10K to 1MM Trading Formula

10K to 1MM Trading Formula10K to 1MM Trading Formula by Henry Liu is a DVD video Forex trading course teaching one system that has a goal to take you from $10,000 to $1 million in one year.

Whether that is realistic is a good question but if the system works to a profitable level, no-one will complain. The system taught in videos by Henry Liu is based on fundamental news trading and consists of a signals service that you can receive via SMS, and a good money management strategy. That, according to the author, is enough for anyone to trade successfully.

The course takes place in 12 stages and besides the DVDs you receive, there are online training videos released every two weeks. With each stage the course aims to take the student closer and closer to the goal.

More about this course:

  • Cost: $497 + $67/month for the signals (first month free)
  • Currency Pairs Supported: All major currency pairs
  • Guarantee: 30-day “no questions asked” money back guarantee

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33 thoughts on “10K to 1MM Trading Formula”

  1. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on forex courses, systems, BOTS, you name it, there are only two in the business that have integrity.

    And Henry Liu is certainly one of them.

  2. LOL – Raj is getting nothing out of this, I can assure you. Read other comments on other products and make your conclusions. People don’t always post just bad things. Put the pessimism aside, life is not all that bad. ^_^

  3. Just so you know. The very first trade he made in this program (USDJPY) took 10K and turned it into 9k. 10% loss in one trade. Great way to start.

  4. Henry explains why he made that call and why it failed. I personally think that it was good education in using fundamentals in trading fprex.

  5. Another update on this…it is now down 20% from two trades.
    Once again great money management. Coming up with fundamental excuses when a regular technical indicator explained it better is bullshit. Sure losses happen but 20% in two trades, why would people pay for that?

  6. 4 losing trades in a row!
    Even though Henry said the first trade was a test trade and the second trade was fortunately not triggered for the most members.
    All trades hit the full stop loss!
    Very few got the 2nd trade triggered and asked Henry what to do.
    Henry answered: It is no official trade – you are on your own.
    The trading style what Henry uses for the 10KtoZero in 8 trades has nothing to do with his former trading!
    He make it as simple as possible for him without investing any work.
    He take only extrem risky countertrend trades.
    For this he opens a weekly chart of his favourite currency pairs and draw a line at the last low.
    If the current price is about 150 pips away from this point, he set a pending buy order against the strong downtrend on all time frames,
    because he believe, if the trend reversed last time, it will do it this time too.
    He do not waste time with calculating exact stop loss and take profit – he uses a fixed sl of 100 pips and a fixed TP of 200 pips.
    Support and resistance, trendlines, Pivots and Fib levells are nothing to think about.
    He also do not care about high impact news releases. On 24.08 was expected the US existing home sales would come out much lower.
    In his morning outlook Henry had recommended to sell UJ, but we opened a long trade.
    His excuse was ( posted in members forum),
    “Remember that the market only sold off the pair after that idiot from BOE did an interview with the Telegraph.”
    Great excuse isn`t it?
    Henry does also not care about proper money management.
    He said he wanted to risk max 8% or 800$ per trade, but he do not care about the different pip value of different currencies, he always trade 0,8 lot. Probably it is to much work for him to calculate the proper lot size.
    That is the reason, why we are 23% down in only 2 trades!
    Trade management is also to much work for him.
    If a trade, like the current GY ( Take profit +700 pips) trade was already 192 pips in profit, he did not tighten sl or took profit partially, the trade moved back to+15pips.
    He want all or nothing.
    The trade is still open and it was good luck the NFP cames out much better than expected.
    The trade skyrocketed to +269 pips.
    But again no sl tightening or partially take profit.
    In the moment it is down to +35 pips.
    Henry just lean back and relax.

  7. Bang!!! The 5th loser in a row.
    Just got stopped out again.
    Account is now down nearly 30%.
    But Henry called already a new long trade on GY,
    like a defiant child.

  8. 6th loser in a row.
    Account is down now 36%.
    And Henry called a reenter
    Henry Liu: GY trade still on, if you got stopped out, you can
    reenter or stay out. up you…

  9. How ironic, the reason why Henry’s GBPJPY trade is still alive is because he requested members in his traderoom to remove the Stop Loss!!! His reason is to stop the brokers from stop hunting. He also did not send an SMS early enough to inform those members outside of the traderoom about this (it was sent after the SL was hit).

    On the other hand, in the traderoom today, he said if you win 1 million hey that is your winning, but if you lose, its your loss. And its all up to you. Whats also mentioned is he knows a lot of people signed up for a signal service and would blindly follow however if the members know the environment they can make their own judgement and adjust it accordingly. But then, hey what are rules for??

