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139 thoughts on “Auto Pip Bot”

  1. I just saw the release of the product sales page. It sounds great and just what I need. However there are the dreaded surprise upsells that I hate. That is such a turn off it will probably keep me from making the purchase, unless it gets tremendous reviews. Good luck.

  2. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. Am giving it a try. Didn’t bother with the up sells but was surprised to get two Bots for the initial $67. One scalps and one is for long term trading. The scalper started trading as soon as I applied it to the chart. Let you know what happens.

  3. The earnings disclaimer is a legal requirement so it doesn’t really matter.

    On the other hand, the Cambridge Graduate” sounds like a lot of overworked BS. I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve read something similar, so don’t fall for all the marketing hype.

    Anyone can give it a test drive though, for the mere pittance of 67 US big ones and if you don’t like it ClickBank does give refunds.

    Good luck

  4. Have installed this EA for several hours ago,one of the ea’s start to trade as soon as I installed it.So far the trades is going the wrong way.I run it on EURUSD,EURGBP and USDCHF…Will be fun to see if this is the real deal,or if it is another,among many other,scam…

  5. I understand this is only for EURUSD. I have it running and so far so good. In the plus and looking for some good profits. Time will tell.

  6. I’m Impressed !!! I have emailed support twice today and within a matter of 1-2 hrs I had a response that answered my questions and more. Not just a canned response, but someone who personally answered back.

  7. Do you know when this EA close trades ? I have two trades (one is 8 pips after 1st one – buy eurusd) and no TP for both.

  8. I saw reference to the UP-Sells. What is it and what is it supposed to do the Auto Pip Bot won’t do? How much more $$ do they want? thanks.

  9. Just beware any newbies out there. Many of us have heard all this before in repackaged marketing stories and we take every claim with a very large pinch of salt. The same principle always applies, why does anyone who can make 250K per year not make a million per year if they apply compounding to the lot sizes, why sell it for 67US? Plus there is no proof given that the account data is not altered like most of the other vendors. If you do buy it definitely run it on demo and if it falls apart do go straight back to Click-Bank for the refund as it’s much quicker, no need to contact the vendor at all.

    Obviously I’d like this to turn out successful, but history is not on this bots side!

  10. Not Happy !!!! I was up 1.35680 pips on the 5 digit Demo and stopped out 1.34752 Now it has been going to the down side 1.34610 and NO trigger to sell. Whatup ??? Maybe they forgot to put the short trigger in the programming!!
    Time revels the truth!!

  11. Ohhhh !! I take that back – just got a short trigger – right after a long run to the down side – Xing fingers !!

  12. Hi,folks my EA has taken three trades,ALL losers!!!
    This seems to be another SCAM,but I will run it for some more days just to see what’s happens…Is there anybody out there who will shear their settings?

  13. The standard version needs to be optimized for the current market conditions. Working on them now. The advanced version performed very well on backtests out of box but will optimize it as well given time. Backtests on adv version do have a few spots where it lost 3 or 4 in a row but recovered nicely. Just may be bad timing or market conditions right now. Do the work needed to properly eval the ea’s and you might be surprised at the outcome. GL trading

  14. Would every one be so kind as to indicate if they are trading on an ECN platform or a Market Maker platform. Very big difference in out come.

  15. yeah blah blah blah… buy optimized version and you will be a millionare

    If standard version works bad why are you selling it ? You should give optimized settings for free (or selling EA for 99 or so but with “optimized settings”). Other way you will have a lot refund asks in no time…

    I have got 4 trades.. all lost. 5% drawndown for now. And no trades in lat 2 h.. looks like APB is afraid to trade now 🙂

  16. so far i’ve got 6 straight losing trades. very disappointed once again. tell you what guys!! don’t waste your time and energy on it.not worth’s just one of the thousand FOREX SCAMS out there. iam going for a refund.

  17. I don’t represent the seller but do have some experience in trading manually and using robots.

    IF you are on a Market Maker Platform… lose anyways!

    They are trading against your robot. This is how they make their money. For some unknown dumb reason they are given the tools to mess with your robot.

