Forex Cash Bot

Forex Cash BotForex Cash Bot is a new Forex robot that promises to work. But don’t they all?

From the few back test statements of this robot I could find we can tell some details about this EA. First of all it doesn’t use a stop loss, but has the built-in targets which can be set in the parameters. The back tests are done with 50 pips for stop loss and 30 pips for take profit.

I consider that to be a drawback because that makes a risk to award ratio less than 1, i.e. risking more than one profitable trade can cover. It may look good in the back tests, but there’s a reason why the ratio is generally recommended to be less than 1 in real life trading. Otherwise it’s tested on several currency pairs on 1 hour time frame.

Forex Cash Bot software has two up-sells which reveal the pricing of the product. One of them is another version of the EA, and another is software updates for a fee of $49 per month.

Other details:

  • Cost: $39
  • Currency pairs supported: Multiple currency pairs
  • Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee by Clickbank

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68 thoughts on “Forex Cash Bot”

  1. The first thing I always do when I review a new Automated Forex Trading System is send an email to the “Contact” email address. You do that for two reasons.

    1. To make sure that the Contact email address actually works.

    2. Judge the response to your questions and the time that it takes to respond to your email.

    When the contact email does not work and bounces back, then that is a Red Flag for two reasons.

    1. It makes you wonder if they are doing this because they don’t want to be bothered answer emails which makes you question how their future support will be.

    2. It makes you wonder just how trusting you can be of their robot if they cannot check to make sure their email actual works. It makes me wonder if we can control their quality control of not only their website, but also their Robots.

    I’m sad to report that their email bounced twice when I tested it.

    : host[] said: 550 No
    Such User Here” (in reply to RCPT TO command)

    I hope that this notice will help get this error corrected on their website.

  2. I have been suspicious of this thing since it has come out.
    Anything worth something does not sell for 39$ and if you click off the page they will give you another 10 making the price 29$. To me that makes them suspect. I also sent an email to them with no return at all.

    This is the best review site on a product i have visited in a very long time. Keep up the good work as people like myself are tired of being screwed out their money by these shysters and their affiliates.

  3. I purchased the fxcb and within 24 hours of operation it had lost $271 in the account history and is about to loose one of the trades still running so I anticipate a loss of about $300 in the first day. It almost seems that it is trading back to front. Like somethng is upside down . if it were trading in the opposite direction it would be great. All the trades it has taken are against the trend. while I am writing this the P/L has gone back to $231 so there has been one trade which reached the T/P There is a long US/CAD still running at a $72 loss so it is so near to stoppin out
    This just doesn’t seem to be the answere to anyones forex prayers as yet hope it improves bye for now

  4. Update it just stopped out the last live trade for a total loss of $311 there was only one winning trade $39.93 Oh how sad it doesn’t have a reverse gear ..Just another con job i guess

  5. If it is a consistent loser, You have a winner by trading against it manually. Run Forex Cash Bot on a demo account and trade your funded account manually by signals from the BOT. If the bot consistently loss, you will consitently win. The $27 dollars investment is worth it. But don’t use it to trade real money. turn this loser as a contrarian winner for you. To test the consistency of the BOT use it on two demo online line forex broker/dealer. both accounts should track closely, If they do not track the forex broker/dealer are manipulating or fudging the trading data feed for some reason. It is very possible for online retail broker/dealer to manually temporarily alter the data feed for a forex currency pair. Bear in mind that Forex trading is traded globally 24 hours a day 5 days a week spread over several time zones.

  6. I puchased this robot and in 72 hours it has not entered any trades at all, but when I looked on their website under the live trade results I saw that the robot had opened many winning trades. I emailed their support and never got any response whatsoever. Also, I tried backtesting the ea and it doesn’t work. They show a 5 yr backtest on their website, but if you try to backtest it yourself, it doesn’t work. It makes me wonder why do these scam artists bother trying to sell this crap when they know everyone will get a refund in the end. I’ve already requested my refund.

  7. When I started in Forex trading I had already made and lost a fortune trading precious metals on the ComEx. So I know how badly a poor system can hurt. I went from having nearly 7-figures in cash, to a $75K margin call in six weeks.

