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120 thoughts on “Forex Accurate”

  1. I just joined Forex accurate 24 hours ago, I have searched for something that is transparent and easy to use. I can only say, on my first day, that this is what I was looking for.
    For a nominal monthly fee I can link their trader (choice of eight different types) to my MT4 account, in the form of an automatic download. I only have to adjust (A MUST) the maximum allowed lot size (0.01 / 0.02) to avoid the great surprise of super large lot size entering your platform, Some are $100,000 accounts and some are quite smaller. I have a $630 account, it went down to $565 with the help of those EA’s that I had faith in. My account has now a profit of $37 in the first day.I nearly repaid the monthly fee.
    Forex Accurate is managed from Singapore, Their website (member area) has access to all the trader platforms with account history (confirmed by 3rd party) and history stats with MT4i page.
    You can choose to use an agressive or moderate trader platform. I personally, my preference, chose an agressive platform called Sagitarius. What surprises me most is that the comments on each platform is not necessarily positive, they truly give you the facts.
    As I am trading with a European trade server I don’t have the problem with simultaneous buy and sell within the same currency pair, but North Americans will have restrictions. This is certainly a transparent business format, they give you choices to suit your expectations, they don’t make any promises of success and yet they seem to deliver an excellent format for the amateur trader.
    I’ll be back.

  2. Michel:
    Saw your post on CCP as I was leaving and checked it out. Since I am in the US it is more difficult to set up. Should be up and running when the market opens. Personaly will be using conservative trader platforms.

  3. Welcome Dean, mine is doing as a trade should do, Typical monday morning slag, minor losses compensated by winnings.
    I work with 0.02 sized lots, the trader deals with 0.1 to 0.8 lots. He will of course be playing the lose one – play two technique. but if I get 10% profits a week I’ll be very happy.
    Better than the bank rates.

  4. I am using Hercules 0.01 sized lots. Three trades today winners for 80 pips. Using on live account. Want to see how things go before increasing lot size. 1st & 3rd trades hardly looked back, with the 2nd down 17 at one time. Trading was during the New York session.

  5. This is certainly more what I expect from trading with signal services. On real account with Sagittarius I was able to recover in two days all my losses from the last month ($50). Although a bit to agressive (12 trades at a time) for my account size even with .01 /.02 lots, so I switched to Zeus and Appolo also with .02 lot sizes. What I do is sometime add a trade paralell with their trade that looks promising, only one and only when the table is clear of most trades. I am going to increase my account to $1000, It will give me more useable margin, and peace of mind.

  6. The turtle or the hare ?
    Moderate or agressive ?
    My Zeus (the turtle) has produced in one trade what my sagittarius (the hare, temporarily removed) produced in 12 trades (some losses) and both did it in 2 days.
    But both have profits. I like it !
    For the time being I’ll stick with the turtle.

  7. hello Dean,
    I’ve formed a trio, Hercules – Zeus – Appollo, one conserv. and two moderates. This week i’ve increased my account with 7.5 % profits ($40), the trades came only on thursday and today, which are still open. I’ve seen very little losses, but I do interfere if I see a stagnant trade. I try not to do that but caution wins. All in all I am quite satisfied with the current trade patterns. Cheers

  8. Hi Guys,

    I joined yesterday using Zeus (no trades yet) Titan and Sagittarius. Sagittarius is opening lots of trades but often hedging against each other. It looks promising but very early days As I’m in the uk I’m using a spreadbetting platform with minimum lot size. Nice to find other users to chat to.

  9. Hi update for first 24 hours performance

    Gemini + 22 pips
    Sagittarius + 16 pips
    Titan – 28 pips
    Zeus +19 pips


  10. Hello Paul,
    I am at it a week, quite satisfied with my .02 lot performances. Sagittarius is quite a hedger. I’ve put him aside for the time being. Success !

  11. Hi Michel,

    Yes I’ve dropped Sagittarius for the time being trying combination now of /zeus, apollo, gemini, achilles and pegasus. All screwed down to min lots. Good Trading to you.