    Here are the tools:

    1. Turn OFF your EA at anytime without notice to you.
    2. Widen the spread at anytime without notice to you.
    3. Send spike data or bad data to your robot which will cause your robot to make the wrong decision.
    4. And of course the infamous stop hunting.
    5. Disconnect your platform for a few minutes.
    6. Freeze your platform for a few seconds.
    7. Re-quotes up the gazzoo. (if you get requotes anywhere…leave)

    Why doesn’t the NFA go after these offenses instead of going after the trader ability to generate income i.e. hedging.

    That is why if you’re on a Market Maker Platform your evaluation of any EA will be flawed.

    The majority of ECN’s earn their income from commissions and they do not perform the trickery mentioned in my list.

    However, there are some that do act unethical. Simply move your account. Sooner or latter they will feel the financial pain of their stupidity and may change.

    That is why I ask traders on this site to indicate if they are trading on an ECN Platform or MM.

    If you are on a MM Platform……you don’t have a chance in winning with a robot. Manual trading is the only way to go on MM Platform but you must grab the pips and get out quickly even if it’s 8 pips or 3 pips or 15 pips.

  18. All trades Loosers. Down 21% of my $1000 Acct. Did you see his example of how he took his $1000 acct on the promo video and made great gains. Some small, but in profit. Many more winning trades than loosers. Thats all I want. Lets change up the settings and see if it helps.

  19. yes of course Shell

    This from support

    Hi Martin,

    You can change the inputs anytime by clicking on the smiley face, but the change wont be reflected until the next new trade.

    If you manually close a trade you need to be careful as you interrupt the ea and may find that it then opens another new trade that could turn to be a loss where it normally wouldn’t.

    The recent volatile whipsaw moves have sadly not been profitable. Ours did manage a few Take Profits at the 30 pips, some traders accounts did not take profit when moving 30 pips into profit – I think this is because only 0.01 was purchased by the EA (our programmer is looking into this), if this is the case for you then you need to change the MM to FALSE and the LOTS to 0.02……

    I will have at least a better set of settings for the standard ea in the next 24hrs or so. It won’t be THE SETTINGS but closer then what we are running with now…… GL trading all

  20. Randy O–I’m working on that….ok change tp1 to 10, risk 5 or 6, slip 4, sl 130,

    This should get you started on the standard version.

  21. Thanks Marty. Do you have MM as true?? If so , does that not over ride risk? Have you any luck with those settings?? I am using FXCM Metatrader 4) as my broker. They are still trading 4 decimal places I believe in their live accts. I have them at 5 places so I’ll try changing that also.

  22. I was told by FXCM that they as a broker do not trade against us. They have it in their small print. So they assured me they don’t care if we are using robots or not. They don’t know how we are making trades, manually or otherwise. It’s not in their interest to know how we are making our trades, just that they get their pip spread. But most brokers can and will trade against you. See your money go away quickly. Must read the fine print.

  23. Be careful of what broker you use. Read this and see what type of broker you should use and be informed. You will see “Watch this” Copy and paste into your browser and watch both videos. I found it enlightening !!!!

    New York, February 1, 2011—FXCM Inc., (NYSE: FXCM) launches the FXCM Forex Execution Center. With numerous requests for transparency in the forex market, the FXCM Execution Center will be a central hub on the FXCM websites that will provide forex traders with detailed information regarding forex execution practices. FXCM will continue to update this area over the coming months with insightful information and analysis.

    The first step is to explain the different forex execution models. Unlike most other forex brokers, who act as market-makers, FXCM operates on an agency execution model.

    FXCM takes the best bid and ask prices streamed to them from multiple large financial institutions, adds a markup (commission) on top of those prices, and shows them to clients. FXCM makes an identical amount of money in the form of pip markups (which are really commissions) regardless of whether the customer makes or loses money on a trade. As a result, FXCM earns consistent and transparent revenue per trade.

    This is significantly different from brokers who operate a dealing desk execution model, where the revenue per trade is not as transparent. There are common practices, many times unknown to customers, which allow dealing desk firms to make more than just the mark-up attached to the prices streamed from large financial institutions. These practices include, but are not limited to, re-quoting customer trades, taking the opposing side of customers trades, and even preventing customers from trading or managing their positions during news events.

