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16 thoughts on “Forex Arbitrage”

  1. Has anyone tried this EA .
    Purchase is through click bank so refund shouldn’t be a problem .
    It sounds like push button pips which came out a few months ago

  2. Quinn,
    What do you mean “Purchase is through click bank” ?
    i did not find any click bank link? so how do you know it’s sold by CB?

  3. Hi All
    I was going to ask you all the same ? This may sound strange but the way he explained it on the video was really fast and hard to understand.
    Has any one ever heard of this thing before??

    Happy Trading

  4. Hi all,

    I tried the demo version, but it cannot connect to MT4 platform “power downed”. The theory look so good, but it expensive ($1997) to try. If anyone have purchased and try let me know how your comment? thanks

    Happy weekend.

  5. As far as I can see, the only problem with this one is you have to have several broker accounts which is going to be a high layout to start with, then there is the initial cost. I don’t know about anyone else but I have not got that sort of cash to risk! Mind you if it does what it says on the tin there should not be any (risk that is). Be interesting to see the results and returns after it has been up and running for a while.

  6. Yeah not much positive or neg info out yet. Just the same old add copy and “buy” now before its too late scare tactics.
    It does sound too good to be true. I have to wounder if its real why sell it?


    the man who never sell his shit for less than 2000$……

    yup he comes out with a product every 3-4 months…

  8. I have got the software and I am testing it on demo accounts. Yes, it makes money on demo accounts but I have not tested it on real money accounts.

    The only weak link on the system, and one that all EAs in the world have, is how good execution of the orders is. Otherwise it is a system that I think will be around for a long time.

    Price is a barrier since you have to come up with $1,995, then you need to fund at least two accounts, ideally four.

    This is not an EA that you can walk away from and enjoy your day, this is an easy way to become a manual trader.

  9. Hi – yes i bought it and am now waiting on my refund. It does what it says it does ie: identifies arbitrage opportunities between brokers i had 4 brokers running , Pepperstone, Axis, Go , and Vantage ( Live accounts). I would take the arb trade say for a 20 pip opportunity and then wait and wait and wait finger on the mouse button, once up 2 90 minutes and the best it got was about 4 pips in front. I did this numerous times until i got sick of it. If you have the patience of JOB, this is the system for you, i gave it really good go but its not for me. It also only allows you to be in one arb at a time so its not liek you can be in multiple arbs , so this also limits you . Hoep this helps someone out there. Regards M

  10. This is a POS. The demo software identified numerous opportunities daily. Now that I have the production software deployed, there are very few opportunities. And they are for quite a bit lower than the pips on the demo software. So, obviously, he has juiced the demo software to get you to buy.

  11. Same problem here: a lot of arbs for demo version but only one tradable for the “real” version since over one week ago. And what was worse is that the prices of the BUY and SELL accounts for this only one arb never got back together and I manually closed it after waiting for 6 hours, with 8 pips loss.

    Ironically, Jason has kept promoting his other EA like Triad to me every day but never replied to my questions about Forexarb.

    Would ask a refund. Anyone knows how to get to his payment processor? I’ve never received anything like a receipt from them.

  12. The demo was the give a way it wouldn’t let you trade. People All these for forex gurus programs are all over 2000 these days. We have to protest and say no more to the Bs. All programs should be free trial for no less then 15 days before any money come out our pockets. And for All new programs It needs to be show me the money proof. 2012 no more!

    I tried it! I knew something was right

  13. Would like like to talk to anyone that bought the Forexarb software. I am a programmer and looking for feed back to aid in development of similar software.

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