Fibonacci Strike

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3 thoughts on “Fibonacci Strike”

  1. Tom Strigano seems to have a pretty solid working knowledge of Forex from what I can see online. The fact that his new system relies on Fibo retracements as the main decision making tool makes it very interesting to me. A large number of traders involved in stocks, commodities, and of course those of us more into attempting to trade the often seductive but frustrating forex mkt are intrigued by the concept of the almost magical way major Fibonacci zones often become very reliable areas of support & resistance. The fact so many other traders (you can be sure the deep-pockets pros especially!) also know these fibo areas and will trade accordingly. It makes knowing where these major fibo points are important. And as such, when they become areas of support & resistance, they become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy when most action is around there. At this point, I have to think Fibo areas are about as close as humanly possible to ‘knowing the future’ -where the all-important turning points are likely to occur. I’m going to watch what is said online about Strigano’s ‘Fibonacci Strike’ system and what happens to users demos and more importantly real money accounts. He’s asking a realistic 80.00 so I think many will be sold. If it’s not overly complex, has a tendency towards getting into low Draw-Down trades, is at least 70% or so accurate, & proves to be profitable to small account traders then I’m totally jumping in!

  2. Tom Strigano- don’t trust this guy I was with the Forex Signal and he did a terrible job he is now been replaced. Go else where, don’t even poke a stick at it.

  3. I agree with Jeff Beck. Vladimir has replaced Tom Strignano with Bob Iacinno. Tom’s signal were horrendous when he teamed up with Vladimir.

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