  12. Good monday,
    I love to wake up to such a positive trading. Appollo has given me 244 pips overnight, with another 6 trades open. This brings my March profit to 14%. I like Appollo’s approach, he (she) plays in my hand by opening 6 or 8 small trades instead of one big one. This gives me also 6 to 8 trades instead of one.
    Hi Paul, I am surprised that you use Gemini and Pegasus, as they both show reoccuring losses with little profit. At least Sagittarius, although having losses, shows accumulating profits but he is too active for my account, my margin is too small for his trading.
    enjoy your day

  13. Hi,

    I had the same results with apollo last night, like you Michel I’m liking Apollo. No trades on Gemini yet, Pegasus 2 trades one loss -15 pips one win +32 pips, Achilles one trade still active, one trade on Zeus + 35 pips but Apollo takes the prize with over 300 pips on 21 trades with no losses.

  14. Good morning,
    I’ve removed Hercules yesterday, as I am annoyed that he closes trades (No S/L and no T/P) at a loss, when it shows that, had he stayed, it would have shown profit. Thankfully I had my own parallel trade which compensated his loss. Hercules did this twice in a row, as if he didn’t have the patience to wait. He is done for me.
    Zeus is trading one at a time, with profits.

  15. Hi,

    Dropped Pegasus, 3 losing trades all eruusd all long trades set 15 mins apart no s/l and no t/p.
    No action from apollo after great start to the week.

  16. According to Appolo’s MT4i, he does only trade with 8 or 9 days in between. I really start looking at their MT4i’s before locking them into my trader.

  17. Another nice wake-up call, Apollo wandered in after midnight GMT with a 12 portioned trade, and after 6 hours left me with a 5% profit.
    Zeus is still riding a GBPUSD 3 day long trade, with no SL. This is a real test of faith in the unknown trader.

  18. Hi Michel,

    Same here with Apollo and Zeus. Finish my first week tomorrow, so will do some analysis of results so far, but sure apollo has contributed the most.

  19. Apollo , Zeus , Cassiopia and Hercules all closed out with wins. I put a trendline on the chart 1h or 4h and see how it looks. I use this to find a place to put a stop on the trade. Just the way I trade. Would rather have big stop and move tighter than none. Was moving Apollo to break even + when it closed last 6 positions. Like the way this trading service is working.

  20. First week perfomance review

    Achilles -18.62%
    Apollo + 89.16%
    Gemini – 9.07%
    Hyperion + 12.07%
    Pegasus – 2.23%
    Sagittarius – 2.35%
    Titan – 0.17%
    Zeus + 31.20

    Going to run the next week with Apollo Hyperion and Zeus
    Overall very pleased with the performance best EA I ever used. I did manually intervine in some of the trades approx 6 where one ea was long and another on the same pair was short so closed the one against the trend to make overall trade postive.

  21. I share the sentiment, I like this signal service. My 2 weeks have produced an account increase of 25%. Considering this is a positive of $200 with 0.02 trades. Of course Apollo takes the limelight.
    I could never perform like this alone. So far, money well spend.

  22. Thanks Michel, Paul, Dean and all for your insights.

    I think I am going to try this service. I am new to trading in general ad Forex in particular, but I am starting to favor Forex over futures because of the lot size control.

    At this time I would like to be conservative in my approach. Your testing of this service and comments are of great help. A couple of questions I have:

    1. I assume they take paypal so I don’t have to expose my credit card info (Have been burnt before)

    2. Any “honest” broker you recommend for a small account. I will start with .01, .02 then progress to .1 and .2 lots. I am in the US.

    Many thanks

  23. Hello JJR,
    Dean is situated in the US, he may tell you about a fair trader (although he has been very quiet). Personally I started with a US trader; FXDD ; They are good, but they split their trading with their European agent; FXDD Malta ; for the European customers. here we are not restricted with US regulation in regards to hedging and other such restrictions. Sagittarius does hedge, and I do wonder if you work with more than one trader on your account and one buys, the other sells on the same pair, whether the US rules will block the trade ?.
    Both FXDD and ForexAccurate work with paypal.
    Success !