    He also explained that what happened recently is not the TYPICAL scenario of the market and with USDJPY falling down to 15 year low is not normal. Whats also mentioned is that all previous losses its really very unfortunate. What more can he say.

  10. Rebecca,

    the losses are not unfortunate – they are absolutely unprofessional!
    Just remember GY was 3 times in big profit (1 time 192 pips,
    1 time 270 pips and one time 180 pips) every time Henry let it turn into a loss. That is not just stupid, that is a crime.

  11. Find more reviews about 10Kto1MM at the FPA site. Its written in 2 locations i.e. under reviews and trade signals page …. and everyone, this is TRUE.

    Latest news, Henry closed down his own forum. His reason:

    09/10/2010: The Forum is now closed. We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to our inability to properly monitor and offer support in the forum, we have decided to close it indefinitely. For member support issues, please submit a Help Desk Support Ticket and for member’s trade discussion, you may access the Trade Room at this time.

    Well, why would you do something like that unless you are hiding something.

  12. Lucky chap Henry is because all his members are now happy with one win. No doubt that BOJ intervened and recovered the losses, one must look at the overall track record i.e. winners vs losers. So far out of 5 trades,

    UJ – Loss
    GY – Loss
    GY re-entry – Loss (not Breakeven because thats not counted because SL was told to be removed late)
    AU – Loss (but some are still in because SL was told to be removed again in traderoom!!)
    GY re-entry – Winner (saved by real intervention)

    Hey, ask yourself, how often does intervention happen?
    So can he really continue his winning streak in a single trade?

  13. BTW, the AU loss trade, the losses were more than the usual as the SL was fixed at 125 pips (due to initial SL removal). Latest trade for UC hit SL again. So another loser!!! Only 1 win so far i.e. GY and its due to luck coz of BOJ intervention. Its unbelievable that the success ratio for this programme is failing.

    Apparently, the master behind the programme wants to change his formula by using trade copier programme soon, but this will only be applicable for those with MT4 platforms. Would anyone trust the guru to trade for you without SL?? And moreover, do check the statement he posted online. Its only 3 months of results and it happened 2 years ago in 2008. Common how come no recent results?? And a longer term one??

    Time to wake up guys.

  14. Here’s the latest news on this programme. Loads of members are getting their refund for the initial cost incurred for the DVDs + monthly fee. However, the support team behind the programme are rejecting many refunds and the reason given is that it has past the 30 days guarantee.

    The funny thing is, the master behind the programme himself offered an extension to the 30 days guarantee to 60 days (written) in his forum. But later when people started using this for refund, it was deleted from the forum!!! How honest can one be??

    Here’s what was written in the forum by the master himself:

    “… I have power to issue refunds up to 2 months without jumping through hoops on my end. The last thing I want is your money if my system does not work. I will be fair about it.”

    So a word of caution, please think three to four times before considering this programme or any other programme from the master himself.

  15. Program is still on, Henry has introduced SignalCopy and this automates all the trades for me on MT4. We had a winning USD/CAD trade last week taking in around 300-400 pips. We are curently in a very good GBP/JPY trade that has fluctuated between 167 pip loss and 148 pip win, currently up 50 pips. I have taken every single one of Henry’s signals including all of the “take stop loss off” trades and the multiple GBP/JPY trades. I have never doubted Henry’s ability and I love the way he takes enormous risks. I can see his point when he takes contrarian trades – you need to do what the 5% does in order to make it big in this game. I am currently up 12.14% on my account, yesterday at the best level for the day the account was up 21.87%. It won’t be long before we hit the 46% mark and move on to the next level, leaving behind all the knockers and doubters……and the weak of heart. I strongly believe this GY trade will do it, it has a TP at 134.

  16. I will further add a list of my trades taken under the 10kto1mm formula:
    aug 28 buy usd/jpy 85.00 sell 84.00 loss 100
    aug 30 buy gbp/jpy 130.95 sell 129.75 loss 120
    aug 31 buy gbp/jpy 129 sell 128.50 loss 50
    sep 8 sell usd/cad 1.047 buy 1.051 loss 40
    sep 14 buy gbp/jpy 128.06 sell 50% 130.593 profit 253
    sep 14 buy gbp/jpy 128.06 sell 25% 133.099 profit 503
    sep 14 buy gbp/jpy 128.06 sell 255 133.50 profit 544
    sep 13 sell aud/usd .9350 buy .9475 loss 125
    sep 22 buy usd/chf .9943 sell 9841 loss 102
    oct 13 buy usd/cad 1.0090 sell 50% 1.03477 profit 257
    oct 13 buy usd/cad 1.0090 sell 50% 1.0200 profit 110
    oct 19 buy gbp/jpy 128.10 current trade SL moved to 128.10