    I am still moving forward on Forex and I’m commenting because of Ed’s smart advice.

    However, I took it one step further a while ago. I became a Clickbank affiliate and I signed up to sell most of this Forex crap to learn how the show is put on.

    When you become an affiliate you get e-mails direct from the system maker, and they reveal all manner of nonsense. The biggest issue is that they show you how to push and market the program. Most sincerely think their system works, but as they are describing their current system, they are explaining to sell it quickly because they have another one to release right behind it.

    They churn out systems, we suckers buy them, they know 30-80% of people will NOT return the program — being an affiliate gives you access to the return stats and they are not what you think. Most people do not return the program, so they sell it, repackage, then resell with a new name.

    Before you buy any program, go to Clickbank and make yourself an affiliate and then search for Forex and sign up for all the programs – you’ll get the inside scoop on all of them.

  8. Ditto Jay, I guess I’m the lucky one because it hasn’t put on a trade.
    I will request my refund this PM.

  9. I purchased all 4 addons as well as the FCB. I know I have FCB installed correctly, but it has yet take any trades. Their live stats show all kinds of trades. No one has responsed from their ‘support team’ and I am getting pissed. SniperFX, an addon sale, has a service whereby they will update shortterm and longterm trades for you to do manually. The only problem is you have to sit here and refresh their page to see if there are any new trades. Backtests do not work on either the Forex Cash Bot or the SniperFx. I think ClickBank aught to check out the reliability of these EA marketers long before it hits the market. I am now attempting to have this decompiled to get at the source code and find out what’s going on.

  10. With a demo account of $ 100,000 between day 2 and 3 made 7 transactions (-4 to 3) with negative and positive $ -7654 $ 3474 in there are 4 negative action with a global range of $ -2800. I’m also testing the “automated advanced pips,” which has made 3 positive operations risking only 1 lot and therefore only generating $ 380 of a total of $ 100000. You can begin to develop their own conclusions.

  11. What a dissapointment!!
    16 Trades closed and only 3 winners. $900 down on my account in 2 days.Biggest loss was $153 and that on a 0.10 lot. They don’t even bother to reply to my e-mails.

  12. I bought the advanced version of the Forex Cash Bot and have been running it on a demo trading account since the 2nd November, 2010.

    So far it completed 18 trades of which only 7 is positive and 11 is negative. Due to the money management of 30 pips for a successful trade and 50 pips for a losing trade the account is down.

    When I move the mouse cursor over the trade results in the Account History window, a pop-up appears with the word MoneyMaker in it as the name of the EA. It may be that the Forex Cash Bot is an EA that has been renamed.

    Last year we had similar situations with the Forex Maestro Robot which was the renamed Firebird 63 EA which was available for free on the internet and the Magic Machine EA which was a renamed vForce EA.

    I wish that we can get rid of these scammers and that people who are marketing the EA’s will at least buy it and test it before they start to market it!

  13. I decided to give FCB a try to be use as a contrarian signal. I paid for it with paypal. After paying for it and clicking the completion box, I was expecting to be given a link to download the program. But no there was no download link but an advertising to sell me an add on addon plugon enhancement program for an extra $97 dollars, I could not find any where to download the software to download. Thinking that the link will be forward to me by email, I exited and check my email. waited to next day and checked email. I got the confirmation email from paypal but not response from FCB. So I send an email to the with a request read reciept. Did not get a response as of this writting. I shall send a second email, and if they do not respond by friday afternoon, I shall ask paypal for a refund for none delivery. I shall keep you guys posted.

  14. Have you fellas ever thought that we are all being scammed by Bots colluding with retail online forex broker/dealer by altering the forex quotes data feeds to stop out funded accounts. These forex/dealers may be playing a boiler room or bucket operations to scam individual forex traders. We ar playing a rigged game. They broker/dealer do not really execute the trade for you. The trade probably never went out of their website to the central forex clearing system, all the have is your account in their internal system. If you lose your trade they automatically pocket your loses. If your trades is winning, they will alter he data feeds to the opposite direction momentarily (a sudden jump) to trigger your stops. You can’t win in the long run. It’s rigged. You are scammed either way.

