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FAP Turbo ScreenshotFAP Turbo is one of the oldest Expert Advisors that is still very popular to this day. Besides the English version, it’s also available in Spanish and Chinese languages.

There’s a saying that during tough times the rich are made as well as the poor. The markets swing like crazy and any experienced Forex trader would tell you that it’s a trader’s paradise. It is the time when most profits are made.

But what do you do if you don’t have enough experience to trade? You can lose just as much. However, the modern technology delivers it to you on the silver plate – the automated forex software built by expert traders to automate their mundane daily tasks. Systems kept away from the public in the beginning are now available and you can take a shortcut to professional forex trading with no prior knowledge.

FAP Turbo is one of these systems. The question is, does it deliver?

Here’s a quick breakdown of FAP Turbo’s features:

  • Cost: $149
  • Setup: 1 click installer
  • Guarantee: 8 Week 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: Multiple
  • Demo account: Yes

A unique feature that doesn’t fall under any criterion, is FAP Turbo’s online robot. Every trading software works on your computer and you need to keep your computer running at all times. FAP Turbo has this version of software too, but in addition to that it has online software that runs on its own server and you only need the computer to access your account.

So is it worth a try? You can get your feet wet in forex trading, you can set up an automated income stream, and the wild markets as they are now is the perfect time to do so, it may not happen again in the next 50 years.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about FAP Turbo and the answers to them:

1. What countries can FAP Turbo work in? What if I live outside US?

FAP Turbo works in any country of the world, it doesn’t matter if you live in US, UK, Spain, Germany, France or any other country. It’s completely international.

2. What brokers should I use for FAP Turbo?

FAP Turbo can be used with any broker that supports Metatrader 4 platform. That’s the most popular platform so most of the popular brokers use it (FXCM, FXDD, InterbankFX, Alpari, etc.). If you’re not sure if your broker is using Metatrader 4 platform, contact them via their help desk.

3. What GMT offset should I use for the scalper?

The GMT offset should match your broker’s timezone, not yours. So to find out the correct offset, you should see the current time in your broker account, then compare it to the current GMT time (www.greenwichmeantime.com) to find out the offset.

4. What about taxes?

Your local taxes apply on your income from FAP Turbo. You should consult your local attorneys if you don’t know what taxes would you fall under (if any).

5. Will I get the same results as seen on FAP Turbo site (or why are my results different from those on FAP Turbo site)?

The trading results on FAP Turbo website are from the system running at constantly tweaked settings to achieve the best performance. It’s nearly impossible to replicate the exact results even under the same settings, so you should not worry about that. Everyone will have different results, the only thing you should worry about is your profitability for which FAP Turbo is optimized to achieve with minimal risk.

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70 thoughts on “FAP Turbo”

  1. Dear Admin,

    I’m a newbee in this Forex. Would like your advice on a few issues.
    1. Is FabTurbo good as advertised and should I buy it?
    2. Could you help me to tweak the settings in Fabturbo?
    3. I’m planning to try a demo account and open an account with Broco Investor. Does this ECN support MT4 and can I use fabturbo thru them?
    4. What is GMT setting. I’m in Malaysia and do I need to change the settings in Fabturbo?

    Please help me…TQ

  2. I saw a few advert giving discount on Fabturbo, as high as $50 discount…Are they selling the same Fabturbo or clones..?

  3. They’re probably giving rebates, but be careful, because FAP Turbo is selling through Clickbank which forbids cash rebates. Chances are you may not get it at all.

  4. Be very careful. I am at a 14.07% drawdown from my inital investment using FAP Turbo 49. I ran FAP Turbo for approx. 2 months in demo before using real money, everything went well and was profitable in demo. After beginning real trading I was up over 10% in just over one week. The second week of live trading had 3 losing trades placing me at a 14.07% loss from my starting account balance. I’m using low spreads on all trading pairs as defined in the FAP Turbo User’s Guide.

