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3 thoughts on “Binary Trader Pro”

  1. There is no free download of the product;first they asked me to buy the product,then send them a receipt from Clickbank and they would refund the money;two days later I tried again to download the software and it sent me back to their sales page. How can one do business like this?

  2. Anthony, they should either fix the link or you may have to download it from Amazon.I had trouble with those non existent after a few weeks Viral guys of Matt Bacak affiliation, I think it was, It didn’t work for me in the long run but when I finally got the software, they sent me a link with various dowload choices, via Amazon. Try clickbank too or get your refund which in certain circumstances they can refund even beyond the normal 60 days that they give. Hope this helps, Sometimes clickbank’s ticketing page is not working but see how you go!!Also if you used credit or debit card they can help under their guarantee, usually 3 months, but plead ignorance of the time limit in their case!!

  3. Dallas,
    I understand you downloaded it via Amazon. But does it work ?
    Your comments will help us.


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