  15. I just wrote a very negative report in this site. And the moderator decided to not post it. It was too damaging to the online retail forex industry as a whole.

  16. Victor, the comments aren’t published real-time, they go to the moderation queue and wait to be approved. That can take from a few minutes to sometimes a few hours.

  17. Yes this bot is scammed. I bought it over 72 hours ago no single trade opened. I think the owner of this product is dubious. In first instance, you claimed to have a product sold for $39 and when buyers gets to inreversable stage during purchase, they got stucked later to be met with other series of undisclosed payment. Secondly, no response to any of clients mails. Thirdly, i think forex traders world should take steps of have real contacts details of any forex vendors including direct phone numbers to checkmate the real identityn of digital vendors, vendors with doggy indentity should always have his products unpurchased. Truely this bot is a scmmed.

    Thak you

  18. Good news for the forex traders. U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commision (CFTC)to require all Forex brpkers to register and inforce new rules. This should put scammer out of busuness effectively. Read for your self, just follow the link beloe to DailyForex Website.

    Copy and paste it to your browser’s address line.

    The CFTC wants to put the scammers out of business, legitimized the honest brokers and protect traders. Very positive news for forex trading.

  19. A complete piece of junk. Very difficult to get it working, no profitable trades, and absolutely no responses from support.

  20. This is very strange. I posted another comment last night. Administrator have not release it as of this time. The comment is about new U.S. CFTC rules on forex.

  21. FCB is not responding to enquires from emails. I have therefore request paypal for a refund on my purchase of Forex Cash bot on tuesday. I do not want a product that do not provide support.

    Be alert and avoid this Forex Cash Bot scam.

  22. I must be one of the lucky few. I ran this on a back test and it performed quite well (average 90% success rates on trades). Did this for the calendar year 2009.

    It didn’t do money management well on the back test. Same lot value the whole time.

    Sent an email to ask why, and haven’t gotten a reply yet (3 days ago).

    I might try this live since I’ve got a very small live account.

  23. comment to Michael. I would caution you to make sure you have a legitimate broker to trade in. Be aware there are a lot of broker/dealer scammers out there.

  24. Hey! you need your Refund from ClickBank? Simple no need to contact Forex Cash Bot Support.
    1)Open Receipt for your ClickBank Order
    2)In that Receipt scroll down to CUSTOMER SERVICE eg.


    If you need additional customer service ClickBank will be happy to assist you.
    To make a customer service inquiry with regard to this purchase, please visit:

    3)Click the ClickBank link (will open or redirect to ClickBank Page) you will see your order details.
    4)Click “Get Support”
    5)ClicBank will ask you “What problem are you having?” you choose “More Option”
    6)Now you will see “Tech Support Request” and “Refund Request” Choose “Refund Request”
    7) Reason you can Explain the reason and click “send”

    Within 48 Hours you will get your refund.

    Sorry for My English.

  25. I too purchased this EA, 1 week later no link provided to download. Emailed several times no response.

    Taking steps to get my money back.


  26. Hi Guys,

    I thought this EA was the bomb – bought it, installed it and it made 12 consecutive winning trades over two days and then suddenly it started making the most bizarre trades and managed to lose all the initial gains and then some in a single afternoon! Just another scam in my opinion – very sad too because at first it really appeared to work and I stupidly started having visions of auto-trading for a living! :o( Like someone else said if you did the exact opposite of this robot you’d make a killing – that may be worth a shot. Also, no reolies from their support email – except to tell me that it takes up to 48 hours for trades to activate after I queried why nothing had happened after day one. The search for the “holy grail” continues.

  27. P.S. I’ve also attempted to claim my money back from ClickBank but so far nothing has happened and I seriously doubt anything will – I am so sick of being scammed online.

  28. It doesn’t trade. Their support says it may take 48 hours to trade, but so far its been a week. Not worth bothering with…

    …so back to clickbank for refund, slightly more weary and disillusioned than last time.