  24. Have been here ,just have not had time to post. Live in upstate New York where we had ice storm that took down trees, power and closed schools monday this week. I have used IBFX as a broker for over a year with no problem. I use a bussines account not a personal one. This allows things like property taxes, building repairs/upgrades and vehicals to be purchased with pretax dollars. It also showes that you are doing this as a business not a hobby. Word of WARNING: A US citizen must report any out of country account of $10000 or more (even if only for minute) to the IRS.
    If you have a sell trade open and the service issues a buy trade it will not activate. If the buy is within parameters it will activate when the sell is closed. To use hedging set up 2 accounts. Set software to only buy in one and sell in the other.

  25. Hi Dean,
    I missed your 10/03 post. I’ve tried to put a SL on their trade or even a TP, but it will reject it on my chart. or is it just one “FA” trader that blocks changes ?

  26. Hello Michael,

    The main reason the EA reject it because you have not enable it. Their default Custom_SL_TP is FALSE.

    If you want to set your own SL & TP, here is what you need to do:
    – You need to set TRUE to Custom_SL_TP first.
    – Then fill your Custom_SL & Custom_TP.

    I hope it helps

  27. My Custom_SL_TP is set to FALSE. I have had no trouble setting SL & TP unless I have conflicts on my computer. I click on SL or TP which brings up the standard Meta Trader order modification screen. Custom SL is set to 15.0 pips TP is at 30.0 pips. Click on each to set and exit. I then drag and drop them where they need to be. I have 4 copies of MT running on 2 machines same account. When something does not seem to work as expected the first thing I do is to check for conflicts between these.

  28. Purchased Forex accurate on Feb. 25 that is 2 weeks ago. They just tapped my account for another $49.00.

  29. Hi Dean,

    The subscription is $49/month.
    The $9.95 is for 2 weeks trial.

    If you read at their side, it said:
    **) Introductory Fee: $9.95 for 2 weeks trial, followed by only $49/month. Lock Your Price Now!

  30. @Freddrick you’re much more like their seller.. he he he he… but i agree that their service fee is more affordable with more honest result.. i have experience with other auto signal like this and have nothing but problem..

    so far i’m up for 438 pips!.. with only their $10 trial ! yippie !

  31. Thanks Robin and Dean,
    I’ve adjusted the SL TP to true. but Robin what do you mean with ‘fill in the SL and TP’ yourself, that’s on the trade chart right? Because there are two inputs with a 0 next to a SL and a TP, located right under the SL /TP True/False input. Or do the zeros have to be changed to 1 ?

  32. @Michael.

    Don’t change it to 1. But change it to the price that you want.

    I read you want to put a stop loss value. didn’t it ?

    You input TRUE to Custom_SL_TP.

    Then fill the Custom_SL with StopLoss price that you want.
    For example if trade is EURUSD Buy Position at 1.3987
    And you want to set stoploss at 1.3900

    Then input 1.3900 into Custom_SL

    If you do not want to input/change the Target, then leave it as original as 0.

    I think they have their own Target and Stop loss value in their server.

  33. I do not understand why we are having such problems with SL & TP. I just manualy added a 50 pip SL to Hercules. I have had no problem manualy changing TP or closing a trade. I have several EA’s that I use to help manage trades. This one as the name implies manages SL, TP, trailing stop etc. by several methods and applies settings instantly to trade. Free on web. Google swiss army ea. Another picked up free on web called OrderManager allowes you to double click on SL & TP line on the chart and drag it to where you want it. These have worked for me when a trade does not have SL or TP like we are getting from ForexAccurate.

  34. Thanks Robin.
    Apollo has shaken me up tonight (1 AM GMT), 16 trades (mine = .02)at one time. He used up 60% of my account, I unfortunately had to cancel 6 out. He did succeed to bring a profit of 5% with the remaining 10. with 3 trades still open in USD/CHF. OUFFF

  35. Hi Dean, I think that my problem was related to one trader, as I am able to enter TP’s on Apollo. He is usually so quick that I never saw him come or go, or needed to enter something in his trade. I never had problems with closing a trade, on any of them.

