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92 thoughts on “1 Click Pips”

  1. LIES!i don’t believe this guy plus tell all these marketers to stop deceiving themselves. if you can turn $1,005 to $160,000 in one month (ie times 160) i beg you by the fear of God that you run same robot on the $160,000 in one month it will be $25m in another month it will be $4Billion in the 3rd month it wud then be $600Billion. if He just needs 3 months to be the richest man that ever lived, why do you need me to give you say $100 for your robot? why didn’t he withdraw from the account if it were a live account? summary, He transferred $1005 to a live account (order Number 19763496) but ran that “demo compliant” robot on a demo account. thats why at the end of the month, the last order on the account was still on 16195376 lesser than the order the money was transferred on. Not too smart to see that i guess. pls stay away from this product. it will not work on a live account, IT WILL CRASH YOUR ACCOUNT.THAT’S WHY HE USED A DEMO. I TOLD YOU B4 HAND.

  2. I’m very sceptical myself. But not sure what you’re talking about when you say the transfer order # is 19763496. It’s 14125128. So it is in cronological order unless he caught his mistake and changed it to appear legit.
    My question however is, what broker allows the kind of leverage required to have 2 standard lots open with a $1,005.00 deposit? His first 4 trades are .5 lots ea and are open simultaneously. Suspicious at best.

  3. Hmm, Im a little skeptical like Jerry who posted earlier. In Jeffery Montell’s “proof” that the 1 Click Pips robot works on a live account he shows us an order number 19763496 as the first order on the live account.

    You can see the entire statement on the 1 Click Pips website, the account number 741033 is in the same sequence as the one in the Metatrader screen in the video but he blurs out the last 3 digits and has dragged the frame so you can only see the first 4 digits 7410 in the sidebar.

    The first order number is 14125128 not 19763496. 38587 M2 is the account the money was transferred from so that matches, but the time stamp for the transfer says 2011/03/09 07:25 not 2011/03/08 20:19. I suspect the statement on the website has been doctored to show a different account number as generally demo account numbers are in a completely different sequence than live account numbers – you can see that the demo account in the screen starts with 2690 not 7410. The only possible excuse he could have for these discrepancies is that he actually ran more than one test account, and the one shown in the video was one of his other accounts. That would explain why there was a later date on the transfer – he created another live account the following day and actually traded that one.

    But the fact that he blurs out the live account number in the video but is quite happy to display it on the account statement makes me lean toward the conclusion that he is hiding the account number for reasons of deception in regard to his live trading “proof” not for privacy reasons which would be a legitimate reason to hide the account number. After all, if he was concerned about people knowing his account number he’d hide it on the statement too.
    So basically, I suspect he actually traded the demo account with the 2690- account number and then doctored the statement to show the 7410- number.
    As an affiliate I have contacted the 1 Click Pips support email twice in the last day or so, asking for either a test copy or an investor access password, but have not received a reply.
    As an affiliate I try to keep a balance between earning an income, and being ethical in my marketing, and when I find out that a certain robot vendor is a scam, I certainly do not promote it, and in fact I make a point of promoting forex robots whose vendors DO share investor passwords and give out test copies to affiliates. Sure, demo accounts are not necessarily indicative of live account success, but at least if the robot fails on a demo account you can be sure that it will definitely fail on a live account.
    But I am not on a witch hunt when it comes to calling out scams, there are far better sites than mine which do a good job of that, and my site has links to the best one I am aware of.

    At the end of the day, I believe that it is possible to make money from automated forex, but the key is to identify the few genuine expert advisors in the marketplace which are transparent in terms of sharing investor access passwords with potential buyers. 1 Click Pips is a very plausible con, and I was sucked in at first, as they appear to be ethical on the surface, but lack that key transparency factor: the live investor access password which allows traders to verify the live account statement.

  4. lol. you guys are still looking at the demo account statement that’s why you are seeing the order number of the transfer to be 14125128. watch the video and see the order number for the transfer there, it reads 19763496. what else should i say?

  5. I’m with you on that Jerry. And if Daryl is correct about the brokerage not allowing trades like that, then the entire statement could be fabricated with fictitious trades. I know that there are shady programmers out there on elance type websites who are happy to take money in exchange for creating these dodgy statements. I’ve even seen the job requests by these scammers asking them to do that. You can’t hide anything on the internet.