  29. I wonder why people have such different experiences – is there such a thing as a random trade generator ? After all, we are all trading the same markets, where do the differences come in ? I’m going to revisit this page in the hope that someone can answer me.

  30. I bought this bot on OCT 30. I was a bit stupid and stuck it on my live account. Bad mistake. Tw trade and both were stiff losses. I also put it on my demo account but, oddly enough, it hasn’t made on single trade.
    I DID write and did get a response from

    Dear Sir,

    Good day! Thank you for getting in touch with us. Rest assured, I am here to assist you. To answer, it can sometimes take 48 hours to enter a trade. Take note, no trade on weekends and make sure you have loaded the correct .set files for each pair. If the issue still persists, feel free to let us know and we’ll go from there. Until here, take care for now. Have a great day.
    Best regards,


    He hasn’t answered any other emails and my first one bounced.

    That said, I am not very impressed with the lack of trades on my demo and I have just set lots to .05 and risk to 0 on it and I will see if that makes a difference.

    I’m probably looking to getting a refund though.

  31. comment Victor:
    Thanks for the warnings. I’ve been w/ IBFX for 5 years now. Been trading the news w/ them and had success; when I actually get up to trade the news. 😛

    So, I do think their legitimate.

    Once question everyone,

    I remember reading this in the PDF:
    “Make sure your broker allows hedging, although ForexCashBot is still
    profitable with a non hedging broker it will be even more so with one that
    allows hedging.”

    Now, I also know that IBFX will allow hedging, but not from day to day. So, I wonder if this is why I’m not getting live trades.

    I figure I’ll wait until the EOW. If it hasn’t taken any trades by then, it most likely is a dud. Too bad; the back tests were quite promising.

  32. I ran the forexcashbot EA with the defaults after I bought it Nov. 2 and 28 hrs later lost over 45% of the $1000 starting balance. The 1st day it was down 20% then back up to par and then the next day it was down 45% after the UK PMI. Later in the morning all trades closed, after the FOMC announcement, to settle my account at $561. Check it out on my demo fxopen acct. I open another another demo and still can’t get positive gains. Where is the 90% win rate? I can’t believe I got sucked into another
    loser EA and I bought the works – upgraded EA and updates.

    Email :
    Login : 1196113
    Investor : trv3kdd

  33. Wow, I’m the other positive commenter on the site. The bot was installed late last week on a demo account, Thursday and Friday and made trades immediately. I was stunned how quickly it began trading on two or three different pairs, actually within seconds of one another.

    One little practice I adopted, if the MT4 has had any other bot on it before I un-install and reinstall – deleting the charts immediately as it opens up and all the pre-installed pairs as well. This lets me start fresh, with a fresh copy of MT4 – thus, almost all of the issues I had with bots not trading b/f were now solved. Not saying this is the silver bullet for everyone else though, but it worked for me.

    I’ve made more than I care to admit mistakes putting new untested bots on live accounts, so you could say that has taught me something. Back to the bot. The ForexCashBot lost nearly $300us initially then completely made up for all the losses on Monday and Tuesday of this week, getting in profit. My winning trades far exceed the loosing with this bot. I think the loosing trades were because it was installed and turned loose before much chart history loaded. Yet, now it seems to have stabilized after several days – making trades that make sense, and with a good deal of accuracy.

    Now, the guy on the video is an actor. I got another email pitching about getting traffic to my site and he was the pitchman, so this made me cautious. But I went ahead and sprang for the bot b/c the low price. As of this writing on November 10th I’m planning on keeping the thing b/c I see it operational and adapting to different market situations, and equity now in the black. However, I could always change my mind b/f the 60 day guarantee is over.

    Will try to keep you posted.

  34. Updade:

    The bot has made for us in five days 31 trades, 21 winners and 10 loosing. The equity is now more than started and growing, slow but growing.