    Many experienced forex traders may find the concept difficult to grasp. And it is especially hard for those new to the forex industry.

    No Dealing Desk (FXCM): Learn How FXCM Executes Your Forex Trades

    Watch Now:

    Dealing Desks (most of the other guys) learn about the potential conflict of interest between dealing desks and traders

    Watch Now:

    To learn more about FXCM’s forex trading execution model, visit the FXCM Execution Center here: Forex Execution Center

    About Us

    FXCM Inc. (NYSE: FXCM) is a global online provider of foreign exchange (forex) trading and related services to retail and institutional customers world-wide.

    At the heart of FXCM’s client offering is No Dealing Desk forex trading. Clients benefit from FXCM’s large network of forex liquidity providers, enabling FXCM to offer competitive spreads on major currency pairs. Clients have the advantage of mobile trading, one-click order execution, and trading from real-time charts. FXCM’s UK subsidiary, Forex Capital Markets Limited, also offers CFD products with no re-quote trading and allows clients to trade oil, gold, silver, and stock indices along with forex on one platform. In addition, FXCM offers educational courses on forex trading and provides free news and market research through
    Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Any opinions, analyses, or other information contained is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. Read full risk disclaimer.

    FXCM Inc.
    Jaclyn Sales, Vice President of Corporate Communications
    Investor Relations
    FXCM Inc.
    (646) 432-2986

  24. I do find it interesting that as I’m running The Event Robot” on a different Broker, it is triggering the same as the “Auto Pip Bot” Buy – when it is going down and Sell – as it is going up. Almost the same time on the eurusd pair.
    *** I have a strategy – Let the Auto PIP Bot trigger on a demo acct and then manually do the opposite on a live acct. Actually, it would have put me into profit. Do what it takes !!!! This better turn around quickly or I will invest NO MORE time in it and get my money back!!!

  25. I have had two trades in two days twith AutoPipBotFX hat have gone beyond the 30 pips TP and did not close!! Well eventually the first one did, at a loss, and the second one is still in play now after hitting 37 pips profit but not closing! This is frustrating!

  26. chao – you are talking bullshit. I am trading on 4 different brokers, one of them is ECN. Prices quotes are almost the same, difference max 1 pip. So there’s no trading against you guys. If robot doesn’t work, then the problem is in robot, not in broker. I am trading manually for some years and also got few working profitable robots. So it is possible.

  27. Adam – So are you disagreeing with the article I posted – if so, did you watch the videos. Can you confirm that it is 100% not possible to have an Over the counter broker trade against you??

  28. Also, your profitable robots, are they profitable because of your settings – with any broker or a combination of the two??

  29. Had another trade close at a loss when it should have closed at the T/P but didn’t.

    On a Gomarkets account.

    This is an example of the EA not closing once it has already reached the T/P of 30, as the highest price during the trade was 1.36086 and it should have closed out by then in profit.

    2011.02.16 23:00 Buy 0.02 EURUSD Price 1.35715 S/L 1.34215 T/P 0.00000 Closed 2011.02.17 11:08 Price 1.35379

    I will turn off the EA until someone from their support can help me resolve this issue. Is this happening to others??

  30. Any profits from anyone yet, apart from AutoPip themselves that have said they have had trades close in profit in the past 2 days?

    AutoPip say some traders who buy lot size 0.01 might have problems with the EA closing in profit at 30 pips, however I have bought at 0.02 lots and have had this problem.

  31. Hi all, I have the same problem. No winning trades, all losing. And I noticed that the default 30pip T/P does not appear in the trade data window, instead it shows up as 0.00000. Currently in a sell trade also going the wrong way.

    Is anyone making profits? Is there an AutoPip person monitoring this thread?

  32. check to see during this current trade if the sell [I am also in a sell now to give the EA a final chance] closes at the 30 T/P if it is reached .. it appears it reaches the T/P but doesn’t close! Then returns back to a loss…

  33. Did anyone (else) get fooled into purchasing the first upsell for $77? If so, what do you think about it? I’m keen to know.

