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13 thoughts on “Forex 4 Secrets”

  1. Yep…same results: 4 trades, 4 losses. What’s a shame is the last 3 trades were in profit over 40+ pips, then took a loss. Too bad this EA doesn’t have a trailing stop feature.

    Rita did mention a TS can be put if if we wanted. She did also mention they experienced and show many draw downs in their previous trade results too. I checked it out and it’s true. Just gotta hang in there I guess. Will give this a chance since my experience with 4 Seasons was pretty good. However, I wouldn’t have let the last 4 trades go negative after going up 40+ pips.

    GL to all

  2. hi
    another three losing trades. now at -235 pips. seven losing trades in a row no winners. i currently have one trade open, if this loses will ask for refund. at only 2% risk now down 16%.

  3. I had the same problem guys! Just a bunch of losses. Was pretty excited about this one which is why I put it on my live account right away….. Big mistake, guess I’ll never see that 200 again. Oh well, lesson learned again but I’ll just have to make it back.

  4. I bought also. Why is it that the promo looked good and then when you put it on your own account. It works crappy…

  5. Update since acct opening on 6/29:
    *15 closed trades
    *2 wins/13 losses (9 in a row)
    *-35% ROI

    Today showed a nice gain on the E/U short for 190 pips. This is a bot therefore, shouldn’t have to do anything however, after speaking with Rita several times on this, a Trailing Stop is not a bad idea. The closing #’s wouldn’t look as bad as many trades were in profit 30-50 pips before losing. Therefore, I’m putting each trade on a TS once in profit of at least 30+ pips. Overall entries seem to be pretty good as it goes into profit for the most part.

    May the pips be with you…

  6. Yes I have EA this as well.

    Without TS it will loose your account sooner or later. It relies on large trends to make up for the losses, but if you have 10-12 losses in a row, then you bust your account,so what I am doing is I use Rita’s trailingator to trail the profits. If she does not build this feature into the EA I will ask for a refund since as it is, it is useless.
    No EA ever worked on exit to be the same as the new buy or sell entry. Just run your backtest and the EA loses all the time. So easy to see, I just cannot understand how did they actually thought it could work without the Trailing feature.

    Maybe they want you to buy trailingator to use with the EA ??? 🙂

    So I am expecting a new version with TS built in very soon, or I will ask for money back as many others will do.


  7. Totally agree with Frank. This will fail without some type of TS. Since putting a TS on each trade after reaching 40+ pips, it’s been recovering nicely. Went from over 50% down to close to 16% down.

    Frank, how’s the Trailingator working out? What’s the major diff with Trailingator and the MT4 TS (besides having to manually set the MT4 TS)? Did you get the impression they’re going to offer an upgraded version with Trailingator? Cuz all she mentioned to me was I have the option to buy it.

  8. Update since 6/29:

    *Total closed trades @ 20
    *7 winners/13 losers for a 35% win ratio
    *-9.86 ROI

    Since the update on 7/11, I set Trailing Stops on each trade once in profit of 40 pips+
    *EUR @ 40
    *GBP @ 60

    It’s working out pretty well as the account’s rallied back about 40%+ in a week without changing the lot size. Still at .50 to keep the risk mgt around 5%.

    As I’ve noticed from the beginning, 4 Season’s entry seems to be pretty solid as most of the trades go into profit however, even with the updated version there doesn’t seem to be a TS to protect.

    Note: there was a decent entry on GBP short yesterday as it reach over 60+ pips. Set the TS when it was hovering around 40-50+, then set a hard SL to breakeven. Just got stopped out…shameful to not lock in gains but at least it didn’t lose…like it would’ve without a TS.

    May the pips be with u….

  9. K-Boy

    Trailingator is working nicely in auto mode, but you need to setup separate charts, one for each pairs with trailingator on it, so if you run 3 – 4 pairs then you need to setup trailingator for each. Only manages the pair it is on.
    Yes I am running this on many other pairs and works OK.

    The Forex 4 season indicator signals are not 100% the same as the EA’s signals. I loaded the indicators on to the charts to see if the entries are the same as in the old manual version, but sometimes they are different.

    Never the less this EA will not work without TS and BE function would be an added bonus as well.

    You do not need to buy trailingator to use as an auto TS software, there are heaps of FREE ones on the many FX forums just google them.

    Still considering to ask a refund if no TS version released very very soon.


  10. Well The robot did not perform to my liking so I asked for a refund of which I got one. Has any one tried Her new one. Funny how she has been releasing a new one just before the other one expires.

  11. I asked for a refund as well and got it.

    Never the less she has the best customer service by far from all of these sellers. Get a reply within a few hours every time.


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