  35. Don’t believe anybody. Trust only in numbers!:

    I started to test FCB on Alpari UK Demo and this are the results in live:

    My account has 30% DD and growing. Their email doesn’t work, their EA doesn’t work. If you want to test it, please, don’t buy it, only follow it’s live results on my mt4stats… but is no more to say that…

    …SCAM! I’ll keep testing for a few days or weeks but then, I’ll request my refund on clickbank.

    I think will help


  36. Testing first is always the best. However, be sure to read the instructions on installing, i.e., install only the correct pairs, settings, etc. etc. In the one test I”m looking at on this site it’s no wonder it is getting negative results, there are non-recommended pairs being traded – meaning, someone did not read the installation manual. So, yes, especially don’t trust anyone and only trust numbers but they should be your own numbers. Sorry, we have not tried the email. We’d be asking for a refund as well if there is no customer support. Yet, regarding our bot test, it is revealing an equity gain and while not large due to low risk settings it is gaining none the less. To be continued.

  37. I have found that if I put a number in the “Risk” setting then the bot will not trade and I get a “Zero Divide” message in the journal. If I set my lots to be the same then the bot will trade.

  38. David Simmons who selling the EA known as Forex Cash Bot is a good sales man. You end up in buying lot more products and services at different price range. I haven’t received the username and password for registration and waiting for a week or more. Support system sends me some weird answers for my request. By seeing all these reports, I am sure the product is not going to perform as they advertised. To get the money back soon, call Clikbank’s telephone support and they will refund you immediately.

  39. This BOT is great so far, but I feel sorry for everyones bad luck. I bought FCB (basic model ) only (2 weeks ago) and received a ex4 download that permitted me to trade 6 currency pairs……. At the end of week 2 on a live account I have seen my account increase by 50.2% using preset values for which I am very pleased.

    In fairness I did find the EA very complicated to install correctly, from registration, installing your email address in the EA properties, pre-loading preset files, ensuring magic numbers are unique. For me it has been losing about 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 trades and places around 5-15 trades per day on the provided settings. Risk management is spot on and my account is growing. I’m very happy with FCB.

    I can only conclude, I’m lucky and this time your not, I have a great broker and your broker sucks or people don’t pay attention to detail when setting up the EA on all six multiple currency pairs to get it working. And for those who suggest you cant get in touch to get a refund, just read(attention to detail again) your clickbank email and go through the clickbank link for your order to get your refund, they garrantee it for 60 days and you can get your money back for something as simple as the “product not meeting your expectations”.


  40. Kevin,

    What broker are you using?

    That’s about the only thing I can think of that is stopping the EA from trading.

    I followed the instructions to the T. I also re-imaged a new machine w/ a fresh install of XP (32 bit); a fresh install of Metatrader; installed the 2 patches that the PDF said to install.

    I don’t get any errors.

    I sent an email off the support box a few days ago; I have not heard back yet.

    So, Kevin, let me know who your broker is. Maybe mine is holding it up or something.

  41. Michael,

    This is not Kevin, ok. You don’t say whether you are using a demo or live, however, if it were me I’d open a new demo account with a new broker and see if that works. I’ve run into this same problem and simply went to a new broker and everything worked. Hope this helps.

  42. I’ve bougt two licences for Forex Cash Bot, but got only 1 licence . I’ve open several times a customer service inquiry with regard to this purchase, but never has been answered. Finaly I’ve ask and got the refund for one of orders. Now I can’t to login to my another account. Possible both accounts was canceled.
    No support,I never answered.
    The friend of my purchased the Cash Bot, but never get the licence.

  43. I purchased the Forex Cash Bot using the affilate link of Kevin Long, but didn’t receive the mail with the link to prmissed bonus – Highly Optimized Version of Forex Cash Bot.
    If Kevin read this forum, possible he will send me the promissed link.

  44. I purchased it on Nov 3rd and since then my demo and live account have lost money , i am down 40% on my live account and 55% on my demo, so far this EA does not work as stated
    i will be asking for my refund.

  45. I put on a DLL trace to see what the DLL that comes w/ this bot is doing. And in the process, found out what was wrong; I have a micro account w/ IBFX and they put an ‘m’ at the end of their pairs.

