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26 thoughts on “Forex Arbitrages”

  1. I am very interested in this product and was hoping to see some reviews here. I can say that there are a lot of red flags for their marketing effort. Their sales page, while very well done, does not mention the upsells and the timer on the top is typical of marketer’s enticements. Do you remember when people had a real product they wanted to sell and they explained everything in the sales letter? Anyway, there appears to be no arbitrage going on here at all as far as I can tell. You only have to have one broker and that is compared to their system which determines the trades of the E/U. One of the upsells will give trades for other pairs. That explains why their sales letter account info shows some losses. To my understanding, real arbitrage is a guaranteed profit, albeit very small. If you could be guaranteed 1 pip a day and used a $1000 pip lot, that would be a good day. All of that to say I hope I am wrong and this product is indeed more along the lines of the sales page ad. Hopefully some purchasers will offer their experience here. Btw, the price goes down a bit if you refresh their page. GL trading!……..Tom

  2. Installed it on Wednesday 2 demos, Pepperstone & GoMarkets. No trades for 24hrs, then 1 trade yesterday for 48pips 1 today for 52 pips. Same on both platforms. Early days, will see how next week goes. The default settings they recommend 5 pips TP & 100 Pips SL, not sure what’s going on as the TP was around 10 times the settings. Maybe a copy of another EA. Don’t fall for the upsells you still get them in the download area. I downloaded Forex Arbitrates Plus. Will be away next week but will keep it running on a VPS, will report results when I return.

  3. The sales page wouldn’t let me out easily. A decent product doesn’t need this. The rat entered the room.

    The download page is crappy, leading me to download everything twice, only to receive two copies of the same thing. The rat started to smell when there was no .dll file and no way for two instances of MT4 to communicate with each other.

    The manuals don’t even relate to the product and are probably the worst I’ve seen in my many encounters with forex scam robots. The rat was getting smellier.

    A 10K trial run with 1.0 lots on a demo has done nothing with the standard version and has lost 53% with the plus one. The rat positively stinks.

    Arbitrages, my ass. How the hell can you do that with only one broker? The rat is putrid.

    I’ve never gone after a refund so quickly from somebody who is such an out-an-out liar and scammer.

    And they’ve tried to refuse the refund three times so far.

  4. Forex Arbitrages and Arbitrage spy. Exact same ad with different name. Wonder why?

    Seems like Arbitrage Spy is offered in UK and Forex Arbitrages offered in US. Used different name and used different bank statements but very similar ad. I doubt this product work but did anyone had sucessful live trade so far? Does anyone remember Pushbuttonpips? It worked so well on FXCH but doesn’t work on live acct.

  5. Update, at close of market minus 137pips trade still open, must agree with Rob, another load of crap, the settings in the EA mean nothing, Arbitrage!! what a joke. Refund comming up.

  6. I purchased the EA day before yesterday, had 2 positive trades totaling 80+pips on my demo account yesterday. But not sure if it was just a fluke, looking at the comments left by other people does seem like a scam especially given that the product displayed on is similar to the one i bought from and the name of the owner is David Quinn on one webiste and Chris Archer on another-Same picture and same car a black audi. Cant believe i fell for this, will give it week on my demo account to give it a fair chance of proving its worth, otherwise will be claiming my refund. Even apprehensive if i can get my money back.

  7. Btw, I did get a response from their support eventually along with a link for their preferred Broker, which was nice. While they answered most, but not all, of my questions, this is obviously not the arbitrage that I know in any way, shape, or form. This appears to be something else entirely. I guess that does not necessarily mean it won’t work, but being misled by a sales page does lead one to smell a rat in the house (well said by the way Rob). Now that I think about it, sales pages that offer a product with only a few copies left that are going fast, seem to always have an affiliate offer at the bottom which would indicate they are going to get as many sales as possible. I suppose that is good marketing but very deceitful. Their sales page is still up with “only 11 hours left” until the doors are closed forever. GL all. I’m going back to Trading Mastermind……… Tom

  8. The refund DID come through after they tried to dissuade me three times. That’s why getting products through Clickbank is good.

    The 10K demo account used as a test with the plus version (supposedly the better one) now has less than 1K left. In four closed trades, all losers, it managed to lose more than 8K. The one open trade is more than 1K down.

    Enough of this rubbish. I’ll go back to my arbitrage program on sports which really does work, unlike the lies presented here.

  9. This software is a complete SCAM! DO NOT buy this. We have tested the software and it’s complete garbage. We requested a full refund for 3 times and it was denied. We escalated to paypal and clickbank and here’s what they did. They changed the “status” of the clickbank refund ticket from “refund” to “tech support”. A clickbank staff member had to change the status back to refund and issued the refund immediately. I just wanted to share this to help prevent the same that happened to me to happen to anyone else. Thanks.