  36. I’ve noticed that the MT4i from Apollo shows his floating trades as having a TP entered, yet it doesn’t show on my platform. So it is important to go and look at their MT4i’s for more details. Apollo did +/- 230 pips on my account, with still 2 floating trades.

  37. Alex.

    Yes, it works on demo account.
    Is it really profitable ? yes. but you need to select the trading system yourself and do not overtrade it by put a lot of trading system into 1 account.

  38. Alex:
    You must consider spread. What you see on chart is bid price. Your TP was at ask price so you did not realy get to TP.

    Duplicated your problem with SL. Interesting. Two possible solutions. 1) Purchased program ( have no connection other than I own a copy)that has option to feed false SL to broker and/or close trade when desired SL hit. Called Broker Nightmare. Google it. Read site then you may be able to find something free on web. 2)Synthetic SL. Something like Hedging. Example: Trade sell 2@1.0000 SL 0 TP 0.9900. You place pending buy 1@1.0100 SL@1.0050 TP 0. This should slow the bleading but leave you in the trade. Paper this with pending buy 1,2,3,4 different SL etc. No mater what you do sometimes it will be wrong. Used a version of this on a Zeus trade this morning. Worked like a charm.

  39. So far so good … up and running 3 strategies (Zues, Apollo, Achilles) on one beefy account and 2 others (Cassiopiea and Mercurius – more conservative) on another more anemic one. Using a couple of brokers who are not US but still take US clients (harder and harder to find!). We shall see.

    Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns AND middle east unrest – I bet the quant geeks have never had to model for those in the same week. Sounds like a job for Greek Gods to me.

    Hey Dean, do you still have a copy of CPP MegaTrend? I went so far as to ask support at CPP for a copy, and they said “we only gave that out before launch – we don’t give it away any more”. Huh. Sure wish I could try out a copy – think I lost mine somehow. My harmonic pattern method isn’t working too well lately.

    If you could please send me a copy at: “notify” followed by “777” at GEE mail dot comm. Sure would appreciate it.

    Sorry for the non-ForexAccurate-related jabber …

  40. Yeah Mike,
    Those Greek Gods aren’t what they used to be, Because Apollo has been caught with a reversal/standstill on USD/CHF (Who wants to play that pair ?) and EUR/USD this morning. I’ll call upon the Roman Gods to help them out. LOL
    Hello Dean,
    Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look. But for my purpose I’ll probably stick with manual override. You don’t know my aptitude at making computing errors. Maybe one day I’ll see the light. Cheers

  41. Just manually closed 14.00pm GMT 9 apollo trades on usd/chf all negative, annoying cause I was contemplating closing them for small profit at 7am GMT.

  42. Mike: Request should be in inbox.

    Appolo and Hercules are in the whole but seem to be recovering. Zeus just went positive.

  43. Apollo has me (and maybe others) sitting with a USD/JPY trade failure. According to reports the Yen will weaken again when the nuclear and economic turmoil has settled in Japan. But when ?

  44. I correct myself: Apollo sits on USD/CHF with a trade failure. but USD/JPY has exactly the same pattern for the same reasons I noted earlier. reasons of “Repatriation” !

  45. Dean or Mike.
    I would like to get a copy of CPP Mega Trend. Can you send me a copy? Please send to icas one zero zero three and is yahoo account.

  46. I prefer the conservative trades like Titan, Cassiopeia, Goliath, Hercules and Mercurius.

    If you do not like a long stop loss avoid the moderate trading.

  47. Good Morning home traders,
    I gather that everybody is anxiously awaiting the news reports on the world disasters and other humanitarian interventions ?
    But I think that Cassiopeia is a bit too misguided, he placed a pending buy order on USD/CAD at 1.800 TP 1.900. presently it’s at about 0.8500. In which future decade is he planning to take a profit ? LOL

  48. Michel: DO NOT MOCK THE GODS or they will take their revenge. I thought the same until I came to my senses and remembered that they are all seeing all knowing. This must be a diversionary tactic or we are in for a wild week. LOL.

