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BTC China Accepting Bank Deposits Again

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Currently, clients in China who are trading in Bitcoin have a bigger advantage. This is because the BTC China has started to accept bank deposits to make the transaction easy. This is made possible by using the corporate banking account that give presents to clients. Clients will easily buy e and trade in bitcoins by directly making their deposits in the trading account.

In the earlier days, the BTC China saw this process as invalid, but after careful analysis, the company changed its stance making traders to buy by making direct deposits. Once depicted as the best and biggest trading volume in terms of Bitcoin, BTC China has found a new way for clients to make their deposits. With this acceptance, the value of bitcoins would increase because many people can trade easily.

An earlier announcement annulled a stance that now permitted clients to trade in Bitcoin. However, traders need to register with the ministry before carrying out the trading. The registration has become a boost because it recognizes it as a unique and licensed business operating in the country.

In order to attract people who are trading in Bitcoin, BTC China has come up with a strategy promotion which creates awareness and even gives rewards to clients making deposits in the corporate account through the Maker-Taker plan. In this plan, traders making multiple buying and selling get improved liquidity and are rewarded.

To those taking the offers then remove market liquidity get a fine of 0.3% of their fees. This promotion made until 15Th February give clients $165 to a single maker and taker when they exceed the rebated amount to 100,000 RMB. The prizes are given to makers making the rebate thresholds within the 100000 mark. This deal maker-Taker is a good deal for any client. This model given by BTC China allows buyers to sell or buy hundred of bitcoins but maintain the trade markets. With this plan, traders get more liquidity and market depth.

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