    Oddly enough, after watching this thing on my live account (not taking trades due to the pair naming); I found out that the signal generation is done by the DLL. So I wrote my own ex4 to go around the DLL. Got the indicators and settings for them from backtests on each pair.

    Running my wrapper now (just implemented) in production. Will keep everyone updated when there is something to update.

    Note: I didn’t “hack” the EA. In my wrapper you STILL need to purchase the EA and just use the DLL.

  46. I’m impressed about people words.

    I have more than 2 years of experience with EA’s and this EA is so simple to set. Only you must set the risk because TP and SL is 30-50 for all pairs. I have set this EA properly, don’t worry about that.

    Paul said that I trade pairs not recommended, but pairs recommended doesn’t work too.. GBPUSD has lost 233 pairs. My version is full version with 10 pairs recommended and only works 3 pairs with poor profits.

    Another thing that makes me laugh is the broker choice, Alpari UK is where they have backtest forexcashbot. I have 5 REAL accounts working with 5 REAL EA’s in this broker and it works fine, these are REAL RESULTS!:

    And this is forexcashbot in Demo (Demo has better spreads):

    I provide proofs, all other are given words… Please Gore Rollo, send us your broker and settings to gain this 50% in few days while all others are losing all their money and time. Of course, we all are dumb… but send us PROOFS of your success.

    Until we receive your proofs, this EA is a total Hype and Scam. Believe numbers, not words.


  47. Daniel,

    Interesting stuff.

    et al,

    I’ve got my version wrapping the DLL working. 1 trade closed at a loss and the other one is loosing. But 2 trades do not make a determination on whether or not an EA is a winner or a loser. Will have to let this run a while.

    Note: This is on a live account.

  48. I’ve sent several emails and they refuse to answer my questions and they prefer to get my money back. Don’t delay your money back… is a total lack of time waiting for a better results. Another broker? maybe, but I asked them and they refuse to say what broker they are using. It must be a reason, not?

    As you say Michael, 2 or 3 trades are not enough to say if an EA is an Scam… but if you see my stats there are over 150+ trades, this EA in “theory” has not more than 9-10% of Max DD in any pair, and my account is now -45% DD, only with GBPUSD has lost almost 20-25% of DD…

    I don’t know how or why, but the fact is in my account. Nothing more to say.

    Good luck guys!!


  49. Daniel,

    Well, the only part of the EA I’m using now is the DLL. I’m doing all trade management etc. in my own MQL code.

    We’ll see how this goes.

    don’t let the first 3 orders fool you. I forgot to turn on Money Management in my code. 😛

  50. We think Daniel is correct, the bot is not worth wasting your time on testing. At first the bot seemed to have promise but that has gone down the drain. The guy doing the pitching is an actor. He’s the same actor, in the same room standing beside the same laptop in another sales video pitching some other get-high-traffic-to-your web site sales pitch. We’ve tested quite a few bots over the past three years and have come to the conclusion that none of the commercially available bots make money – or at least, make money for the long term and make money without a lot of babysitting.

  51. Hello forex traders, I have a piece of wisdom for you. Get a good background on Forex trading before you put your hard earned money to trade.

    Just google “scams forex ea”. these keywords will show you 3,340,000 hits on forex expert systems. they will give you information on thousands if not hundreds of thousands of ways these EA can scam yo. The truth shall set you free from the scammers.

  52. This is a scam they are advertising same face on their web site same as other robot web site which don’t work and no response. I have sent several e mails regarding robot not working after installing correctly and no one response. I’m taking action to get my money back. Don’t buy it.

  53. Ok, I try to be serious about Forex in general and about EAs and robots in particular.
    So, I bought dozen of them to check in real time on both virtual and small live accounts.
    I WOULD STRONGLY PROPOSE TO ALL POSTERS to follow same policy before posting initial sentiments.
    Also, I like to compare results of different systems, as well as, against my own live trading.

    First big conclusion:
    No EA or robot IN LONG RUN was more successful than me and I’m not professional trader with 10,15, 30 years of experience, but also I’m not gambler.