    Overall I like this service. Appolo is long USD/CHF in a down market this last week. Placed a small short trade on EUR/CHF that covered some of the loss. Waiting to see how this week starts.

  49. Hi everyone!

    I started using corona on friday and it did trade only i closed the postitions manually beacuse there were no stoploss or takeprofit.

    Is this common or do they usually close them at a good time?


  50. hello Gabor,
    my experience so far (3weeks on F. A.) is that they don’t show the SL and TP on your chart. BUT they do have a TP on theirs, you can see it on your account installation chart on your screen, or on their MT4i. BUT yes they seem to ignore SL settings, which you can insert yourself ( see Comment Robin March 14, if you have problems doing so). I did set to true as he said and I can now proceed with changes if I so wish.
    This is going to be a long monday; tokyo closed and no news. Cheers

  51. I gather that I am not the first one on this site, but If you want concise information about the Forex daily and weekly activities, go to Forex Factory. It’s very useful in helping to understand the trends.

  52. Ok thanks Michel 🙂
    How have you been doing with the signals so far?

    I think it seems to be pretty good.

  53. Alex, only a loss if you close off; patience is a virtue.
    Anything that goes down must come up.
    a Scam is where someone promises something that is near impossible to achieve. Forex accurate trades in a normal human fashion. Lucky you weren’t busy with Apollo, I am waiting nearly a week to get a bullish move, but a scam it is not, this is Forex.

  54. Hey Gabor,
    I am quite happy with the results, 30% profit on my initial balance and this in 3 weeks. But I do give it a helping trade sometimes when my budget allows it. Success !

  55. Nice Michel! 🙂 today was not as good as last friday but it gained a bit, still some open positions in red but thats the game as you say 😉

    Hope they keep up the good work.

    Which accounts are you following by the way?


  56. They have new system available today: Polaris.
    It has a tight stop, so it’s interesting to see how it’s perform. So far I interested to add Polaris into my portfolio.

  57. Alex,
    I suggest you take a detailed look at each MT4i, this gives you an insight on how long they are trading, how many losses they have made and how often. How big their trades are compared to yours. On the summary, above right from each trader page, you will read a concise explanation of do’s and dont’s for each trader.
    The only problem the market has today is the lenghty reaction to the natural ramps in Japan,including nuclear; the Libyan crisis (an OPEC member), the conflict between nations about who and who not should be responsible for: “if things go wrong”. The wary traders are all awaiting a signal from somewhere hinting that everything could be normal again. Patience
    I trade with Zeus, Apollo, and Cassopeia. Until last week they were good, now we have to wait. I’ve blocked Apollo and Cassopeia until the trades quit moving sideways. I don’t want any surprises from them this week.

  58. Why I see the trade in MERCURIUS that closed already and in my platform, there is still running that trade?

  59. Alex, is your pc on 24/5 ? if not, Mercurius closes and you don’t get the signal. You have to close it manually.

  60. Hi everyone,

    2 positive trades from Zeus last night on GB/JPY, UK budget today so will shut down don’t want to get caught in any spikes.

  61. Correct Alex, if your PC was off then look at your trader page on your platform when you start up again. if their page is empty then they closed a trade. You need to read ALL the information and instructions that is available on the Forex Accurate website. Going blind into Forex, as you seem to do, is not recommended. This is not a get rich quick program, but a trade signal service.

  62. I know that,but let say, if every machine open positions, then I need to monitor every position,right? It is not like the website said, all thing is done by them^^. Anyway, I am not the one who want get rich quickly, I am trader also and need like website said consistence profit only! As there is so many suck signal services^^, I hope this one will be my best one. Anyway, thanks everyone who reply me. We need safe trading not crazy one.