  34. your welcome shell…still working on better set of settings. TP will be somewhere between 10 and 20 I think. And don’t worry about trades closing or not at this point. Support will fix. GL trading

  35. FXCM IS A BIG SCAM. I Lost thousands when I traded with them.. If you really want to know who they and their potential to destroy your account… Stay away during news events. They can widen their spreads as much as 150pips!!! Genuine ECN’S like Mbtrading wont do such thing to you.

  36. Marty,

    I have switched off the EA until I hear back from support on trades not cosing. If trades do not close my risk is theoretically 100%.

  37. why can’t these forex ea programmers or rather ea ‘scammers’ be honest for once? always selling what does not work. i’ve not bought your so called APB ea but with the review here, i cant put a cent on your ea. no apologies. i’ve been beaten b4, not again.
    can one ever get something real on this online purchase of ea’s or signal generators ever?
    maybe manual trading is just it.

  38. The A.P.B v2 hit the 30 pip TP,but did it take it??? OH,NOOO!!!
    Maybe next week will be the new era of this fabolous EA???
    I start thinking that I rather will belive in St.Claus:-)
    Have a good weekend everybody…

  39. OGB, I have received a notice for a signal generator that offers the service free for a month. I have nothing to do with the service; I just received the offer. After that you pay $5 per signal if you like the service and you never have to pay for a losing signal. Imagine that! There is actually a service offering a test drive before you pay anything at all. I am not sure if I am allowed to post the link here. Anyone know? Actually, there was one other offering the same sort of thing with a take off of Money Map that was way over my head. Never the less, it is a classy way of doing business in my view instead of messing with these on-line marketers that just want to sell a product with bells, whistles, and surprise upsells.

    Good Luck, Tom

  40. Hi Tom,

    I think you can post the link, I checked with admin a couple of weeks ago when someone asked me which signal services I used, and they siad it was OK to post the details.

  41. On my live ac, APB open 10 trades. 7 losses and stopped loss. 3 winnings, the winning is b’cos I close manually while infront of the screen. AC down by 10% due to APB. Bad deal at present moment as it cannot trade properly on 0.01 lot size. APB will also not close at 30 TP as claim. Please beware. Now waiting for the APB support to reply.

  42. I have checked my results (IamForex demo mode) against the APB results for the 16th and 18th (computer switched off on the 17th). My results match exactly (including the big loss on 16th) with the APB results so they are genuine. Let’s wait for the updates on Monday evening and see how things go during the rest of the week before condemning this EA.

    At least the support at APB answers your queries which is something in their favour!

  43. Made 5 losses while I was out. Must be faulty if it will not close at tp. Makes you wonder how much testing these “University students” carried out before launching. Ha Ha. See there is another new kid on the block “Push Button Pips” Will make you a millionaire within three months and you haven’t heard the best. It will only cost you $39 and $4,50 for 7 days if you refuse the offer the first time. Are these jokers desperate for your money or what. Getting a bit jaded

  44. Tom, i think you should be fair enough to give some of us something that works even the slightest way possible to compensate beginner traders in a little way. do post the link.
    thanks tom.

  45. optimized adv version.. 4 months….risky but…

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 17340.86 Gross profit 54120.60 Gross loss -36779.74
    Profit factor 1.47 Expected payoff 178.77
    Absolute drawdown 287.20 Maximal drawdown 9698.08 (35.22%) Relative drawdown 48.58% (6814.72)

    Do your own dd on this robot…although I’m here to help…GL trading

  46. tom,
    thank you. i did get up b4 shut, i think they have something and the only way to sell it is to give people 1st hand proof. i would mind trying it out.

  47. thank you tom
    i have to resend this, the 1st message was jumbled up in my haste. here’s the updated version; i guess thats what the ea programmers do and mess up peoples forex account.
    i did get signed up b4 shutdown. i think they have something and the only way to sell it is to give people 1st hand proof. i wouldn’t mind trying it out.

  48. Anyone noticed, that Ted is so impressed with the fortune his own system is making him that he’s now punting someone else’s?

  49. Thanks for all the input guys. I’ve been watching and reading this blog since APB was released and I’m glad I didn’t bite on this one. Seems like just another junk EA.


  50. I did check out the $5 signal service link and was able to get signed up for that so we’ll see how that goes. Should we comment here or start a new review blog somewhere else?