    Just look at the results, it is very clear to see that what Henry said right from the start he has delivered, he will cut short the losses and let the winners run. The problem with most of the critics was that they failed to understand the randomness of the market, they expected profits from the very start or close to it – when this failed they bailed out like rats from a sinking ship. Henry also said at the outset that this was a very aggressive strategy, perhaps it would have been best to weed out the faint hearted with a psychological profile questionaire to see if they were mentally fit to go through with the program. I say this with all seriousness because the outcome has left a sour taste in many mouths – simply because traders/would be traders couldn’t accept a string of losses, which is inevitable in your trading life.

    This service was always going to be a signal service. With a signal service you simply take the signal – don’t question it. Henry took the extra steps of introducing a forum, however human nature being such, in the face of pain and adversity, the forum turned very toxic and I am glad it had been pulled down. I guess the same thing happened with the subsequent Java chat room. As for me, I am more than happy being part of Henry’s project, there is no chatter or venom at the moment to play with your mind, I don’t need to watch or (over)analyse the market, all trades are automated and my account is up 15% after 2 months as I post this.

  17. Captain Henry has safely negotiated his ship and passengers through a 200 pip profit on the Gbp/Jpy trade for 50% of the position with the balance 50% sitting at 300 pips profit (131.13 as at 10am Nov 3)

  18. GBP/JPY trade now sitting at nearly 500 pip profit level as at close on Friday Nov 12th. TP is 135. Henry’s account is up 24.24%.

  19. Yes, it was a sight for sore eyes this morning to see that the CAD had hit 118 pips profit overnight. Pity the GY did not go in the same direction for us. We are certainly on our way to our goal now, it took some time to take off but I’m sure that things will be a lot smoother from now on – just need to get used to the way Henry trades, let him pull the strings and lead the way.

  20. 10k to 1mm programme has finished the first stage. Initially we were off to a slow start, but now we have completed the first phase and are looking forward to the second phase. The signal copy which was introduced makes it less important to rush off to the computer when there is an SMS, so now it triggers automatically. Good job Henry.

  21. Final (Amended) list of trades taken to get to Phase 1:

    aug 28 buy usd/jpy 85.00 sell 84.00 loss 100
    aug 30 buy gbp/jpy 130.95 sell 129.75 loss 120
    aug 31 buy gbp/jpy 129 sell 128.50 loss 50
    sep 8 sell usd/cad 1.047 buy 1.051 loss 40
    sep 14 buy gbp/jpy 128.06 sell 50% 130.593 profit 253
    sep 14 buy gbp/jpy 128.06 sell 25% 133.099 profit 503
    sep 14 buy gbp/jpy 128.06 sell 25% 133.50 profit 544
    sep 13 sell aud/usd .9350 buy .9475 loss 125
    sep 22 buy usd/chf .9943 sell .9841 loss 102
    oct 13 buy usd/cad 1.0090 sell 50% 1.03477 profit 257
    oct 13 buy usd/cad 1.0090 sell 50% 1.0200 profit 110
    oct 19 buy gbp/jpy 128.10 sell 50% 129.92 profit 182
    oct 19 buy gbp/jpy 128.10 sell 25% 132.00 profit 410
    oct 19 buy gbp/jpy 128.10 sell 25% 133.53 profit 543
    Nov 22 sell aud/usd .9940 buy .9740 profit 200
    Nov 2 buy usd/cad 1.0135 sell 50% 1.0250 profit 115
    Nov 2 buy usd/cad 1.0135 sell 50% 1.0135 profit 0

    mY Account is up by 59.08%, Phase 2 to start in December, Henry will have a Live Webinar on 29th Nov to update us on the way forward (I guess) – I am loOking forward to the next phase with much anticipation.

  22. after more than 8 month , this program ( 10k to 1mm) failed.
    $10 k deposit turned to under $ 3k.
    Henry explaining this is because of the Japan earthquake …

    Who are the 95% forex trader that loose every day? all forex retailer.

    now Henry have another robot CSR and he lunched in on 28th May.
    he claimed that this is guarantee money maker. i did not join this program the reason all robot are losing.
    any one have an idea about Henry CSR?

  23. This program is the biggest BS ever.
    1 year later we have all hit margin call.

    What sort of program removes SL whenever any trade goes sour…

    Henry’s last 2 trades lost over 2000 pips!! Are you kidding me!? I’ve blown 12k in 1 year listening to this nonsense!


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