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403 thoughts on “Auto FX Millionaire”

  1. Just finished watching the promo video for this system and decided to have a poke around the statement sources. The thing that strikes me funny is that near the top of the source code, the line : ‘Statement: 1389070 – Isaiah Gholson’ is included.

    We are lead to believe his name is Matthew.

    Obviously dishonest from the start!

  2. Where did you find that on the Statements, I can only see 2 of them, one belongs to Matthew Burton and the oter to a beta tester called Mark Ingram.

  3. another reason this is fake or demo account if u see bottom of the statements ,it shows deposit 1500 dollars and profit 1 million or something,but withdraw money shows,0.00 thats my point,now i’m gonna tell you guys any money you withdraw from real accounts shows even 10 dollars you withdraw,please dont buy it, its scam.

  4. I’m not sure if it’s a scam. That depends on the results!
    You can go here to see:
    First day was well good enough!
    But it is expensive. I suspect with upsells it’s maybe $134 p.m. to run on auto. Devious marketing as ever.
    I will be watching for a week or two to see how it goes.
    We have all been disappointed before…
    Only use money you can afford to lose!

  5. Mixed views on this one. Only 2 losing trades out of 26 or so. OK there. Took the Platinum version and I am sure on the sales funnel it said “one off” payment but it is recurring. To add insult to injury, Platinum which is supposed to trade more pairs, does not work. Matthew claims the server is down but it has been down for 4 days now. Early days yet but I’ll stick with it for a while as the frequency of trading is high and the win rate high. Keep you posted.

  6. None of the forex robots I have tested worked. But I prefer to give it a go when it is recurring payments. At least the guy knows he needs to provide good service if he wants to see your money ever again. Rather than the one of payment. He gets the money beforehand and if he survives the Money Back period he is done.

  7. I have already subscribed this system at 22/08/2011 of $ 37/monthly. I use a real account with a capital of $ 158. So far I have increased the capital profit of $ 191. Matthew suggestions below $ 1,000 of capital we have to use a lot pips equals 0.01.

  8. hi do you have to in put lot size and keep adjusting it as the account incresses or is there an auto management option?

  9. Hi Ian, Matthew suggestions after your capital above $1000 you put your lot size 0.1. If your first capital $1000 you can put your lot size 0.1. Just now my capital increased $198.09.

  10. From 22/08/2011 to Today 17:03
    Lost 23.3 pips
    Profit 325.6 pips.
    Just now autofxmillionaire trade EURUSD

  11. Hi Shahrul, thanks for the information, does it matter which chart and time frame I attach the Ea too? As i cant find any instructions for this in the members area. Thanks

  12. Hi Ian, you are welcome. So far this system is awesome. Today update my profit about $20.71. You imagine use $1 per pips how much your income today? I propose to who says the system is a scam, you is not too late to try. Only with a capital of $ 200 your money will be doubled without ringing hard.

  13. Made 5000$+ in just freaking 4 days :O…

    You people should wait till I make million dollar until consider this as a scam…

  14. I’ve paid for the Manual system and the $37.00 a month system and so far have received nothing. Did you people that bought the system get an immediate download or how long did you have to wait for it. I paid on the 23rd August.

  15. Update 26/08/2011 Profit 278.1pips Loss 1.3pips
    Update 22/08/2011 to 26/08/2011 Profit 489.8pips Loss 23.3pips
    Comparison :
    Master Trades VS Your Trades
    Profit :505.7 489.84
    Loss :48.6 23.3

    24 & 25/8 No Trade My computer Problem.

  16. Hi Ian, you can attach the EA to any chart or timeframe. I used EURUSD 1 hour chart. Sandra, my login information came after about an hour.

  17. Hi
    I have sent an email to their support area, so hopefully I will get some sort of an answer by monday, because I would like to start it on a demo first and after a few days on my real money platform. Shahrul are you demoing it or have you bitten the bullet and put it onto a live (real)account.

  18. so far so good,…im happy with the software

    win pips,..361
    lost pips,..25


    total trades,..41,..

    win trades,..38
    lost trades,..3

    very good support,and fast,..the only problem, same times the site go donw,..when that happens, trades,..but on the last days, problems at all,..working very nice,..

    p.s, working in real account since 23/8/2011,..3 days, 336 pips,..its very good,..will see next week,…its to soon to make a party,…lol…

  19. What currency pairs does it trade?

    I am hoping to get my login very soon before the start of the week.

    Nelson did you buy the whole package or just part of it, I have the manual part and the $37.00 a month part. which have you got.

    Got my log in about an hour ago, wee hee fingers crossed.

  20. hi,..sandra,…i have the 37$, start,..if its good i will go to the platinium,..but untill now im very happy with the 37$ package,…very,..very good,..but its only running for 3 days,..lets see next weeks,..if you need any help,..feel free to contact me,

  21. I learnt that there are other extra systems available for purchase. Manual, Inner circle and platinum. Yet, no introduction on these extra systems could be found on the memember webpage. What are they anyway?

    Gordon, for the platinum version you said the sale promo was ‘one-off payment’ but it turned out to be recurring when you bought it. Have you asked them to explain why there was such a discrepancy?

  22. Hi i purchased platinum and have received nothing!!! Sent about 5 emails and i am really cross!! I’ve justnow received some log in details but when i go to the link it is his sales pitch again!? What is the link to sign in please? i’ll see if this password etc works…

  23. The statement are fake. why he is not show myfxbook statement to the public?.. the statement of mark ingram shows largest loss trade -639.55, but the statement shows several largest loss trade than this. fake…………………….Scam people………………………………. The whole statement manually created with html editor/other source.

  24. To Anas if statement is fake why I have profit last week about 489pips at my real account.If you subscribe and then you see at members area and you can see master trades and your trades are same.You try first because he give you 30 days trial.You see nelson and I how many pips I get last week.I USE REAL ACCOUNT NOT DEMO ACCOUNT!!!!

  25. To Tiger yes this statement for $37/m,same like me subscribe.You can ask nelson last trade is EURUSD last week.

  26. I bought this system and unlike his posted results it seems it only trades 2 currency pairs. I asked for a refund and got it, but was then charged the $37 again plus an additional $97.00. No idea why. I am currently asking for another refund. I haven’t found any of these fx programs to work. Good luck buyer beware

  27. yep,…eur/usd,..and still open,…untill now im very happy with the software,…lets see next weeks,..41 trades,..only 23 pips lost,…38 win trades,..profit 341 pips,..for me is good,….i start on the first day with lots,..0.01,..and now im on 0.06 lots,..vry good support and fast, happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,….

  28. To Jon marquess,how come you got only 2 trades?I have a lot a trades? In Friday I got 24 trades 278pips.What day you got only 2 trades?First day I Bought this sofware (22/8/2011)I only got 1 trades.Be passion this a key to success.

  29. im with,..2.000$,…like they explain in the website, you can open lots,..0.20,..but im in with 0.06,..evry day i incrise the lots size,…0.07,..0.08,..0.09,..untill, 0.10, i wait,..when i have more than 3.000$,..0.15 lots,…

  30. hope soo, my friend,..but, its only running for 3 days, soon to make a party, wait and see next weeks,..untill now im very happy,..but, for what i see around we are the omly 2 happy with this software,..i dont understend,..

  31. Hey all..have Q’s for those running live accounts

    Is it by email or download page…log in page

    Anybody running this on VPS and where is there servers..UK

    I am running FH very successfully and looking for another bot that trades completely different then a martingale type

    Is there an auto lot money man system in place?

    thanks for your time


  32. Shahrul and Nelson, I agree with both of you. The software is good. It is working great for me. On Friday I had about 24 trades on an account of $1,600 and they were all profitable. I use .10 on my Demo account. I intend going life later this week. It appears it is being traded by a real person as against the experience I had with Forex Pro cloner. Pro cloned wiped out my account and it is difficult now convincing my wife that we should put in more money in forex trading. I have decided to put in $1000 of real money without her knowledge and then wait for the outcome. I have a broker that gives %50 bonus if u open an account with them. So with an account of $1000, I will end up having $1500. Have a good trading week.

  33. Signed up for the platinum subscription. I’ll run it for one to two weeks on a demo account, then decide on the next step. Might continue the demo, go live, or ask for a refund. Depends on the results.

    A few observations, concerning previous comments and questions.

    First, the sales page for the platinum subscription does indeed say it is a one-time $97 payment. But the page where you actually sign up and pay indicates that it is recurring. Not a big deal to me, since I’ll know before the month is out whether I think it’s worth keeping or not. Plus, I would expect it to be recurring given that the basic subscription is as well, and this is an expanded version of that. But they need to either remove the one-time payment claim, or honor the claim. I don’t think they’re deliberately trying to deceive anyone, but they need to address this.

    Also, as I understand it, this is not a robot – it is a live trader or traders, and the software copies their trades into your account. That’s what you’re paying for. If it was a robot, I wouldn’t sign up for it as I do not trust robots to trade my money.

    The basic subscription ($37/month) pays for trading two currency pairs. The platinum subscription ($97/month) pays for all the pairs we see included on the sales page.

    The beta-tester’s account looks to have been traded more aggressively than they’re recommending for us. At least in the beginning it was. He started with $500, yet his initial trades were 0.15 lots. Based on the recommendation, it should have been either 0.01 lots or 0.05 lots. Not totally sure on this yet. Again, not that big of a deal. Just something to be aware of.

    Note too that two of his first three trades were losers, yet there was no lot reduction. Again, it looks to have been an aggressively traded account.

    The beta-tester took his $500 account to over $10,000 in the first month. That’s an increase of 20x the original balance, which is insane. Dropped off from there, but still a remarkably impressive month-to-month increase the last three months. Assuming it was indeed a live account.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about this, and the claims of success during the first week by previous posters here sound genuine to me. Let’s see how we do for the next few weeks now.

  34. One other item, real quick. If you’re not sure about being able to afford the $97 subscription but don’t want to miss out on getting it, don’t worry. Yes, it says on the sales page that you’ll never see the offer again, but don’t believe it. This is standard sales pitch stuff. You’ll have the chance to upgrade later inside the members area, if you decide you want to.

    So go with $37 option to start if you’re not sure. If it works as well as claimed, you can then take some of your profits to pay for the upgrade. So don’t feel pressured by the whole “you’ll never have another chance at this offer again till the end of time so you better take it now” thing. Seriously, you think if you tell them a few weeks or months down the road that you’re ready to pay them $97 a month, they’re going to say no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. To Todd, you said the basic subscription provides trading of two currency pairs.. I thought there was only one pair for basic subscription, i.e EURSUD, what is the second one?

  36. I think it trade 5 pairs as it shown on MT4i link
    This link Commented by Alex on August 24, 2011 @ 4:46 pm. Please Alex will you give us an explanation about this link?

    @ Shahrul Thanks for your reply, so if that link is the same as your statement that means $37 option it provides trades of five or more currency pairs.

  37. Alan, could be my mistake but I understood the basic subscription to trade the EUR/USD & GBP/USD. The platinum version appears to trade six pairs, based on the two accounts shown on the main sales page.

    A couple of questions I have for the people already using the software for a week. First, did you attach the EA to only one currency pair, or to all of the ones that come with your subscription level? It appears that one pair is sufficient, but I’m not sure of this. Also, did anyone happen to notice what their largest drawdown was last week?

  38. Hi Todd, So far basic subscription trades 4 currency pairs EURUSD,GBPUSD,GBPJPY,USDCAD.You only attach the EA at 1 currency only.I put at EURUSD (1H chart).Good Luck!!!

  39. Hi All,

    I have just attached it to my live account of $6.6k at .3, fingers crossed. If you read the ea attached it says it trades all currencies. The only worry is that the it is flashing on the account, not sure why. Anyway I will keep you all posted on the outcome. If it is as good as Nelson says I just might upgrade to the platinum one.

    Like I said Fingers Crossed, and I will keep a close eye on it.

