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36 thoughts on “Currency Strength Robot”

  1. I had this robot set up about 4 hours ago in a live account. It has taken 3 trades so far….two are positive, one is in negative territory,…aver all the account balance is in the plus column. Let’s wait and see. I will update as necessary.

  2. Further to my previous post, one of the profitable trades (AUD/CHF) just closed with a profit of 47 pips. The trade lasted about 2 1/2 hours.

  3. AUD/CHF not supported with my broker. I had over 8 trades only one positibe UC which i closed manually. At the moment i see disappointing trades with reds! -88 on EU -78 on EC – 20 AU EU -33 I trade manually using harmonic which is superior! Henry’s trades and system….mmm $130 money back looks good after day 2. Poor trade set ups

  4. Kappa, Yeah…I am getting badly mauled. Looks like another stupid EA,….probably the worst that I’ve come across. I too have manually closed most of the trades. I will probably go for the refund before the 30 days are up.

  5. I ordered the Currency Strength Robot. However, based on these reviews I will not trade live and request a refund.

  6. I ordered the CSR and the first trade was positive. However, the following 5 trades started out positive then went negative and I decided to just let the EA run to see what happens. The next morning all 5 trades had closed with 4 positive and one loser which was $5.99. After NFP the EA started taking trades again and of the 5 open trades they are all negative but I am letting them run to see where they close out. Will report back on the results.

  7. This not yet an endorsement nor rebuke.
    I am running the EA trade copier, yes you are running a slave, which communicates with a master which is running a humanly monitored EA which utilizes a grid averaging system plus other technology. I got this from their Support Desk, by the way I have submitted two support desk tickets and each as answered adequately within 12 hrs.
    The grid system will close trades based upon the overall average of that grid group therefore it will be the case that often some trades will close at loss while the others will close at profit… with the overall average targeted to profit.

    Ok all that said, the first week there were 19 trades closed by eod Friday with a net profit, yes profit, of 6% vs. starting week equity.

    BUT there were still open trades of about 6.9% of equity. That may or may not mean anything. the drawdown has not been to a worrisome level yet I don’t have a number to quote. Lastly worth noting; this service uses reasonable but not tight stops

    I am placing a little more faith in this service that most because I have a limited, yet positive attitude about Henry and his professional rep is on the line.

    I will do my best to return and post updates over the next month.

  8. Thank you for the CSR. It is doing its job very well. I was among the first 200 who subscribed for the service. The system already generated over 5K aggregated profit. It seem to work well, although the level of floating amount is rather high right now, but it does not worry me to much. Nice job had been done in managing the exit from the EURUSD sell positions last week. Congrats. Keep up the good work for the benefit of all of us.

  9. Hi Egon,

    I too was among the first 200 to subscribe. After my initial losses with a mini account, I switched to a micro account with a different broker. Sadly, even my micro account is in the red.

  10. Write your comments here:

  11. I started the EA on a test account – why anyone would go straight to live without trying it out kind of baffles me.

    Henry does not promise results per day but results per MONTH so indicating it’s performance right now is too early.

    I will admit in the first few days that I was really surprised by the draw down BUT its now been a little over a week and my test account which start at 10,000 is now at 11,112 with a 16773 drawdown.

    The amount of the draw down has stayed between 400 and 1600 but the profit keeps growing.

    I will wait a month before I can decide whether I will go live and then report back.

  12. Why the counter trend trading? Why so many sell positions on the AUDUSD. This is suppose to be a currency “Strength” robot. AUD currency strength meter reading is stronger than the USD meter reading. The Daily chart also supports going LONG on this pair.

    It doesn’t appear to be a robot trading at all… perhaps some newbie traders taking a bunch of trades and trying to hedge them with correlated pairs. Then when they get in trouble with a pair they add even more positions with an increasing position size in hopes that that one new position is going to save those positions already in trouble. Just exit with a loss and stop digging a even bigger hole to escape from.

    What happen to taking positions base on the currency’s strength. Swimming upstream is a difficult task.

    @Raj, the SWAP also is getting worse.

  13. My drawdown is approx 1300 pips. Even when I started trading I couldnt reach there even if I had planned it. I cannot blame anyone but myself for trusting a forex robot once again.