  51. Jeff- LOoks can be deceiving. Tp problems on the standard bot will be fixed, I have no doubt. The adv version was not having the tp problems as far as I know. Backtesting looks very good for dd and profit %. I for one am going to give this ea a chance to prove itself. Every ea has its good points and bad. Exploit the good, minimize the bad, eliminate the ugly..GL trading

  52. Marty – I hear you, I always give them a fair trial but they always fail to perform as promised and I take my refund before the 60 days expire. I don’t know if ClickBank has a limit for the number of times they will refund someone for these things but if they do, I’m sure I’m getting close.

  53. I hear ya Jeff. I have returned 3 lately that didnot perform period. Ltp was one of them. I really like ctf adv version so far. Optimized..kicks butt. Lots of testing to do no these. I will post more results if anyone is interested. I will give these folks time to get it right..60 days anyway….GL trading

  54. That’s interesting, I installed the latest APB about 30 mins ago and at the same time reinstalled CTF. Almost immediately they simultaneously took trades with APB selling and CTF buying!

    Looks like a battle of the Bots!

  55. Marty, yes I got my refund from LTP too, right after it suffered a big loss on their account as well as mine. They put up no resistance and honored the refnd.

    Please remind me… which is CTF again? I must be getting old.

  56. Hi Folks…I have tried repeatably to get support for this luck…Why can’t you get support or why no fix published for TP error ( doesn’t close TP then goes into SL.
    Anyone else having this problem?..Any fixes?

  57. I purchase Auto pip bot and opened a demo with Go Market on Feb 16 and have had 5 for 5 30 pip trades but it closed only 1 of 3 lots and then got stopped out on the other 2 lots for small losses which actually caused the account to go into a loss. I hope this problem can be fixed.

  58. Jim, I think the fix is spelled r-e-f-u-n-d. An EA that won’t close in profit and no support from the sellers about a fix? Keep an eye on that 60 day window.

  59. Paul – My LTP hit SL too for A $330 LOSS. Good thing it was on a demo. I’ll bet they were flooded with refund requests after that. It appears they live account hasn’t taken a trade since then, unless they somehow shut off my link to watch it.

    So is CTF an upsell to APB?

  60. Hi Jeff,

    I dumped LTP after I also experienced the 330 pip loss, and also in demo. But I asked for a refund, because it was far off the claimed 2 trades per day (you can see my post on the LTP site). It simply didn’t perform, and I worked out that its risk/reward ratio was ok, but too long term based on performance since the release date.

    CTF is the long term robot which comes with APB, they give you both short term and long term robots for the $69 fee.

    I must say I think this one has more potential than LTP. Since I installed the “working” version of APB, I’m trading in the black. Will keep you posted.

  61. I have tested APB (latest version) and CTF for 12 months on the back tester using every tick (90%).

    APB made 25 pips profit in 12 months and and CTF made -240 pips which is worse that tossing a coin!

    I tried optimising both versions but these were the best results that I could get….

  62. “Geoff” How come you hve had the EA for 12 months, I thought it was only launched a few days ago or were you testing it for APB? I am sure I read somewhere in their blurb that it could not be back tested?

  63. Geoff–I also have tested CTF for months. Out of box settings are ok but nothing like optimized for profit. Will post a tidbit for ya.


  64. Geoff–in 4 months and this is not even close to what it can do. NIce little tidbit. CTF version

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 17340.86 Gross profit 54120.60 Gross loss -36779.74
    Profit factor 1.47 Expected payoff 178.77

    GL trading

  65. Made some changes to opti CTF version and brought down the dd. Will double acc nicely every 2 months or so. A bit less risk and doubles every 3 or 4. Who can live with that…hummm

  66. @Bob
    I back-tested it using the MT4 optimiser, I know back-tests are always viewed with suspicion but, such poor results can’t just be a coincedence!

  67. GBPUSD 30min is working very well with APB. Love to see the optimised settings you were talking about, Marty. Thanks so much.