  63. Alex,

    If you close your PC then you lose connection with the forexaccurate server and hence not get any opening or closing of trades. If leaving your PC on is a problem consider a VPS supplier. Good Trading

  64. Hi,
    Is that systems, not all open positionS will copy to my account, right? As I have seen some open position in Polaris that did not happen in my system how do I get all open positions which copy to my system? Or maybe something called CPP?

  65. Alex,
    well said: “safe trading not crazy one”. But if you are a trader you will also know: “no gains without some losses”.
    I can only suggest that if you miss a trade, that’s because your PC is not connected at that time. Otherwise they will not connect if your funds are low maybe ? But you should then see a notice on your trade connection chart that explains (bottom left) that it was not able to enter the trade on your platform. Curious ! Where are you hailing from Alex (I am guessing Asian but not in Asia) you don’t need to answer of course.

  66. Only 15 trades for me this week 2 neg 13 positive and plus 8.3% on my account. Using Apollo, Zues and Achilles. Thought the markets tended to be slower this week what with UK Budget Japan and Libya to be expected I guess. Here’s to a better week next week everybody Good Trading.

  67. Yes, me too. I’ve finally recovered from Apollo’s 11 day jaunt with a total recovery on USD/CHF. My account is up 45.9 % in 20 trading days. I am happy although exhausted due to Apollo’s ‘never seeming to recover’ trade (it stood once at -$450).

  68. Still have Apollo USD/CHF trades open at a loss. Trading very carefully so account is only up 5% for the month.
    Is anyone using the deny/allow options. It supprized me that this was not a point and click toggle.

  69. Good morning Dean,
    I did remove the top 4 Apollo trades from USD/CHF at a much earlier date, very early in the game. It was on a hunch. therefore my USD/CHF are all cleared up with a minimum profit. I don’t use the option you mentioned, I just bluntly interfere and lock out the file code until I see some light on my chart, but I’ll look into it.

  70. I am quite pleased with my monthly results. I only wished that we had a way to exclude some pairs, as so many ‘gods’ have been caught with their pants down on GBP/JPY and USD/CHF. I fortunately was able to reverse their trade and avoid a major ‘profit reversal’. At least you can enter false by ‘allow trade’. I’ve made a good profit with EUR/USD, I follow the guidelines of ‘thegeekknows’ (an Aussie site)daily e-mail report on EUR/USD, they’ve been right on the nail for the last two weeks. A good weekend to all.

  71. OMG! Is anyone in this apollo trade at the moment on the eur /jpy? Sweating like mad. Its now got 20 trades open, 17 of these almost at -300 pips each. My fault but I wish they had tested this more before recomending on site

  72. Yes Chris, on the 30th they changed
    apollo to aggressive, I mentioned it. It’s up to us to test them, they only offer the signal of a real trader. Hang in there, Apollo is a ‘long term’ trader, last time it took 11 days to close his trades.

  73. thanks michael will do, main concern if they go to -600 i think it will blow my account, but fingers and everything crossed. Thought it was heading to the downside but stalled and back at 122.50 now

  74. Hi Alex

    Not too sure as I’m stuck in the apollo trade which looks like its going to wipe me out. 20 trades all down by 300 pips.OMG! thats – 6000. All the jpy look like tbey are in long term up trends so may have a few days left.

    I also use Hercules and Zues they are good to start. Stay well clear from aggressive. Apollo was originally moderate but they changed it to agressive but i didn’t find out unitl it was too late. my fault.

  75. FX in not a easy game, I am just cut my loss and out of it, I will not do it again, it is very tired game, hope you could do it in right way or maybe left from it , anyway, thats my suggestion. Happy life is the point.

  76. I think you should stick with their recommendation trading system.

    These are the trading systems they recommend in the mailing list last week (if you have not received it).

    1. Titan
    2. Hercules
    3. Zeus
    4. Mercurius
    5. Aurora
    6. Pegasus

    So far I use Hercules, Mercurius and Titan. It’s seems good. Titans is a trend following, Hercules is trend reversal and Mercurius is scalping.

    It seems good for my portfolio.
    I plan to add Aurora too.