  5. FAP Turbo is over rated. At one time it may have been a good EA but not any more. If you want to make your broker happy use FAP Turbo. All the profit you make “each” month will be loss in the same month by a stupid trade hitting a stop loss. Even Donna Forex who is the “biggest” fan of FAP Turbo has stop using it. Her web site donnaforex.com. She also tests other EAs.

  6. It´s almost the same as all other EAs it promise more then you get from it. I have tried many of this EAs and not many works as the ads says. After this great EA contest it looks like there are some good ones to find. This gives hope for the future. FAPturbo be careful it can emty your account I´ve seen it happen…The best results over time is around 2% profit…
    The guys at one of the biggest broker in the world are happy when people using and loosing on FAPtubo.

  7. Wake up and realise, Robots may be good for Lost In Space, but NOW they are not ready to do true trading work.

    Stay real, teach yourself, trade forex using your brain, and await the arrival of a true Robot that will do as we all wish.

    Them there is some big words, but truthful.

    Remember, it is better to be pissed off than pissed on.

  8. I don’t understand what I have to do.
    I have installed FAPTurbo.
    NOW : have I to buy or sell an amount of currency ?
    Or FAPTurbo does it for me automaticaly ?

  9. So should I buy Fap Turbo or not does it really work. I am getting a bit confused with all the different reviews and I need an honest opinion.

    Please help me.

    Thank you

  10. It is still getting positive feedback after 1.5 years since release, so it does work. But it’s not perfect (no robot is), so it will get negative feedback too.

    I think you just have to test it and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you have 60 days to get a refund from Clickbank.

    Here you can see the latest test running at ForexPeaceArmy:

    As you can see, it is capable of big losses, which makes it quite risky. But it is also able to make consistent wins.

    At the end of the day it’s for you to decide.

  11. They have just issued an upgrade – they say its suppose to be good? I will test it and update in good time.

  12. I bought FAP Turbo couple of days before and till now i didnt get the username/password to download it or any other info on how to download the software. So i did ask for a refund from Clickbank and i got the refund requested and have to wait for a couple of days before it gets updated on my card. Beware before you buy FAP Turbo.

  13. Alternatively you could have contacted their support and asked some help with what was clearly just a technical issue. Really, FAP Turbo is not the software you would doubt doesn’t even exist. Someone would have noticed by now, lol. But it’s up to you.

  14. I have tested FapTurbo since the begining of this year.
    It did a lot a of great trades, but sometimes it took a lot a stupid trades and hit stop loss and almost all of your profit are lost.Still not enough confidence in FapTurbo to go with a live account.
    But this EA is still ranked #1…

    So, now i really don’t know what to think about this EA.

  15. I am about to jump into this trading game. I see a person from “ADMIN” is also posting answers. I need to ask this person(S), If they affiliated with the company?, or, are they a 3rd party? I am very on my heels about the entire tradeing thing sice our past “MELTDOWN”. Is this Company out there to get the rest of our money in America only to crash the market again with all of our hard traded money? OR….. Are they really trying to get as many people on board to financial freedom to the 10 power. FOR REAL? Because I don’t know about the rest of you but!!!!.. I am soooo over liers and cheats to steal my money any snake way possible. I need real good evidence to a good heart.

  16. Hi,

    I’m affiliated in terms that the links to the official FAP Turbo site are ad links and should anyone buy after clicking through them, I get a commission. But I don’t work directly for them, and most likely they don’t even know I exist.

    Same with all products reviewed on this site.

    But all comments (positive and negative) are all from completely independent users as far as I can tell.

    I’m not recommending any product specifically, and those that I test, I post the results via third party such as myfxbook.com

    If you’re gonna buy, do your due diligence and research anything you’re gonna buy as much as you can. I can only hope I can help people with this site to make a decision, mostly by allowing the users to share their first hand experience with others.

  17. Nice reply. I am in the same mind set about this. many people does not research enough. SO what software do you use.? ADMIN.

    I hope all of you can get through hard times and not let the snake take your money ever again.

  18. I can’t give a definitive answer. I don’t want to endorse any particular software. What I’m working on is live testing of the best systems but still leaving the decision for anyone interested. I hope to publish more of these tests soon.

