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23 thoughts on “Auto Trade Fusion”

  1. Still waiting for the link to download the EA, why does it take 48 hours?
    The EA should be downloadable immediately when paid for.

  2. When a product has up sells it makes alarm bells start ringing, this is showing you there only after your money and usually the product is no good. Would be nice to be proven wrong… but hey that would be a first.

  3. This sounds like the same old song and dance that every Hot Shot Forex Wizard is trying to get everybody to believe. I’ve heard this story before. Please. Get Real.

  4. I’m suprised by the fact that he ends up the intro video the same way he started by saying ‘haven’t you heard this before’ oh wait, I’m going to sell you the same crap…! Give me a break Graham Turner show me some real proof, not some doctored up crap! BS BS BS

  5. Hey isn’t it funny all the reviews are affiliates trying to sell the same thing… no such thing a review…

  6. Finally they have sent the link to download, will try for a few weeks.
    Signal software not a robot.

  7. is this really Graham Turner or William Hopkins from ? they sound like the same person trying to sell signal software. sounds fishy.

  8. This reason is simple.
    If somebody doesn’t want to show all real statement or give investor password or public results on myfxbook or my4stats then this is scam.

  9. hi guys,

    I buy this, i make today my first 3 trades, and i have 3 closed trades 600 USD total win, all 3 trades profitable, now i have more 3 trades open…

  10. I get about 10-20 mails about this and that forex robot which is the next big thing. Give me a break.
    To check for upsells scroll down to the affiliate link click on it and you’ll see how many upsells there usually are.

  11. I bought this for 9 bucks and glad that is all i paid for it. I took 5 trades and won 3. I believe that is about 67% or there abouts.
    But yes, I was very suspicious listening to the video and this guys arogence. Nothing but pure hype and BS

  12. Hi again,

    Well, that is crazy, i buy many tools to forex, but this is realy good, i make many trades last days, i make more 15 k ptofit( 4 days ) M30 , i have average wins very very high, for exemplo each 20 trades, 16 trades i make money, 4 trades stop loss, but i dont wait all trades take target, i closed many trades 10 or 15 pips only, not 25 how they talk to do, but this work very well for me, i am very very happy !
    PS.: i make more 10 k because i have account 120 k, not small lots, sorry my bad english, i am from Brazil.

  13. Hy!

    Is this a EA robot? Or this is a signal service? Manually open a trade or the software open a trades automatically?


  14. Auto Trade Fusion ATF Tronics would open automatically, but no a single trade after 3 days. Everything seems ok. Other 9 EA in test and other customer indicators as Auto Trade Fusion Platinium are working perfectly. The ATF Tronics user guide is too light, no an example of trade. I have now a serious doubt about the efficiency of this EA ATF Tronics. Tested on two different PC. Some result: no trade.

  15. I bought it, got the licence after 3 days, in the first 3 days it was fantastic 25% increase on my bank. Then over the last 4 days as usual, the losses roll in, now down 50%.
    Is there any good system out there?

  16. O sistema atingiu mais perdas que lucro. Faço conforme o manual. Nos tempos 5m, 15m, 30m, 60m. A perda foi tão grande que assustei. Notei que em alguns comercios, antes de atingir 25 pips, o comercio ia contrario e atingia a perda. Desculpe os erros, não falo ingles. Falo portugues BR.
    (The system has reached more losses than profits. I according to the manual. In the days 5m, 15m, 30m, 60m. The loss was so great that scared. I noticed that in some trades, before reaching 25 pips, the trade was going backwards and struck the loss. Excuse the mistakes, do not speak English. I speak Portuguese BR.)

  17. Auto Trade Fusion is simply generating signals, but not opening any trades as per name AUTO

    ATF TRONICS is EA of this people, but is unable to open a single trade within 3 days, in which EURUSD has move 400 points up and dowm. It is strange that Auto Trade Fusion is giving BUY/SELL signals during these days, but EA is failed to trade.

  18. We must be insane to try this same old sales pitch just to get the same old results. There is no honesty in the world of trading gurus.

  19. I would like to know if Francisco or someone else has tried trade copier on the signals? Have you been successful?

    Anyone else give this a shot? Plimus out of action for this product (good riddens IMHO) – too many dodgy products / scams.

  20. Sir,

    I want to know the charges and other details about the Auto Trade Fusion. Its profitability and efficiency too.

    Kindly send me an email.

    Regards, Bhavin Patel
    Mobile No. +91-9825029401

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