  77. Good morning,
    Chris; I really feel for you, Apollo entered the weekend with an excess of -$6000. open trades. That is scandalous. I am glad that my hunch was correct about Apollo prior to this disaster. Unfortunately we (meant in general) tend to ignore S/L rules in favour of the-trend-will-turn expectations. Been there, Done that. I’ve read various FX reports that explain why the expected trends don’t materialize. Many important oil producing countries (mainly Asian) are trading their oil barrel $’s into Euro’s. No matter how good the numbers are in the US, The $ is not a favourite at this time. Go figure: Europe has a major financial dilemma and still is favoured.
    I find that if three credible reports state a trend, then the “gamble” is good to follow it.
    If I’ve learned one thing: make a realistic trading plan and stick to it. Cheers

  78. Hi Robin,
    you mentioned that they send a mailing list;
    I don’t seem to get one (not that important, as I check the performances regularly on the dashboard), I don’t know whether you have to sign up for one, as I don’t seem to find such sign-up link on their website. Cheers

  79. Don’ think i’m going to have much choice soon. Feels like dead man walking. Oh well. Looking at the other results if it wasn’t for apollo I am up over the month 40%. But like i said apollo is wiping me out completely and I might as well now just wait and see the outcome.
    I do think though that Apollo should have been tested more before being put up on the site. Gone from moderate to aggressive. Also mentions it will open 15 trades, but so far I have 20 open.
    Fingers crossed.

  80. Hi all,

    I’ve just subscribed and I’m struggling a bit to find which are the optimum 5 signals to follow for a moderate combination. Any suggestions?


  81. Hello Michael.

    I subscribe at the Forex Accurate mailing list at the Homepage.

    You should signup for the mailing list, they send the update regularly which trading system is remove or new one, also update their portfolio composition.

    If you already subscribe, I think it went to your spam folder.

  82. Hi Paul.

    Just follow their Solomon Portfolio combination.
    You should be OK.

    This is their recommendation from last week mailing list:
    1. Titan
    2. Hercules
    3. Zeus
    4. Mercurius
    5. Aurora
    6. Pegasus

  83. Hello Chris,

    I suggest that you close some positions as soon as EURJPY break another high at 123.4000

    Do not gamble to wait EURJPY to retrace (going down).
    Since it’s in uptrend right now.

    After that, only trade using Conservative/Moderate system only.

    I have been using Conservative/Moderate system as Robin mention above, and I’m quite happy with the results.

    My live account going up for 20% since I start using Forex Accurate service.

    If you want to trade more aggressive, just increase the LotMultiplier but only select the best 5 system.

  84. Thanks Robin,

    I appreciate your assistance there. Just one question, I thought that the maximum number of strategies was five.



  85. Hey Paul,
    Welcome, there are various portfolios (lower in the list) that combine multiple strategies. therefore one of those portfolios is ‘one’ strategy.
    Don’t forget to set your “maximum lot size” to your own budget preference.

  86. Thanks Jim

    Still in this trade, Apollo closed three of the trades for ten pip profit. Still 17 to go but back down to -120, so there is a chance I might get lucky and it move down further. (Probably put kiss of death on that now! lol)
    Hear what you saying and agree. My account growth as been great until this apollo trade and can’t wait to get rid of it.
    I only go for 4 conservative and one moderate.

  87. A miracle!!

    Apollo moved down and managed to close all trades with a tiny profit. Deleted Apollo thank god.

    Won’t be doing that again.

  88. I’ve learned one great lesson in the last week:
    Anybody that bases their trading on charts (Bollinger ETC.) is bound to lose sometimes.
    Anybody that bases their trading on news is bound to lose sometimes.
    Anybody that bases their trades on both, and uses common sense is bound to win more.
    In the last 5 trading days I’ve locked out the Mercurius, Zeus and Pegassus traders and listened to ‘chart’ reports predictions combined with professional market news predictions and some patience: Eureka ! I’ve had 5 days of decent profits above recovering all the trade losses from EA’s. I did concern myself only with one pair: EUR/USD.
    I gather that there “is” a human side to this Forex market, which cannot be neglected.
    Will I carry on with Forex Accurate ? Only if they show common sense !