  19. Does anybody have the Phone number for Fab turbo?
    My credit card has been charged for a purchase but I have not received anything. I have sent several Emails got have got no response.

  20. ran this pc of crap on 4 different brokers, dont make the mistake of running past your 60 day refund, go to clickbank and get your money back now!.if this is rated no 1 then what are the rest like? if you go to fxcm you can download over 30 ea’s for free , most work better than fap turbo.

  21. I bought fap turbo over a year ago and i run it on a Alpari UK dummy account. I have tinkered with the settings and pairs about once a month to optimise performance. After starting with$2000 within 6 months was at $10000 then first part of 2010 did not peform well at all sufering several big losses dropped to $7000. after more tinkering last month it has made no loss for 4 weeks and I am up to $13000
    So a bit hit and miss but overall good profit. going live next month.

  22. Thanks Dave for the tip on FXCM.com, most useful information. Better choices for free than most EAs I’ve bought. I’m done with EAs hawked through ClickBank – they just don’t work. I will keep reading the boards on the off-chance someone finds an EA that actually works. What I did find that works is buying signals from an expert EA manager. Have had great results, but it is expensive. Costs nearly a grand a month for advisories, but they have been right 9 of 10 times and if you have money to invest, you will more than cover the expense of the advisories.

  23. Hi everyone I am the biggest fan of the FAP TURBO. I started 4 month ago and multiplied my account 4 times since then. I started with 400 eu I have 1800 Eu now – its very stable predictable EA. the only thing you need to obstaine from trading if current price doesn’t cross historical 15 min chart couple times – that means that pair is in the strong trend, just don’t trade it then. and another tip – I help the EA to collect profits myself. It opens positions and when they go into reasonable profit i close them myself. It opens position again – by doin so I speed up collectin profits. This is beautiful EA I love it

  24. FAP is not bad, nor very well, but i agree with alex and add that its best to close myself loosing trade before the lost is too important. The main think i desagree with fap turbo is that is don’t kwow cuting losses.

    I use only the scalping on FAP, what is your opinion with the long terme trading of the FAPturbo (i’m scaring for using it for the moment!!) Thank youuuu for your answer.

  25. Their security issues made it impossible to get it to work properly. It is a waste of time, in my mind. Like most every EA… the only ones doing something on live account are forex hacked and Forex legend. I had bad experience with dozens of them, including Megadroid, Autopilot and the likes.

  26. I have used fap turbo for a month and found it’s a very risky EA. The risk reward ratio which scares me. looking for 7 to 10 pips in Asian session and if trades goes against you all your monthly profits gone. Instead I am using forex hacked EA which is a top performer 100% gain in one month trading only GBP/USD on 1 HR time frame.

  27. Fapturbo is fake and all around it.It can win few trades,but then few big looses and everithing you loose.When i asked return my money ,no answear so no money back quarantee.

  28. I have had better results with open source EAs that are free. FAPTurbo will make many tiny wins followed by huge losses. This EA is based on basic trending scalp strategy with basic MM. It only works when market behaves certain way, otherwise it will loose and loose until your account is bled out to death. I advise all to not waist time with this algo.

  29. HI Alexey Popov




  30. Fabturbo is crazy, help me earn only average or less than 6 usd for most transactions, but “made” me loss average 80 usd for 3 forex transactions recently. I want to “flow” it away and get refund.

  31. – To win trades with FapTurbo, you cannot use default settings.
    – Settings must be updated and changed almost everyday based on market conditions
    – I can offer service, but with very high fees. 😀

  32. What are they doing still selling this **** I used it over 2 years ago and it was CRAP then it doesnt work period! Whats the site still doing up amazing!!

  33. I was seriously considering the purchase of this FabTurbo system, but thanks to this great forum, I’m going to keep my hard earned cash out of this system.

  34. I used Fap Turbo 51 & 52 but only on scalping. It was no good on the long term strategy. It worked well on some pairs scalping for a while but then it blew up and went ferral losing all the time.

