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8 thoughts on “Elliott Wave DNA”

  1. I have been trading currencies for more than 10 years, and to be honest I have never seen anyone offer this type of system. It appears that it catches intraday moves that constantly occur in the forex market. I have often thought there must be a way to capture a piece of these moves on a consistent basis. This may be the answer.

  2. You have a winner- I have entered 21 trades in a demo account with 18 winners and average $75 profit. I helps me tremendously in staying in trades longer and getting out quicker. I think I can improve greatly employing fractals. As a fascinated student of Fibonacci I thank you much and will use your system to verify my previous platform.

  3. Being a beginner to trading, your FiB cash system was very easy to use and was able to gain confidence by looking at previous buy and sell signals.
    Iam sure with further study and use of other indicators, I would be able to become a very profitable trader.Very good starting point for beginners like me.
    Satvir Judge

  4. Nicola thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and creativity. I have spent so much in time and money on increasing my own knowledge of trading Forex and using Elliott Wave and have yet to master either successfully. Still determined to do so though. This Fib Cash Compass is so straight forward and simple it would be easy to think something else should be added however I have come to understand simple can work provided patience and discipline is applied as well. Wishing you all the best with your Dark Profit Numbers launch.

  5. Hi Nicola,

    You may not remember me, but i’ve attended your seminar on Elliott Wave subject in UK few years ago and back than i knew you where someone who have a potential to become on of the best traders in the world.

    I would really like to say thanks for this gifts you send us so far, I love them, I’m trying Fib cash compass for a few days now and i can say till now, from 15 trades i managed to take i got 12 winning trades, so can’t say i didn’t expected amazing gift from you.

    Dark report was also nice report and i think you are the only one who acctually spend time proving that there are some patterns that appear and work.

    So overall i’m more than satisfied and i would love to see what else you have for us.


  6. Hi Nicola,
    I have spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars to attempt to create my “profitable trading business”. Almost 2 years ago I had a severe back and neck injury while working on an oil rig which nearly paralyzed me. I’ve had neck surgery and my doctors are trying to fix my lower back at present. Because of the limited amount of income I have coming in and because of my inability to work in any physically demanding industry, I am attempting to replace my income while working from home. Because of this I have been researching many different strategies in the FX and options markets. I have had a limited amount of success and great amount of failure. I always like to think I’m failing forward! After testing your strategies in a very small amount of time, I have had a great amount of success. Let me tell your followers out there that Nicola’s trading strategies are TREMENDOUSLY VALUABLE!!! I am simply amazed that you are giving these strategies away at no cost !!! God Bless you my friend for giving so many people the opportunity to earn some money with out spending the money that myself and others have had to, to create some financial freedom for themselves. So far to me, this information is “PRICELESS”

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

    Wyoming SuperPIP

  7. Divergences? My first system that I traded was based on them and it was quite profitable.
    Moving averages? Not really 🙂
    Fibonacci levels? Absolutely yes! However not all of them and only in a very specific context.
    Elliott Waves? I had really hard time when I was learning this concept but I was strongly motivated because I personally knew a few very successful traders who were using Elliott waves. Then I encountered your Elliott Wave Maestro and it was a breakthrough.
    Elliott Wave DNA? I was pretty sure there couldn’t be anything more to Elliott waves than what was covered in Maestro but it seems that I was wrong and I’m really glad that I was wrong in this case.

    Cheers, man.

  8. Very simple but highly profitable system to use, even newbie and persons with less computer knowledge could apply this system due to the built in auto install and its simplicity. This system catches trend from the onset & watch it ride, if I deposit $100 and 9 out of 10 trades became winners leaving me with a balance of $172.53 which is 72.53% of my initial deposit in just a day for me, what else do I need to be a successful trader.
    I like this system for so many reasons
    1) Simplicity
    2) High Accuracy and profitability
    3) Can be traded on small deposits account.
    4) Ability to work on all timeframes (meaning it suits the lifestyle of both intraday, interday and swing traders)
    Wow, what an awesome system.
    Well done work Nicola Delic,
    I say thank you, your type are extremely hard to find.
    This system is worth more than a thousand dollars but I got it for free.

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