  68. Now we’re talking,the APB version 1.3 seems to work fine:-)
    It trades,and all trades today,so far,is winners…not bad:-)
    I use it on GoMarkets and FinFx,demoaccounts…

  69. The new version is still passing the TP point and the trade I have at the moment is looking like it is going into draw down. I thought v3 was meant to fix this. To much larking about at Cambridge University methinks instead of testing the EA before launch. “Geoff” I quote from Questions & Answers, “Back testing on the Robot does not work as it can’t go through the partial closing”. I have found, if you are bored with it not taking a trade, remove the Bot and reapply and it will start trading.

  70. Hi Bob
    I used v3 for the test and I tried various lots, 0.01 to 1.0,
    it wouldn’t have tried to partially close the 0.01 lots!

    Also the CTF version does not partially close so I would have expected that to be better, I have had 3 losing trades with CTF and no wins so far….

    I think I have wasted enough time and money on this!

  71. It seems to me that they only wanted to sell APB so they could spam all us suckers… er traders.. with endless spam trying to sell every other crappy bot or service that comes along.

    If I sound a little jaded I guess it’s ‘cuz I am and so far APB SUCKS !

  72. Hi Geoff,
    Altogether, I have had 2 losses and 2 wins on APB and 3 losses and 2 wins on CTF two of which I closed myself

  73. Hi Bob
    We do seem to be getting very different results with different brokers, I use Alpari (Micro) and FinFX (ECN).

    After I loaded v3 I had 2 losing trades on my Micro account using 0.02 Lots, after 6 losing trades with v2 so I think I have given it a fair trial…

    Time for a refund I think!

  74. For those that wanted my opti settings for ctf

    UseMoneyManagement=true; Risk=5; Lots=0.02; Parameters_Use_Extra_Digit=true; MinStrongBar=96; StopLoss=360; TakeProfit=430; MagicNumber=0;

    This ea has a few ups and downs even with these settings. Did well through Dec and Jan which are the toughest months of the year. Only change risk to match your risk tolerance. 4,5 or 6, will return much different profits and losses. These are those underground settings you don’t have to pay for…..use with caution…..GL trading

    Opti the standard version right now. The version 1.3 out of box lost money testing over a 4 month timeframe. WILL POST OPTI NUMBERS FOR THIS ONE AS WELL..this will take a couple of days….GL trading

  75. Hi Folks..This EA has a mind of it’s own…too bad we can’t see all the important TP
    I have tried everything to get it to TP moved settings down to 5,10,15 20 doesn’t seem to make any difference.
    Anyone know if platform is interrupted or restarted …does the Ea stop controlling the trades.
    This Ea has some potential but needs to be made to follow orders…( it thinks it controls the user.)
    Be nice if it would move SL to free trade when in profit.
    Anyone notice that when you close then restart the platform it usually enters a trade?
    Needs a good shaking….jim

  76. Still opti fx version but have alot better numbers to post when done compared to out of box settings. Only about half way through opti. Another couple of days so hang in there.

    Have ctf sell eur @ 1.

  77. Hey all– In my opinion DO NOT USE APB FX version 1.3
    Four solid days of optimization and I could not get it to be profitable. I will be sending support a sugestion for a fix for the issues. If you are using the fix to take all profit at selected tp, that one I will download and opti.

    Now we know

  78. I agree … 1.3 is not profitable on a backtest over the most recent 4 months EURUSD 1hr charts.
    Can APB support comment?

  79. Marty – not sure what’s happening but this thing is actually working, albeit on a demo account. Started trading on an Interbank demo on the 22nd and in the week (including today) it’s made $248 profit. That includes 3 losses on the CTF @ $50 and a few minor losses on the FX. Am using version 1 with TP50 and SL30. Will keep you posted!

  80. Thanks Andrew for your input. I think I will reload version 1 myself and replay. version 1.3 likes to let the other 1 third fall back for rather large losses when it should break even or at least have a trailing stop.

    ctf has me at 2 wins, 1 loss with my posted settings. the loss could be from man taking of the other half of trade and closing. Support said it might open trades it wasn’t suppose to if you man close an open trade. I don’t know yet.

  81. There is no problem with AUtoPip Customer service. I myself waited for the updated version after their announcement on last monday. I waited 6 days to receive the updated file but I did not not, so I emailed their customer service and within 24hrs I got my updated 1.3V of AutoPip.

