Forex Cash Evolution

Forex Cash EvolutionForex Cash Evolution is, to quote the official website, the only system that has been tested for 7 years. Its algorithms enable the EA to trade in varied market conditions – trending and non-trending, volatile and non-volatile.

Like most other Expert Advisors, Forex Cash Evolution is 100% automated and doesn’t require any trading knowledge (although having some knowledge is always an advantage). It also has an advanced money management strategy built-in to minimize the risk.

There’s no minimal deposit required by the system, it works with any broker running on MetaTrader (4 and 5 digits alike). And as a bonus they give you some Forex training material and extra indicators.

The live statement provided on the website doesn’t tell much – it only has a few trades and those from last month.

The back testing shows more interesting things, you can tell a lot more about how the system works. For instance, it seems to be using a dynamic stop loss which on average is kept at the level of take profit (which varies from 7 to 20 pips and more) – that does make sense. It also seems to be scaling the positions as the account grows.

Must admit it looks tempting and might be worth to try.

If you’ve already tested it, comments are welcome.

Some other facts:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Updates: Life-time free

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8 thoughts on “Forex Cash Evolution”

  1. Nothing special, does not trade frequently, backtested, result was not impressive as I thought prehaps need longer time. Over all 4.5/10

  2. There are two robots that come with the package. One long term and one short term. I put the short-term robot on 8 currency pairs since 2/09/2010 and it has yet to enter in a trade. It couldn’t find one potential trade among 8 currecy pairs in 3 days? I sent an email to the support team for explanation.

  3. The robot that is to trade more often(short term) has not traded as yet.
    Will have to see how this runs next week, have sent email to support, but no reply so far

  4. Anybody adjusted the parameters of the expert? Any issues with 4 and 5 decimals platform? I have also emailed a couple of emails to them but so far only had one reply. What happen to their support team?

  5. Well I had some activity for the fist time, some trades on GBP/USD, EUR/USD, these trades were taken today 19th Feb 2010.
    All trades so far were winning trades, will have to see how this works out next week.

  6. That’s good news Phil. Mine did execute a few trades this week and so far it is in the winning zone too. I have also tried out the FCE1 system on GBPUSD and it is has also entered into 2 trades. Which system did you use? 1 or 2? And did you modify any of the parameter settings or running it in default?

  7. I have mainly being using the evolution 2, as I have found that the evolution 1 does not trade very often. I had only one trade with this sometime ago.

    The parameter that i changed on evo 2 was the lot size, and made sure that the GMT offset was correct.

  8. I tried evol1 and evol2.

    Evol1 enters both buy and sell limits. I have 10 pairs. It executed a sell order on its own in one of the pairs.

    Evol2 have not entered any kind of trade yet.I had purchased my evol robots last 2/9/10.


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