  40. It may not work well with all brokers. I will start with 1 micro lot. Safety of account. If not on VPS I suggest you get one….gl trading

  41. Thanks Shahrul. I stand corrected then on the basic subscription.

    I’ve got the EA setup on a single chart, and it appears to be working fine. Let’s see what this puppy can do.

  42. Hi all,
    Subscribe to the 37/month, in fact it will trades of 7 pairs,
    EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, GBPJPY, EURCHF, EURJPY. Last week trades only 4 pairs only. We’ll wait for this week.
    Good Luck All…

  43. Hi all,
    AutoFxmillionaire ranked first since it was introduced to the public by the ‘best forex robots.
    Capital $ 5,000 now $ 7,819. Very impressive.

  44. Mine is still flashing on the screen, anyone else having this trouble, not flashing as much now but still doing it.

    Gonna contact support, they seem to answer very quickly.

    And yes I will see how it goes before getting a VPS, will trial it for this week on the account and then transfer it over the weekend.

  45. Installed….you may get a different result if not on super fast VPS….may not get all trades…also do you have a broker that has no requotes… is a plus with a trade copier…we shall see….gl trading

  46. Never had a requote from my broker, but will look at the VPS on the weekend, and will keep checking the site to see if I am missing any of the trades, so far this morning there has only been one trade that I missed, and that was because I had not set up the EA. Seems to be working ok now.

  47. Checking the master trades on the site everything seems to be fine. It’s early times here in Australia and it would appear that the EA runs mainly on the London & US markets.

  48. I use black box but there are many good ones out there. Sandra, may I ask which broker you are using? TP maybe?

  49. And as any other EA, it will stop working when too many people acquire it. For next EA, if it works, keep it to yourself. You deserve to be recompensed for being brave and have jumped in first.

  50. Hi Shahrul,

    Do u mean u just attach ea to e/u 1hr chart and dats it? it’s gonna trade other pairs as well?
    may i ask which broker do u use? tot it’s suppose to work with any mt4 broker, but when attach to my oanda mt4, a message came up saying the ea doesnt work on oanda mt4.
    which vps do u use? i’m on ultra. cheap. haha.

  51. @ DL, I just attach this EA only on EURUSD. The rest will be managed by autofxmillionaire.
    @ Dila, I used broker Hotforex. I like this broker because the low spreads. Bonus 50%
    I do not use the VPS.

  52. I set up the EA yesterday but so far none of any trades was able to be opened automatically, as shown on the `master trade’ on the members’ page, nor was the pending ‘sell limit’ order on the EURUSD. I found from the EA column a few error message saying ” Trade List file is not valid”. I sent a few emails to the Support but so far no reply has been received yet. But on the EA Box attached to the chart, the number reading shows to be growing, which the EA says it is supposed to be working properly. I just do not know why no trade could be automated. Can anyone help please?

  53. hi today i lost over ยฃ1000 of my ยฃ10000 live account, feeling very sick now. using 1 lot per ยฃ10000 as is recommended is to much, i had to closs out 4 trades maunaly as the risk was too great. I have now adjusted my lot size to 0.1 lot with my rmaining ยฃ9000 and will try agian this time with more care

  54. Hi Ian,
    How can you be lost? You do not have to close manually. In my first experience using this Software after the candle up so high it will go down again. You have a large capital you need not fear. You use the ยฃ 10,000 equivalent to $ 16,+++. No problem with the lots you are using.
    I also follow what is recommended at the moment there is no problem. You have to be patient. This is the Forex world.
    For now, open trade is EURUSD, GBPJPY (3) all sell.

  55. Hi Ian,
    All the trades are now in profit, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and hang in there, you would probably have been under bt $2k but would still have had a huge margin, at present if you had hung on you would have been up around $900.00

    Takes nerves of steel sometimes. Just keep the faith. One GBP/JPY has come off at a profit for me of $35.00 the other two are up. Paid my monthly subscription already. Fingers still crossed though.

  56. hi sandra, balls of steelI think and you must have them!! well i have now set lot size at 0.25 and will run with that for a while. I still think 1.0 lot for $10000 is to much as the system opens so many trades, if we are all in profit by the end of the week i will start trading at 0.5/ $10000.This is no scam though we will all be winners or all be loosers and we can watch it unfold in the members area

  57. A lot of it can depend on the margin requirements of your broker. I’m in the United States and usually go with US based brokers, but the margin is only 2%, or 50:1 leverage. With the number of trades this thing apparently can open at once, that could be an issue. I may look into going with a reputable overseas broker that allows more than 50:1 leverage and still takes US residents. But those can be hard to find anymore.

  58. on the second day,..was down near all day,..but since than, problems,…lets see today,..rrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh

  59. Bugger coz the two GBP/JPY were up by 13 & 14 pips each, which is what they took the st trade off at, but they never took them off, I hope it was not because their site went down!!!!!

  60. They should be ok they are overbought on the Williams%R and the CCI, well at least I hope they will be ok, seems to be back online again now

  61. I C.. have gotten all trades that master has….so far

    use the first few weeks as a testing period… to trade another day

  62. The GBP is still very strong against all the other major currencies, but that will probably change when the London Market closes in an hour or so, It can’t stay up there forever. I have put a sell on, on my other account

  63. USD pending homes sales -ve number should cause some risk aversion followed by strong jpy yen.

    Note: This friday is the non-farm payroll, previous 117k, expected 90k. Normally when expectations are lower than the previous # , GBp/jpy pair starts to price in the negative sentiment starting mondays of the week when the non-farm payroll is schedule. Vice versa. Lets see !

  64. Hello saw your comments want to let you know trading forex Auto millionare on Fnfx demo start 22 aug to frid 26 aug start 3600 fryday 5800 today monday 29 aug 321 pm cst 5998.00 3600=.36 5998=.6 seems to be working, trading 4 pairs, eurusd,gbpusd,gbpjpy,usdcad. Signe up for ptanium tarades but not getting platnum trades yet. “Get basic 37per month for 4 pairs account up 59% 5 days . Worth a look. About one more week will take it live!! Would like phone number to support if any one runs accrss for emergecy help if neede. Thansk Rober Horner I think this is is winner . Had 45 ttoal trades last weeek 2 loss = 39.00 i dont know how it does it . Just let it trrade if you put .0 lot you can manage present trades and not take nanmore avers 5- 6 trades a day 11 tops in looking at 68 trading days. 6000=.6 6100=.61 finfx no trade below .1 unless micro acct demo .1 min Good luck hope this helps a l little. Still need phone number to support if anyone runs accroos would like that. Thanks Robert Horner

  65. Fx Cutie , why not stop trying to make too much money on one trade and be a little conservative. If you do this you will not blow out you account. Money management is most important

  66. I missed 3 trades:-
    GBPUSD SELL LIMIT 2011-08-29 23:00:07,
    GBPUSD BUY LIMIT 2011-08-29 23:00:06,
    USDCAD BUY 2011-08-29 22:33:00

  67. Ron,
    Using his manual system or mine, I never trade the JPY, too much interference from the JApaneese. I use Henry Lui’s Currency Strength meter and a combination of indicators.

    I have afeeling that the current trades that are underwater are as a result of the site going down, because they were both up the same amount as the trade that they took off.

    And yes Cutie, Money management is the key to this.

  68. Hey Cutie…seen you around awhile….you gave up on FH? Piece of cake.
    One must have patience—Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties.

    Patience is the level of endurance one’s character can take before negativity.

  69. Best course of action for me is always use a conservative approach.

    thought you were using or trying forex hacked or maybe it was lady bot.

  70. mmmmmmmmmmhhhh,..not yet,..SANDRA,..i think we gona have a bit of stress with gbp/jpy,……lol..

  71. The trend is down though , but slowly, always seems to take longer to come down than it does to go up. I put on a sell at 126.460 and it is now up $260.00 on my other account. ANd this is wavering around up a little then down, I still think the trend is down.

  72. Anybody help !

    It was running fine yesterday but starting this morning its giving me an error : trade list file is not valid. and its hasn’t open the trades for today

    thank you

  73. Try taking the EA off, and then putting it back on, you need to go through the whole thing again, make sure you allow live trading, so make sure you tick all the boxes, plus support will help you

  74. you people don’t need to follow the suggested lot size…If you trading a demo of 10,000$ then use the lot size of .50…You have to understand we are on a huge crisis unexpected news and natural disaster can whipsaw your account…I don’t know if the person behind the trade is real or not but its better to take the safe size…

  75. anybody else getting — failed to download trade list (1) flashing in red on the right side of chart?

    sent support an email about it

  76. Alna & Marty (I have the same problem). I have everything right and I am not new to forex or EAs. I have sent an email to support with the snapshot.

  77. Apparently it’s because your computer talks to their computer every second and if it misses a second then it shows that message, only need to worry if you get messages like we got last night instead if (1) it was (213) etc, which means your computer stopped linking to theirs for 213 seconds. Thats what they told me.

  78. Not sure of this, they seem to want the GBP to go in both directins, Up against the USD and down against the JPY, both currencies are showing strength on my meter, seems silly to me to want it to go both ways!!!

  79. Thanks Sandra, just read in members section..gbp buys are gone. only 2 sells left now.

    You still holding on to that sell you made I hope.

    VPS has 7 different servers..could be the one I am on now # 4. Increased my lot to .10…should be quite safe….well under recommended lot size

  80. It came off the same time the other one did, got $538.00, not bad seeing as how I never trade the JPY, but sometimes when it seems that it has all gone pearshaped its not as bad as it seems, plus what goes up must come down, it’s just a matter of when. This is doing very nicely so far. Well and truely paid for itself, for quite some time.

  81. Am getting this next week. @shahrul can i ask what lot size you’re currently trading on and how many of those lots you’re using per trade? Am awaiting your answer so that i can make an informed decision

  82. Hi Joegathu,

    On my live account with this I am trading .2, started at .3 but then decided that they only had to open three trades and you have almost a full contract exposed, so I have dropped it down. Better to err on the conservative side.
    On my other account I trade .5 because I have control of that one, well I guess I have control of both but I try and keep my nose out of the EA
    I notice they have huge T/P on the last couple of trades, GBP/USD at 499 pips and the USD/CAD both at 501 pips. They must be expecting some big news, there was some news this morning (my time) from the USA and there is some later on tonight (my time) from Canada.
    All in all it has made me on my EA account $400.00 odd dollars and still only half way through the trading week.
    Gotta be happy with that.

  83. On the wide take-profit and stop levels, just a guess on my part, but it could be they’re doing that to keep the brokers from running stops. Less likely to get taken out on one of those mysterious spikes up or down if your stops are several hundred pips away. Again, just guessing. I’m not following the trades super close, just check on them occasionally.

    Did also read elsewhere today that the $37/month subscription is *supposed* to be for only two pairs, while the $97/month is for seven. Doesn’t seem to be working that way at the moment however, if true. All the same, after all of two full days with this for me, looking pretty good.

  84. Hi all,
    Sorry for not send news. Yesterday was ‘Hari Raya’ to all Muslims in the world.
    @ joegathu I only use the lot only 0.01. For now my account is still ok even if trades are opened by 4 or more pairs.
    No matter how much trade is opened by autofxmillionaire if you use the right lot you will be able to survive in the forex.
    Monday (29/08/2011) is the day to make the traders like to be dead. You see how high prices rise and eventually in 30/08/2011 price dropped again.
    The beginners’ IT IS THE ACTUAL WORLD FOREX.
    1) Patience is the key.

    Good Luck All.

  85. What do we have ….5 open trades and 4 limits on……how interesting that is. Abit of hedging going on

    Sandra…may not need to upgrade…

  86. My platform only open 4 open trades and 5 limits on…
    Miss to open gbpusd 28155498(master trade ticket #….
    Maybe my spread is 0.8 not touch the price..

    To All Muslims trader I wants to wish ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’

    Good Luck All.

  87. Never seen a support like this people.Just disgusted….since purchasing the product this weekend sent 3 support ticket but no answer….Im still waiting for the license validation…absolute joke…anyone else had problem with support this week?