  14. I enrolled in the CSR, and started our on a mini account, and after the account was in the RED for the first 2 days, i said what the heck am I doing trusting this in a MINI account, so I swithed it up to a MICRO account, and EVERY DAY and almost EVERY TRADE has been in the RED… There were a few winners I am going to say that, but VERY SMALL winners, and the losers keep adding up…

    In my other personal account I had some of the best 2 weeks of trading and had great % increases….

    then i look at the CSR, and NEGATIVE, EVERY DAY, so this morning I closed out of it, and exited out of all the losing positions, NO WINNERS AT ALL..

    I am going to load it in a demo account, like I should have to begin with… Not trusting it…

    I really feel that at the end I will cancel my subscription, and get rid of this thing…

  15. Dear all
    I did not proceed with CSR after my experience with the 10k to 1mm program.
    I lost $2000in a month and got my money back.
    I am happy I did get out because it got worse see from August 2010 onwards. see FPArmy feedback.

    Henry is a fantastic marketer, regrettably his products don’t come anywhere near the hype.

    EAs are dangerous at the best of times especially living in Australia when you are asleep and it’s trading in Australian night-time period.

    Good luck to all BUT be very careful


  16. Up to six similar open positions on the same symbol and in the same direction (6 times the risk). Stay away from this crap!

  17. The robot now has 14 open trades all of which are in the red. Also all the trades are US $ crosses and are for the US $ to strengthen. Henry has sent an email to all his subscribers that he is not worried as the robot is following the longer-term fundamentals.

    As @zar above rightfully points out that this robot is to take trades based on the currency strength meter, but we have a robot that completely ignores its own readings. What kind of a robot is this? This is at comlete variance with Henry’s CSR sales pitch.

    Both the drawdowns and swaps are getting worse.

  18. Ok,this is my followup posting at the end end of week three since signing up.

    I am not very impressed with this service. We have had 12-13 open trades open now the first starting since 4-5. ALL THE TRADES are in the red and most of them have been in the red for over two weeks. Whether is be by a system or by a human this system is extremely frustrating to use as it keeps trying to guess reversals and keeps adding positions until maxed out and then it is proven to be wrong as the current trend continues.

    Henry is trying to guess bottoms on the USD and tops on the AUD basically and he has been severly wrong currently by over 500 points on one trade and over 300 points on most. I contacted him via the support board and assured me that the AUD would reverse at …. his response below.

    “I am still very confident that CSR will deliver, as the market is obviously in a temporal risk appetite phase, but it is my view both fundamentally and technically the current demand for high-yield currencies such as AUD and
    > NZD will be in a phase of correction soon… As a matter of fact, I’ve seen many analyses predicting AUDUSD to be around 1.0000 and NZDUSD around 0.7500 in the near future, and if market even retraces 50% of predicted levels, we not only get out on our current trades, but also pick up good
    profits along the way.”

    That was on 4-13 over a week ago and we are in worse shape now. ALL TRADES ALL RED ALL THE TIME.

    I want to be fair but sitting in a maxed out situation all red for most of a month is not what I thought was going to happen. There is no end in sight as best predictions are a reversal ‘maybe’ some days to a week away.

    The only positive thing I can say is that Henry and his staff have been very, very quick and complete in their responses. On the sad side not seeing a profitable trade since 4-4, sixteen days ago, sucks.

    Even if this trade turns around Henry is going to loose customers as this situation was a very amateurish trade setup… something stupid like a short timer like me would have done. I don’t need someone to show me how to do it wrong; I have that down pat!

    Good luck all.

  19. What about using CSR as a contrarian signal system? What I mean is this: since CSR is consistently bad, why not just take the opposite of CSR trades? That method would have profited greatly up till now. I bought into CSR and I am currently trading it on a demo account. The floating loss as of this moment is about $3400 on a $10,000 demo. If I had just done the opposite, the CSR would have returned better than 30-percent by now.

    Is there some flaw in my thinking here? Any comments appreciated.

  20. I bought CSR on March 29,2011.
    On March 30,2011 it placed the first trade. (I was waiting for the license, so I can start trading)
    I started with a demo micro-account ($3000) from IBFX.
    As today April 21,2011 it has a loss of $101.80, a floating loss of $1052.10 and equity of $1967.42. Also I have noted that the floating loss has been growing according to the days are happening.
    Note: All the trades in my demo were made by the CSR. I did not closed neither open any of them. I wanted to see how really the CSR will perform. For me is enough, I am out.

