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31 thoughts on “Elemental Trader”

  1. I am unable to download elemental trader…my computer does not recognise it’s enscription. I am very interested in trying the free version…please advise!

  2. I downloaded the free version. It has loaded alright on FXDD, it will fix on any pair, any time slot. Didn’t know how to use it till the markets closed. Upon looking back, there has been a reversal within prompt box that it shows. (it works and it’s free)

  3. Hi Guys,

    Ive had it working Ok for a little while, just downloaded version 2.2 without probs. Not entirely sure what I’m doing with these charts as yet , but can see the PRZ zone and entered a trade yesterday on a bearish butterfly and got 36 pips, so encouraging.

  4. Downloaded the indicator and it works great, took in the webinar these guys put on yesterday and here is the deal. They tell you that this great indicator and a few trading tips on how to use it and some money managment tips are all for sale as part of this great system worth over $11,000 USD, which they will graciously let you have for a mere $2,000 USD. Heres the catch, the indicator is floating around in the wild for free, search Harold M. Gartley & Larry Pesavento for the indicator and how to use it (indi is ZUP_v??), they claim that their “free” version will cease to function as soon as they “sell out” of the system packages. Money management info is also available everywhere. Not to be all negative, they do offer a nice alerting service to go with the package, to run this indi on 25 pairs and 8 timeframes concurrently would smoke most home systems.

  5. I agree, I’ve also watched their seminar and for that money ? I can find the free online information to go with their template / indicator. It’s the course they sell. At the end you still have to use educated choices to trade, better informed but alone to trade.

  6. The free indicator doesn’t work today (1st March) so I guess that there is an expiry date encoded in it.

  7. they where very smart they take off the software he not working anymore grrrrrrrrrrrr they show us the seminar hmmm but if you dont have $ 2000 too bad you miss out i say hes discrimination those guy are only after the money imagine $ 2000 i am sure 500 peoples did buy it???? one million buck woww good business they all the same con us the little guy they sell dust that all.
    anywhere they did copy the system then changed many parameters too make sure we got many signals but a half of them are false love too heard the one bougth it then a much they are making

  8. I have purchased Dustin Previous Product ORACLE TRADER for about US$1,500…I’m telling you I REGRET IT for the investment that I made which is actually I could get for free by just get the number from Forex Factory site…Well, Ok, probably not to get the data FAST like their software but after awhile better wait for few minutes rather than just jump into the position…So at the end of the day, I have just thrown my investment for nothing…

    Then again, Dustin comes with this Elemental Trader for US$2,000.. One thing I did is REFUSED to invest again since I believed that this is just another way to make DUSTIN even richer by selling CRABS FOREX Program to us…

    I did try however their indicator, yet once again it is really up to us whether the trend of reversal is happening or it is just a false alarm… I found out many times that the BAT or CRABS signal disappeared after the trend is still going on…So imagine if you jump taking the reversal position then the trend is still strong then you could say GOOD BYE to your money..

    Thanks for the users who give the link of FREE Gartley Pattern indicator along with the detail explanation on how to use it…If we could get for FREE then why in the HELL we have to invest US$2,000 to Dustin???? Answer is NO WAY!

  9. so if you want to scan the harmonic pattern i can give you for free the basic maybe is zup 67 to zup 81 and the coolest thing is harmonic pattern indicator free and harmonic monitor software just like harmonic analyzer scott mc carney that pay $68 ..but this is free too for MT4 user.you just have sign up to forum and wala just download the software freee…..

  10. i have use another software that really cool in scanning harmonic pattern cause its reallly can scan bat,butterfly,crab,head and shoulder and 5-0 pattern AB=CD,gartley and can scan emerging pattern…it so coll..you can try Kor Harmonics for pattern and Kor Sig monitor for your dashboard to look allapirs that have a pattern…and last kor fibonacci but it did not use cause kor harmonic have do the analysis…i hope this can help you….and that alll free no cost….cheer

  11. if someone want the software can email me or just register to the harmonic forum…i am happy cause i really interest in harmonic pattern…dont forget the manual book and if you wany i can give you all by email for free..cause i just want to make a friend thar love trading…

  12. @Jane

    Just google GARTLEY PATTERN Indicator and you will find it for FREE..

