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17 thoughts on “Binary Matrix Pro”

  1. I’m very interested to see actual results from this thing. I think it was made by the people who made profit in 60 seconds, see the reviews for that on this. The profit in 60 seconds is reviewed as total garbage. Keep that in mind.

    Their “live feed” seems manufactured and unreal. During the beta test, which they claim to have given to 600 testers, the system pretty much indicated 400-500+ testers online and trading at all times during the day. I doubt that these beta testers are online and trading 24 hours a day, don’t you?

    They had a big advertising push to hype the “launch”. The whole time they make it sound like their profit is based on income generating from buying more signals, once your “free” trial credit of 75-150$ is over. Once they launched though you could see that their business model is like any other scammy system where they force you to go with a broker and they only make money from the refferal bonus. This is a classic, because if you get something for “free” you can’t get your money back because you didn’t pay for the system itself. The broker on the other hand, just says that they are not responsible for any “system” other than their own trading platform.

  2. I went through the whole registration process yesterday as BMP launched and once I signed up with one of their recommended brokers (Banc De Binary) I decided to do some research on them and guess what?

    The broker is a complete scam. So say all reviews from ForexPeaceArmy as well as ScamBook.

    So I figured this might just be that one broker and I proceeded to research the other two as well (OptionRally and GTOptions).

    Guess what.

    SCAM brokers as well!

    So I emailed their support about this and many hours later I got a response saying BMP has a high win rate that is verified… *blank stare*

    So I pointed out to them that I’m strictly talking about their recommendations to Scam brokers and what this means for people that don’t want their money stolen.

    As of now I’m still waiting for a response and if I get one, hopefully it will actually address my concern and not give me some copy/paste answer.

    I will update my review once I get a response.

  3. No update yet but I got thinking about that last email where I was told about BMP having verified results according to a site called

    Turns out that site was probably started about the same time as Binary Matrix Pro according to my website tools. Both sites seem to be online for less than a month!

    No surprise you’ve never heard of BinaryVerify! It’s all the same company and I have a suspicion it actually belongs to one of the SCAM brokers listed on the registration page of BinaryMatrixPro.

    I’ve spent almost two days researching this company and the associated brokers and nothing good is turning up.

    If this was legit, I wouldn’t have to go completely out of my way to find peace of mind in my research.

    Email response or not, BMP is not for me. I smell a SCAM.

    I’m out. I advise anyone reading this to do the same.

    I very much doubt their system wins 81% of the time even if you get past the possibly forged trade results and scam brokers.


  4. 12 hours later and still no email response.

    But I did some digging around and have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that BinaryMatrixPro and BinaryVerify are owned by the same entity.

    Both companies have identical registrar details, both sites only 3 months old and launched within days of each other.

    This effectively means that BMP is managing the own trade results… on their own “verification” site.

    Subtitle: The trade results are fake. 100%.

    So keep your money, folks. Please. I’ve done all the research I can. It’s not pretty.

  5. VERY glad I read your review! Until I read it, the thing that kept going through MY mind was, “If this system is so great and infallible, WHY are they offering it ‘free’ to others? Why not just self-invest and make their money from THAT??”

    Thanks for solidifying my thinking!

  6. I’ve had a look and tried it out. A few points that will let you decide if it is a scam or now.

    the social reporting:
    1. During the beta phase, they only had 600 beta testers. If you look at the results, the signals were supposedly sent to on average 450-580 users and usually 400 or so reported as traded. Now that they had a “huge launch”, the numbers aren’t even changing. It’s still the same amount of users, same amount of reporting. Also, I watched and like a hawk and the moment they announced the signal, I put a mark on it. On some of them that were IMPOSSIBLE to have any winners (eg: signal was for low and from the less than 60 seconds from signal being given the price was higher than any previous point) the “reporting” would say that there were a significant amount of winners.
    So the reporting part, and amount of winners or not,sounds very scammy in my opinion.

    As far as signal quality, don’t blindly trade on it, BUT it should alert you to some action and from there you should decide.
    They make their money off referral from you using one of the brokers. Many of the brokers are not involved at all with BMP and some may be reliable.

  7. Hmmm…. another product which can b acccessed quickly BUT ONLY after signing-up with a broker of their choice…As far as I know..the brokers pay affiliates not only if others join through their links(referrals) but a percentage of the deposited money once the trader lose short a portion of the brokers’ profit.. I suspect BMP is based on such a ‘Business Priciple’..If not why forcing to open an account with a particular broker while there are plenty of other, some very reputable & trusted ones too, offering 60 seconds binaries..
    Secondly…yes..there were some complaints against that broker for luring people to deposit with them under the pretext that they are based in WallStreet & fully regulated..At one of the BMP pages during registration..I could read they are regulated by FSA (UK)..but nothing can be seen at the broker site..There it’s written they are registered at Seychelles..
    Thirdly..If it makes money & doubles or triples the deposited money within a day..why offering it to public. They can trade it & become why the statement “when u make money only, we make money”..
    As a whole, thumbs down..but for those who doesn’t mind risking 250$ can go forward…According to me the best trading method is to develop a system of your own, be disciplined & stick with it & Trade; instead of wasting the time & money running behind money making products online…

    I’ve traded binary options & withdrawn the capital & profits safely following a system created by me…even though , after that I started jumping from one system to another losing some cash..I am going to restart trading STICKING with a particular trading system & that’s the best way to make money trading Binary Options

  8. Something seems very fishy to me!
    can find anything bad about this software on the net
    sounds to good to be true!

