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23 thoughts on “Binary Options Magnet”

  1. I have downloaded the software. The key they gave me to unlock the software does not work and appear to be to long.

  2. trust me. 99.9% review sites doesnt care it works or not. they just wanna ppl buy it through their like then they make money…

  3. The video demonstartion on the website does not show the option expiry time 1min,5min,1hr,1day.
    It will be good to know that the software is to be used for 1min or 5min option.

  4. It works perfectly good, if you know how to use it correctly. Whenever it gives you signal, that does not mean you must open position. You must wait. For instance: the signal gives you “CALL” signal. You must look at the rate ie. EUR/USD 1.2900, you note that on paper, and then just wait for few minutes till the rate keep dropping, when it hits below 1.2900 -> ie. 1.2887 and the time is getting closed to expire, that is the perfect time to place a trade. IF…. the rate keep going up above 1.2900, you better stay away and wait for the next session. This explanation was not explained in the instruction. You gotta work it out yourself. Overall, this software helps you about 70%, the rest 30% is in your hand. Try that method I told ya, and see how it goes. Good luck 🙂

  5. I brought Binary Options Magnet a few days go and immediatly put it to work. Previous to this I was manually trading Binary options with the assistnce of a spreadsheet I wrote myself and my results were extremely good so I have a good basis to make a comparison.

    On running Binary Options Magnet initally I had 2 losses then 2 wins followed by 4 wins in a row using AUDUSD…

    Then However…
    I ran it on another computer and found that on different currency pairs it produced the same signals, this rang a warning bell so then I ran 4 sessions on the one computer all looking at different currency pairs and found that it always produced the same signals no matter which currency pair it was looking at.

    My conclusion is that it either does not work at all or only produces signals based on one currency pair but shows them no which currencp pair you have selected.

    It in my opinion simply does not deliver the goods.

    My other concern is that whilst the author claims to respond to support requests in a 2 to 5 hour time frame. He has failed to respond to continued requests over a 48 hour period. Again this does not inspire confidence.

    Don’t but the product unless these issues are resolved it is unreliable..

  6. The standard product is only meant for EUR/USD, no other currency pairs. If you use that for others currency pairs, you were lucky that you could still win. As i stated earlier, the warning bells is just a reminder for you about the time, and the rate. simply call the safe target rate. If you thought that every warning bell means that you should trade, then you should change that kind of thinking, before you lose all your money. We are not ordered by robot or signal, But we are using them for helping us making the right decision, in the right time.

  7. I was conned into buying this program by the false information and expectations created by vendor on website.
    The trade results shown in website presentation are theoretical examples or, at the very least, appear to be selectively chosen from other real accounts.
    A different trading strategy was obviously used to produce the trade results published on website and after purchase we found that totally different conditions were prescribed.
    In other words: fake or fabricated material used to promote sales.
    Have proven that promised results cannot be achieved when rules of software are “followed to the Tee”.
    Signal windows freeze sporadically, do not update immediately in real time and the vital signals produced thereby are unreliable and create dangerous false messages designed to cause losses when acted upon.
    I followed instructions “to the Tee” and the result was that the remaining balance in my account was wiped out after 3 consecutive LOSING trades on Friday 12 October. I have 10 years experience as Forex and Binary Options trader and know a bit about BO trading. This program is total JUNK and not suitable for anybody with NO trading or technical experience, as claimed.

  8. From what I’ve read above I must say I’m just lucky to have not fallen a victim to this soft ware as I’ve been to a number of them in the past.I was about to click the add to cart button before I decided to visit some review sites,before now, I’ve written to the vendor asking a couple of questions, which I needed to know before making the purchase,but all my questions were never replied to,and that raised my fears that this may not be a reliable product,and this site has finally confirmed the obvious!!!

  9. The product being talked about here in this post may be a piece of crap product, but a similar product called Option Bot really does work. I would know because I’ve not only downloaded the 7-day grial version of it, I’ve also opened up a live real money account with Trade Rush and have made money every day that i’ve traded based on indications from OptionBot. I have lost money too, nothing is gonna make a person will literally all of the time, but Option Bot is working for me so far, and I hope it will continue to going forward.

  10. This Product most definitely does not work the way it is. It does however have a lot of potential and need to be worked on. Not market ready quite yet. It should also include more than one currency pair in the basic version.

    Option Bot however is very helpful indeed but should be watched carefully before placing a trade.

    Binary Ultimatum is another product I tried out. The product by itself is quite good, however its marketing strategy is very deceiving. It is advertised as dealing with all time-frames for its record of trades shows timeframes from 60sec to 60min. However after you have made your payment the site offers another better product for a further USD99 that enables you trade the 60sec trades. you soon realize that what you have purchased for USD49 is only for the 60min trades. So for all time-frames one would have to pay a good USD149/= One does end up feeling deceived and cheated…. its called misleading and false advertising.

    Thank goodness for money back guarantees.

  11. Mike can you explain how to work the binary options magnet better because i have been playing with it for a week and its hard to pick up on which strategy to use because in the time box where there are signals but then at the top the ticks arent ticked. I dont get it and then it generates signals sometimes late, the time would be well passed before you can even put that signal in

  12. Brandon Miller,please can you explain a bit on ‘option bot’ are you still making some money with it? I would’ve followed your advice and try it,but I don’t want to hurry into making mistakes again, that’s why I need to here from you and any other who has used this ‘option bot’,I mean real users like you not promoters.

  13. @optiontrader: what is your spreadsheet strategy that you use? Would you be willing to share? I’ve dabbled in Binary Options and know how volatile it is. Just hoping for something simple to make a little bit of money. Not looking to get rich. Just get by.

  14. Hello, I’m Italian and have recently in binary options. I have an account with 24 options and I bought magnet bonary option. But I find myself very well. It ‘s true that glitches sometimes but I look before investing a few seconds and look at the graph above. Inolte the expiration of the option must be between 16 and 13 minutes maximum. other deadlines do not give guarantees. in this way my operations are in the money 7/8 times out of 10. But with option bot I do not feel well and can not figure out if I’m wrong something because I leave the default settings and invest with a maturity of 45 minutes following the opposite signal.

  15. I have downloaded the software. The key they gave me to unlock the software does not work. Does anybody know how I can contact support??

  16. cant even place the password and open shitware Have not found one peice of software that works

    may as well use red and black roulette system on it that will work

    Oh yea I usually go into a cas with $300 and walk out with $1000 and get pissed 2

  17. Arnt we all tiered of get rich I am you can too My experience is if you have the cash to alter a program kinda like an article spinner and get people to sell for you yes you will make cash.

    People say this is the truth I bla bla bla

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    It will cost nothing and you dont need to sign with broker a b c d e or even f

    also if you go into a casino you will walk out with cash depends on your start bank with $5 chips I usualy make around $70 – $100 an hour

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    This is what the net was designed for free info

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