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14 thoughts on “Currency Sniper”

  1. I am having no joy with these people ie currency sniper.I have not seen even a single signal since purchasing it 4 days ago ,Theier support takes more than 48 hours to come back to you and they dont have a telephone number or physical address I have now requested a refund and am not too sure I wll get it

  2. I’ve bought trials of both the main currency sniper, and the Cs Botronics upsell. The Cs Botronics EA has made me some money, but I’m a U.S trader and since my broker (Alpari US) doesn’t support tradency or systematic accounts I can’t use the main currency sniper (referred to in the documentation as the mirror trader software) package. Support is decent, but only just – they’re slightly vague and generic with their responses, and as another poster has already mentioned, it does take the support team a while to get bac to you.

  3. Hello folks,,,




  4. They have to give you a refund. If you look at Currency sniper and others that are similar. Which are probably either actors or props.
    The same deal after one gig is up they revamp open another miracle system that is going to make you rich quickly.
    You would be surprised to see how many sigh up.
    Even if there EA falls over they make money.
    They should be investigated and have all there credentials validated.

  5. So I’m continuing to work with the Currency Sniper team for a little wile longer, and also with their Cs Botronics (EA product), and here are the latest developments. The EA manual is very short, and also not very descriptive. I no longer need a lot of description to help me figure out how to safely and propperly use EAs, but speaking from personal experience I maintain that most traders when we’re just starting out appreciate any extra clarification that we can get about trading. Moving on, haha, Prat, you’re funny. Not! Prat, based on your comment you apparently take us for naive and ignorant fools. Well, I am not any of those things. The trader who will save all traders has arived via the Currency Sniper products you claim? I HIGHLY doubt it. Are you aware that the Currency Sniper team recommend opening an account with either the FXCM or FXDD brokerage firms, which have both as recently as August of 2011 been involved in MAJOR class action law suits? How courteous of the Currency Sniper “customer service team” to recommend such reputable and upstanding brokers. NOT! For the rest of us, as far as fair and honest, reputable, regulated U.S brokers are concerned, I personally like Alpari US, Gallant, and Hot forex. As far as reputable but more importantly profitable EAs are concerned, I’m having very good luck using both versions of Fap Turbo.

  6. Hello folks,,,,

    nice to see the commentsss…. this should be a good product in the market in 2011.. since i subscribed for signals i didnt receive anything.. if i ask to support after a week they are replying me that, they are providing swing and scalping signals.. this guys are terror… without receiving anything how should i agree with that… oh god ..i dont know what the hell is going on with this guys….i guess they are a purely honest cheaterssssssss…… already paid my subscription fees.. if i ask refund to plimus reply.. they are hectic… guys pls i kindly request you to not to choose the product… gonna place this problem with fbi….

  7. Update number three. Based on the feedback that I’ve received from the support team, the Cs Botronics EA (an upsell) ONLY works on the EURUSD currency pair, and ONLY on the one minute (M1) timeframe. The primary Currency Sniper package which uses the mirror trader/tradency/autotrader/systematic account platform trades several currency pairs, on several timeframes. You cannot have one without the other. If you want to use the EA you must purchase the main primary Currency Sniper package, even if (like me) your broker doesn’t offer the tradency platform.

  8. I try to get refund and send e-mail to customer service. They answer, and ask why? I give them reason. Then they tell that I have to give more time to trial. When I ask to confirm refund they stop answering.It’s money making machine, it is revolutionary, but definitely against clients.

  9. Hey Wayne,
    There seems to be a lot of that going on any more and your right the only one making any money is the product owner!
    there are a few places that are cracking down on these people and one of them is clickbank. I can only hope that more companys follow!

  10. Lads, don’t go for that s..t, like different EA and signals. be a traders yourself. be in control of you own money, if you cant make any profit yet – then read more, educate youself.

  11. Update #4. According to an email that I received from support last week, there’s supposedly goingto be an update coming out soon (unfortunately I’m not sure what that means specifically) that will allow the signals to be used on any broker, not just the recommended U.S brokers of FXCM and FXDD. Also, I just out of experimental curiosity raised my TP and SL levels to 10 and 60 respectively, and I don’t know how to properly set it so I’m not using this EA’s trailing stoploss functionality. I’ve instructed the Cs Botronics EA’s version of money management to use 5% of my account balance to open positions (which it rarely if ever does) and I usually make profits of like $2 here, $3 there, $7 here, $5 there, Etc.. I find that sort of strange. Anyway, to be continued…

  12. I purchased this with the guarantee that I could cancel anytime within 30 days and not be charged. At 20 days I send a cancellation notice. The software doesn’t have a Demo mode. I didn’t want to purchase something that required me to risk personal finances during the learning mode. They did not cancel and have charged my credit card. Now I’m trying to get my money back – no luck yet.
    Their 100% Money Back Guarantee isn’t holding water.

  13. Wow. The last comment here, before this one goes back almost a year. I guess a new promotional push. Glad I found this page. My reason for not wanting to touch this are many … NO CONTACT INFORMATION. The landing page has no links for any information. The click off has a typical discounted price after a basic price “reduced” from the “real price”. A presentation of FALSE scarcity … only so many left. And, of course, as read here … UPSELLS.

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