    STUDY as much information as you can find about the Usability of this indicator…All I can say it works if you know the Math…

  13. Hi André,
    I just downloaded the Gartley Pattern indicator but it’s in a RAR format. How can I open this in my MT4 platform?

  14. I purchase Elemental Trader, studied all the materials and applied the method accurately and diligently over a four week period.

    Using a $5,000 account and risking 2% of account per trade, scaling in positions in the PRZ and following all the rules taught, out of 87 trades, 17.24% were winners, 82.76% were losers, for a total account loss of $1,715.23 or 34.3% of account lost.

    I am a very experienced trader and these are the results I achieved.

    There is no magic to Fib numbers and there is more to trading than having some magic harmonic patterns. There is no free lunch.

  15. If you purchase elemental trader or there straddle trader EA, DON<T, if you try to get your money back you can,t. there system and product is down are down alot

  16. Guy and girls, trading Harmonic Patterns is the best thing since invention of sliced bread. I am trading these patterns since 5 years now with an average hit rate of more than 80% of all trades. Deducting the 20% of trades I’m losing, my success rate is 62%.
    These patterns are mostly counter trend patterns and are being created by combining certain Fibonacci ratios. These patterns mirror trader’s behavior and work therefore in every market, not only FOREX. The biggest advantage you have with these patterns: the take the guess work out and give accurate signals.
    Everything you need is free (or requires not more than registering for free on some Forex-forums). There are two main indicators for Metatrader 4 available. One is called ZUP_v92 and ZUP_v92B (latest version). The other superb indicator is called korHarmonics 6.7.12 (latest), still free. This indic. runs out from time to time if a new version is available, also free (assume they develop a commercial project and let people have it for free until then).

  17. Trade it like this: only the widely known patterns, like Gartley, Butterfly, Crab (the best, correct in 92%) and Bat.
    Do NOT use at least the smallest time frame of 1 min, trading this is hell. 5 min is so-so-la-la.
    Concentrate on M15, M30 and H1 (I agree, this is sometimes like watching paint dry. But it is worth the time. Better safe than sorry).
    Patterns are either “bullish” after an extended down trend which means you should BUY the leading currency (e.g. bullish pattern on EUR/USD: buy EUR). Or the pattern is called “bearish” after an up trend. In this case you should SELL the EUR in EUR/USD
    Once a pattern appeared, you’ll see a square or rectangle at the end. This is called the PRZ (Potential retracement zone). This means that the pattern is correct within the boundaries of this marking.
    The total risk amount is from top to bottom of this rectangle. BUT this does NOT mean that you HAVE to use the complete range. What I am doing is to get out with a loss of min 5 and max 12 pips, if the trend does not change IMMEDIATELY after I entered the trade. Everything else is FINANCIAL SUICIDE. Do NOT risk more than 1%, absolute MAX 2% of your capital. This means you have to do a little calculation. If you start with $200, your loss should not exceed $2, max $4 COMBINED for all trades you may open at the same time (I do NOT recommend to trade more than 1 pair at the time, especially if you are a newbie. There are a lot of traps in forex. Example: EUR/USD and USD/CHF are going in the opposite direction 90% of the time. This is called “correlation”, which can be either positive (going in the same direction, or negative, like above pairs. If the market turns, you may lose on both sides. Check mataf.net for correlations and volatility).
    Back to the calculations: if your standard loss is 1% and you get out at -5 pips, (in a price of 1.23456, a full pip is if the “5” in the example changes to “6” or to “4”. The “6” in the example is a Micro pip. So if you are long and the price drops to 1.23406 you’ve lost 5 pips, if it goes to 1.23506, you have won 5 pips.), the pip value is $2/5= $0.40. For 12 pips loss you should use a max pip value of $0.16. However, I propose for beginners to use not more than 0.01 LOT-size.