  88. It seems like they have vanished in thin air…will ask for refund from paypal (so that plimus can delay the return) if I dont hear from them by friday…

  89. Mohammed–Mine was instant,straight to email, to download, on chart working…15 min tops

    Had sent email to support about trade list and have received a response.

    Lic validation is your website password. Should have got that in the ( welcome to auto fx millionaire ) subject line of first email

  90. Hi Marty

    I have not recieved any welcome email apart from plimus and paypal sales reciept.There is no website password.
    Sent an email to them directly and via plimus and still no respond.Just getting seriously annoyed now.

  91. No respond from the support whatsoever,include in the question about base and platinum version.
    These people shouldnt be aloowed to conduct online business, seriuosly.

  92. mmmm…Hello gud people…i hv been following all ur comments, and thiz really looks to be interesting thing…i am new in forex and last week i opened demo account to try this EA nd eventually t cought my eye with 1st 24 trades with no loss…nd mannaged 2 gv it a try…i am live now with $250 which is in $65 profit right now…i am looking forward to see how it gonna do…eat my account or feed it…nhaha aniy…today no tp…i will b wa8 petiently… nd u all have a gud day cheers…

  93. usdcad thz movement isn’t good @ all…aniy it is still part off what i am waiting to see…:) good or bad…i blif thr should b a breakout very soo…if it breaks down…thz will be bad..lets pry t breaks up…

  94. Hi Tira,

    Welcome to the club.
    1) Do not forget proper money management.
    2) Follow the instructions given.
    3) Use the correct lot.

    Good Luck!

  95. Hi Tira
    you bet I did.It just didnt arrive.their email is on the saf e list of mine,so it cant go to spam folder anyway.
    Did anyone have any communication with support this week?
    if u have please let me know how you went.Appreciate it.

  96. hi mohammed, i also did not receive my log in details but i figured it out its the bank receipt and your email. hope this helps

  97. Bought the EA today. Didn’t have any problems at all. Currently trying it out on a demo before i go live. So who’ll welcome me to the club ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Have been trading with this on a demo account for about 1 1/2 weeks and am up $280. Strongly considering taking this live. The biggest thing I can see is to properly control risk by using smaller lot sizes. My demo account started at $1K and once I figured out how I changed the lot size to .1, but almost reached margin due to the number of trades open at the same time. I dropped it back down to .01 but plan to go to .03.

    I am very pleased at this point so we shall see….

  99. Hi joegathu,

    Welcome To The Club…& Welcome To The Forex World..

    ‘Beginning where your heart is beating strong’

    1) If you go live better go in 05/September/2011..
    2) First week in September…
    3) This is my opinion not my recommendation…

    Good Luck!!!

  100. Hello, a question for those who have purchased the Ea. I wonder if they make a purchase all you months to do so only once to charge you every month automatically.

    Another thing, when you enter the page to buy, apart from the $ 37, there are 6 more tax dollars. I’m from Spain here pay VAT of 18% What you have taken it too?

    thank you very much

  101. me too..i thought it was my pc so i uninstalled everything and still doesn’t work but thats ok i know this guy can make some serious money..

  102. Hey all recently subscribed to this system and today it picked up a gbp jpy trade, the master trade made 7.8 pips, i made a loss of 74.1 pips anyone have the same issue??

  103. Well ive sent an email to support to find out whats happening, makes me wonder how often it is going to happen……

  104. other than this trade its been going really well lots of trades and good pips, will stick with it and see, money management with this system is vital……

  105. Same like me I loss 68.2pips
    But I lucky I use only 0.01 lot and loss $8.90.
    Money management protect my capital..

    Good Luck All…

  106. I had a 70.1 pip loss I should have closed the trade manually when it was in profit and realized the system was down . NEXT time.

  107. Suggest all send support a ( so why no backup system ) type email. I did

    I will not use this without one.

    Lowering lots to .01

    I have and use other EA’s that rock so I don’t need to run this one

  108. Any body else getting this error or know how to fix it? It comes up about ever 1-2 minutes.

    2011.08.31 10:15:22 autofxmillionaire GBPUSDmicro,M15: ERROR: Trade list file is not valid (2)


  109. I had 76.7 pips loss (master = 7,8 win), trade close 51 min later than master trades (I wonder why? – broker cannot explain – using Finexo).

    Alberto – we here in Spain pay EUR32,24 including 18% IVA. That’s ok (but paying each month!).

    Somebody has asked support of AFM why the difference between our trades an the master-trades, specially time differenc?

  110. in the blue box under –broker server connection.says (offline) I take this to mean we are disconnected from master server. Is this correct?

  111. Hi Marty, mine says online, but you are correct… that does mean you are not connected to the server. Have you contacted support?

  112. Hi all,
    I had a 79 pip loss and missed four trades. I have a VPS so I’m surprised at the number of times this is losing connection. I’m contacting my VPS provider and also support, they really should be sorting this out.

  113. got blue box back by uninstalling mt4 and restore on vps…. says online now…hummmmm

    some glitches to fix I say

  114. Fox I run Forex Hacked. After about a 1000 hrs of testing and 6 months later I found the majic #’s to use. With Hacked you have to think ( outside the box ) I have not published that info

  115. Thanks Marty, I had heard that all of the EA programs were scams. I actually tried this one to see if something real existed. Still to be determined ๐Ÿ˜‰

  116. Hey guys, the people reporting the 60-80 pip loss … i had the same thing happen to me… however, I was actually present at my computer as it happened .. my MT4 trader was acctually the one who was disconnected from the server and wont connect back till i contacted the broker and they fixed the “unknown” problem with the demo servers. This is why I had the loss.. maybe it was the same for you guys ?

  117. Hi all, please compare the time of closing the trade #28183218 (Master Trades) with time of closing on your MT4 (loss of 60 – 68 pips). In my case there is a difference of 51 minutes – therefore something did not work fine. I asked support an am waiting for their response.

  118. Yep me too. Gotta say this is the second time this week that their servers went down. Have sent an email to their support to ask why!!!!!, No all that happy!!!!

  119. Hi All,

    This is my trades on 31.08.2011

    Win 209.7pips
    Loss -136 Pips
    Overall 73.7 pips

    Still make a profit.

    Good luck All.
    ‘You must believe in yourself’

  120. Also why it’s a good idea to start something like this on a demo account, or if live, with very small lots at first.

    All in all though, this does look promising, even if they still have a few kinks to work out. Don’t think I’ll be going live next week, but probably will the week after that.

    Concerning an earlier post where someone said they had not received their password – check the reference number from you Plimus email. That’s your password.

  121. Hello folks: Just dropped buy to let you know my FinFX demo acct doubled today in 7.5 days trading. I am usin g startin out 3600=.36 3660 =.37 7300=.73 I let it go to 50%of total bal so at about 3500 margin remaiin i put the brakes on and chang to .1 lot this .1 lot ltets you coast up to 75% and whe trades start dropping off go below 50% magin avail go back to 7300=.73 if i go to sleep and concere about antyhin just set .1 lot sometise i set alarm for 4 hours to just check on things When i see the red margin tape and in fair profit on existin tades i get out set delet pending trades and set .1 i tied setting 0 in lot and multipler finfx still allowed trades to go through at .1 it thinks th .01 broacast must be a mistake so allow .1 to trade anyway. Double the account in 7 days3681 to 7364.00 you can also insert the market in capito letters

  122. ps found the contact phone number in the plimus recept page 01616299860 , addres 795 Rochdale road Manchester, United Kindom just found tonigh have not tried number yet but will. I am think avbout getting 5 of the basic subscription so fixed up about 7 new emaile address . I dont want to have all in one accout incase of trouble want to have 5 seperat accto goin proble with one is inconvenace other 4 keep churinn out money i htoug that wa a goo idasd comment???

  123. pss just aske for refund on platim service why pay 97 just get 3 of the basic ast 4 markets per 37 = 12 markets for 111.00 platium service does not work do not buy paltium hade it for 7 days just stay with basic service for notw!! Get 5 emaile get 5 basic goin and your set also set up on vps site i found a gert vps 5 mt4 for 24.95 they are in New Jersy. They got hammered doid not go down . Lost millioare today for a while lost about 97.00 but this vps stay up i am really impressed with this vps service. if you can stay u-p in a hurricane that speaks well.If you guy would like the web site just ask send me a emaile request vps site 24.95 is great for 5 mt4 platforms. Hope that helped somebody!! Rember go 5000=.5 hit 50% put bakes on set .1 things cool down hit the throtlle agin must wathc and think things trough Talk later Robert Horner

  124. pss if you se red comment evernow and then but the counter is cont up your ok if it loose contact for a nano seconumd 1 miiliont of a second it may trigger red comment but if counter goine up is ok. got it fro support at million suuport. Bye for now Robert Horner

  125. Robert,
    You say that we can set various pairs to not trade, Where do you do that and what pairs have you set to not trade. I personnally never trade the JPY or the CAD, so would like to take these two out of the equation.

    If you ma,age to talk to anyone in the UK, ask them why their server keeps going down, twice this week and one time (the Last time) very very costly.

  126. Psssss I have been on line trying out 20 different ea and whatnot this is the most excited i havenbeen in along long time. Ther support is hit and miss stay foccused learn how to managed this thing withot going bust and i thingk we have a reall winner hdere. I am goin to go live in a week or so i will start 2 accounts at once to start make 13000 in both bring 3000 home frome eaqch open up 2 more acct repeat groew to 13000 each bring 3000 home and repeat grow up and siedways. Thst my little plean for the moment. Just dreamming big. I thohg if i wrot it down it might come true. I know stupid , but i have been trying for 2 years , itstime!! Talk later Robert Horner

  127. You put the market you dont want to trade on th line marked do not trad and make sur e you use exact letter s big litlle put comma afte each pair i am trading EURUSD,GBPUSD,GBPJPY,USDCAD THESE

  128. Thanks Ian for the info,but that was not the issue here….After seriously getting annoyed I asked for a refund from plimus…and guess what?…Support replied back within 10 minutes…no joke…this is outrageous….I have been waiting for last 4 days with 4 support tickets opened ..and didnt have any respond from them..
    as soon as I asked for refund they were readily available within 10 minutes…And they only replied and fixed the license issue due to the fact I wanted refund…They ignored the other 3 support tickets and decided to keep quiet.

    when some of you getting really excited with their top notch support …I am wondering what world I am living in.

  129. Does anyone here really knows what the difference between vasic and platinum version?I need to know if I am wasting money on platinum or is it really worth it.Support wont answer my question so I dont know where to get that info.
    I would appreciate your info.thanks guys.

  130. Seems to me to be very little difference, I upgraded yesterday, just in time to get into two crappy trades. I have now lowered my lot to .1 and will let it go for the nexr week, If I can see no value in the extra then I will be looking for a refund of the Platinum part and just keep the other one. I also got the manual system, but seems to me to be just the zigzag thing all over again. Remaned of course to be the M & W system.

  131. As far as i can tell from comments of people who have got a reply from support the basic version will only be GBPUSD & EURUSD. All other pairs will be on the Platinum version.

    Apparently the reason we have been getting other pairs on the basic is because of a glitch with their server ut this is now being rectified and the basic will now be just the 2 pairs.

    This morning the only trades i have seen have been on the 2 pairs so it looks as if they might have now fixed the glitch

  132. I have been trading live with Auto FX since 22/08/2011 and I can honestly say….AWESOME EA. Without a doubt the most profitable ea I have tested out of 10 robots. Although I had a massive scare yesterday where it lost me 140 pips, overall I am still up 705 pips = $4,331.10 profit.

    My only hope is that they get their servers sorted out and that they control the losses with slightly better stop losses.

    I genuinly hope the success of this ea continues forward making the same sort of profits as it has done over the past week.

  133. The first 2 days I traded on the Basic version but because it gave instant results, I upgraded to Platinum and it now does a lot more trades and currencies. So far my profits have paid for the Platinum licensing for the next 32 months…not too bad.