  9. I signed up with BMP and Bloombex and tried it out. I made the trades as fast as I could after I got a signal to buy a put or a call. I tried it at night, US EST/New York time, in the morning and in the afternoon. At one point a I had a small string of winners but over all the winning trades were not near what is advertised. At one point I had 9 trades out of 10 that were losers.
    I started with $250. After loosing half I quit.

  10. What a waste of time and money. DO NOT expect the results shown on their advertising. First they push you towards their chosen forex trading company and then I found out that Binary Options minimum trade is £25.00. My account of £250.00 wiped out in less that 25 trades. The feedback shown on each trade shows 85% plus successful trade but strangely I was almost always in the unlucky 15% losers over and over again. Noticed losing trades with Binary Options registered instantly after the 60 seconds but the odd winning trade took considerably longer to register. This seemed to work well in their favour as numerous trades showed as winning at the end of the time period but strangely jumped to loss or level trade. Too often for my comfort.
    My suggestion is to take your £250.00 and have a good night out or give it to someone who needs it. Otherwise register and give them your money and provide Binary Matrix Pro with the kickback that makes this all so worth their while.

  11. Re previous comment the trading company was “Option Fair”….Remember minimum trade £25.00/$25.00

  12. I recently tried Binary Matrix Pro and found the following.
    Their Recommended Broker Banc De Binary does not accept US Traders. I signed up with GT Options and found that they do not offer $5.00 trades like Binary Matrix Pro shows. The minimum you have to invest is $20.00 per trade and they only offer 6 of the 8 Forex Pairings (USDJPY and AUSUSD are not available). I started with the minimum $250.00 for opening an account and tested the Binary Matrix Pro signals. 6 out of every 8 trades were losers. As an Example, The software showed that a call should be bought for the USDCAD pairing. I immediately bought the call and the price went straight down yet the Community reporting showed that 82% of the traders made money. How can that be?

    After testing the software for 80 + trades, I made no money and GT Options wants me to invest more $…..Are you kidding me?

    Please save your money and look elsewhere…..

  13. When I saw the offer of $300 free signals to start I clicked in to join BMP. When I got to the part where it said you have to fund one of their brokers I saw what this was. I have seen so many binary option scams where you get some miracle software that will change your life if your fund one of their recommended brokers just like this BMP deal.

    After I stopped signing up I went back to look carefully at the results they keep showing on their sales page. First of all, when they show the “actual” payouts they show both ties and losses having zero payouts. If they really knew anything about binary options they would know that with ties you get the money you invested refunded to you. So if a trade you bet $5 on resulted in a tie your payout would be $5, not $0. Also, the difference between the opening price and the price 1 minute later was usually a few tenths of a pip. I cannot believe that a difference that small would always fall on the winning side at least 80% of the time. I would expect something like 50-60% at best.

    I have yet to see anybody not connected to BMP in some way report that they experienced anything like they claim. This appears to have nothing to do with anybody making money except the slimeballs at BMP where they get paid their affiliate commissions from the brokers you must join to use their software.

  14. I invested with Platinum Trader one of Binary Matrix Pro’s recommended Brokers. They offer 6 pairs to trade, but only for half the day. Soon as 2 pm Pacific rolls around 3 Pairs shut down. At first I was actually winning the 8 out of 10 trades they advertised but soon it went downhill. I even started trading opposite of what the signal recommended and won 3 Trades but it’s like they caught on because on the 4th trade it called for a Call and I entered a Put and for 50 seconds I was in the green, but the last 10 seconds it magically shot up 10 pips and I lost the Trade. Stay away from these Scammers what ever you do. I am withdrawing my remaining money, I only hope they don’t give me to much of a hassle.

  15. As per a few of my fellow BMP traders, I am thinking the same. STAY AWAY! Picked their so called “RECOMMENDED BROKER” (OptionFair) and like many others was totally shocked to find out min. invest per trade was $25, not $5 like every single email shows. I traded a couple days and managed to make $67 and $87, and was happy. Although that was with 3 hours each night. Since that however, it has been losing trade after losing trade while showing community winning almost every time over 82%. Hmm something fishy. Well my $300 investment is sitting at $260, only because I refuse to trade any more. I have been side testing with a timer and I would have lost everything in 2 days using their so called signals. So user beware!

  16. Glad I found this site. “If it seems too good to be true, it is”.
    They have cleverly packed the search engines with their own “reviews” and you have to dig deep for some honesty.
    Thank you all who have commented here for saving me from another mistake.

  17. Hi There.

    I have been reading your feedback on this forums about Binary Matrix pro and its a scam.
    Can anybody tell me what system is good to trade and does not take up too much time as i don`t seat on my computer too much.

    With Regards
    Pradip Kadodwala

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