  18. Part3:

    Every trading day should start checking an economic calendar. News can be killers, not only for the day, but for your account. 100 pips movement in 5 min are not uncommon.
    There are loads of it on the net, some good-ones, also for ongoing, streaming news can be found at fxstreet com and dailyfx com (one of the best with streaming news and proprietary indicator SSI (Speculator Sentiment Index) which is mentioned often by the moderators. Dailyfx also shows live sessions of important events almost daily (free to watch and ask).

    What moves prices, on every market? Only 2 emotions: greed and fear. If there is more fear than greed, what happens? Prices drop since sellers hold the majority of market participants. Vice verse, if greed is predominant, eg due to good news, buyers are guiding prices higher.
    So it would, without doubt, be very interesting to know more details about the ratio of buyers/sellers. Unfortunately this is not so easy in Forex. It is not a problem to find out how many shares of XYz, listed on ASE or Nasdaq changed hands every minute of the day. Stocks are centralized on one market place,but Forex is NOT. The only way is to get some numbers from your broker in form of up- and down ticks (the smallest tick with 5-digit broker (after dot) is one 100.000th). We are again unfortunate: a tick is a tick is a tick. The tick only gives information whether there was a buy or sell (if it’s going down it was a sale, if going up a buy). It says NOTHING about the size of the order. Someone buying a 0.01 lot has the same effect as an order for $10 Mio: 1 tick. Nevertheless: both were buys. OK, now: I have found 1 free indicator which gives an idea about the relation of buyers and sellers. It shows them nicely in curves, similar to Moving averages. The name is “ASO Average Bull-Bear Sentiment Oscillator”. Google for it, good help.

  19. Part 4:

    A word about demo accounts.
    They are good to learn the basics of the trade, getting familiar with the trading platform, know how to open, close, modify trades, attach indicators, kind of orders, testing some indicators, ideas etc etc.

    They are NOT the right tools to learn and experience the EMOTIONS in trading.

    If you kill a demo account, what happens? NOTHING, you open a new one and continue in the same way.

    Staying too long on a demo account worsens your habits and manners. If you trade on a real account like you did on a demo, you will go bust in no time. Believe me, I am talking about my own experiences.

    Open a real account asap. I do NOT mean to jump in with $10.000 or so, no, no, no. Start small. Take what you can afford to lose. Apart from that, there is a saying “scared money should not trade at all”. $200, $100, even $50 are enough. There MUST be real money on the table in order to experience the emotions.
    Who wants to lose? Nobody, no one likes to lose. As a consequence, traders, not only newbies, stay in a losing trade for one reason: the want to prove that their initial opinion about the market and therefore their decision for the trade, was right. They are not ready to accept that they were wrong. They are blaming everyone: the broker, the banks, the government, the Chinese, the Europeans, Americans, and everyone and everything else that could be the culprit for the fact that they are losing money, except themselves. If the loss is small the say “hmmm”,
    after 20 pips loss: “now it should turn”,
    after 30 pips: “this is not normal, my indicators are wrong, must look for other ones. Hmmmm. I’ll buy another lot now to get faster out of the woods!!!!”.
    40 pips lost: “This is not real: It should have turned already”,
    50 pips (15% of the account already gone): switch to “Hope-Mode”: “This must be the 1st time in history that something like this happens. Hope, it turns now”
    60 pips, 25-30% of account lost (2(!) lots): “Damned Mode”: “Why didn’t I get out after 10 points loss????. Shall I really buy another lot?? If not, I’ll get never back to break-even. OK, a last try!…. Or better not. What, if it drops further? Hmmmh……….AH NOW IT’S 3 points up, it turns. I’ll buy a 3rd lot to get out quicker. How many pips do I need to make a profit?”

