RICK for the Updates, Did anyone Purchased the Monthly Services (Cost $49 /per Month). What is this for any way? If you Buy the Package for one time FEE of $39 (will it Still work AFTER the 30 Trial Period (or we still NEED to buy the ($49 /Month) to keep it working the NEXT Month ? Please POST what you think about the MONTHLY FEE – Thanks a lot…

  8. From all I know it is a one time fee of $39 through Primus
    and should keep working after a month. I see no mention of a recurring monthly fee.

  9. After 4 days and about 45-50 trades about even. Had a good day one, bad day two and now coming back to even. Will stay with the demo account for a month or two and see how it does in a long run.

  10. hei rick you kidding me been running this scam ea on my live account for 3 days now nothing, not even one trade. so i if you tell me now 40-50 trades my you sure friend?license code what license are they talking about none at all and they are now on $1 trial mode after which monthly charges, what’s up i bought it one time @39 discount rate. so fellas be careful.

  11. FCM is marketed by SUPREMO MARKETING. The same co. that marketed AUTOFXMILLIONAIRE which blew accounts in 30 days or less,and other dubious robots.

    If you feel you’ve been scammed there’s a remedy for that

    Be advised that it may take months for the GOV to reply. What else can you do? Ask Plimus why they continue to allow a shoddy vendor to give then a bad reputation? I don’t know.

    Of course you can stand idly by and let the scammer’s continue to scam you.

    ADMIN take note; what are you (we) doing. It doesn’t matter because only making money matters ???

  12. Hi, everyone, I bought today “CashMultiplierUltimo Ea ‘is a day that I keep running but did not initiate any action. you know if there are appropriate settings? or must be placed on the graph as it is?
    A tip to all of you, if you ask me directly for a price really stupid, AccuScalper EA – PipLaser – JpMegadroid. Never work, do one or two trades per day .. usually when you pass in front of the PC, to monitor the situation of your account, find some work for profit and loss. with these 3, you’ll find very few .. but always in profit!
    I look for answers cashmultiplier settings .. Thanks to all.

  13. I was very sceptical at first about purchasing this robot because of the negative experience I’ve had with all of the other EAs.However,since my curiosity got the best of me once again,I decided to try it – this will be the last time I promised myself.Well,to my amazement,it actually is performing better than any of the othher robots.I tried iton a Demo Account for about a week.It profited about 40%.Well,i was still sceptical since robots tend to perform better on Demos, for some reason; so,I took the bold step and tried it on my live account.Since last Wednesday – four trading days – it’s up 16%.It’s now Tuesday afternoon and as I type there are 3 trades open at a 85 pip drawdown;but,it has been recovering into profit most of the time.We’ll see how it performs over the longer term. As far as their support,it stinks! At first my questions didn’t get a reply for a couple of days – though they promised support 24/7 and answers within 2 hours.After my e-mail scolding them for not living up to their promise,I don’t get answered anymore.

  14. Thanks Sal for your results. So far I am at best break even on my demo account.
    Sal – are you using the 30 pip TP and 50 pip SL as recommended?
    Do you have the Ultimo version with 10 currencies?
    Keep us posted on this site of your live results.

  15. Hi Rick,

    Yes,I am using the default settings,30 pip TP,50 pip SL.This defies the general rule of a 1:2 SL/TP ratio;but,since the win percentage on the FCM is supposed to be 91%,that should work.However,I was thinking of reducing the SL to 40 pips.
    I have not had any trades opened when using the Percent Risk setting instead of the Lot Size setting – only when I set the Lot Size do trades open.Has anyone else had this problem? I tried contacting support but no response.

  16. Hi Sal:
    I had trades open on the % setting but the lots were very low , 0.16, 0.18 etc. I wanted to try a $5000 demo account with 1 lot settings and I get 10-15 trades per day but still no better than break even. Surely not a 91% win rate as claimed! Still using the recommended settings as you are. Will continue to post results – could you do the same. thanks.

  17. Hi Rick,

    How long did it take for FCM to open trades after set up? Maybee I didn’t give it enough time for the %Risk setting.I started out using Lot Size 1.0($1.00 per pip).Since it was profiting,I increased it to 1.5.In 9 trading days on the Live account my profit peaked at 413 pips yesterday morning.After some losing trades I’m still up 283 pips.As I type,3 trades are open in a total drawdown of about 50 pips.We’ll see in the longer term.I think that results are different on Demo and Live accounts – I don’t know why.From my experience with EAs,they always did better on the Demo.Then when I would switch to Live it would wittle-down my account.Keep me up on your trades and I will do the same. Have you tried contacting the support for any reason? I can’t seem to get an answer from them.


