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22 thoughts on “Forex Bill Killer”

  1. Has anyone tried this product?

    How long have you tested this product…Forex Bill Killer?

    Has anyone had any longterm success with any of these products listed here?

    Too many questions…

  2. Have taken the plunge.
    Have been trading…..well gambling really for a while.
    This is crystal clear to understand and makes total sense. If only I had stumbled across this a year or so ago.
    One trade live acct so far and a winner….entered early as I did not not read the instructions properly….EUR-USD 24thMar 1435GMT Sell……still turned out a huge winner.
    Will update for you…….really does make sense to me!

  3. i bought this product, very good , even 100 times better then rover north system.if u follow instructions. but dont buy upsell.
    i bought upsell which is wealth bulider indicator,it does not open pop up box for one click trade. its breakout system. i request for refund. and vandor change my ticket with technical support and asked me question, i told him reason, which is no question ask refund policy.which he did not reply me and close my ticked without refund. i taken metter to click bank, hopfull get refund. but killbill system is good, try it and follow it, u wont regrat it. thanks

  4. sorry to mention that kill bill system is good , but upsell is very bad, and vandor wont give us refund easy, and u have to take matter with click bank to get refund. and kill bill system is manual trading system not fully automated as mention on websit. they are full manual trading system, you have to open, close or modify order your self. so think before buy. good luck

  5. I have twice requested a refund and have now taken this Clickbank…wish I’d known this before purcahse. Also you get ‘funnelled’ on the way in…trying to sell you a more expensive product. Not nice.

  6. There is nothing unique or special about this system… As with most… Save yourself the money and find the indi’s for free on the internet… search ie Asctrend, braintrend, etc

  7. I bought Forex Bill Killer. It is a manual system and they offer you to buy an upgrade. That is what i do not like. I request a refund. They close the refund ticket without the refund. My recommendation is Not to buy this product.

  8. I, too, made the mistake of buying the upsell. The vendor has closed my refund request (despite the no problem return offer) and I am escalating to Clickbank.

  9. Is anyone making good money without the upsell? Seems like everyone is requesting a refund on this, I was going to buy it but now I am very skeptical about this system. Please advice.

  10. Hello,

    Finally, after 3 refuses of BillKiller (last two without any comment)and after escalating the request to Clickbank, they refunded. Thumbs up for Clickbank!!!


  11. Daniel
    I think I have figured out how to trade this system. The arrows are fairly accurate. I had a live account with $86 in it in the USA so 50:1 leverage. I won some lost some and I’m at $150 as of today. I trade on the daily charts,I have to work, and only take 1 to 3 trades a day. Only time will tell if I am right.


  12. here is some tips for all the rookies out there…when you buy a signal indicator you ALWAYS trade on 15 and 30M chart ONLY during UK and US session..All other session should be void..That is the only time you will make money from buy/sell indicator…

  13. Search for ASCtrend on the net. It’s free and does the same trick if you like to trade this way. I suspect the system is based on this Indictor anyway.

  14. Ok , I also bought this so called “sistem” And here is what I wrote to them when they asked me why I want a refund <<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I can ad
    that the “free” bonus is a well known Pip Nailer Sistem wich is freely available anyway on
    the Internet, just renamed .
    And again I have bought this product knowing that for ANY reason I don’t like it I will
    get afull refund . Yes I don’t like the sistems I’m not going to use them and do not
    recomend them to anybody , at least not in the way they are presented for now.

  15. Ok, my coments didn’t show in the post above, probably they were too long.In short- there are no clear rules for entries , stops and targets explained in this sistem. There is some rationale but it’s definitely not for newbies . One of the sistems uses so slow indicator for confirmation so 60 days are not enough to test it even on 1H chart.

  16. Ok, been trying it for 3 weeks. Focused mostly in the One Click Supreme Wealth, rather than the three systems he hooks you in with. These are not robots, but indicators and 1 actual system. These are my observations so far:

    System 1 – have not been able to trade it for a profit.

    System 2 – have gotten some good profits with it. Particularly if you catch it on the cross. Use trailing stop loss, the exit signal is not the best.

    System 3 – with some tweaking could be made into a good profitable indicator.

    One Click Supreme Wealth – this has proven profitable as long as I stay away from the NzdUsd, even though it is a pair he recommends. My best trading pairs these past 3 weeks have been usdcad, eurusd, audusd and usdjpy (totally awesome with this pair). Mixed results with the gbpusd and gbpjy. NzdUsd has been full on losses all 3 weeks. All on the 4h chart. Next week I will try trading the 4h in one account and the d1 in another to see how they work out.

  17. I’ve had these systems for about a week now. I didn’t know what to think at first and going on what others said I planned on returning it. BUT… The final decision is out. Their documentation needs tremendous improvement, well, it down right sucks. The directions to install are good, but the docs on using and reading the results needs help. I’m working on a set of questions for them. From the forums it sounds like they will ignore what I say, but I’ll try.

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