    100 points down, 50% of account lost (3 lots): I can’t repeat what swearwords he’s using now. Eventually he may throw the towel in order to preserve some of the money and swears to high heaven to do this never ever again (until next time).

    I know all this, went through it myself, not only once. First thing I did was searching for something to train patience. I found it in Poker. No, not for money, only as a game on computer and mobile. I read some books about it, starting hands etc. I needed to win 1 in 7 to make a profit. And I got there. It helped me to wait patiently for an occasion where the odds were more in my favor and strictly minimized my losses.
    to be continued

  20. Part 5:

    It’s really easy to make money in Forex, but ONLY, and ONLY and again ONLY:


    Think about the following figures ( you can check them on the internet by searching for a calculator of compound interest):

    Starting bank 1000 (for ease of comparison, all figures are linear. Means: if you divide the number by 10 you get the amounts for $100,by 5 for $200, multiply them by 2=$2000, by 10=$10000.
    We compound bank and profits:

    1% profit per day:
    1)20 days (1 month): 1.220,19
    2)120 days (6months): 3.300,39
    3)240 days (1 year ): 10.892,55
    4)360 days (18 months): 35.949,64
    5)480 days (2 years): 118.647,73
    What is everyone dreaming of:
    6)694 days (34 months): 1.000.000,00

    The power of compounding here:
    we change the target to 1.5% per day.
    Sounds easy, but isn’t. Risk increases.
    I’ll give you the figures anyway, same bank and time frames as above

    1) 1.346,88
    2) 5.969,32
    3) 35.632,82
    4) 212.703,78
    5) 1.269.697,54
    6)463 days (23 months) 1.000.000,00

    Why, for heavens sake, risk 10% of your account or even more per trade? Do that 5 time and you must make more and more profit, only to break even, with less and less money. How shall that work?
    And the idea to increase, eventually even double (Martingale), the lot size after every loss, is the fastest way to the poorhouse.

    Question to baseball fans: does your favorite team manage to do a home run on each and every run?
    Tennis fans: Nadal, Federer and Djokovic, do they win each and every match? Federer is the king in mastering his emotions and made $50 Mio, Nadal is almost as good and Djokovic is on the best way.

    What is easier and less stress? To lose 10 times 5 pips and win 3 times 20, or lose 100 once and win 100 only to break even?

    Trading with Harmonic Patterns (only 7 of 8 majors, preferably EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD for their low spread. Further down you’ll see how lower spread pays out) increases your chances for a 1:3, 1:4, 1:6 R/R (Risk-Reward) ratio tremendously.
    R/R 1:3 means: you risk 5 pips to gain 15. If you won the 15 it does not mean you have to get out. In Metatrader you can partially close orders as long as lot size is > 0.01.
    If you use 0.02 lots min, you can close 0.01 at +15 (150 5-digits) and let the other half run with a trailing stop of 5 pips (50).
    If chances for a win are 80-90%, why, for heavens sake, should I make my life difficult by risking much more than necessary?
    Can’t you calculate? Let’s say you apply a method that gives a profit in 70 of 100 trades and 30 trades end with a loss. You win 70×1 pip and lose 30×2 pips and you are still in profit!! Though this is a R/R of 2:1 (you risk 2 to gain 1), you are a winner at the end of the day. It may well be that you suffer 10 losses or more in a row. And ? What then? Where is the problem? Harmonic patterns follow natural, human behavior and work since Gartley published them in 1930s, 70 years ago. Why should they stop working all of a sudden And, for me best of all: no guess work about going in or not. The patterns show up in different colors. (If it is a bearish pattern, I go short, risk min 5, max 12 pips. I close half of my lots after winning 1:2, between 10 an 24 pips, trail the remainder with 5 pips stop. Bang, that’s it.
    My total win percentage so far for May 20011 in 109 trades is 72,48% % (shorts won 67,5%, longs 75,36%, loss trades 27,52%). Drawdown max and relative are the same: 2.69%. Consecutive wins: 14, consecutive losses 5. Average consecutive wins 4, consec. losses 2