  6. Hi, I was just about to purchase 1 click pips but I am so happy that I came to this page just before purchasing. I have read your useful comments but I just have a question for the moment. His deposit is $1005. As I am a newbie, I need your expert comments regarding this. As far as I know, it is not possible to deposit in a demo account. And if a new demo account is created, it usually allows to take a starting balance in round figures like $1000 or $5000, etc… Any Thoughts? Regards. Farid

  7. Yes Farid that is correct however he mentioned he deposited or transferred this amount into his live account. I would like to know the broker that allowed him to make 4 trades at .5 mini lots using a 1005$ account without giving a margin call. This guy is a pure scammer and as with all robots you will lose your account. Good luck if you buy it and anyone who has made a purchase should really consider a fast refund.

  8. Farid, you can open a demo account with any amount of your choice, just type in the amount you want in the deposit column. So if you want a $1005 demo account opened, just type $1005 in the deposit column and then you have a $1005 account you can pose with. As for the transfer you see in that demo account, i can tell you the guy did something to get that. i pasted my comments on His review site up to this moment, He refused posting it, telling me that my comment is still awaiting Moderator. He should come answer why and how the transferred order number in the video reads different from the transfer order number in the account statement pasted there? As for the TRF fr 38587 M2 showing there, what i can say is that of all the over 15 MT4 platforms i have used, i can remember that transfers,deposit,withdrawal normally comes under the swap column not under the type column . All i can say is that something is wrong somewhere So beware. from my 5yrs experience in Fx, i can tell you this guy is hiding something. If you don’t believe me as would be the case, go ahead and buy it. tell me when Your live account is down. @ STUART, some robots work well, though very few and they are not sold/marketed,at least not for $49. they are kept secret from the public. i don’t use robots but i do trade manually and have seen some level of success that i wont brag about here. but i have a very close friend of mine,i taught Him personally how to trade and for the past say 3 years he has been working on a robot. He did come up with something great about 7 months ago that gives Him about 10-20 % increase per month. Now here is the story. As close as we are, He has refused to give me a copy of this robot because it is His life investment. though He agreed to run the robot himself on my account and i can be collecting the profit. But to give my a copy of the robot, forget about it. You see how much a truly good robot cost? See guys, i am presently at the Malachi of Fx i have long left the genesis zoom. i can simply tell you sit down and develop yourself. no short cut. cheap $300 that turns $10 to $1m dollars in 1 week wont help you. just said i should write in for those that will listen.

  9. Hello all! I read all of you write, and go to their site and buy this dream machine! 🙂 I try it for next week, and write here results, i think all of it ends by refund… 🙂

  10. Andrey, thanks for your courage to take the plunge despite all the warnings. Only guys like you can really tell if the software works or not for real. Looking forward to hearing the results from you!

  11. I have bought the ea over the weekend. I have to say the members area of the website is one of the best i have seen. the set up instructions are on easy to follow videos and i have asked for surport twice about simple things ie can the ea run on the same account as another ea? and they have replied already. the ea works differently to any i have seen you only set it up on one pair and it then gets its information from the market watch and will trade 4 pairs. That said my demo account is £500 down in one day so we shall see.

  12. You guys are crazy to buy this thing. It will come to pass that this guy is just a marketeer taking your money. I do not know of one robot which has made money on a consistant basis. They will all empty your account given the chance.

  13. Stuart, no problem to refund money, i do already made it.
    Only one condition, is purchase by paypal, then refund take about two days.
    I am confident that this is fake EA, but time will show..:)

  14. Hi guys, i purchased the 1 click pip EA and also their so called 10 times extreme EA, which make 10 X 16X,XXX$ per month, IT IS NOT WORK as ADVERTISED!! Warning you stay away, or only purchase it by Paypal, then you can get your refund more easier! It is only a EA trade by EMA cross, and it make very few trades a day, and loss trades.

  15. Purchased it last week, both the regular and the extreme. Regular hasn’t closed any trades on demo but has 3 open for a gain of 18 pips. The extreme netted me 68 pips, that was just trading Friday.

    I placed the extreme in my live $3k account, trading .10 lots. Right now it is losing me 100 pips. That’s 4 trades.

    I noticed that they only trade about 5 pairs. Unfortunately FXDD doesn’t allow me to turn off/hide the pairs they are not trading so I cannot filter them out. We’ll see what happens…

  16. I bought this product and…
    1. the robot never open trade on demo account, either for the standard nor xtreme version.
    2. the robot made 3 trades on real account, with the results as follow: +36, -52 and +1 pips (total -15 pips loss).
    3. after comparing with the manual PDF, I see different method. The PDF shows several “buy” bars and then robot will open a buy, but in my case it opened buy order on several “sell” bars.