  134. Hi Barry,

    To your knowledge is not limited to pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD.
    It will trade in the currency EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, USDCAD &
    No need to subscribe for the Platinum, Basic is already ok ..

    Good Luck All.

  135. Hello people, good to find a forum like this. It makes me feel a sense of belonging. This AutoFxMillionaire is really doing great, but I fear for the
    stop loss of 500pips.
    It’s kinda scary. Guyz, I wonder if 1lot is good for $20k account?
    Any advice?

  136. I personally have been increasing my lot by 0.1 for every $1000 my account increases. This is not advisable money management by most accounts but I have a really good feeling about this ea so my account is up to $10K and I am trading 1.0 lots.

  137. Hi all,
    anybody knows why there are so much trades without SL or high SL, whilst the examples on AFM-website show all trades with SL and mostly not so high as on the trades which the system sends?

  138. Their server is down again! If the software owner is here he should tell us why we always have this during NY session. Its very scary

  139. Dekade
    I think they are using fake st and tp to avoid triggering by the brokers…so they are hiding the actual st and tp….anyway that is what i am thinking.

  140. Hello Tira

    According to support the 500 SL has purposes. First it acts as a catastrophic SL in case of anything unforseen happening. Secondly it is to prevent the brokers from running the stops which is a favourite past time of brokers

  141. Many thanx to everyone, this forum has cleared up all the doubts that AutoFX support failed to do.

    I got in to this system on 21-Aug, and initially was not trading for two days. I thought I was cheated or somthing, I got response the first emails, but tens of emails later without response.

    No doubt, the system is making profit, but whats worring is the support is totally low.. I wonder how AutoFx can successfully run their business with this attitude. We all paid and will continue to pay for at least good service.

    I hope this message can reach them.

  142. hey all im running the basic version and today picked the euro jpy trades so not sure what currency pairs the platinum uses but so far its plenty for me..

  143. hello everyone i tried ther contact phone number 01616299860
    it goes to a test call. Doesnt go to England. I have had fair contact luck buy using the ticket system in the plimus receipt page to contact vendor. Tehy asked me to close the ticket when they answered my question but i had anothe folloup question and just kept the tickt open. seem to work once anyway.. Hope this thing works for us all I have high hhopes. Has anyone fond a great way to stop trades coming in and still manage trades goin on ok???i would like to here what your doing thanks. Bye for now Robert Horner

  144. I am now very scared, woke up this morning and open trades on my $10K account are presently down -3,274.0. Damn, I hope this comes back but I can tell you it is certainly very concerning. I am presently trading 1.0 lots and the ea is running 5 loss positions. -1209.45, -649.95, -455.88, -428.00, -451.94.

    I am not sure if I should switch it off and count my losses or if I should let it run in the hope it comes back to profit as it has done in the past. This is very unnerving.

  145. look guys, we all want to find the system that will make a million, I have been trading for 6 years and am still looking! but i am not sure if this is it. the master trades might well make a million but the trades we get are not keeping up. if they can sort out the server problem so as WE GET THE SAME TRADES AS THE MASTER THEN GREAT!! If not its a load of marketing hype. as any new mwember only sees the master trades which look fantastic and no doubt will show huge profit, but our accounts will be crap

  146. hi kmtopgun, i was trading 1.0 lot on my 10k live account and lost ยฃ1000 on day one because i closed out. Now i am trading 0.1 lot and i am not happy, see my comment above.

  147. The problem is I do not want to close the positions manually because in the past I have seen it go into negative for a while then it has always turned aroung and closed on a profit. Unfortunately with 140 pip loss the day before, I am now concerned it will do the same so I am in a dilema as to shut positions or let them run in the hope the ea will recover.

    -$3,500 draw down is 35% of my account, seriously scary.

  148. I had moved all new trades to .01 micro yesterday.

    Inherint problems with trade copiers

    lost connection with master server
    lost connection with broker
    signal lost or delayed
    slippage because of time delay
    lost power or vps down

    All these things can and will make you crazy using a trade copier. I have 7 open and 3 pending as we speak.

    Leo trader Pro tried it..nothing but problems

    I will give em another week to clean up their act. This master sever down crap has to stop.

  149. The only way a trade copier will work is if your account is attached using same broker ( as in a hub type )

    That is the only fix but AFM will not go that route.

  150. Hi all,

    Do not worry. If you use proper money management you will not be afraid.
    I just monitor my account every morning. No need to close it manually.
    @ KMTOPGUN you can use a lot size of 0.1 or 0.3. No need to put a lot too high. You only need to increase the size of the lot when you really feel the AFM is suitable for you.
    If you’re afraid to lose do not get involved in forex.
    So far I feel that AFM is a good system. You just need to be patient.

    Remember, the market will not be the same every day. Sometimes it is quicker to profit, sometimes it takes time spend a day.

    Good luck all
    ‘Trust yourself’

  151. Thanks for the feedback Shahrul. I am not afraid to lose, I just do not like losing. Well reversal is starting to happen, my open positions have gone from -$3,500 to -$2,500…..go baby go, do us proud.

  152. Hi all,

    Updated 01/09/2011

    Win 70.6 pips
    Still Running trades, EURUSD (2) and EURJPY (4)

    Good luck all
    ‘Trust yourself’

  153. My trades are up to -$4100.00 which is 41% of my trading capital. At -$5,00 I will not wait longer, I will pull the plug and close my trades manually.

  154. I have stopped Auto FX Millionaire and closed all my positions. It has taken me into a $5400 real money loss position.

    What an absolute crying shame. I really did have high hopes for this ea.

    Damn this is frustrating and infuriating…….

  155. Wow that’s a great way to lose $1000 – just been stopped out of all the trades on EURJPY and EURUSD. Your lucky you got out KMTOPGUN

  156. What a discgrace this EA is….On their live statement on the sales page I never saw a trade that lost more than few hundred pips any given time…what we see now is 5 trades opened for the same pair at the same time and kept going in the wrong direction…eating up all the equity and they dont even bother to close them..I dont mind taking loss as long as it is well managed.but this EA is a mayhem.
    I am done with this EA (even if all the trades come back to the right direction)…coz in the long run it will definitely wipe up the account.

  157. Just cancelled all the subscription for autofxmillionaire…
    Thanks everyone for sharing their experience..good luck to you all…hopefully it will turn out good for you guys.

  158. I have now closed all my purchased robots and have loaded my own robot which I had built 3 days ago based on 2 Stochastic indicators on 1 Min Chart. The robot cost me $175.00 to have built and over the past 3 days I have been tweeking the settings. It has made me $6200 on demo account in 1 day so I have now placed my own ea on my live account to make up the $5K Auto FX Millionair lost in 1 day.

    Fingers crossed guys, I will keep you posted. I have uploaded my Dual Stoch Robot 1 hour ago and already it has recovered $480.00 of my losses so here is hoping I am onto something good.

    Wish me luck.

  159. Another 1/2 hour has passed and I have recovered $811.00 of my AFM losses. This is starting to make me happy again. I have set my TP at 20 and my SL at 15 so even if my EA is totally wrong, it does not over expose me by much so at least I can now sleep without worrying that my account is going to be wiped out.

    In the past 1 and 1/2 hours my ea has done 26 trades with 6 losses and a net profir of $811 plus I have 4 active trades all in profit position.

    So far so good.

  160. 2 hours trading my ea now and I am up $1,104.09.

    Go baby, go…….

    I think I may have to start a new blog post based on the performance of my ea because it is no longer relevant to Auto FX Millionaire that has shattered my dreams. I am now going to create my own future and not be reliant on robots I have no control over.

    If my EA is successful long term, I will share it with you all…obviously at a price…LOL

    If Forex Machines adjudicator is reading this post, let me know if I nead to start a separate post based on the performance of my EA.

    If this does not work, my wife has threatened me that I have to stop trading so my future, my life now depends on me and me alone……

  161. I hope I have done this right? I do not have a url but I would love to have a separate blog on your site to keep everyone updated on the performance of my ea.

  162. I can also post a snap shot of all the robots I have tried since I started forex trading on 26/06/2011. The snapshot includes my own manual trades which I can say are disasterous because I am too emotional but more importantly because I am a gambler and the 2 certainly are a recipe for disaster in FOREX.

  163. Hello Topgun i dont mind having your ea please will like to have a talk with u incase i can get it or u send me ur email too. I had been following this thread of Fx auto millionaire ea but i dont trust it that much. Thank you.

  164. Hi Henry, yes, Auto FX Millionair has shattered my dreams and I was so hoping it was going to be the holy grail. Oh well, back to trials and tribulations. I will keep you posted on my ea results but am not sure how to give you my contact details via this forum.

    At this stage until my ea has given consistant results, I do not think it is wise for anyone else to try it. I will be the guinnie pig and let you know how it performs and if it is consistantly successful, I will let you all know.

  165. Using $10K of real money on an EA you’ve never tested is how to go about shattering dreams. It’s also my definition of foolish.

    AFM may not end up working as claimed, but the main problem they seem to have at the moment is maintaining the server connection. If they could fix that, which may end up being a big if, this still shows promise. Regardless, this is not a scam. It may not work out, but that doesn’t make something a scam.

    Best of luck with your own EA.

  166. I did not say it was a scam, I simply said it dropped $6,300 of my real money trading account in 2 days.

    I was confident AFM was good until the past 2 days and based on those 2 days, I have closed the EA so it does not wipe out my account.

    If they get their act together and get their server working properly, I will probably reload it but at present it is simply too risky.

  167. I simply want to make a trading profit and I will give most things a good try before I decide they are a waste of time.

    I have limited cash resources so I must monitor my trades closely.

    If a n ea is working great, I have no problem placing a 1.0 lot on a $10K account if it is a winner.

    Why waste time on 0.1 or 0.01 on a winning formula, make hay while the sun shines hence I trade 1.0 on a $10K account.

    Up until the crash 2 days ago, AFM made me $6,500 in 7 days which is a pretty good return. The only problem comes when it crashes and takes all those profits back and that was simplky due to the fact that they have no stop losses at times and at other time the stop losses are over 400 pips.

    If they can fine tune this and eliminate their server issues, then I truly believe AFM will be the best AEA on the planet.

  168. KMTOPGUN LISTEN to your fellow traders , first of all money management is key to any ones success in trading especially when you are dealing with a leveraged account. If you get GREEDY the market will PUNISH YOU and it will be ugly. So take heed and start off slow and easy.

    Happy Trading

  169. I have been using Auto FX Millionaire for two weeks. It grew my account 100% then i wake up this morning stopped out with a balance of $1. With .01 lot sizes.

  170. Forex Frenzy,
    I started with $100 and leverage if i remember is like 1:50 not quite sure its been awhile, using .01 lots with lite forex mt4. It was awesome to double my acct. size but very dissapointing when all was lost. Debating on wheter or not to try again.

  171. Topgun–your url is fine

    Enough for me folks, I have to manage all open trades. And to top if off, I accidently removed my other ea that has 4 open trades going. sheet…

    Asking for my refund…gl luck to all

    I will however stay tuned

  172. I am not going to ask only my refund, I am going to Quit the Forex Trade also! I think there is no Systems of making money on Forex that work… I tried many many systems, it work for few days or month then take all the profit back.

    Lol. But I think there are some people in this World can make it without those systems or Indicators, those people they have knowledge spiritual Powers. Eg the Yogis, Pranic, ML151 and many other arts. May be I can join some of this arts and do Meditation & Practice allot then I will back in Forex. lol
    Sorry with my bad English.

  173. If i could afford Henry Lou’s mentor program i would be set. He helped out at forexpeacearmy for awhile. I made good pips when i was able to get up early enough to follow his trade plans.

