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35 thoughts on “Easy Click Pips”

  1. Has anyone here tried ECP? I tried to sign up, but it didn’t seem to take Paypal for payment. Did anyone get the same experience?

  2. Comment:
    If anyone thinking to purchase please click through from here as it has been a useful site and it’s a way of supporting.
    I write this to make up for forgetting to do it myself!

  3. Hokie you beat me to it…
    Maybe i had hoped for some sort of swing trading but at very first glance it seems to be some sort of grid martingale stategy.
    I’ll leave people to research that but i have reason to think it will be managed to avoid any disaster.
    Anyway it will be fun watch on demo for a month and probably needs at least that time to come to a conclusion.
    Any impatient folks perhaps shouldn’t bother with any systems in forex!
    Hokie, i think you’re right $47. It was late and i got confused by the various options. It is very slick marketing and i don’t think many people will like it!
    That $47 pm for the signal alert program which you could manual trade but i was offered later upgrade to auto trading for $97 pm. Seems a bit expensive but i thought the only true way to test it.
    All the options are available inside the members area so no need for anyone to worry about missing anything!
    I also bought The Irrepressible Trader manual system -great name but i haven’t any time to test it yet.
    In the past i didn’t have any trouble getting plimus to cancel ‘future’ payments and i think no need to worry if a max charge box pops up as it did with me.
    I’ll be back sometime to tell if my own demo is doing well or not but more interested to know how other people are doing?

  4. Alex,

    Could I ask where you saw ECP for $47/mo.? I received a link from none other than Megadroid @ $77/mo. A huge difference.
    Any help would be appreciated the help.
    Thank you.

  5. I am interested in gettting ECP but would like to hear about some some real time results (either demo or real)with ECP before investing. I am also interested how ECP compares to Auto Pips Profit (APP)- I see some of the same names posting on both Forex Machines web site. Thanks.

  6. Alex, Bowie,

    Yesterday when I was going to sign up, the monthly fee was still $47, but I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to use credit card for the payment. Today I checked it again, and I saw the fee was raised to $77/mo, unbelievable! I think I’ll have to pass this up. It’s way too high. But I’m still interested in the results. Alex, you’re already in, would you share the results with us please? Thanks 🙂

  7. Hokie,

    Thanks for the feedback. It’s crazy that BCP would raise the price that much on the same day they released it. I hope Alex has some feedback for us soon. Maybe it’s worth it but seems 99.9% are not these days. Must give it a chance to prove/disprove itself first. Thanks again.

  8. Bowie, you’re right. $77/mo maybe worth it if this system is really good.

    Alex, I’m wondering if they have a master account like APP that we have an access to, would you mind sharing it with us please? Thanks!

  9. Hello Guys,
    I found the $47 offer again today but seems a long and winding road on that web-page. Just keep clicking to close pages until you somehow get to it.
    As i said that’s just for signals, auto trading was $97 and it does seem a bit expensive. Signals don’t seem to happen too often, you maybe could follow that way.
    I have one closed trade on $5000 demo. 0.1 lot GBPUSD for +83 pips. But does look like if it hit sl about 85 they would’ve doubled up in same direction. If that hit sl they would’ve doubled up again. If orders stayed the same! Well if that happened they would have a bit of a hole to dig out of. Read up about forex martingale.
    It looks a bit uncertain but hell, APP is looking less certain after yesterday. But i’m still in because i remember mega run up in april. Unfortunately on demo!
    I guess these are long term projects if we can afford them.
    I think there is no master to view maybe because these are longer term trades and folks could get to follow for free.
    I’ll post my p&l and closed trades at end of each week so anyone who wants to wait and see could do that.
    Good Luck!

  10. Alex,

    Thanks for the update. I am familiar with Martingale. Its a risky proposition and those without deep pockets are sure to blow their account quickly. Still could not find anything other than the $77 deal(always 83 copies left). I did notice the MT4i account statement shown in the video was an incomplete statement for some reason.
    I believe I will hold off for now. If you could post your results as they become available, that would be great. Thank you.

  11. Don’t know if my last post when through so I changing it.
    @ Alex you may get the 47 dollar version if you go to this link. You need to change the ## to tt in url and .c0m to .com


    I hope this works for you. I kept this up on my computer for I was thinking of buying it but didn’t. Still working with APP.
    I love the master that APP has.