    Can anyone tell me how to ask for a refund?

  17. After been scammed so many times but successfully getting my money back through Pay Pal, I thought I would give 1 Click Pips a test as I also develop my own EA’s. Determined not to be up-sold, I also backed out of the primary purchase screen to be offered the product for $10 less at $39. At the download page all three products being sold were instantly available for me to download which I did.
    This has to be a scam as who would sell such a profitable EA for a one time amount of $39?
    On the 1 month Metatrader statement there were some 9177 trades completed in 30 days over 4 major currency pairs. I have had both EA’s running for a day and a half now and the basic product has closed out 1 trade at a loss and has 3 open trades running but equity is around 1% down. Not much but the Extreme version has not performed 1 trade yet. To get 9177 trade in 21 trading days that’s an average of 437 trades per day. The EA they are purporting to sell is nothing like the one we are buying. Another refund to be acquired very soon I suspect. The other scam product recently that had masses of trades over a short period of time was Forex Arbitrages, it wouldn’t surprise me if these two products come from the same stable.

  18. I bought the 1 click and Extreme . I seems the 1 click doesn’t take profit on time until it starts losing again. Pease I didn’t get the PDF manual yet. Novie can you send me a copy of the PDF manual?


  19. I purchased the standard version and have it running on a live FXCM account now since Monday morning and it has not taken a trade. Anyone else found this? I have also contacted support through the 1 click web site and had no reply. What’s going on. This is the poorest EA i have experienced.

  20. @Jon

    Finger??…..I was thinking some other part of the anatomy, one that would really get their attention……;-)

  21. lol @trader 1971 even if you give me for free, i wont take it talk less of $1. i told you guys not to even consider it but as usual they will not listen. no short cuts men!

  22. Has anyone noticed that they have taken down the statement page from the 1 Click Pips website? Another sign that they are trying to hide something.

  23. Thank God I switched the lot size back down to .01 in the live account. Over 200 pips down. Returning it tonight. A pity… I bought sRs Trend Rider last night, all the pips it made for me, 1clickpips lost them and more…

  24. Yep going to get a refund also, had it three days and only three trades for a total win of $10.00 a far cry from what they say. Why when it is so easy to get a full refund do they try this sort of rubbish. Heading over to clickbank right now.

  25. hello.

    i just had trades like a hundred in an hour.
    i thought it’s fraud when it didn’t have trade,like few in a day.
    is there anyone who had trade lots for hours?

  26. You can change all the settings but it will still slowly drain your account due to the reverse trend trade closures to open opposite direction trades. That will result in 90% of your trades being a 10-50 PIPs losing trades and if your SL gets it, it is over. You will never catch up while it continues to slowly drain your account.

  27. What I find disconcerting about 1 Click Pips is that after downloading the MT4 Detailed Statement that was used in their marketing, I find that the actual Largest Profit & Loss figures do not actually exist within the report. Upon further investigation, I also ascertained that at least three profit/loss figures within the report had also been changed. Then, after using a spreadsheet to calculate the profit/loss results for each trade, I had a multitude of discrepancies. I cannot seen any explanation for these differences?

  28. Guys, I think the problem with the volume of trades is actually in the timeperiod. They advertise it to put on H4, but there is no bloody way it’s gonna generate the number of trades as advertised on H4 – not a chance, 9000+ trades in a month. I tried to change it to M1 and guess what – it’s trading like crazy now (on demo), but it’s just loosing money. So, 1) there is no way the results that they’ve posted have anything to do with H4 chart application and 2) to me it also sounds like that results they’ve showed having nothing to do with the EA sold.

    It may very well may be someone else’s results, but not coming from this EA.

  29. Jon, I agree but what we want to do to these scammers is probably illegal! The next best thing is to hit them where it hurts – in the back pocket. Make this Forex Machines 1 Click Pips review page go viral on Facebook by clicking the Facebook Like button at the top of this page. Repeat the same on any other social media site like Twitter, Digg, Linked In etc, and then do the same thing on any other review page that is exposing this scam . This will drive massive traffic and give us the best chance of stopping the 1 Click Pips launch dead in its tracks and protecting as many potential victims of this scam as possible. If everbody that reads this helps out by doing all of the above then we can do it!

  30. I tried this software on a Demo account. I traded with 0.2 lot size. Trades were open but never close in profit. AS I type this, my trade was at 90.00 and now it is at 57.00.
    No closing trades yet.