  89. I’ve got an eerie feeling that I am alone on this ship !
    OR: everybody has so much fun that there is no time to chat, right !

  90. Michel, You are not on your own, but I’m thinking of leaving. First month was great, but this month as been very poor for me. Down around 5% and cannot understand as my picks are showing all positive bar one. Mind you Auroa is sinking me. My main problem with this forex accurate is that they should test the traders before even showing them on the site and also I have now been caught twice where they have changed from either conservative to moderate or even aggresive. Will have to see what they say, I have sent them a message on there blog

  91. Hello Chris, I share your sentiments.
    True, the first month was great, but Since then the traders seem to make moves that even a child could question. I’ve locked out Mercurius, Zeus and Pegasus (have worked without any other for 2 weeks) as they seem to buy high and sell low. And consequently close with a loss, although there was a slight margin of profits at one time which they ignored.
    I find it annoying that I create a good profit on my own and then they come and lose some of it. Looking at their performance chart, not many seem to go positive in the recent month. Those that do have a fairly scary loss/profit ratio. I wonder whether they are under pressure to perform and therefore take higher risks ? There seems to be an obvious change in performance pattern happening.
    I give it one more month and then I will bail out if they don’t improve their performances.

  92. I’ve done a thorough study of all the FX Accurate traders and I cannot honestly say that there is one that appeals to me at this particular time. I particularly looked at their last month performance and although some show a profit on their chart, but at closer view they really took a beating. I am going to be hands off for a while yet, and carry on with my EUR/USD pair. The geek has really given some superb insights and trade suggestions in their daily e-mails. My initial investment of $1.000,00 has grown to $1.640,00 in 6 weeks, using multiple trades ( NO FX Accurate in the last 2 weeks) of 0.02 to 0.05 on a daily basis, requiring mostly about 2 @ 3 days per trade. Beyond the suggestions I also go and follow the trade calendar from Forex Factory. I guess I may have created a system that suits my expectations quite well. I am certainly not interested in using multiple pairs, it seems each pair has his reoccurring quirks which do not appear in others. Something which is being overlooked by some FX Accurate traders. I’ll make one positive comment: I did get this far thanks to the FX Accurate signal service, which gave me the confidence to duplicate or object to their trades.

  93. Following on from previous post ended the month -13%. I have dropped Auroa and installd Goliath. Only the start of the month but currently another 5% down. Having doubts about these systems, but still up from start two months ago, however after increasing my initial deposit by 50% it is now drawn down to 10% in two months. If these systems continue to make loss I will pull out at break even. I am currently staking minimum .01.

  94. Success Chris,
    You have more courage than I.
    I keep a daily eye out on their MT4i’s and none of them inspire my confidence. it’s three weeks now that I work without their input. They are, for the time being, on hold in my books.

  95. As promised, quick update. Last week I was down as advised but my accunt puled back to 6% up from the start of the month. I am currently the same and I am using Samson, pegasus, Titan, Zues and Hercules. Will keep you updated

  96. Michel has left the building !
    I see no sense in paying for a rather negative trading signal. I really did get a very positive first month, but since then ?????
    success everyone !

  97. Latest update I am now down 3% on the month. Basicly what a waste of space, money and time. I’ve done better on my manual account currently 15% up, so not impressed at all with these traders. One trade was up by 340 pips only for it to close when it retraced to 30 pips, this was apparently by a manual trader I think not!! It was worth a try. The concept is very good and there are more sites now offering this service, so it’s trying to find the right one. Good Luck everyone I’m out of here.

  98. Did not have much time to trade this month. Only 2 Saterday mornings 🙂 Account was up 10% due mostly to Hercules. Trading fixed lots so largest risk was about 1.5% with most less than 1%.

  99. Last post I’am gome. Account down 25%. Stupid trades both when placed and in hind sight. Small winners. Big losers.

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