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13 thoughts on “Auto Forex Income”

  1. I’m hesitant about leaving a comment because I don’t want too many people to know this but it is so awsome I must say something. The EA paid for itself the first evening. The first week I was up 22% This is the second week and so far I’m up 11% I do have 4 open trades that are down but even if they close now I’m still up 5% for the week (Wed). It’s the first EA I’ve found that works! I’ve allready set up my son and daughter with accounts.

  2. I just bought both the base and elite versions of this EA/copier service this morning. I heard about it from the Forex MegaDroid team, and since they seem to have at least a relatively good reputation, I figured what the heck; I’ll buy it, slap it on a $1000 demo account for a month and see what (if anything) happens. If the website is to be believed, amazing things are about to unfold right? Ha, skeptical chuckle, soon for better or for worse we’ll all know the truth. So ladies and gentlemen, that’s the plan, and don’t worry, I’ll keep you up-to-date with what’s happenin’ with my account. For any of you who don’t know, My name (as you can see haha) is Brandon Miller. Here’s my story in a nutshell, and what is truly revolutionary about me. To the best of my knowledge, I am Literally, The Only blind person In, The, World, trading forex. What’s more is that unlike a lot of so called “traders”, I do have a live, funded, real life, real money on the line account. Because of my disability, I am forced to rely on so called expert advisors to trade for me since I can’t physically see the charts. I can navigate within the MetaTrader application itself no problem. But since I can’t actually see the charts to perform my own analysis, I am forced to rely on EAs to trade for me. So far, I can say that as far as EAs go, Fap Turbo and Pipjet not only can, but do, make money. Not boatloads of it (at least not for me yet) but those two EAs can and do make money. I wish you all the very best of success, and I’ll keep you posted with my trial of this Auto Forex Income system.

  3. i bought this ea on 09/09/12 with 1500 dollars on mt4 and by 11/09/12 ea opened 9 trades ,it closed 8,one profit 7 losses.i closed 1 trade in profit.i configured it so that it will not open more than 4 trades at a time.ea did its own thing. -334 dollars or so in losses.i have since contacted support for a refund because i do not like how the ea works and they have not responded in 3 days for my refund.i would not advise anyone to buy this ea.they to have a 60 and 30 day refund policy .neville banks is a scam in my book.i paid in addition to 49 US for ea 79 US for a “elite upgrade” which is supposed to give more trades howver to me it just randomly opens trades.i want my refund but am not sure how to force neville banks to cough it up.any suggestions.

  4. Hello,
    Here my results for this first week of use…
    7/09 – 233 USD
    10/09 – 634
    11/09 – 955
    12/09 + 27
    13/09 + 28
    14/09 + 114
    -1642 USD…
    Let us remain optimistic still 20 days….
    So long.

  5. I bought the elite version, first week was great second week it started stacking up the trades and losing big time third week it had a drwadown of nearly 100% & by weeks end my live account was destroyed, I lost $5000 with this damn piece of crap software. No replies from support so have instigated a refund.
    By the way Brandon just go to your Clickbank receipt and click on the support link & follow the trail to a refund
    process or email Clickbank with your receipt and ask.


  6. Hello everyone, I’m sorry that so much time has passed since my last post about this. To make a long story short I got a full refund. I really like Clickbank as far as refunds are concerned. I’ve gotten several from them (Clickbank) in my day. The actual process of getting a refund using Clickbank is pretty easy, and what I like best of all is that when using Clickbank at least, refunds come back to you really quickly. The reason why I got a refund of this (what I personally consider to be a crappy EA) is because once I got inside the members area and started reviewing the trades that it actually did take in real life, I immediately said no way. To be totally honest, I never even put it on my demo account, and heck that’s fake virtual money! That’s how much this so called EA disgusts me. Haha, I don’t even personally think the word expert can accurately be used to describe this software. Unless of course, you’re looking for a program to expertly lose money.

  7. hi everyone, purchased AFI 9-23-12, alpari account up 10.4 percent in 5 1/2 days of trading . will keep you informed of next week results , HAPPY TRADING

  8. ok, as of today, 3 weeks running, (vps server died for 4 days) account up 14 percent , conservative settings,thanks


  10. Hi to all, I have used AFI for 8 weeks. 1st 4 weeks were better than excellent – a gain of 5k on 19k balance. 2nd 4 weeks were worse than horrendous – a loss of 3k on 24k and now running at a loss of 5k on 24k. The switch from one to the other was over the weekend between the 4th & 5th weeks. My conclusion is that the s/w on the broker’s servers have worked out how to trip it up as there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation. It’s a shame as I was just about ready to go live with it after 4 weeks. Glad I didn’t. I have tried 4 different EAs over 6 – 8 week periods and they’ve all shown the same trend as the AFI robot I used as an example above. So I am convinced the brokers have an army of code breakers working to beat the EAs. Anyone else reached this conclusion?

  11. Interesting comment Styper

    I personally am up from $750 in Nov 2012 now equity is at $1214.27.

    It makes small wins every day. $5.00, $7.00. and losses $20 – $40 on some trades. On the whole it is working for me. The broker must be loving the amount of trades.

    Not sure I want to disclose the broker’s name at this stage because of the post above.

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