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30 thoughts on “Auto Trend Forecaster”

  1. Karl Dittman brings out a super duper indicator every month,don’t know when he finds time to trade!! L.O.L.

  2. I am surprised to see that my comments have been removed.
    I don’t think that this website gives genuine comments.

  3. @Yasser Hashim, you’ve posted a link to a website that requires to optin to get some system. The site might be your own, for all I can tell. Please read the rules, this is not a place for your promotions.

  4. I gave a link where the Auto Trend System is available for free and I gave it for the benefit of all.

  5. @Yasser Hashim, it’s a paid product, how come it is free? Is it a pirated version? Sorry but this is a review site, focusing on reviews, and while some deviation is fine, I’m not gonna go to the extent of investigating every suspicious link that is posted in detail if the intent is not obvious. And when I follow a link and I see a squeeze page that collects emails, there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll delete it. Rules are rules.

  6. You people who are criticizing Karl Ditmaan understand this that all of his indicators are highly profitable. As he suggested only trade during UK market hours and end it at US market…

    5 min is the best timeframe for this indicator and it works very well…

  7. i am planning on buying the auto trend forecaster i would like to know if it is as profitable as its website auto trend has led me to believe. Guys please advice me do you think i should go through with it

  8. I’ve tried virtually every indicator going most of them give a signal as the trend is ending and often whipsaw your trades and a/c until you are punch drunk,i’m trying one now based on Gann’s method,early days yet but so far so good

  9. Ambrose

    Are you saying that the free indicator link that you have given above, is the same as Dittmann’s auto-trend forecaster ?

    If so, how are you sure of that ?

  10. Kenneth,

    Instead of buying Auto Trend just buy the one call Karl Dittmann ProSystem…

    I just wished he would made an EA out of Prosystem…It has a great money management system added to it…

    His new ones got higher HIGH STOP LOSS recommendation…Don’t like that idea if you set it and forget it cause it can kill you…

    Auto Trend works very well in Higher Time Frame…For scalping 5 and 15 min works good only when the market opens or right before the market opens…

    Email me if you got more questions in private..

  11. kenneth

    Buy the damn thing and have done with it.

    You can always get your money back if you are not happy with it.

    No probs mate.

  12. Sally,

    Its very difficult to get a refund from Karl.
    Its just like getting blood from a stone.
    All of his systems are stolen free systems from
    Forex Factory Forum.

  13. Yes I know but he sells through Plimus who will always give a refund eventually until they ban you from buying because of your refund history.

    I know !!!


  14. Anyway, does anyone know where to get a free download of Z-Winner from the same author as Auto-Trend system ?

    Maybe you know Yasser Hashim.

    I can’t buy it cos Plimus have banned me.

  15. Salty,

    If Plimus has banned you then approach the Author directly.
    Maybe they have some other arrangments too.
    Who knows?

  16. I purcahsed this Karl Dittmann ProSystem long time ago. But only used it once. I noticed it work perfectly on 1H time frame and stop loss is minimul. I would be very much interested if I get feed back from Auto trend Forecaster users before I make my decision


  17. Hi Salty,

    I wish I was Dr. Zain Agha
    I am not as clever as him.

    I am one of his students
    and follower.

  18. Zwinner works great when its a Trending Market.
    But the performance goes down when the market is ranging
    or consolidating.

    By the way we got intructions to take only 10 pips on each entry and there are about 4 to 12 entries in a day.

  19. Sorry Yasser, no idea.

    Yasser, how does the free auto-trend system above compare to the actual Z Winner system ?

    Is Z Winner much much better and more accurate ?

  20. thanks for the free link mate but one question how do you know where to put your stop loss when you get the alert to go in to a trade?

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