  18. Hi

    My account is still in profit(274 pips) as of close on Friday.There are 3 trades still open 82 pips in drawdown.Does anybody have any results since Friday?

  19. Sal: Are you still up in your live account? So far I have tried 3 different demo account – 1 went from $5000 to $1000, the other two have stayed slightly less than even over 50-100 trades each (using 1 lot and default settings).
    I am really surprised that your live account is profitable – usually as you speak of the demo account does better than a live account for the same setting and risk. Your thoughts? Thanks.

  20. I have not seen 91% winners as advertised – I would be happy with 65-70% but can’t get it with my demo accounts. At 50-55% as I am getting my demo account is slowly going broke. Anyone else out there except Sal have any results – live or demo would be appreciated. There must be others that have put out the $39 and given this a fair run. Thanks.

  21. I would say that FCM wins about about 75% in my experience so far.I have been running a live account since Oct.4th. I am pleasently surprised that my account went from $1,786 to $2,600 at present – an increase of $814;actually,I have another robot running on here(Megadroid),which is responsible for a profit of $148;so,my net for FCM is $666.I am pleasently surprised.I really did not expect this.I started the first week trading 1 Lot,then went to 1.5 Lots.I’m surprised at your poor results on your Demo.Which broker are you using;although,that shouldn’t make a big difference.I’m using MBT.Tet’re spreads are really low. Maybee this thing does better on a live account.I don’t know. The only other robot I’m having success with is Megadroid.Only problem with that one – if you call it a problem,is that it only opens 0-4 trades a week;but,that really does win over 90%.It’s winners are usually 2-10pips. Keep me posted.

  22. I don’t know what Myfxbook is;and,I probably wouldn’t know how to do it;and,it doesn’t sound like a good idea to post my live account.Do you not believe my results?I have no reason to fabricate them.I’m not affiliated with FCM in any way.As a matter of fact,I don’t think too hightly of them because I can’t get a reply from their Support;and,their supposed creator,Peter Taylor, is already endorsing another robot(1 click pips);also,the settings for their robot are so few and there is nothing to adjust for the GMT Time;and,this is the cheapest robot I ever purchased-$29,$10 off;so,in all appearances,I was expecting FCM to be another loser – you know,profits for a week then almost wipes out the account like all the others;and,given more time,FCM may just do that to me;but,right now it’s still running a net profit.I am totally perplexed thus far.

    I’ve been leaving my computer on as long as there are open trades.I will shut off trading when there is major news.I find that the bigest wins are during the European Session and sometimes between the Euro and New York Sessions.

  23. its right but you can extract a report of metatrader right?

    I pay for this E.A and after 3 days I dont receive anything

  24. Addams,

    You mean you paid for the EA with your credit card and you didn’t receive the download link immediately? That’s a first.if you can’t make contact with them then call your credit card company and contest the purchase.I don’t get a prompt answer from their support.There definitely something not right there.

  25. I bought the EA one week ago and have been pleasantly suprised with its performance. Have set to 5% on all ten pairs – has traded approximately 50 trades in a week. Alpari UK. It is currently 39% up for the week. 83% wins.

  26. Addams:

    This chart shows you started with 250 euros on Sept 8, 2011 and have been in the negative almost always till now.
    I am right in my interpretation of the facebook chart?
    Let us know more results…

  27. Last Friday til today FCM has been very eratic – probably because of what’s been going on in Europe;however,it’s still on an almost break-even course – a slight loss. Overall,since start-up my account is still up over 20%.I probably will shut-off FCM tomorrow and into next week until the European question stabilizes.I hope that it’s not FCM taking a turn for the worse and start to wittle- down my account as all of the other robots have done – except for Megadroid.Anyone have any recent experience with FCM,good or bad?

  28. I find it very interesting that the print is still wet on this FCM Robot and this guy Peter Taylor,its advocate,is sending me e-mails for 2 other new robots;Rapid Forex Profits and One Click Pips.This guy’s got some balls;he sends the e-mails titled Forex Cash Multiplier;but,when you click on the link, it’s advertising a different robot – and,of course,each one is supposed to be the best.

  29. Sal:
    Same thing happening to me – shows you what a marketing joke all these EA’s are. The marketers are just looking for some quick money as they forward anything that comes along without even trying to disguise the company’s name. I get 10-20 of these per day from the same senders over and over.

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