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6 thoughts on “Auto Signals Pro”

  1. Purchase this product on Nov 22, 2011. Today is Dec 1. One week had passed, no single trade produced yet. Will see and update later.

  2. This is a follow up of my previous comment. I didn’t receive signal is because I put symbol suffix pro wrongly to prefix. After communicated with tech support for several times, finally got it fixed yesterday. At the time it got fixed, I received 10 long position for EURUSD each with small lot. Closed profit yesterday is 3% with multiplier setting of 1.

    The best part I like is there is a hedging position when market went down this morning, and the hedging position got closed with a small loss when the market bounced back again. Not like some other products I purchased exposed me to unlimited loss if market was against me.

    However, it was only 2 days since I received signal. It is too soon to say it is good or bad. Will update later.

  3. I have subscribed now for over a month. They seem to play counter trend looking for that correction. They take small profits. Trades that do not hit TP are left hanging. I have 4 trades that are minus 400 pips so far. If there are stops they are hidden. Occasionally there is a quick trade with the trend to offset the drawdowns(a hedge).

    I am getting more questions than answers as time goes on.

    I have contacted support and Liam usually replies within 48 hours. They are very pleasant. I am at even counting my open and closed trades thus far.

    I was expecting something different having a group of professional traders working from him. It appears to be a consistent strategy day in day out almost EA like.


  4. So far I got 6% realized profit, but I also had 12% unrealized drawdown last week, now is 10% unrealized drawdown.

    Pros: Lot size is small; hedging lot size is a little bit bigger than total open lot size, so I can sleep well if market is going against me; the system trying to place new position at better price when system is against us, but the new position may close quickly in case market continue against us.

    Cons: This is a break out system and trying to open trade at exact resistance and support line(it would be better at 10 pips above resistance or below support); sometimes hedging is not kicked in and lead to bigger drawdown; sometimes hedging at wrong place and close hedging position with a big loss;sometimes new position lead to new loss.

    All in all, looks like the system is operated by real people and trying do everything well but sometimes it fails.

    Will try a longer time

  5. After 5 weeks of running on live account. I didn’t see 20-30% increase per month, instead, I saw 15% drawdown. It is not worth $900, I will ask for refund.

  6. I test it since 3 weeks and have a floating drawdown of about 1.000 pips on 4 open trades!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They act like children. They do not want to recognice, if they are wrong and open again and again trades in the wrong direction. They seems to think, the price have to go where they want to.
    Stop lo is from 350 up to 1.000 pips!!!!!

    This service is a perfect money trap.

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