  174. KISS. (keep it simple stupid)
    This melancholic atmosphere
    is comical. Statistics don’t
    lie 95% of people loose money.
    who is the other 5%? you may say
    they are geniuses but you are wrong,
    couldn’t be further from the true.
    If you think you should quit forex
    today do it!. but don’t discredit
    valid sources. If you keep loosing
    money to the forex it is because
    with all do respect you are greedy.
    so now if you are mad and want to
    get back on and at least recover
    what you lost listen up before you

    Do your homework I have found many
    ways to positively earn money in the
    forex market and when you have found it,
    it would be up to your risk management
    skills to stay in the game. you are not
    going to make hundreds $$$/day with a
    few thousands you may get lucky for a
    while but is not a matter of if, but when
    you will crash. Forex is a brutal market,
    If you have a credible souce for forecasting
    and positions go agaist you your part is
    to trust the source and be patient. I’m not
    implying AFM is the source it is too early
    to tell. (KISS) Don’t try to beat an elephant
    with a stick. Learn the rules and be true to them.
    That’s all I got.

  175. I have been trading AFM for a week now, I am 343pips in positive, but those draw downs are -434pips, I just let it run, hopefully it will recover next week. One thing with AFM software is patience and managing your leverage very well, more so, if you’re USA account holder with 50:1 leverage, you will need probably about $10,000 account to trade 0.10 miniaccount or you will blow your account with that little leverage. I hope the software developer get their acts together next week, or a lot of buyers are going to ask for refund. But me I am hanging in there. I think it has potentials, they are having management issues.

  176. Hello everyone, I gave it this service a try with 3 day trial period and have cancelled. $2000 demo account down $800 and holding.

    I am sorry to say but I have seen it all before, these signal service providers can double your money in days & weeks but they can suck your account dry even faster, beleive me I have tried 7-8 different providers and I am yet to find anyone who was able to make consistant returns without having 50-100% drawdowns.

    Good luck everyone and hope the FX Millionaire pulls everyones live account into the positive again.

    I will not use them/him.

  177. Fxmillionaire SUX

  178. One thing I noticed about AFM is that ever since it has been trading, it almost almost goes into a long loss position then recovers unless of course the long run is bad where it wipes out your account because the stop losses are so high and in some instances there are not even stop losses.

    My question is why do AFM not simply place reverse trades and take slightly smaller profits and reduce their stop losses to a reasonable level. Based on over 90% of the trades this ea has made, this would have resulted in far more consistant profits without the rediculous stop loss exposure.

    The other sad thing that is unexplainable is their lack of communication and also the stupid fact that they did not stop all their trades when they realised their server was giving problems. It is amazing how much a trader can be put at ease if there was good communication from the trade master….

    I have sent them 5 emails and you would think that with all their hype and constant promotion they would want to respond quickly so their service does not get a bad wrap but that is unfortunately not their case, they have still not responded to my emails and they have also not made any type of public anouncement explaining they have an issue.

    They are so preoccupied in selling their system, they forget about us bunnies already using it.

    I jouned them on 22/08/201 and since then, even though I am a member, I get anywhere from 4 to 5 emails every day trying to sell me the system. Could you imagine how great they would be if they could send performance update emais on that regularity.

    AFM get your act together, take a good hard look at yourself and focus on looking after your existing customers because your marketing will fail if there are too many users that give you a bad wrap so in a nut shell, keep your current customers happy.

  179. @EnneRex
    You are absolutely right about everything you said on your post.But There are few things with the forex vendors that you can not deny in terms of their honesty.Most of them are decieving.
    I would like everyone to take heed to the following statement displayed on autofxmillionaire sales page.I have been watching them for whole 1 week and then finally I purchased it only after believing in their statement.not to mention expecting the same stop loss level.If you look at their statement, every single trade had round about 500 pips stop loss.I repeat “every single one”.
    What happened after I purchased is -I set the robot up on a $20000 account.I set it up for .50 was below their reccomended settings.and we all know what happenend with their trades.For the very same pair 5 trades opened with same entry point at the very same time which makes the total lot to 3 and the price keep going to the wrong direction and this vendor did nothing about top it of they had 2 other pending trades about to go live.I have lost $4000 and got out of all the trades and cancelled all subscriptions.And cross your fingers guys who still have those trades opened that they will come back positive before all your funds disappeared.

    65602623 2010.12.01 08:00 buy 0.08 eurjpy 109.040 108.540 109.540 2010.12.01 08:18 109.540 0.00 0.00 0.00 51.53
    65602674 2010.12.01 08:00 buy 0.08 eurusd 1.30477 1.29977 1.30977 2010.12.01 10:28 1.30977 0.00 0.00 0.00 40.00
    65602763 2010.12.01 08:00 buy 0.08 gbpjpy 130.242 129.742 130.742 2010.12.01 08:23 130.742 0.00 0.00 0.00 51.55
    65602798 2010.12.01 08:00 buy 0.08 gbpusd 1.55842 1.55342 1.56342 2010.12.01 09:52 1.56342 0.00 0.00 0.00 40.00
    65602840 2010.12.01 08:00 sell 0.08 usdcad 1.02143 1.02643 1.01643 2010.12.01 16:53 1.01643 0.00 0.00 0.00 39.35
    65602936 2010.12.01 08:00 sell 0.08 usdchf 1.00251 1.00751 0.99751 2010.12.02 13:32 0.99751 0.00 0.00 -0.83 40.10
    65602970 2010.12.01 08:00 buy 0.08 usdjpy 83.581 83.081 84.081 2010.12.01 13:03 84.081 0.00

    This EA is and will be a disaster in the long run unless they provide well managed stop loss.which is not the case so far.
    Bottom line is you cannot expect much from this decieving vendors whatsoever.Anyone says this EA has potential,look at the proof above.They did not provide what they have promised us.Server going down is not a big deal with this EA.Problem with their trade management.

  180. And I forgot to add I had a small accoonut of @1000 which vanished last night living me $200 in the account.Broker closed all the position due to the margin call.What else I can say.Good luck to everyone who still has faith in this EA.

  181. TopGun,
    Completely agree with you. Unfortunately I think these people aren’t going to change, it’s obviously just about marketing and the total indifference to customer emails just confirms that. I closed three of the ludicrous EURJPY trades early this morning and have left one open for when, hopefully, it reverses. Would be very interested in your EA when you have finished testing.

  182. you people who are trading a automated signal service using only 100-500$ are big time morons…

    i have faith this EA will make money in the coming week…the reason it opened buy because eur/usd was on major low resistance line and it was expecting to bounce back but due to expected market manipulation from USD and half the hedge trader on vacation expect the Eur to pull back up in the next 4 weeks…yes Eur is lot stronger than usd and yes usd will crash..

    i have told you previously use the lowest lot size to trade this but very few actually read any good advice…I am using only 700$ with 8 open trade and my margin is only at 600…

    using daily pivots and simple support resistence indactor you can over come some of the negative drawdown…go small..

  183. kukur, thats my point earlier on, you’re right, the eurusd is testing major support and the US govt is manipulating their economic data, How can they report Non Farm employment change at “0” !!, we all know its a lie. also you cant use this kind of software starting with $100 or $200 and expect to make money with 50:1 leverage, we need to get real guys. I am hoping the euro will bounce back off support next week.

  184. Hey kurkur, we are not morons and no matter how small or large our trading account is, we all have one thing in common and that it the hope that one day forex will make money for us. For some it will be quick because they have large bank balances and for othere it will be painfully slow because they can only start with one or a few hundred dollars.

    Morons are people that never try, at least we are trying and unfortunately we will make a lot of mistakes along the way but this does not give you the right to brand anyone that is trading or has tried trading, a moron.

    As for whatever has or is happening in the market we all know that eventually what goes down will one day come back up and what goes up will also eventually come down. BUT to operate an ea that gives me 750pips in 6days then takes 850pips in one day, this is a bad ea and has nothing to do with money management. So ultimately the only moron here is the one that says wait a bit longer, let it lose another 200, 300, 400 pips, it will turn around….eventually (maybe after it has taken 1500pips) and even on 0.1 lots that is gunna hurt you.

    Even on 0.01 lots, if their server is down and there is no stop loss in place, your entire account can be wiped out.

    Again I reiterate, I think AFM has the potential to be great but unfortunately over the past 2 days, the enormous drawdowns have simply rocked my belief foundation. This combined with the fact they are slow to respond to emails and they have problems with their server, I am simply going to wait and see how they respond or if they can get their act together.

  185. Any system or ea that has a take profit of 50 pip and a stop loss of 500 pips in my opinion is a dud system because that is simply gambling on the fact that OK my indicator was not so good but that is fine because I have a large enough stop loss in the hope I was actually right and that it will eventually turm and take my 50 pip profit.

    To me, this is moronic thinking.

  186. Besides, based on your comment
    “the reason it opened buy because eur/usd was on major low resistance line and it was expecting to bounce back but due to expected market manipulation from USD and half the hedge trader on vacation expect the Eur to pull back up in the next 4 weeksโ€ฆyes Eur is lot stronger than usd and yes usd will crash..”
    Knowing this, why did AFM not trade this information and make us 800 pips rather than lose us 800 pip…DUH.

  187. OK, so maybe when AFM is working right and there are no server issues, maybe it is a great system and maybe it will make another million as promoted but as I see it if AFM simply reverse their trading positions, I believe it would truly be the Forex Holy Grail and not make us 1 million but 5 million.

    Only my own humble moronic opinion.

  188. If you have been watching this ea trading, you will have noticed that virtually every single trade it has done, the draw downd have been quite high like 30,50,70,90 and even 120 pips then it reverses and has taken profit of 5.5, 7,,9, 10 or maybe even 20 pips.

    Surely this should tell the master trader something??? Reverse your trades Auto FX Millionaire.

    So maybe it will make $1mil but damn it is a painful way to get there………

  189. Wow I am glad I found this page. I read all your messages tonight but now to tired. I have had all the same questions and concerns as you. Its all very disturbing and sad. Will sleep on it and coment tomorrow, but the story does look grim…..

  190. yes thank goodness for this forum. i was very keen to purchase this EA as websites like rate this as one of their best but how can they get such results after all the comments posted on here? will wait longer but is not sounding good!

  191. Blood in the streets of this EA yesterday. Which, once again, is why you start with a demo account or only risk very small amounts of your real-money account with things like this, till you have a better idea what you’re dealing with.

    I’m waiting another week before making any big decision, but at this point I’m leaning toward cancelling the platinum subscription and sticking with the basic level subscription. Which is only supposed to be the EUR/USD & GBP/USD, if they ever get the kinks worked out.

    But, one other thing to keep in mind about this past week is that it was a bit of a double-whammy. The last week of August, which is often pretty thinly traded; and also NFP week. Thursday and Friday were jump-off-the-cliff free-fall for AFM, and the run-up to the NFP announcement may have played into that.

    If I do keep this thing beyond the first month and go live with it, I may shut it down the last couple of days prior to the next NFP release. Sort of like making for the nearest port when a hurricane is on the way.

    Anyway, rough week this week and it’s clear they have issues with the server and the signal pairs. I’m not calling it quits on them yet though. But neither am I risking real money on them yet. The jury is still out for me…

  192. I have had contact with AFM today. They are working out some issues and state we will start to make back losses. I have adjusted my lot sizes to: 1K .01, 2K .04 3K .O6 etc upto 10K .20, if you use as recomended 10K 1 lot you need balls of steel and some good drugs to help you sleep…..
    as a special note if you look at the AFM advertisement chart showing the profit curve you will see that at the start it was very slow curve and gradually increased over the months it traded. I will give it a little more time and see if things improve.

  193. Me too, I am hanging in there with my live account starting with 0.01 lot and will still continue with same amount of lot size this week, lets see how the software administrator perform this week with their terrible server outage.

  194. I have taken the EA off my charts, Will be looking for a refund for the Platinum part of it, and will wait until they have their server situation sorted out before I use it again.

  195. I guess many of us paid for this system, and no doubt AutoFX made money more than we have lost in the last two days.

    Normally when starting a new system, there should be some issues, but only serious developers who take it as an opportunity to improve the system and eliminate all the issues. I think we should hang on with AutoFX hoping that he invests our money to improve his system and establish it on some high-end servers that can serve all his customers to maintain excellent support.