  21. All I can say that, this is not working at all. Either he or robot or both of them are absolutely wrong. It is already a month and no improvement, it is going down and down. It already lost USD/CHF, it was obvious anyway. I think he is just trying to rip people off. Or his intention was good but what ever he created was completely garbage. So far that is all I can say.


  22. Ok week four is turning to complete in a day or two. Henry has refused to respond to my inquiries and his assistance is the only one responding to inquiries. The only response is that they hope things will turn around soon; in short.

    Henry is evidently hiding now; holding out of a reversal after the FOMC interview tomorrow. I am at a net loss on the trades with CSR and I still have over a -$1000 of CSR trades open with no updates from Henry Lui. I no longer have any respect for Henry or his service. If you make big promises then you should be man enough to face the people you let down and admit you were wrong especially when you promised timely udpates.

    If you don’t do that then you can’t expect people to respect your words. Another FOREX shuckster IMHO.

  23. You are right Pal. I did not even get any response from his support either. They used to answer the questions before, now nobody answers my questions. They are all hiding. One more lier in the Forex world. I cant believe I fell into this one too. That’s all. I am not sure what we should do now. Whatever I read online about AUD/USD, they all say AUD will increase more and more. I am just praying that today CPP for AUD will come out lower than expected. And also for tomorrow, I hope USD will be good. God help us.


  24. Henry has lost all integrity and sense of decency. He has also stopped answering my emails.

    Two months ago I warned him against his pro-US$ stance. But he brushed me off. His ego would not allow other people’s reasoning and opinion to influence him ( The Guru of Fundamental Trading?????)

    My equity is now down 70%. There are ten open trades at the moment. Some of them , especially the AUD/USD are in the region of about 500+ pips in negative territory.

    I could not take it any longer and have sent an email to Henry to cancel my subscription. Hopefully I will get a response.

  25. csr is the worst ea I have ever used. i trusted henry lui’s trading results and immediately installed csr on a live account thinking I was going to make money. after all, henry is the forex guru, right ? well, after 3 weeks i closed out all the trades for $1600 in losses and cancelled my membership. during all this time henry was confident the market would make a correction but all the trades just kept going into the red and more positions were being added using the same currency pairs that were already in the red. anyone thinking about purchasing csr should think again and not fall into the same trap.

  26. Henry is just a BIG FAT LIAR that repeatly selling CRAPPY program and still confident on mentioning him as FOREX GURU…I have once enrolled into his previous program 10K to 1M program with the hope he could show how to do the Forex trade professionally…Yet, he also failed to prove to grow the account..Even worse, my account is decreased significantly…

    Now, he came with the new EA program that based on Currency Strength Index…At the beginning, the logic is make sense, yet the behaviour of the EA is definetly opposite.. I agree with RAY that if EA is taking the opposite position, now all of our account will grow significantly, but HENRY carelessly taking the negative position..

    So I have decided to CANCEL as well with this CSR program and I SWEAR NEVER EVER ENROLL TO ANY FUTURE HENRY’s PROGRAM and I believed we all should avoid Henry in the near future.. Take care

  27. I lost over 30% of my account in less than 2 months with Currency Strength Robot. On top of that, they had the nerve to charge me the monthly subscription for losing 1/3 of my account. Luckily, the charge did not go through. However, they shut off Currency Strength Robot in the middle of 2 more losing trades WITHOUT notifying me. I would not recommend Henry Liu or this service because he says he’s a professional, but what professional FOREX trader would risk that many positions in the same currency pairs? I want my money back.

  28. hi, all,
    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, the Currency Strength Meter from Henry Liu has obviously different performance on different broker terminals. I run Currency Strength Meter on 2 Metatrader 4 terminals, one is FX-Solution and the other is FXDD, and I found that on FX-Solution terminal, the values on Currency Strength Meter keep jumping quickly, while values on FXDD keeps stable. I guess the way Currency Strength Meter works is impacted badly by terminal tick data. I’ve not used Henry’s Robot, but maybe you can try the Robot on diffent terminals, at least on a terminal with stable tick data to make the Robot works correctly.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  29. I gave Currency Strength Robot(CSR) nearly four months to make any kind of profit. Instead, it reduced the account by more than 50%. CSR never had a winning week since inception. I cancelled the subscription this week as I will try to salvage the account on my own. I am not going to bash the software or anything but the results are the results. Stay away from the Currency Strength Robot!!!

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