  35. this about this before buying fabturbo:

    if it is real, then why fabturbo needs to sell their robots when infact they can make money based on the excellent performance of their robot???? instead of selling them, why wont they run hundreds or thousands of their robots to make them million of $$$.??

  36. thank God for saving me from buying this robot, if not because of this forum i would have fall into the trap. Thanks…

  37. Hi Admin

    Very important information on this blog.
    Please everyone who tried the demo or a live account version Fapturbo Ichimoku to write some impressions.
    I will put the robot back to work just to save some money.

  38. I started with Fap Turbo 53 then Fap Turbo Ichimoku then Fap Turbo 54. I stopped trading with Fap 53 because there were more losses than wins then I tried Fap 54 and the same but with Fap Ichimoku, I was quite happy that in 1 month it made 52 profit trades and only 3 small losses BUT then yesterday it made 3 major losses that wiped out all the profits it made in one month of trading.

    Sooo disappointing that this robot looked so promising but the problem is the take wins are extremely small and the stop losses are gigantic.

    Needless to say, I have now stoped trading all 3 Fap products.

  39. By the way, I also updated Fap53 with custom settings reccommended on Fap Professional and it worked OK for a couple of weeks then went back into losing trades.

    I haver traded all the Fap products on both Demo and Live accounts.

  40. In my opinion, this is one of the most reliable EAs, as far as EAs go. I agree with most of the folks on here who regret the fact that the profitability (or equity curve) with this particular EA is so up then down, up then down again, but compared to some EAs that I’ve tried and read about Fap Turbo (the main version and Ichimoku) isn’t half bad.

  41. I am in an extremely unique situation. You see, I am totally blind. Around this site I keep reding lots of good things about Forex Hacked especially, and I’ve heard a few good things about Forex Legend. I’m a U.S trader and have a live account with Alpari US, so I of course am subject to all of the U.S NFA regulations that everyone seems to hate. That’s also why I’m very hesitant to buy an EA like Forex Hacked or Forex Legend. My leverage is 50:1, I can’t hedge, and I DO NOT AT ALL like any kind of martingale strategy. So, knowing that, what EA (if any) would you suggest? Fap Turbo like I posted earlier has made me more profit than any other EA I have tried to date. So far I’ve bought and tested, on my live Alpari US account Fap Turbo (starting with version 52 an now up to 54 with Ichimoku), the One Click Pips EA, the Forex Pro Cloner EA, the Wall Street Cloner EA, and right now I’m trying the CS Botronics EA which is an upsell with the Currency Sniper package. Out of everything I’ve tried thus far, Fap Turbo has made me the most profit. Something you should probably knowabout me is that I’m also a pretty aggressive trader. What that means by the numbers is that as I write this, my account balance right now stands at $1286.93. My margin level from running a combination of Fap Turbo 54 standard and Fap Turbo Ichimoku on four pairs, plus the Cs Botronics EA on one pair, plus the Wall Street Cloner EA on three final pairs, is at 229.90% and I’m okay with that. In your opinion, does that suggest anything to you about me and my trading style? If so, would you KINDLY leve me your feedback? I’d be interested to hear it, IF it’s at least offered tactfully.

  42. I’ll tell you my experience with fapturbo, buy a few months ago fapturbo trusted the promises of your website, started using it in demo accounts and generated profits, but over a real account of the same broker not only did not generate profit but began to generate losses, so I asked for a refund of my money but they refused to give them back with false excuses and your product worked well.
    If you want to lose your money then use fapturbo your real accounts.
    Best Regards.

  43. Hi, I have purchased Fapturbo 54 and as recommended used the broker IamFX.com. I installed it on my demo account on 31 Aug 2011 and as of 8 Sept. the balance is -140.18. Can some one help me with the settings.

  44. Final ruling, I have now also taken Fap Turbo Ichimoku, Forex Overdrive and Megadroid off my charts so now I am not using any robots at all. My account is now down from $10K to $500 so now I must learn by myself how to bring it back up.