  10. So, Rob…what’s the name of the sports arbitrage prog. if you don’t mind saying?…i don’t care what the medium is, sports or forex…cheers for info. in advanced if you’re prepared to share…don’t seem to be too many people visiting this comment board by the few posted if you’re worried about spreading the news too wide…

  11. Heather, if you click on my name below, you MAY be able to contact me (after a little bit of editing with the address) and I’ll happily tell you. I can’t put it here or it simply gets deleted.

  12. Rod and all other people requesting refunds.
    You people will never learn, when requesting a refund in your opening statement to ClickBank you must state this
    “requesting refund for item number: XXXX Without Negotiation”, if you do not add this statement ClickBank are obligated to open a ” tech support application “, understand what I am saying or you will always not receive your refund. This is only applicable within the jurisdictional timeframe of 60 days, outside that, you’ve got Buckley’s chance and none, a snowballs chance in hell getting your refund.

    I am testing this program and I have a very good experience presently, if you wish me to send you screenshot of my account to prove what I’m saying please leave your e-mail with a long line of ********************************* so I can see who wishes evidence to prove that this program at present is working very well.

  13. Well Bill, you must be the exception.
    Have been in a trade from 1st April down 362 pips, 12th April down 26 pips both still open. Account down over 60% at the moment. Nothing like what they promote.
    Have requested a refund.

  14. If I showed him I cannot you would be blown away, I started four days ago on demo a 5000 or account now it is above $15,000. I can give you a screenshot.

    I am also using forex arbitrages plus, it opens multiple trading alerts.

    I also have tested many robots and I have not seen anything like this one. NO BS

  15. Amendment to the above E-Mail
    If I showed my account you would be blown away, I started four days ago on demo a $5000 account now it is above $15,000. I can give you a screenshot.
    I am also using forex arbitrages plus, it opens multiple trading alerts.
    I also have tested many robots and I have not seen anything like this one. NO BS

  16. SCAMMMM..İt never works..
    I mailed 5.time to refund but they always ask why?..
    Their slogan was “%100 No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee”
    Dont Believe Them..

  17. Atti, what is your e-mail address? I asked this because I do not know where to send it, if you wish to receive a copy you must give your e-mail address!

    Regards bill

  18. Forex Arbitrages EA is real piece of c****! It doesn’t even look for arbitrages. It is just your basic five pip “scalper” on the EURUSD 1M chart. The “so-called” Manual program only looks for trends on higher time-charts and then you’re supposed to place the trades yourself. There is no explanation or rationale provided, just a generic installation pdf booklet for the Basic, Plus and Manual versions of the software.
    I will be asking for a refund immediately because the advertising is completely misleading, even the very name itself is not representative of the product.
    Total garbage – almost consider this EA should be given a “scam” rating. What do you think?

  19. Hi Bill

    I have a e-mail address. It starts with a_kukli
    I’d like this message to go through that’s why I cannot state it in a regular form. Anyway I would appreciate your help. I have a feeling that forex arbitrages is one of the best EA-s I’ve encountared with. This forum can be helpful to exchange our thoughts and experiences.

    Best regards, Atti

  20. This EA has absolutely nothing to with Arbitrages.
    What this EA DOES do, is look for TRENDS on various time frames, before opening trades.
    While therefore, this EA does, in fact work, it CERTAINLY does NOT make profits 100% of the time (as Arbitrages, when used correctly, should).
    Hence I would say, that the name of this EA is a misnomer.
    There are plenty of EAs, which attempt to identify trends and place trades, and many of them are far more efficient than this one.
    The BEST way however, would be to use a MANUAL indicator (of some other system, not this one) and place trades, after using your judgement to decide the trend direction.
    When done properly using the Higher time frames, like the 4H and above, this method has the highest chances of success.
    Bottom line:Skip this one.Look for better Trend Direction indicators and trade manually…
    Good luck…

  21. Atti, I sent you a e-mail, after I sent it I had a read of it and found some spelling mistakes so sorry for that!

    Regards Bill

  22. okay listen up everybody!

    Forex Arbitrage is designed only for bearish markets, in other words selling only! I figured this out on my own because my trading has been taking a hell of a battering, but it was only when the market is bullish going up a buyers’ market! That’s okay cause this EA works fantastic in a bearish market, I have a really good indicator that works very well across all timeframes which is called “Trends Squeeze”, so my theory is on the four-hour timeframe when trends squeeze indicates a bearish market sellers market, you activate Forex Arbitrage this way you will be able to enjoy the automated benefits of watching the EA take out the market! I am testing it right now for only bearish markets, best regards to wall.
    Your brother in arms, Bill

  23. I had several winning trades.What was odd was the EA identified itself as Forex Outbreak in the comments column.
    This EA came out several months ago.I wrote for an explanation but no reply.

  24. Hahahaha…just purchased & after clicking ‘complete your order’ on clickbank I was not directed to any download link at all, just an email subscription box…so i received NO product at all!!!! These scammers will do ANYTHING…I will request refund next days.

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