    I wish he listens to this now, or someone can pass the message to him somehow.

    Good luck to everyone.

  196. Eur/Usd Could hit 1.3600-1.3500 this week…

    So people be cautious and i encourage you to open a sell trade to minimize your loss…

  197. mmmm MAybe they are spending time fixing the server problem, or maybe they have just disappeared into the forex black hole. I have to say that their support has been abismal, they could have sent out an email to all their customers appologising for the down time and kept some credibility, but no. I have a feeling that it will be refunds galore. I have sent support an email saying that ‘if I do not receive a reply to this email, in 24 hours, then I will be contacting Primus for a full refund of both the Normal trades, the Platinum trades and the manual system, which I think is a load of rubbish

  198. Sad thing is that for 3 days, this was the best ea I had have ever experienced then BOOM, the bomb went off and it all came crashing down.

    I still have both basic and premium running but I have reduced my lots to 0.01 to see if this thing comes back but I must agree, things do not look too good if they are not answering any emails and the system has not placed and trades or positions today.

    Very suss………

  199. you people are stupid or morons? the market just opened for 6 hours and we already got 8 trades running on the dooom side and you are asking for more trades on top of that…shett..

    IMF already warned today the market is going extreme downside so expect to see more doooom.

    AFM will not return your email because they know they got no solution…

  200. Hi Guys

    I want to try this AFM out. I am in SA and the subs are R 240 per month. Just confused aout which trading platform to use – Must it be Meta4. Which is the best trading platforms.

    What info do you need to load each day on this AFM Software. I would really love some guidence here.


  201. Hi RMG, seriously just wait a little while before you buy this as there are some major issues.

    Read back some of the blogs on this forum and you will see that AFM must first sort out some server issues and they also are presently trading massive losses. On Friday I had to close this ea down as it wiped out $5,500 of my real money trading account.

    It has opened 1 trade today and presently running 13 pips down.

    When you do eventually buy it you must load onto MT4.

    I would seriously wait and keep reading this forum.

    Where you from in SA? I now live in Australia but I lived for 13 years in PE.

  202. I just got a reply from Matthew from AFM, he says that the server has been upgraded last weekend. Anyone still using this? I would be interested in whether it goes down again this week. I might try it again, but on a demo, still got plenty of time before the 60 days are up.

  203. Gotta ssay this is the first time that I have had a reply to the server question. Perhaps it was the threat of asking for a refund that did it.

  204. Auto Cash Android video starts almost identically to the Auto FX Millionaire video….is this a coincidence, is this guy just a marketing scammer???

    This is certainly very strange and is making me even more worried that AFM is just another scam.

    I seriously do not know what to make of all this…is it possible someone can be so devious or is he simply trying his luck at a number of different things.

  205. First two weeks made good money, EurUsd has reduced my account by nearly 50% on paper. Hopefully this turns around soon.

  206. EUR/USD is going up and down, up and down and getting no where fast,altho at the moment it is going down further than it is going up, I suspect they got this one very very wrong pain in the butt this is. Down over 300 pips now

  207. Well they are still favouring the trade to go upside, as the latest EURUSD was still a buy.

    I hope they are right.

  208. Hmmm. Based on that Autocash android thing, this may be a re-hashed version of that, or maybe an upgraded version. Don’t know, but my internal warning light just came on. We’ll see how things go from here though.

    On today’s trading, just as an FYI, the U.S. markets are closed today due to this being a national holiday (Labor Day). So pretty thin trading till the Asian and European markets open again.

  209. fellas there is a reason why USD will crash…It will go down big time because its in a bubble right now..if you u look at gold price which just hit 1900 again then you can tell that the value of USD is going be wortless in the coming month…

    It is possible that EUR/uSD could hit 1.36-1.35 and then reverse back…

    I have opened a sell trade last night and it helped me reduced the loss a little bit…

    if you wanna avoid loss i say buy GOLD now as it will be hitting the 2000 marks very fast..

  210. EUREKA, AFM is up and running again, did 2 trades last night, both small profit but at least they were profit.

    Is this the come back of the titans????

    I hope, I hope, I hope…I am the eternal optimist.

  211. Yippee, AFM is up and trading again. 3 profitable trades today and 1 pending trade. Profits $39.00 recovered from my $5,500 loss so still a little way to go to make it up….LOL.

    We live in hope and dream of better things.

    Once this ea makes back my $5,461 and more, I will then advise you all to start using it again.

    Keep watching for my updates….I will keep you posted.

    PS, keeping my trading lots low in case of another system crash by AFM.

  212. kmtopgun I should have taken your advice and closed when you did I’ld at least still have a 1,000 but now after 2 trades closed from a margin call equity is 400 bucks. It sad after starting with 1400. and seeing 2k. Unfortunatly I was away from home with limited internet so managing the trades was chalenging. Your own ea sounds interesting I have considered one my self based on stochastics too. How is it working now last post you were up about 800 buck on your 5k account

  213. Hi Kevin, my own ea ended with $1450.00 profit on my live account on Friday eveningin 4 hours of trading but I was trading 2.0 lots on the demo account and it made me $6485.00 profit in 1 day alone on Friday. Wish I had that on my live account…LOL. I have stopped my ea at present because it does like 60 trades in 1 day on 7 currencies and I do not want to upset my broker so I am tweeking the ea to do less trades, take longer profits and less losses but overall, I am absolutely wrapped with the results so far.

    Maybe I will need to split my account over a few brokers so I do not get banned.

    I will keep you posted once I finish tweeks and I hope I do not stuff it up with my changes because so far it is ass kicking.

  214. You might be interested to read these comments that i have just seen.
    I have no knowledge of Zulu trade so cannot verify what has been said here but if any of you do use Zulu Trade you may want to check these comments out. As i understand it Zulu Trade is a free service

  215. Sorry, forgot the attachments. Here they are

    Am I the only one to notice the trade on AutoMX Millionaire are essentially the same the user “Shooting pips” on Zulutrade?

    Scam? Or just the same guy?

    Hmmmm strikingly similar, probably the exact same trades. I think this is EA , AutoFX Millionaire is not a new service but a upgrade of some other signal service or a rehash done under another name. On Zulu, there are real people following Shooting Pips and making money$$$. Again, watch your lot size , risk management and trade management if your going to follow Auto FX Millionaire or whatever it really is.
    Nice investigative work!!!

    Indeed. The trades are exact copies of the last trades of Sharper Trade and Shooting Pips from ZuluTrade!

  216. Manually closed 2 trades EURUSD, and took a hit of 570 pips.Could not risk it sliding down any further

    All the gains of past have been wiped away.
    We live in hope!

  217. Seems the EUR is strengthening against the USD, so hopefully the loss won’t be too bad, I am prepared to take a loss of 165 pips between the two trades so am hoping that it gets to 1.42775 or as near as damn it. Seems to be heading in the right direction.

  218. Manually closed 2 eurjpy trades that was previously negative of about -85pips to 28pips profit in the early hour of the day, it seems eurusd is gaining strength and will close this when it gets into positive hopefully by the end of the day, these eurusd 2 trades were trading at around -400 pips yesterday, but now averaging -190pips. What a wild ride its being since last week. I hope they improve their system and stop the crazy system outage this week.

  219. I’ve seen this kind of trading in the early days of zulutrade. small consistent profits then all of a sudden BOOM! all profits wiped out within a span of a day or 2. On the other hand, if you have good money management and alot of patience then i think you might do well in forex. I see ^^^^^Tommy up here talking about a small reverse so who knows. Maybe the EA does work

  220. I am happy to announce that AFM has traded 6 positions today with a take profit of 67 pips.

    Is this the comeback??????

  221. @KMTOPGUN – Considering this EA is supposed to rake us in a good amount of money in the next year or so, i don’t think we should tear the roof off just because the EA raked a couple of profitable trades today. Am being watchful of this one.

  222. One can only hope so KMTOPGUN. Did you say you lived in South Australia?

    Put it (AFM) on a demo account at .2 and so far this day it has made $155.56 if it continues like this for the rest of the week I might just put it onto another live account with just $2k in it at .06 and see what happens, It may be OK as long as the servers stay up, I feel that has been a major problem for them. Having said that they should have made damn sure that they had bigger servers than they had before going live.

    The two EUR/USD trades are heading south again. Have to see what happens when New York opens

  223. Yep Sandra, I lived in Port Elizabeth from 1969 to 1983. Married a South African woman and returned back home to Australia.

    joegathu, I am not tearing the roof off yet, just giving feedback as I promised I would do besides, 67 pip profit is much better than 700 pip loss so I am simply looking on the positive side of things.

    I just hope it performs like it did in the first few days by making 690 pip profit in 3 days. If it can get back to that level then this will be a winner ea if they can eliminate or reduce losses and if their server does not keep crashing….

    As I previously said, I live in hope, I am the eternal optimist.

  224. Well NY has been open for an hour and the USD is now much stronger that the EUR, I think I might put on a buy if it gets back up to 1.4060. This is the lowest the EUR has been since the 5th August

  225. hello traders,this is a comment made by someone on another well known forum about AFM 6, 2011 at 2:18 am

    ‘Last trades are copies of the trades of Sharper Trade and Shooting Pips providers on Zulutrade. Check for yourself. I wasnโ€™t the one who discovered it though.

    Why pay for service if you can get it for free.’
    end quote. i have not checked this out and do not not use this ea either,just thought i would pass it on.

  226. Last post from Shooting Pips Signal Provider :-

    “Endlessly i have highlighted my guideline and to why it should be followed. For the final time im gona say this: IF YOU AINT GOT THE CAPITAL TO TAKE DRAWDOWN DONT TRADE WITH ME OR BETTER STILL DONT TRADE IN FX. If you gona be stubborn or ignorant in not following my setting then trade at your risk. IM NOT A MAGICAL PROVIDER BUT I DESIGN THE SAFE METHOD. READ MY GUIDELINE AND ILLUMINATE YOURSELF FROM THE DARKNESS OF FOREX. You expect me to bring you the pips yet you have no initiative that drawdown cant also be small..those who expect miracle go find yourself an fx sorcerer. Tnx.”

    Last post from Sharper Trade Signal Provider :-

    Dear subscribers, thank you for your communication. We all know that there is a lot of frustration during DD periods. To answer some questions I’d like to give my opinion on EUR/USD pair. Pair is trading in esteblished range of 1.40-1.45. Every level of 1.42 or 1.41 is strong level to bounce. Yes, it may go down to 1.40 level but then we can see faster bounce to 1.45 level. As you can see I want to close current series of trades at 1.44 level which is way below of 1.45.

  227. This just arrived in my inbox

    One min he is a trader next he is an affiliate marketer

    All i think is its a SCAM

  228. Tread has gone quiet, nobody has anything to say.

    I think everyone is waiting to see if AFM is going to come back???????

  229. Seems to be doing ok at the moment, has anyone noticed if there has been dropouts recently, especially during the US session.

  230. I think all the bloggers have been intimidated by Tiger’s level of professionalism……

    I have not noticed any drop outs but I have notced AFM is certainly getting out of bad positions at very low losses so maybe they are on top of things again????

  231. Hey Tiger, what are your predictions and are they normally good? In other words, should we copy your trades or should we live in the hope AFM will make us millionairs.

    Are you a forex multimillionaire Tiger?

  232. By the way, for those of you that were waiting for an update on my own ea, it is just as useless as all the others.

    Worked well for 3 days then took back all the profits….oh well, back to the drawing board.

    I was so hoping I could give up my day job but no such luck….LOL.

    I wish I could truly find and ea or an indicator or set of indicators that could make forex my life, my income, my future.

    If anyone has something really good to share, please do so as I am frustrated, infuriated, dejected and SAD.

  233. I think I am going to play with ZuluTrade as it looks like it has real merits. Mirror trading on your own account by professionals so basically the same as AFM except free and you can modify your experts at any time based on their ranking and performance.

    It is certainly a very sophisticated, detailes site and very well thought out. I have now joined demo account.