  12. Most of the people on this site at this time are with APP.
    APP and ECP must be related. I got in on APP at 67 but allot of others were at the same price start of ECP price of 47.
    APP had a bad day on 6/14/11 but I still think this is still good we will see. Go here

    Change ## to TT

  13. I couldn’t get the PayPal button to work either.
    PayPal is very esasy to get a refund fro if you don’t like the product or it is a scam.

  14. Merv, check the post from Brett on 06/15/11 above, and use the link given there. The Paypal button should work and you’ll get $47/mo fee as well. Good luck!

  15. I have some issues with ecp and plimus right now. But it’s a simple thing ( i think! ), they should be able to sort it.
    Also about the fairly pointless 3 day trials. Be aware that you maybe don’t get the product key until after the trial period! LOL

  16. My advice right now is not to deal with ecp.
    That’s if anyone comes here LOL.
    Unfortunately that could apply to app as they are virtually the same company…
    But it’s simple there, find the service for $47 and subscribe if you want. Don’t worry about refunds, just have some fun and cancel your recurring if it doesn’t work for you.
    Things are not so simple at ecp in my experience.
    If you do go in, go for basic and do not upgrade.
    Well i promised to update about the martingale thing so maybe that come tomorrow…

  17. Don’t waist your time or money on this, I did and I lost… First they say it’s $47.00 then after you pay they tell you to upgrade to the cloner and you won’t be charged for the $47.00 but only $97.00 every month and profit from the trading done by their brokers, not true they charged me for both. I have sent them several emails with no reply. Now the Cloner.. Professional traders? My account is down more than $1200.00 in one week. I have asked for a refund today, let’s see if that will happen.
    Don’t waist your time guys they are liars with bad customer support. I’m going back to trading on my own because there is no magic when it comes to forex. Good luck and success in your trading!

  18. Alex, why you think it’s not simple with ECP. What do you mean by that? Is it going to be hard to cancel?

  19. Barbara, my demo is slightly up this week though there are some doubts about this system in the long run!
    But my experience is the same, in fact they have charged extra $67 even though i went in on $47 link.
    And now they are saying the $97 was an extra payment, not to replace the original.
    BS! I have txt copy of their upsell page and told them i will soon be sending it to plimus.
    This is a disgrace even for a plimus seller.
    But this is from the plimus site:

    All Plimus Sellers (product and service providers) are required to provide full, unconditional refunds to Customers up to 30 days from the day of purchase.
    Customers may be asked to provide a valid reason for claiming a refund.

    If you don’t get good response push this to plimus!

  20. Hokie, hope that last one answered your question.
    I’ll maybe update this weekend if anyone wants to know about the system!

  21. Thanks Alex. Actually I have already joined too about two days ago, $47/mo, no upgrade, so far they have not charged extra. At this moment I just want to keep simple, only to monitor their performance in a month or so.

  22. Thank you Alex, Barbara and Hokie for the updates. Sorry to hear of the games being played. I don’t trust Plimus either. Remember, they were associated with FRWC too and that was a disaster. If someone wants a refund, they should get and not be required to provide any reason why.
    If ECP for some wild reason has any promise please let us know but it sounds like more of the same garbage we have been accustomed to in the past. Every day another one being peddled via email.
    I have found manually trading with good old price action to work the best.
    If I hear of anything better I will pass it along and would hope you would do the same. Thank you.

  23. update: not biased i hope!
    Interesting but seems a bit risky unless trialled a long time or the risk and reward set lower than it is. Which i could live with if it was lower cost. It’s possible this 0.1 lot size is their minimum and this $5000 demo is a bit low for this lot size. My margin 100:1

    Hokie, hope you can follow it fine that way. did they suggest any lot size and margin for your size account?

