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Forex Black PantherForex Black Panther was originally created and ran on a multi-million dollar hedge fund and was later converted to work on regular computers. It was professionally developed for 2 years and is based on 2 trading strategies – P.E.T.E and M.D.P.A strategies.

The two strategies and advanced algorithms that allow to implement them enable Forex Black Panther to trade under very diverse market conditions – from trending to ranging markets.

The robot works on 4 currencies – USD, GBP, EUR and CHF (and their pairs). The system performs a multi-dimensional analysis across these currencies – a strategy that the author has been successfully using to trade for 6 years.

When it comes to risk and money management, the robot has 3 modes which work based on three separate algorithms. In addition to that, there’s the advanced broker protection and full control over all settings that advanced users can tweak for better performance.

It looks like Forex Black Panther is equipped with all the bells and whistles an EA can possibly have. Of course, all the features are only worth as much as it can make profit.

The backtesting has a rather low drawdown, however it does bug me that the average loss is a little bit higher than the average profit trade – it’s a sign that the risk may not be capped well enough. However, it is using a trailing stop which helps the issue. The live trading statement looks good for the most part, but is rather short and over a month old.

Some more details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Supported currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CHF pairs
  • Updates: Free life-time updates

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15 thoughts on “Forex Black Panther”

  1. I tried it today with good results $872 on the 2 pairs it trades. Besides, I’ve wasted alot more than $97 learning ForEx. It trades only the GBP/USD & EUR/CHF, and when I tried the EUR/USD it lost right away. Obviously one day does not a success make, but it appears to watch the short term trend on a 1 hour and makes a few bucks. I could live on $800 or less a day. It will be intersting to see what it does with an extended trend. Their MM seems to make sense.

  2. i tried it work good compare to the other crap on the market you can tell this is the real thing because when i come out of the hole i mean opening a trade it making money like some robot when they a trade it stay in the hole meaning -$5 -$67 -$90 the black panther do not have those – in front just $5$60 $100 $150 $200 what that mean you know it is trading the right way.never seen anything like it.every day i buying robots and getting refund because they are junk.the ones that open trades just guessing the other was blank files which could not open a test trade .the black panther is the real thing baby

  3. I read the long term back test is atrocious meaning it makes a loss in the long term so be careful with your leverage and dont get carried away with good initial results – just incase thats true or you may find your account disappear. I havent experience of this EA – just something I read about the long term back test and was concerned about it. I have tested many so called brilliant products which worked well for a short while – then went into take it all back and more mode after that time as the market changed. Enjoy the profits but be careful is my advice people.

  4. Panther EA is okay on the backtesting I have done. Certainly it does not make the wild profits on the website – not for us ordinary earthlings. I tried over a one year period and a few months. In backtesting (60 stop, 60 trail, 3 slip, avoid agressive, yes to smart mm and trend smarts etc), I managed to get about 100% in 6 months and up to 280% in twelve months. Around 75% for a 2.5 months – however this is way too high for my 6 monthly/yearly figures if multipled to give annualised return. As trades are entered depending upon where last trades are closed, testing between specific dates for the same variables will yield different results – even annual strategy tests. That could have something to do with it. My result for 60 stops in strategy are similar to the default settings. At least the developers have set defaults that work. The defaults however do use higher settings which I consider risky and this does lose trades. You may make more money on the long trend, but you are losing more trades by larger stops, retracements on trailing stops. It performed horribly using longer trailing stops (120+) which I used to avoid being cut out on long trends. Likewise for a squiz I checked out the 4hr and <1h chart, horrible too.

    The product is new so support appears to be non existent (probably overwhelmed?). No one seems to want to share their settings which achieved these marvelous results touted by the developers which is annoying. Hence – I would agree with a previous comment – short term, may be fine but beware the long term. Short term values multiplied out using the same settings over long term do not add up – for me anyway.

    If someone is having better results than above, please do the honours and share them.

  5. Still experimenting,GBP/USD EUR/CHF not trading so well; loosing money on these.

    EUR/GBP seems to work better, but risky as if you let the program run when its making money it goes negative.

    I have been closing the trade manually as soon as I see a profit.
    Will try for a bit longer to see if things improve.

  6. I’ve been testing on demo account since 24th March – $10,000 start and now value is 12,848.
    14 trades – 4 losing 10 winning.

    So far I’m impressed – will test for 4 weeks and then decide if worth going onto live account

  7. Hi.

    I have this EA.

    and I recommend change default next:

    trailing stop : 30

    it’s default is 70, but not recommend 70!

    I think 70 is dangerous default.

    30 is very good.

    and other defaults don’t change.

    If you follow me, you will see good results!

    I’m sure! thanks.

  8. Thank you MJ-K. I have been using Black Panther for about a month with good results except for 2 large losses. Changing the SL will help solve that.
    I, too, have manually closed some trades just to ensure profit.

  9. I tested this EA in a demo account for one month prior to live trading. It lost 10% of the equity in the demo the first 3 days, then eventually recovered all of the losses in the next week and after one month the demo was up about 12%. Last week I started live trading and I am up over 100% in my first week. My $5,000 account in now over $10,500. It seems to trade better live then in the demo so far.

  10. Greeting Mr. Kwee!

    Glad to hear that from you. Do you let it trade in default setting? It performed well in my demo account now too.

    Daniel L.

  11. I have run both 1 live and 3 demo account since May. I let the 3 demo account trade on its own, while the live account with manual intervention. The demo account performed very well initially for 2 weeks, making more than 100% but went down last week. The 1 week loss wipe out all the profits made previously and 1 account loss more than 50% of the initial amount. The live account however is still making 40% profit. All accounts are trade in default setting.

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