    The Updated version works perfectly. Auto Pip is performing in my BOOK…

  82. I have tried this EA since 15th Feb and it looked promising, but it has proved disappointing overall.

    We don’t get screen shots of the AutoPipBot’s account now, because it won’t look so good if it looks like mine (a few $s in profit). They did at least have customer support which was a plus, but it is time for a refund unfortunately because I wouldn’t trust it with real money.

  83. Since I started GO Trader in the demo $1000. account is as follows:
    APB FX -$111.36
    APB CTF +$104.04
    Feb 18 – MAr 3 2011
    Not great.

    In order from top to bottom:

    Inputs for FX: T, T, T, 6. .3 50 30 112233 3
    Inputs for CTF: T, 10. .1 T 100 500 600 1122
    I want to make more than 100. per month

  84. I’m going to try the inputs from Marty.
    I tried to install the new version 1.3 to Go Trader and will not let me do it. Says I need permission. Does anyone know the reason for this??

  85. latest eur trade- ctf only–I am not using fx at this time

    2011.03.02 11:00 buy 1.70 eurusd 1.38357 1.37997 0.00000 2011.03.02 15:36 1.38849 0.00 0.00 0.00 836.40

    that was first half. second half up 605.00 as we speak. I added a trailing stop to trade of 115 or 11.5 pips.

    Want to see if it messes with the ea. If not well then, maybe I will have to semi-man trade with alerts

  86. Second part eur trade taken out with trailing stop. Looks like it did not adversely effect ea.

    2011.03.02 11:00 buy 1.70 eurusd 1.38357 1.38701 0.00000 2011.03.03 07:19 1.38701 0.00 0.00 0.80 584.80

  87. The response from support…Yes I did get a…Looking into this. sl to break even or a trailing sl after 1st set of lots tp

  88. Hello Hay like everyone says they wont give you your money back. PBP says give it 2 weeks or so,I did use paypal and they are vary nice at getting your money back I have 1 week left, the software did not work on the FXCH broker, would not or did not have the inputs tab, still had a smiley face, how do you get the inputs to work???

  89. ctf produced a nice bit of profit on a sell eur trade. could have made much more if ea had a trailing stop. I am still not running the fx bot

  90. another solid eur sell trade to tp. put a trailing stop after that and took down the rest below tp. still only using ctf. waiting on word from support about suggested upgrades.

  91. NO word from support and no upgrade as of yet. Have both versions on the sidelines as of right now. Will email again about the needed upgrades…Will post response if I get one..GL trading

  92. Staying away from FX, wiped all my profits from CTF. Switching to these settings starting tonight:

    MM = true
    Risk = 5
    MinStrongBar = 290
    StopLoss = 360
    TakeProfit = 500

    Will keep you updated.

  93. Carlos-Thanks of the update….both my bots are on the sidelines at the moment untill we receive upgrades that fix some issues……Thanks…GL trading

  94. Placed a trade on 4/20, 0.40 of the EurUsd at 1.43660.

    Closed 0.20 on 4/20 @ 1.441660 for 50 pips. 6h 54m after initial trade.

    Closed 0.10 on 4/20 @ 1.44938 for 127.8 pips. 17h 11m after initial trade.

    Still have 0.10 open, netting about 228 pips.

    Will keep you updated.

  95. The remaining 0.10 lots were closed a little while back for a profit of 174.4 pips, 38 h after the initial trade was opened. Let’s see what its next move will be…

  96. Shorted 0.50 EurUsd @ 1.45594 at about 6:15 p.m. Came very close to the SL but is currently 37.7 pips in profit.

  97. Closed the remaining 0.20 lots @ 1.45954 for a loss of 36 pips. Total for this trade (0.6*50.2)+(0.40*(-36)) = 15.72 pips.

  98. Carlos-how’s the trading going? Still have bots on sidelines for now untill either an upgrade or fixes come along. Please keep us posted as to your progress..Thanks GL trading

  99. I may have found a solution for CTF bot. Would still let the bot run on profit but stop its losses due to a reversal. Info to come shortly…when I get it..GL trading

  100. has anybody tried using Rita Laskers trailingator? I think if it was set up right it could prove highly useful with this ea (ctf version)

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