    In eur this week after they bought at 1.4165 if it went to 1.3765 without any proper bounce i think they would have to stop for lack of margin and half the account would be gone. But it did bounce!
    In nzd they started the sequence but later pulled out for some reason. So managed in some way.
    Closed trades:
    sell 0.1 gbpusd for 83 pips $83
    buy 0.1 eurusd for -81 pips -$81
    buy 0.2 eurusd for 80 pips $160
    sell 0.1 nzdusd for -74 pips -$74
    sell 0.2 nzdusd for -5 pips -$10

    running jpy for +50 pips +$62

    Equity $5140

  24. I am playing the try and get a refund game. I think Plimus has a new policy where they give the vendor 2 weeks to deal with the customer before getting involved. I purchased the “full version” for 47.00 which implied including cloner but just got signal service which is not good for me specially since trades may have to keep being opened before profit hit. I have emails back from them but they usually don’t address my concerns. I have asked for verified trading statements as referred to in the ad. After a couple trys they sent me a homemade spread sheet showing pips/trade/month. No actual trading statements.

    The live trade signals show open trades, pending trades, and only the last 10 closed trades. They offer no advice on trade sizes for an account size which is not great since it is a martingale system with a factor of 2x.

    The history they sent shows about 900 pips per month profit. It is calculated pips x lot size. .1 lot 10 pips profit =10 .2 lots 10 pips profit = 20 etc. It is not uncommon for trades needing 8 times the starting value to get closed out with profit. Start .1 lot turns into .8 before being done with the trade. Plus more than one trade may be opened at the same time to get the results. So I guess if micro lots .01 are used profit would be about $90.00/month, mini lots .1 would be about $900 but you would need capital to possibly go as high as 1.6 or 3.2 full lots to get out of trade.

    If the past results are true and you have a bunch of capital to purchase lots and take losses it may work but you have to be tuff to keep multiplying your trades.

  25. My autopips profit bill came thru today and has support@easyclickpips.com as the support addy now. Also note if you close the presentation one of the “Wait” popups that always pop says “get a free copy of Hybrid Pips” as a teaser. I have that feels kinda sick feeling I get when I’ve been screwed and find out later. Any thoughts?

  26. I had no choice but to press for refunds as they had double charged me according to the info on their upsell pages. It’s not possible to pay $97+$67 p.m. for autotrading a system that is probably being run mostly by a robot!
    I played with them a few days trying to get them to do the honourable thing..but they didn’t. So escalated to plimus.
    The system did have another fair week.
    Balance was up to $5400 so 8% in two weeks. That’s starting the series at 0.1 lots. That’s ok. The only problem is those rogue weeks where 400 pips against you with no bounce would halve your account. And no way of knowing when they would come or how often. If they never happened this would be fine.

  27. I tried this for just a few days. Although the account was slightly in profit it had got there by a rollercoaster of large wins and large losses. It looked too risky for my taste. It’s interesting to hear others’ experiences though.

    I have asked for a refund for this several times but the vendor is procrastinating. I suspect this is a deliberate policy since (as I discovered with another vendor*) if you don’t respond within a couple of days Plimus may close the dispute down. In future I will only spend money with Plimus that I am prepared to lose. Refunds from them have all been a huge, and usually abortive, hassle.

    [*or possibly the same one – you never know in this market]

  28. Only expect a 30 day refund from Plimus no matter what there fraudulent clients that they processes say on there website.
    Will never do business with Plimus again.

  29. I agree Brett,

    This is a fact as they are scammers!!

    I Will never do business with Plimus again.

    Wow, someone should do something about this…it is not right what they are doing to people.

    I just got done feuding with them over the past 3 days and got no where.

    Is this legal what they are doing???

    Never again will I purchase anything if Plimus is involved.

    They are all for the vendor and not the customer at all. How is it that they approve the Product Sales Page and get away with this???

    I am just saying, I never have trouble with a CickBank Product and Everyone should be warned about Plimus.

    No More Plimus for me. This is why all these Vendors are using them now. It’s safe for them, and they are getting away with it, as long as we let it continue.

  30. Everyone should boycott all Plimus products. Russ Horn is pushing “another” product called Forex ProCloner and guess who is handling the money? Plimus. For that reason alone I will not try it.

  31. @ Bowie
    I saw that to. Will never have anything to to with Plimus.

    I think I am going to post to Ripoff reports.
    I found a post from someone. Keyword Autopipsprofits


    Change @@ to tt and 0 to o

  32. Thanks Brett. I would be happy to submit a Ripoff Report and hopefully many others will do the same.

    If we all band together, maybe we can clean up some of this Forex trash.

  33. Plimus gave me a refund!
    Thanks to rippoffreports.
    Autopipsprofits suck.
    If you have a problem list to Ripoffreports It works!

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