  234. UPDATE on Auto FX Millionaire – to date I have sent them 15 emails and not had 1 reply. They have closed my account now, this is absolute BS in a big way.

    Friggin waste of time, money and energy.

    I hope those of you that stay with them do make 1 million but for me this ea and their service is too frustrating.

    This is the last time I will comment on AFM as I do not want to waste anymore time on them.

  235. As usual none of these services work, or they work for a while and than crash (empty account).

    Have now applied for a refund, see what happens

  236. They charged me $37 per week instead of per month and I was confirmed that I will get the charged reversed but 3 days later still no reversal and I just warned AUTO FX today that I will needto call my credit card company to make sure they stop any further charges…

    Disappointing that they are handling my credit card details with so little respect.

  237. @AZN2D4

    If you take AFM 3days trial for free then there Recurring Payment Terms is $37 every week. But you have the time to ask your refund for all your payment then you’ll order again if you like.

  238. I just hope you guys noticed that on their sales page where the list each transaction from $1,500 to 1 million, that every single trade with it was for a loss or gain resulted in a 50 pip difference. Go see for yourself.

    That would be impossible to do, roughly 1,400 transactions in forex that each resulted in a gain or loss of 50 pips.

  239. @ Trev
    I copied and pasted that statement above few days ago and hence we all have been decieved.But obviously people dont take heed.

  240. Just for information, I asked for a refund late last night (Australian TIme) and it is in my paypal account less than 8 hours later, so I guess Plimus is getting used to refunding for this particular EA Now just got to wait for their real stupid EUR buy to come off and things will be back to normal, doing my thing, my way.
    I hope I have the will to just ignore all the BS that these EA’s put before us.

  241. I am presently running live accounts with Megadroid, Fap Turbo Ichimoku and Forex Overdrive.

    So far Overdrive is producing the best results but last night it did a large draw down but as usual it seems to always come back and knowing this, when it is on a large draw down, I simply place a manual order in the direction of the reversal at double the lots so the draw down recovery immediately makes me double the profits.

  242. KMTOPGUN,

    I been a member since Fap Turbo and Megadroid first launched, but I only used them for about 2 weeks and never again downloaded their updates. Mainly because of the lack of knowledge with their settings.

    Do you tweak the default setting?

    Have you ran these EAs with factory settings and be profitable?

    Please advise.

  243. kmtopgun sorry to hear your ea hasn’t worked out I was routing for you. I gather an ea based on stochastics is doomed to fail for they are just a lagging indicator. About Sharper trade and Shooting pips it funny because I am running an account at zulu and have sharper trade on my account and shooting pips on a demo. I noticed that the trades were very similar. But zulu is not free I believe your connected broker adds a pip to the spread to cover zulus charge for service so AFM is actually quite cheap if it makes you money. I’m still hoping AFM will dig its way back to profits.

  244. TO Mohammed:

    DId you email support@autofxmillionaire to ask for a refund?

    I haven’t got a response from that reply for 3 days.

  245. I have ready make a cancellation of my subscription for Auto FX Millionaire in my Paypal account. And waiting my Refund through Plimus Team.

  246. AZN2D4
    You need to find the email sent to you from Primus saying you have mmade the purchase, and near the end of the email is a part that says something like ‘if you have a problem with the product contact us here, that will take you to the original invoice and about halfway down the invoice it says ‘if you have a problem press this link’

    You then have to ask for a refund and it will happen. I got mine in less than 8 hours. Hope this helps.
    If you email support they will try and delay you from asking for a refund, however they will reply to your email. Seems that those emails are the only ones they reply too.

  247. Hi Ian,
    probably because everyone is asking for a refund, and their two EUR/USD with the 500 pip stop would have been stopped out by now

  248. @AZN2D4
    I asked for refund through plimus.See the post from Sandra above and follow that.Plimus was good refunding this time.You will be ok.

  249. Trev
    I don’t understand why you say it would be impossible to have a gain or loss of 50 pips on each trade. The amount of gain or loss is determined by TP and SL settings, and price will eventually hit 1 of them on every trade.
    I bought this service for that reason, thinking that SL would be help to 50 pips and that the enormous gains that were made were because of compounding and the trader determined the correct direction of trade 85% of the time.

  250. I am totally dejected with Forex. To me this appears to be nothing but a massive gamble.

    I have now tried 6 different professional systems plus 12 robots and all of them are profitable for a bit then they all seem to suck back more than they make.

    Robots get you very excited because you wake up 2 mornings in a row and see profit after profit after profit then wake up on day 3 and the account is close to empty.

    Majority of these robots have take profit of between 3 to 12 pips and stop losses of between 300 to 750 pips.

    Even yesterday, I had 4 robots all buying GBPUSD and EURUSD and also look at most of the traders on ZuluTrade and they also take the same positions and what happens, both go south in a big way.

    I am starting to seriously believe I will get more pleasure out of playing the pokie machines with my money. Definately more fun and less stressful and at least I am not under the illusion I will not lose.

    I think from now on I will be much wiser to buy lotto tickets with my money rather than putting it in Forex.

    I have lost all hope and can certainly see why 95% of punters fail at this. We do not have the slightest chance of winning to start with.

    Forex gets you exited enough to suck more and more money out of you to simply take it all back into the 5% coffers.

    I now have only $900.00 left in my account so my attitude now is to just leave it there, let the robots trade in MM mode and just let what happens, happen.

    Since I started Forex, it has consumed my life, it has effected my family life and my work and I have not had a single good night sleep.

    Time to let it go as this is an obsession that is taking me nowhere and very little chance it ever will.

    If there is someone out there reding this and feels sorry for me and wants to take me under their wings, thenm please put your hands up……

  251. By the way, for any newbies that want to know where I went wrong, and for those seasoned traders that know exactly where I went wrong is that I did not use Money Management. BUT it is the nature of us gambling human beings to want to make our losses up quickly hence we increase our lots in the hope this happens.

    Yet, even if I did follow MM rules, the stats show me that insted of losing all my money in 2 months, MM would simply have lengthened this loss period to 1 or 2 years but at the end, the result to me appears the same….LOSE>

  252. The vendor is a cheater. There are 5 open long positions for EURJPY at the price around 110.00, and another 2 long position s for EURUSD, both are in deep drawdown. As of today, September 9, total floating loss in pips is about 3000, total gained profit in pips is 380. I applied the EA on my $37,000 balance live acct with recommended 1 fixed lot. On Monday, Sep.5, I got $14,000 floating loss, fortunately I manually close all my positions at the spike on Tuesday 5am with $1,500 loss. I saw the trades on sever never got closed. If I hadn’t manually closed the positions, I would have lost $30,000. However, we I went to membership area today, and found all those open trades are gone, they were there yesterday. I did a search for EURJPY, only one appeared with a small profit. I know those trades are very bad, they must remove them today.


  253. This time last week I was leaning toward cancelling the platinum service and keeping the basic service. Now I’m going to cancel altogether, halfway through the 30-day trial.

    Too bad, but so it goes. And why I won’t risk real money on something like until I demo it first. This looked promising and maybe it will eventually work, but I’m bowing out at this point. I’ll still keep an eye on AFM for a while, and might give the basic service another try down the road. Just too many issues cropping up right now for me to feel comfortable with it. I don’t label this a scam. Just a disappointment. It happens. Onward we go. Best of luck to everyone here…

  254. If you want an EA that actually works check out the Forex Pro Cloner I have been running it on several real accounts since July 5th and not a single losing day yet. I have only the basic and it does not require a license Key so you can run it on as many accounts you want. It runs on euro and gbp and I have found the smaller the account the higher the % gain. I had it running on a 10k account and in a month profit was only $240. but on an account which started at $100. made $66.99. There is also lots of other clients reveiws using this site.

  255. This ea reduced my demo acc from $3000 to $380 between Aug 22 and Sept 9. Basically pending orders are used to enter trades when price bounced off support and rsistance levels, mostly probably in the H4 tie frame. They hold on to losing position in the hope to reduce the loss or for the market to turn in favourable direction. This is how mature traders do. Last week we have seen that that was a great mistake.

    The great folly is that one cannot use such strategy all the time. The markets DO break through support and resistance (SR). They have to break SR levels most of the time. Otherwise the price would be confined forever between major support and resistance.

    This EA fooled a lot of people. In fact no EA is designed to win. Why? – because the vendors are also the marketeers for the brokers and they do not want you to win.

    But they do want you to open accounts and EAs are just the right enticement to pull you into forex!

    You can make money in forex but you have to know what you are doing. Study and devise your own strategies or work together with friends.

    Good luck

  256. KMTOPGUN….you’re not alone, trust me. And I’ve been there. Very sorry to hear about your losses, but give yourself credit for this – even if you slipped down the slope a bit, you stopped short of diving off the cliff. Not everyone does stop before that point, and they end up regretting it in a big big way.

    Don’t mean to hand out free advice, but knowing how dejecting it can be to blow through most of an account, let me pass along an idea that’s worked for me. Instead of quitting forex altogether, just take a break from it. Leave it be for a few weeks or even a few months. Then see if you might want to get back into it or not.

    Heck, forex will always be there. You can come back to it if and when you’re ready. And if you don’t, that’s fine. You just move on. Everyone has their own path toward whatever they’re looking for. But maybe right now it’s not a bad idea to just get away from it, and clear your mind a little. Been there, done that, know the feeling. Don’t beat yourself up too much. You lost some money, yes. You didn’t lose your house or something. That matters.

    Best of luck to you my friend.

  257. One more thing about my forex pro cloner I gave you the stats only for the euro because for some reason I neglected to attach it to the gbp. Results would have been double what I said most likely but also $100. start balance may be too little at $100. ru

  258. any one notice the following trades seem to have vanished from the master trades


    the result of these trades closing wiped my account>>> however on fxmillionaire member page there are no reduction on the monthy pip profit

  259. My opinion is that Auto FX Millionaire is now dead in the water. I have requested and received my refunds from Plimus so I would suggest any of you that still have not applied for your refund and closed your monthly subscription should do so now while you still have a chance and before your 60 days is up.

    As I said only my own humble opinion.

  260. Yep KMTOPGUN, you are right, they are dead in the water all right, I think that is why Plimus are not hesitating in refunding, I even got my refund for their manual system, which was just an ebook, and they don’t usually refund for them.

    The only way to make money with forex is to educate yourself, and find something that works for you. You will always have winners and losers, but you just have to make sure that your money management is right, and don’t go chasing rainbows. (She says after this debarkle). AFM cost me all my profits for about two months, but I know that I can get it back and my original stake + is still safe.

    They will have removed all the trades that went backwards, so that it looks good for other suckers that come along. The silly part is that the ones that sell this sort of thing only get paid for the ones that don’t cancel, and I suspect that there are not too many that will have kept this one.

    We all need to remember that the ones that flog this sort of stuff, invariably don’t trade, the are affiliates who sell stuff. AND IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS.

    I have tried all sorts of robots etc and have never found one that worked, some do for a short period of time,and others are just plain BS. I have been refunded for almost all of them,(still got Fapturbo got it when it first came out and didn’t know how to go about getting a refund, and one from Don Heintz who refuses to refund), so I have made a pledge to myself that I will not get sidetracked again, and I will just continue doing my own thing.

    I have also found that this site is great for finding out about things that are being flogged off.

    So good luck to you all, and Happy trading

  261. Hey Sandra, you are correct in saying one must learn but unfortunately time constraints mean it may take me 50 years and that is why I have been looking for alternatives.

    I am still running Fap Turbo Ichimoku, Forex Overdrive and Megadroid on the balance of my live account but have got rid of all the others such as Million Dollar Pips, Growth Bot, GT Shadow, Spider Web plus many others.

    I am certainly going to run the 1 month ZuluTrade demo as this seems to be a great way to trade (ghost trading). Although you make less pips profit per trade because everyone takes a cut of the pie, at least you can constantly change traders based on their success rate and their rankings. Been running demo for 1 week now and almost no drawdown and all trades in profit. I have selected 5 traders and am monitoring their performance. This is much easier than learning forex.

