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5 thoughts on “Click 4 Pips”

  1. EA does not work in my case (no trade).
    7 other EA or client cloner work perfectly on the same Forexvps server. It looks 100 % the same as the Auto Trade Fusion AFT Tronics EA with which I have had the same problem. I have a bad impression of this product when I see the low quality documentation (no accurate enough.

  2. I just came across this robot… Does anyone have any results (demo/real) from this robot? Easy to install and works (contrary to post above)? Does this robot offer support – how good is the support?

    Thanks – will monitor this site for posts of results or comments on click 4 Pips

  3. Just saw this as well and opted to receive a PDF outlining how it works. Trades on a 5 pip TP and 100 pip SL – on the 1 min chart. Wish I were wrong but seen this type of thing so many times before. the only Forex guru that I’ll trust is God himself, I’m sure he could turn $500 into $2,376,543 in 18 months.

  4. Folks how can you taking 5 pip trades turn 40K per month. Never mind making 2 plus mil in 18 months. When i see that I run away. I cannot believe a guy like this at all. I sent him an email questioning his figures on the live account. He made about 250$ on 5 pip TP trading 2 lots. Something is flawed. I’ll Pass

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