3 Breakout Strategies of Forex Trading for 2020

Trading Strategy

Forex is perhaps the best way to make oodles of money in the world currency market. Making money through Forex is much similar to making money through holding stocks. The strategies of the Forex market is highly in demand as more and more investors are plunging into the Forex investment market, shifting their bases from the stock and the bond market.

No one can predict how the war of the currency will play themselves in 2020 but the investors playing with their luck by trading in the Forex market in 2020 need to keep their wits about them more than ever, this year. Though the elevated forex market volatility continues to imply the major swings in the US dollar and other key pairs, yet there are some break out strategies that may be followed by the investors. Here are a bunch of some such successful strategies.

1. Learn the Forex scalping method: Forex scalping involves a process of fast opening and liquidation of currency positions. As the word ‘fast’ is relative, it refers to a time period of about maximum 3-5 minutes. The not-so-novice Forex scalpers maintain their currency positions for as less as one minute. Most Forex traders are of the opinion that as the Forex scalpers secure their positions for a less period of time than the regular traders, the time for market exposure is much shorter than that of a regular trader and hence they are much less exposed to the market risks. However, as a Forex beginner, you also need to be aware of the fact that the method of Forex scalping is not an efficient one for all types of traders. The scalpers do not prefer taking big risks as they are more willing to let go of greater opportunities in comparison to smaller gains.

2. Stay aware of the market cycles and currency trading: There is a direct proportional relation between the market cycles and the Forex currency trading system. The market cycle is nothing but the growth and contraction phases of the financial life. The market cycle is the primary thing that determines the economic trend and no trader can ever become successful without knowing the nature of the market cycles. As the supply of money is closely related to the value of the currency, the trend of the Forex market also responds to the movements of the currency market cycle.

3. How you can trade pegged currencies: If you’re an amateur investor in the Forex market, you also need to know about the pegged currency. A pegged currency is one where the value of the currency is matched to that of another asset. That asset may be a single currency or even a basket of currencies. The fixed trading rate of the currencies will be valued by the central banks and will be maintained throughout in order to preserve the economic stability. The simplicity and clarity of the fixed exchange rate system is the biggest benefit of pegged currency trading.

You can soon become a confident Forex trader by following the breakout strategies discussed above. Pick the right time to trade forex and try identifying high profitability trading setups so that you can make the most out of your trading skills, and earn an overwhelmingly large amount of easy cash. The string of profits will boost your confidence and enable you to maintain a good winning percentage.

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