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  1. This looked like a real turkey to me. The “results” shown on the selling page had been stripped of any circumstantial detail – the currencies traded, trading id. etc.. Furthermore the website already says its sold out…
    …yeah, right !

  2. People beware! fxbully is a scam…i bought the robot recently and its on the verge of wiping my live account!!!…it keeps churning in more losses than profit. the drawdown is painfully overwhelming. its so annoying when fraudster find new ways to hoodwink unsuspecting fx trade….

  3. It’s a load of total BS i bought it too and it’s nearly wiped out my account too, and they won’t give you a refund unless you can prove to them that you’ve had 21 days of loss trading don’t buy it and for those that have get onto the plimus mob for a refund!!!!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED….

  4. If something sounds too good to be true — IT IS! FXBully is yet another junk robot.
    The “live” webinar for FXBully is pre-recorded; there is no “live” chat Q+A; “Steve Hoftland” is an imaginary person — there is nothing about him online or in any forex review.
    FXBully also alleges that its hugely profitable performance can be verified by MyFxBook.com Really? No where on myfxbook is there any information about Steve Hoftland, Gary Yates, or FxBully.
    Research sites that have trader blogs. A lot of site reviews are ads made to look like objective, independent observations.
    Consider the terms of a refund BEFORE you buy: if you buy from a scammer you will have a hard time getting your $ back. “Customer service” may just be a dead-end email address. Do you get prompt replies?
    Read about any clause about continuing subscription fees. DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO A BINDING CONTRACT!

  5. The fxbully promises alot but as it turns out, it does not deliver. I don’t think there ever was such a well done scam.
    They positioned Plimus to front them in collecting the scam money from unsuspecting purchasers.
    There is strong reason to be suspicious. The odds are against getting any money back from them.
    I contacted my credit card’s fraud division for some satisfaction.

  6. My computer got wiped and newest account I had to setup does not include 21 days of history for refund. Can someone send me copy of broker statement with at least 21 days showing this EA is not profitable? Please remove all names and account info and send to referralmagic AT gmail DOT com


  7. THE FOREX BULLY IS A SCAM!!!!!!!! I BOUGHT IT AND NEVER GOT IT TO WORK AT ALL. I never got help on how to get it to work and only got automated responses when I ask for a refund. They wanted a 21 day history on a live or demo account but I could not give them a history since it never made 1 trade!! After the fourth or 5th request for a refund and stop payment on monthly charges, I wrote them to inform them I would take legal action. They then responded for me to do as I wish. I just received a monthly charge of $37. I will have to go to the bank and so any future charges! The FOREX BULLY is the worst of the many scams out there!!!! IS THERE ANY LEGITIMATE AUTOMATED ROBOTS OUT THERE?? The answer is probally NO!!! DEMAND AN ACCOUNT INVESTOR PASSWORD TO “VIEW ONLY” prior to purchasing any robot in the future!!!!!

  8. Yep. Forex Bully is a scam. Best thing I ever did was buy with PayPal When seller and Primus refused to refund, I elevate to PayPal. I got a total refund 🙂

  9. Can anyone help!!!!

    I got stuck with this garbage and cannot get any response from plimus to stop the automatic payments to this JERK at forex bully…..


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