    Bottom line is ….ALL ROBOTS are rubbush. They work now and then, make nice consistant profits now and then but ultimately all they do is draw the account down with a few LARGE losses that ultimately wipe out the account.

    That is the end of me and robots, it is now up to me.

  45. KMTOPGUN, seriously? How did you manage to sleep at night knowing that your account has gone down by 95%?

    You will now need to increase your account by 2000% to get it back to where it was… That is very very tough by anyones standard.

    If i were you, I would recommend putting that $500 into a forex course where you can actually trade for yourself.

    After all, if you made 10% on that $10K per month, you would be making $1K per month. Not bad for anyones standards either…

    Robots are inherently a waste of money. If they were any where near good, why have the banks not started using them. If they could deliver 100% per month… or even per year, the banks would be snapping the arms off the developers, and the developers would be able to charge 100’s of millions of dollars, because that is how much it would be worth.

    The reason they are selling them to the general public, is that they can not charge that amount of money. They go for the greedy people who want to see instant riches. Nothing in life is that easy. Even the developers have had to put in some hard graft to get the EA coded and marketed. All they need to do is to make it work for 60 days, and then what do they care? refund period over, move onto the next upgrade, all bugs fixed… and then it repeats and repeats.

    Learn to trade for yourself, or at least go for a signal provider who has VERIFIED results – and not the mocked up ones that are so easy to do with photoshop.

    I have a blog that tracks every trade I do – When i get in, it is there for everyone to see. When I get out, it is there for everyone to see. That is what you should be looking for at the very least.

    Hope that helps!

  46. Can anyone tell me if one can disable the robot anytime if it is a web based robot? Can one have full control over it? I can understand that it can if it runs on your own computer but not so sure if one uses their server

  47. Hi
    there is 2 ways to make money

    1/Make a robot and sell it, it doesn’t take time you have all the indicators installed on Mt4, and this is the easy way to make money and you have 100% profits

    2/For those have aleardy bought any kind of robot just do the opposit position of the robot lol you will probably make more then 60% of profits

    best regards

  48. Where I can find a trader to manage my account?
    tried my account many times but I’ve only lost money, anyone knows a good trader who manege my account please?

  49. Over at a website calling itself 100forexbrokers.com there’s a feature called cybersearch. I’ve found the information presented there to be overall useful, although frequently slightly out of date. Specifically I’m talking about the minimum deposit amounts, the conditions to open various account types, Etc.. It’s at least a decent starting place, especially to those of you who are (as I once was) brand-new to the whole idea of so called wild west forex trading. I hope you find the site as helpful as I have.

  50. since with all know that surrounding on forex a lot thief and liars trying to sell a crap forex software, well fap turbo is not excepting of that, I purchase this crap and use it, with the proper setting and guess what is the same b…s as many other availables outthere, becareful with those artist vendors offering garbage like this.

  51. I am a Forex Megadroid man but bought Fap Turbo a few weeks ago. Did lots of research and you can use any broker and any VPS you want with Fap Turbo !!
    Stephen Cooper UK

  52. I loved as much as you will receive carried out right here.

    The sketch is tasteful, your authored material stylish.
    nonetheless, you command get bought an edginess over that you wish
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  53. hi,did fapturbo make any fapturbo 85% off +donate to water.org around feb this year?i will like to know cos i paid and was issued a receipt from clickbank and as we speak i av not gotten my software.can u assist me?

  54. Robots do not have emotions, the market is based on emotions FEAR and GREED, use your money to learn to trade properly, buying low Selling high, same as any other business……..

  55. Fapturbo2v Premium is a total failure as far as my account is concerned. Manual trading is 10 time better than this rubbish as it has only made losses for first 3 months and later I stopped my vps as the looting by these players were unpardonable.

    They promised me a refund after 3 months, but I do not know as Clickbank policy is for 60 days only.(Trying still?) The promotional video of Fapturbo2VPremium should be banned immediately or someone should take the matter legally as it amounts to global cheating.US Law should be resorted in this case.
    I am fully sure about the total failure of their product as they have not at all tested it for unforseen eventualities.

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