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  1. You should be careful with their money back guarantee.
    Colins former service used a very bad trick.
    His money back guarantee was not for the software, what he sold without any refund.
    No one recogniced this and no one got his money back.
    I am suspicious because they divide the 499$ on their order page in 350$ for the software and 149$ for the membership.

  2. I tried to post a link to: forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/has-anyone-heard/8741-watchliveforextrades-colin-atkins.html
    But it was not published.
    Please Google Colin Atkins and check the review on forexpeacearmy.
    If you have read the reviews, you know what this company is and you will definately not sign up.

  3. Looks like only another marketing trick… They offer a LIMITED SEAT….but after you know they are managing an INTERNET AFFILIATE SALES …so no matter the about exclusive and limited spaces for traders, they want to sell as much as possible and dont take care about exclusivity…

    This is not a traders room…. Its a SELLERS ROOM, with all the marketing tricks newsletters… so take care
    Also, one day after their explosive launch… 53 unvariable spaces still available…/although they said that the space offer will expire 2 hours post lauch…. very suspicius

    bUt would like to know about colims former service too
    If someone inside the room could post his review… would be valuable

  4. Search for Colin Atkins WatchLiveForexTrades or DoubleTrigger on Forex Peace Army & Trade2Win forums, seems there are a lot of unhappy customers. Don’t you find it strange that they offer no proof of their success other than a statement that anyone could photoshop or produce on Excel but we’re adults here so do your research the make your choice.

  5. Not sure what Colin’s former service was.Something to do with “pip magic” and “double trigger”.After a google search and readiing reviews on another site (FPA) it seems this may be a group to stay away from.They don’t like to give refunds.Do a search for “Forex Products by Colin Atkins”.

  6. It looks like a scam… see why:

    1) After 1 day lauching the “exclusive limited spaces” for traders… 53 spaces still available (that number doesnt vary across all the day)

    2) They have an affiliate program for sellers, so this guys doesnt matter about exclusivity and limited spaces for an adecuate mentorship as they claim…. They are sellers, and what they want is to sell as much as possible… other reason… why an AFFILIATE PROGRAM if they claim that they can only support limited trader spaces.
    See http://www.copylivetrades.com/jvaffiliates.html

    3) They have a tipical Sellers Page, so much different from Trades Webs Page:
    – They dont mention anything about trading method (trading time frame, trading methodology, initial account, any clue about TRADING ¡¡¡…. all is SELLING). So the potencial client dont have any idea about their basic trading system… Why hidden their basic trading methodology???.

    4) They claim for a COPY AND TRADE system, but in the initial they say, that they dont offer a signal service and dont have any responsability about your trades.

    5) After you accept their program… as SELLERS… they offer you a hype TRADINGS SOFTWARE… for aditional value or “platinium membership” (Big pipper, inferno softwares…). So hidden costs, …. They claim that robots are useless… and soon they try to sell you some of them…???¡¡¡ …

    6) I dont know anything about their Previus Records of Trading Experience (they claim 15 years experience)…How do they support it??.. do your work… google it.

    7) Their track trading records are not a proof… Its possible to do it with any edition program… They should use their own trading broker account or using http://www.myfxbook.com (hidden sensitive information). That way, it would be a trusted executed trade record

    8) I dont know anything about their reffund money back guarantee..

    Hope this info help you to decide

  7. 500$ – it is very expensive for another (maybe scam?) service.
    No proof statements. No “investor” password, no free period for test.Only spells for gullible customers.
    One hope – refund money?
    I dont think so… 🙂

  8. Now they offer a discount:

    Hi there,

    This is SO spontaneous I’m still not
    even sure whether I should be doing

    But what the hell…

    We appreciate that as with any
    walk of life, our recruits will
    have different levels of disposable

    We also want to make it as affordable
    as possible and not to discriminate
    against those who may not have the same
    abundance of funds that others may.

    So as part of a ONE-TIME offer, open
    to the NEXT SIX PEOPLE ONLY, we have
    something incredible to announce.

    Unlock the page below to get a FURTHER
    $100 off membership to the Live
    Trading Room.

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  9. Well.. I starting to think that ClickBank is behind all this. And that it makes up all these scams. All products and services that are on their list have very similar selling approaches and websites. Doesn’t that make you go “hmmm” ?!

  10. No, they don’t. The reason why most sites look similar is because they use the sales page format and it’s very popular in the internet marketing industry – you have to be in the business to really see it. But I agree that they need a much better product quality control, because it will eventually bite them in the ass (the reason it hasn’t yet is their very flexible refund policy).

  11. My advice is to watch out for the Big Pipper. It seems that in calculating their monthly tally of ‘pips’ they do not take into account trade size and so inflate their results. Most successful trades are closed in 50% lots. In other words … say 50 % of Trade A is closed at 200 pips the other 50% is closed at break even. They count this as 200 pips profit when in fact it should be counted as 50% X 200 pips ie 100 pips. This make a big difference when combining a months results which contain profits and losses since losses relate to 100% of trade size. Say Trade B closes at a loss of 150 pips. The ACTUAL results to your account would be Trade A profit 100 less Trade B loss 150 = Overall loss of 50 Pips. Their web site would count this as 50 pips profit! (200-150). I waited 9 weeks, sent 8 reminders to not get an answer on this particular point. Shame since Tony Brown seems so convincing in their live trade room

  12. Well i subscribed to copytrades, what a waste of time and money, glorified chat room, loads of losing trades lost £600 on their big pipper product, no trades today was common with colin..

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