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Forex Autopilot ScreenshotForex Autopilot is one of the first commercial forex trading systems. It has become a bestseller and one of the most popular trading systems online, featured on Business Week, CBS News and NBC.

Forex Autopilot trades in EUR/USD on a 1 minute timeframe chart, and executes about 3 to 5 trades per day. Based on backtests and user experience the system maintains a profit ratio of around 96% which is one of the best performances among its peers.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Forex Autopilot’s features:

  • Cost: $99 (after 75% discount)
  • Setup: 1 click installer
  • Guarantee: 8 Week 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: EUR/USD
  • Demo account: Yes

The package includes:

  • The Forex Autopilot Robot. The system based on more than 20 indicators. The system uses a 20 pip Take Profit limit, but doesn’t implement a Stop Loss limit, rather it uses a group of indicators to cut the loss.
  • Bonus Non Farm Payroll Robot. The monthly announcements of Non Farm Payroll figures can be one of the best market movers that can bring you hundreds of pips in profit. Mastering the analysis of them can be difficult but this robot is set up to do it for you.
  • Bonus Ultra Trend Indicator. It’s a combination of indicators that gives quite accurate results of spotting trends. It comes with a detailed manual and can be a good weapon in trader’s arsenal.
  • Advanced Forex Trading Guide. The guide teaches advanced forex strategies, such as Scalping, Martingale, Money Management, etc.

Forex Autopilot works with any broker that uses Metatrader platform and it can be used in three ways. It can be used on demo account to test and just get the feel of it. It can be used to trade on real accounts, and it can be set to only deliver signals instead of making trades.

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8 thoughts on “Forex Autopilot”

  1. I am a FOREX trader beginner, I have demo traded for some

    time now.I want to know about autopilot robot, how to install
    it and the procedure to acquire it.

  2. Hi Michael,

    If you’re ready to buy it, just go to the website and find the order button at the bottom of the page. You’ll get the installation instructions too.

  3. very confusing all these auto robots would like to start trading really need something that can tell me when to buy/sell

  4. Hi, i am using this Robot for about 3 Months now and take good results. I can confirm 96 % ratio of winnings. In my opinion this program is better than FAP turbo that i use too. In the course of time i have find out that Forex Auto Pilot works nice with EUR/USD on 5 Min Chart and EUR/CHF on 15 Min Chart very well. Maybe it depends on the Broker you are trading with. But be careful on meantime. I only let trade the Robot between 17 – 7 CET, if the market is not as crowded.

  5. Hye….
    I’m interested to buy the forex autopilot software but i have something to ask about this product….
    Is it suitable for the new (beginner) trader to use this software?
    I don’t have any experience about the forex trading….
    Here’s a quick breakdown of Forex Autopilot’s features:

    Cost: $99 (after 75% discount)
    Setup: 1 click installer
    Guarantee: 8 Week 100% Money Back
    Currencies supported: EUR/USD
    Demo account: Yes

    What means by “Currencies supported: EUR/USD”?
    Is it the software only support for EUR/USD currency?

  6. i’ve purchased this FAPS about a month ago, and til now it doesn’t place any trades at all. i’ve send emails to the support@forexautopilot and he/she told me to wait 1-3 bussiness days to answer my problem. but they keep it silence til now, nothing from them, nothing at all.
    i just want the 60 days money back guarantee…since the FAPS don’t do the job, but where can i claim it? or is it just a big big bull shit???? please answer me..

  7. HI I’am interested in trading in Forex and since I have never done it the idea of buying an autopilot system is attractive. Although, I’am reading so much information regarding the systems that i dont even know which one is the best. Could someone please inform me which one is best. Thank you!!

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