    Second big conclusion:
    99,99% of e-mails we get for various systems are REALLY SCAM, don’t even believe they will make you rich, but for fairness of game, why not to test them (with money back guarantee).

    Third big conclusion:
    System cannot prove effectiveness in 1-2 days, it takes at least 1-2 weeks (don’t trade with big money) if not one month to make verdict. Anything else is hype and noise. Let us try to make this place CLEAN and FAIR. I would even suggest to admin to make one close part of forum where serious posters will exchange serious and true information among themself and help community of small Forex traders.

    Fourth big conclusion:
    I’ve NEVER, ever met IN PERSON small Joe who made lot of money on Forex and I met hundreds of guys who burnt thousands and MILLIONS (!!!) of family savings. Specially those who trusted robots. Also, I never got in touch with anyone who is really successful in FX for years (I know guy who after 2 very good years lost almost everything, due to confidence built by using one ‘particularly good’ system. On the other hand, gains are REALLY POSSIBLE, but requre combination of elements to work together. Simply using robot is one way road ALWAYS !!!

    Grand summary
    Robots and EA might be assistants, but not decision makers.
    Forex Cash Bot is typical ridiculous proposal that doesn’t help at all. It makes mistakes and sometimes it hits. In 4 weeks I was around -3% of initial deposit (not too much indeed and it fits to statistic randomness), compared to +5,5% of average trading results without any robot.
    It is proven WORTHLESS PURCHASE that requires immediate money back.
    Same people bombs my e-mail with next 3,5, 10 NEW SYSTEM, they even don’t change marketing tactics, same words, same pressing and same NO RESULTS.
    I think that Admin should add some (close part) functions where concrete users will report their REAL results and send summarized reports to authorities of US, UK etc. (there is some dept. in Governmental bodies that regulate and monitor frauds in financial sphere etc.). I’m sure they will find criminal activities on spreading suspecting quality services all over Internet.

  54. I have closed my account and asked for my money back. Over the past 5 weeks forex cash bot has lost 30% of my account. If I had traded in the opposite direction to the bot I would have made money. It got to the stage where I was closing A/Cs before the bot so as to keep the losses to a minimum. Anybody who purchases this rubbish do so at their own peril.

  55. Hi All – I was wanting to get some feedback from you all on how successful you have been in getting a refund through clickbank?
    I have applied but have not recieved it yet -how long does it usually take?
    I got a response from a “Sean” saying are the settings right and are you using the right broker. I answered with I followed the instructions how do I check if the settings are right and which broker should I be using and I have heard nothing.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  56. It is easy to get money back from Clickbank, but it should be exactly within the period of time (60 days usually).
    Unfortunatelly, SCAM robots like Forex Cash Bot are everywhere in our e-mails.
    It is now very ugly business.
    There is no easy money on Forex, so don’t play with money.

  57. ty to all you guys n admin sick of these scammers… just received an email promoting this garbage I replied….

    “Thank you for supplying my email address with what is obviously a SCAM!! I have read the reports on the internet about this bot, maybe you should too!

    ps. Will try deleting myself from your mailing list… if thats not a a scam too!

    btw… F… YOU” (edited 🙂

  58. Ya, this is pure crap. It opens trades willy nilly on the hour always. And you have no control over how many trades it will open either. You would think the most would be one order then one hedge. NO!!! It can open multiple buys and multiple sells on one currency pair irrespective of the risk setting or the lot setting. It’s totally out of your control. Ya, go directly to ClickBank and the HELP link and always get a direct refund request from ClickBank always for all ClickBank products. Pure crap.

  59. Oh, and the crappy response you get to refund request is NEVER coming from ClickBank… it is a damn reply from the vendor trying his best not to let automatic ClickBank refund to click on. Do not bother having a conversation with vendors replying back to you. Close it and ask again and again for a refund directly sending to ClickBank support!!!!!!!

  60. For me, the main product (actually a $1 trial version) was sold via PLIMUS, not ClkBank. Only the upsells are sold via ClkBank.

    So sure, you can get your refunds easily enough via ClkBank, but beware lest you find yourself continuing to be billed $37 per month via Plimus!!!

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