    80% of all trades were either EUR/USD, GBP/USD or USD/CAD. The day over, I pay between 0.6 and 1.3 pips spread. Compared to pairs with 2 and more spread, this reduces my risk (I have to make 1 pip less than with the higher spreads and can lose 1 pip more). I can add 1 pip to the profit range, which is around 50 extra pips this month alone.
    Last part to follow

  21. Part 6:

    One last thing to end:

    If you really should tilt, be in the sh.t up to the upper border of your lower lip,you can apply the technique of hedging in order to dig you out of the hole.

    You should start applying between 10-15% loss of your account.

    Example: you went long and, after a short time, before you reach your profit target, the trend suddenly turns and the pair drops like a stone. You lack the discipline to get out as advised, with max loss of 12 points. You may even do what ALL experts advise against doing: adding more lots to a losing position.

    You get angry first and the next step is becoming desperate, you do not want to close the trade with a big loss, you feel like being the driver of a car running on ice. Steering does not help, breaking neither, and there is a big wall in front. No solution in that case, but in Forex you can hedge your loss.

    If you initially went long, go now short for the the same total amount of your longs. Take out all stops (IMPORTANT!!). This freezes your loss until the end of time. If the pair continues dropping, you continue losing on the longs, but you win the exact same amount with your shorts. You can leave it there forever and it does not change.

    To get out, you can wait for another pattern in the same pair, pointing in the same direction as your initial order: long.
    Close all the shorts, put big stop loss and TPs (Take Profits) on the longs as a safety measure against terrorist attacks or similar bad things. If the trend goes up, keep on going. If you have more than one position, go out of the last one after a profit (your decision when).
    If the trend turns again down to the point where you closed your shorts, short again and wait again. Do not forget to take all stops out again and put them in again after you closed the shorts again. (OK, I know: 5 time “again” in one phrase is a bit much. But English is not my native language and I do not know better. Apologies).
    Taking out all stops is important and can, only in this case, do no harm. This protects you from being eliminated on one side, thus having a definitve, unrecoverable loss. (Think about what could/would happen, I don’t help you on this.)

    Be aware that a frequent change between shorts on, shorts off could occur. In this case, these losses add to your initial loss. So get out of the shorts after they lost 3 (30 5 digits) or 4 (40)pips, not more.

    All the best for your trading

    Legal stuff:
    all the above, including all the posts from part 1, written on May 27, 2001, 6:01 am, are for educational purposes only. The shall not be taken as advise for buying/selling/trading any capital goods. Pls seek professional advise from authorized advisers before investing real money.

  22. Addition:

    this hedging thing is something you definitively should try 1st a few times on a demo account. Do NOT use this method with real money for the first time, could go belly-up if you make mistakes.

  23. I’ve looked at all these tools before and finally ended up at fxgroundworks. a indicator is only as good as the person who knows how to use it, and these guys are the best in my opinion.

  24. First of all, thank you for considering opening your
    hearts and home to someone from around the world!. As a 7-time host mom and
    volunteer with YFU USA, I would recommend YFU. But the most important thing is the local volunteer that you will be dealing with on
    a continuous basis. Talk to that person. If you like, I can try to help you find him/her;
    it’s especially easy for me if you live in Wyoming (I’m in Cheyenne), Colorado, Nebraska, or Kansas.
    . I haven’t checked out AYUSA’s website, but I know YFU’s has been undergoing changes – hopefully for the better!. Email me with more questions if you like. Ethically, I shouldn’t initiate contact, but I will most
    definitely answer questions!! (And I don’t pressure!)

  25. I am a veteran trader of 15 years. I could be wrong, but something is not right with this company. I had someone do some digging into the principles of this company and it doesnt smell right. Then someone posted they dont have a physical address in the usa. If so, run! It is the biggest red flag if their address is a PO BOX.

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