  262. I gave Auto FX Millionaire a try, it sounded so “promising”. After initially seeing profits, even following their recommended lot sizes, several EURJPY open trades were closed by FXDD because account margin dropped below zero. Just as well because those trades dropped even lower and never recovered. Interestingly, they all disappeared from the master trades list, but still show in “My Trades”!!! They were trades: 2823559, 28227246, 28227155 and 28227079.

    These guys appear to remove reporting of the largest trade losses, so as to keep up the illusion that they are winners.


  263. Final ruling, I have now also taken Fap Turbo Ichimoku, Forex Overdrive and Megadroid off my charts so now I am not using any robots at all. My account is now down from $10K to $500 so now I must learn by myself how to bring it back up.

    Bottom line is ….ALL ROBOTS are rubbush. They work now and then, make nice consistant profits now and then but ultimately all they do is draw the account down with a few LARGE losses that ultimately wipe out the account.

    That is the end of me and robots, it is now up to me.

  264. I once traded a $1,000 real-money account to over $9,000 in a single month, then took it back down to less than $1,000 the next month. Another time I had a $4,500 account that I successfully turned into a $900 account in a single day. No robots involved either time. I did it all by my lonesome, and learned about neat stuff like trading with emotion and not using stop-losses.

    You live and learn. Hopefully without losing money you need for minor stuff like the mortgage, food, electric bill, gas for the car….

  265. has any one notice the AFM has started up there own account again and today sent out signals. I have taken the ea off my account now and asked for a refund but it might be good to follow their account for a while. i lost ยฃ1000 on a live account, glad i closed the trades manualy or the losses would have been worse. the only thing i cant believe though is i and a lot of other people put this straight onto a live account!!! Dont know why i did this, never done it before and will never do it again!!! this is the link to their account

  266. o yes one other thing all their big losses do seem to be shown on the above link. I dont think it was a scam, it would have cost a lot of money to make the website and to buy or rent the tech to send out the signals to all of our accounts. i think the developers really did think they were going to make a million. It just goes to show how hard it is to make money in this business!!! I have been trying for 6 years and still no further forward just lost lots of money. the problem is its addictive, cant stop!!

  267. Hi Ian,

    The only problem with that set of trades is that they took the trades off at a loss of 100 to 200 pips, and that is not true. They were still open well after the 5th September, I got my refund on the 8th September and they were still open then. It seems like a smoke and mirrors thing to me.

  268. Sandra, ya think?

    Like I said, live and learn. I don’t trade that way anymore and generally do pretty well. I’m willing to take a look at new things to see if I can do better. But, as long as you learn from your mistakes and don’t lose your shirt, your house, your family, etc., you can survive the trading world. It’s the folks who keep repeating the same mistakes over and over that wind up jumping out of windows. Literally.

  269. @@ KMTOPGUN

    you are funny buddy…NOT ALL robots are garbage…There is ONE ROBOT that saved me twice from blowing my account…I f83k up my balance with greed and that robot saves me all the time…Your 10,000$ would have been 40,000$ by now if you traded since the beginning of the year…

    AFM is not a scam..since the big loss they are coming back..All you idiots who used less than 1000$ with high fixed lot size should have been never used a forex signal in the first place…Believe me I used 600$ account using AFM all from the beginning and still have my account hang tight in good balance. If you just rely on your signal provider than you are doomed…You MUST read the daily currency news…Dukascopy got forex tv you can watch that to gain you market understanding…When AFM was buying EUR/USD during 1.41-1.39 period I got an advance warning from the news that EUR/USD will hit 1.36-1.34 and that is the farthest it will go…Guess what it happened exactly that way…I have saved looooooooot of money closing those buy trade earlier..

    Now if you hear the news EURO bailing out GREECE than expect a comeback of EUR/USD…Also expect a comeback of GOLD…

    Right now just stay the fu7k away from Eur/USd

  270. Yep made plenty of mistakes myself, this one was a doosie, but will not make the same mistake again. Will not get sidetracked and look for something that looks simple, will just do my own thing and be satisfied with the profit that I make.

  271. KuKur—what bot are you talking about that saved you and your account??? I still use a bot to trade and does very well,,just keep the greed out of the picture..

  272. Hey KurKur, I was under the impression that the reason for using a robot was to auto trade. What is the point of a robot if one does as you have done “”I have saved looooooooot of money closing those buy trade earlier..””

    So what you are saying is use a robot but be clever enough to know when the robot is going to be wrong.

    In that case why use a robot at all why not just manually trade with the intelligence you have??????

    And the bottom line is that over 2 months of using 12 robots, all 12 have given large quantities of low profits and a couple of huge losses that wiped out all those profits and more so in fact with all the robots I have used, they take 10, 15, 25 steps forward and on or 2 giant leaps backwards to put me 5 steps behind so yes, in my opinion so far all robots are rubbish.

    What is this brilliant robot that has saved you twice and with your knowlege and reading of the news, why have you needed saving in the first place??

  273. As for AFM, I am not so much upset that it made a few bad trades as I am the fact there has been absolutely no feedback of any nature from their support.


    Do you have REAL LIFE JOB other than FOREX?

    I do. I sleep during the LONDON MARKET and WORK FULL TIME JOB DURING the US MARKET…You know very well that Asian market is the shittiest market in the forex world…That is the only time I can trade.

    The only thing I am making slow money in forex is using robots and signal service while I work a real job.

    You know why I read the news everyday? because I don’t make mistakes like you just did losing 10,000K. If you would have read the news and match with what your robots and signal provider doing to your account than you would have overcame those major loss…I am not SET AND FORGET person…I am always watching..

    as for my trading robot it is none other than Gps Forex robot…yah you probably heard about it and you probably gonna say shit this robot don’t trade at all…hell this is the only robot that has 99% winning rates even with 5-6 trades a month…if you are trying to get rich in one month than good luck with your 12 robot system and Gps is definitely not for you…

  275. Hi sandra, re the big losses on the AFM test account not been as big as there actual losses, i think this is because they were closed out by the broker as there was no margin left to keep them open

  276. as i have said i am addicted, so on that note has anyone tried PRo Auto Trader yet? apparently there are no upsells, and if you try to close down there web page it just closes!!! no special offers or get it for free, nothing.

  277. Yes Kurkur, I have a real job and my entire incentive getting into Forex is to make forex my real job and my current job my unreal job.

    I was not being nasty in my feedback, simply stating the obvious.

    Robots are meant to trade when I cannot which is 90% of forex market times so I obviously want to find a robot that I can have faith in. A robot that will consistantly make small profits and inconsistantly make extra small losses.

    There is no point me puting a robot in place that I have to monitor because it does not get things right.

    The reason I have tried 12 robots was in the hope of finding the right one, the one I can rely on.

    There is 1 robot that is good and that is Megadroid but it only trades once or twice a month and with money management it means I will be able to leave my current job in about 350 years. To me this is of no value, being 100% accurate once a month or twice a month and only making 10 pips a month is actually a waste of time.

  278. Signed up yesterday have tried to contact support three times they have as of yet to contact me. Did get the EA working later last night. of the 4 trades that they opened only got into 1 and after being up 20 took a 12 pip gain and now is up almost 70 pips. better to be in profit I guess than not. But basic version no support you are on your own. They only want to service the high dollar clients and us with limited incomes and playing it safe get nothing. Will see what happens in 28 days. I was hoping that this ea would be different but they are all the same.

  279. message for top gun you left a notice on Pro Auto Trader saying how you lost o load of money and they wont refund your $140. are you sure you have the right ea? as it costs $197 and you blog is for Forex Auto Trader

  280. Best of luck Charlie on getting any response from support. they only seem to answer when you threaten to ask Plimus for a refund. Then you get an almost instant reply.

  281. Guys is there anyone who refund i get back money? I refund my money last week via Plimus and sent letters to AFM many times but hadnt any respond. Please help what i have to do? I lose money from my 2 real accounts 880 USD and 500USD who will compensate my money?
    and how i get back my refunds from 2 accounts?

  282. No chance of getting any money back from your accounts, we all lost money on those, that’s a chance you take when you buy on of these things.

  283. well and what about 37 USD? How can i refund these sum? Nobody answer, Plimus said contact with AFM but they didnt answer

  284. You need to find the email sent to you from Primus saying you have mmade the purchase, and near the end of the email is a part that says something like โ€˜if you have a problem with the product contact us here, that will take you to the original invoice and about halfway down the invoice it says โ€˜if you have a problem press this linkโ€™

    You then have to ask for a refund and it will happen. I got mine in less than 8 hours. Hope this helps.
    If you email support they will try and delay you from asking for a refund, however they will reply to your email. Seems that those emails are the only ones they reply too.

  285. Yep and most of the damage was done on the 4 trades around the 31st August and 1st September, those trades were just dumb trades to take. Everything about them screamed out wrong wrong wrong, but we all know the outcome eh!

  286. Guys! Is there any one who still use this EA? is it work? May be we was wrong and EA made mistakes but now work properly?

  287. Don’t think that anyone here still uses it, It will wipe out your account just like it wiped out theirs. Check out Ian’s post on the 27th Sept (4posts up from here) it has the account for the AFM site and it is wiped out.

  288. The name should be changed to Auto FX Millionaire NOT

    I bought it, used it for 6 days, in that time it wiped out my $1500 euro account, less than $5 euro remain. This is with their recommended settings, I had .12 lots size selected. The thing trades with no stop losses on most trades, makes trades against current trends, won’t allow you to set stop loss, has bad win to loss ratio settings, win 1 loose 10 or worse. Asked for refund, still have not gotten it, and was charged again after canceling and requesting refund. It’s all a crock as far as I am concerned.

  289. You need to find the email sent to you from Primus saying you have mmade the purchase, and near the end of the email is a part that says something like โ€˜if you have a problem with the product contact us here, that will take you to the original invoice and about halfway down the invoice it says โ€˜if you have a problem press this linkโ€™

    You then have to ask for a refund and it will happen. I got mine in less than 8 hours. Hope this helps.
    If you email support they will try and delay you from asking for a refund, however they will reply to your email. Seems that those emails are the only ones they reply too.
    This is a copy of a post I made on the 27th September.
    You will only get a refund from PRIMUS

  290. i’m trying near 3 month ady… overall… losing rite now… damn no money management at all…. 20 -30 winning trade equal to 1 losing trades… for me… i stop ready…

  291. WARNING, WARNING, WARNING – just stay away from this AutoFxmillionaire; I have been there, it wiped out my account, the biggest draw down are from 5 EURJPY, 4 GBPUSD loosing trades and some of others => all up more than 1500 pips, …I cancelled my subscription but unfortunately can’t get refund for the month that has passed being used…
    Risk/Reward ratio is not really good – Stop Loss is too big – up to 500 pips per trade to gain 15 to 40 pips. Besides, server is from time to time down, let alone disconnection with the broker server. I have had enough!
    Agree with KMTOPGUN – to be careful with AutoCashAndroid – don’t buy this! it’s the same actor as in AutoFxMillionaire.
    I’ve been buying so many FX EAs & several fx indicators & courses & some signal services in the hope to find a “holy grail” in fx trading so far including this autofxmillionaire, such as : fabturbo, gpsforexrobot, leotrader, autopipbot, pushbuttonpips, rovernorthforexsystem, forexhacked, protradecopycat, extremepippoacher, instantforexprofit, forexbliss, forexbillkiller, forexsecretlearning, turbopips, 1clickpips, pointclickpips, mbfx forex system, forexcashsiphon, autotradefusion, pipaccumulator, forexnohype, masspipsmakers, quantumfxbot, click4pipforexcashbot, forexpipfinder, fxspeedtrader, autofxfiringpin, supremetradingbot, forexthor, forexprofitcreator (looks similar to autofxmillionaire too)…it seems only few are the real deal…anyone would like to share with me re: any experience with either one of these?

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