  31. I bought 1clickpips and also 1clickpipsextreme. They are refusing to refund my money. Every time I ask for a refund through the clickbank website, the change it to a request for support. They have done this 3 times in a row.

  32. Hi I m from Singapore

    1clickpipsextreme – really scam product.. tested for 3 days now.. 1 win 10 lossing.. I analysis the entry point.. always suicide move!

  33. Good Morning All
    I got 1 Click Pips on Friday and have had it running since Sunday. No Trades what so ever. I also have the Extreme running on another account. Same thing.
    Hey Carlos it looks like sRs Trendrider is working good for you. Good Luck and keep us posted.

    I’m going to look into the sRs System and see what happens.

    Happy Trading to all.
    And my the Forex be with us and not the scammers.

  34. Purchased 1Clickpips Extreme Monday 18 April, set it up and running Tuesday afternoon, and no trades to date although markets have been moving.

    I have sent 4 E-mails One a day) to support team requesting some feedback as to whether I had set it up correctly.

    Guess What?

    “NO REPLY”
    Has anyone else been able to contact them and get a reply?????

  35. hahahahahah…You all have been FOOLED so bad that you don’t remember the people who ran 1 Million dollar system call PUSH BUTTON PIPS..

    Same Crew, Different Actor, Fake Statement…

    I don’t understand why you all keep falling for them…

  36. Shouldn’t be the same crew. Pushbuttonpips refunded my money right away. I’m about to file a complaint against this crew in clickbank and paypal to see if I can get my money back.

  37. Hi Guys, Do not buy any forex EA without the Investor Password provided. Everyone of us is entitled to see for him or herself what are the real results of an EA. That is the only way we, prospective EA buyers can protect ourselves from wasting our time & money.

  38. It really IS the same crew, different actor (as Kukur mentions above). First of all, the guy that SELLS this thing isn’t the same guy who’s picture is the up-sell links – but they both say they’re “Jeffery Martell”. Yeah right. The other thing is that the still shot of “Jeffery” on the upsell page is the SAME GUY WHO WAS ONE OF THE “BETA TESTERS” on the PushButtonPips webpage.

    See anything a bit out of whack with that?

    I strongly agree with the folks above who found that the results shown on the sales page have NOTHING to do with how either of these EAs actually behave. It’s simple “bait and switch” – with faked bait.

    We are suckers – but our consolation prize is the refund.

  39. I bought this one and I have something to say. The regular priced oneclick works fair but only on ibfx. The extreme version doesnt work at all on any broker.At least not for me.

    ON IBFX on the standard oneclick, its losing money slowly about $15 a day on a 1k demo account. only 3 trades at a time with 4 pairs. I had big hopes also. It comes with a 60 days refund. sooo, im only out about 2 weeks in testing.

    Extreme version is trying to run, but seems to be looking at the same 4 pair instead of 20, but its never traded.

  40. good luck with your refund……….click bank refused my refund 20 times…..I have used indicent language this time….i just have had enough of this clickbank
    and 1 click pips…

  41. I also bought the 1clickpips last sunday and it has been running since…The software is really draining my account fast….Can anyone suggest to me how do I stop the trading and also ask for refund???Thanks

  42. I am using the 1clickpips Extreme version on a demo. I began with $1,000 and after about a week in a half, the balance is up to $1276 and in extra $78 in equity. I am leveraging .1 lots per $1,000 for now. I will continue to test for a month or so on demo before going live. Seems that some of you aren’t testing but as soon it there is a DD, scream REFUND. Every system there is a DD so if you can’t handle it, well, FX isn’t the place for you. Now, of course, if this looses consistently, well it’s junk. Time will tell.

  43. I bought 1clickpips, Extreme, and the “secret system manual.”

    I don’t know what you guys did differently, but Extreme did NOTHING for me. I let it run for over a week and it never placed a single trade.

    I ran regular 1clickpips and it made a few trades in 4-5 days but most of the time did nothing.

    I looked at the system manual and it was garbage. It was poorly and vaguely described. I tested it and found it didn’t work at all. It also didn’t match the behavior of the regular system. I don’t think it’s the same system at all, just another ripoff.

    I sent 8 or 10 questions to 1clickpips’ “”support”” line and never received a single response.

    However: I explained this to clickbank and I had a full refund within 48 hours. Take that, Jeffrey!!

  44. I am running both versions on demo Tadawul.

    After an initial DD of 7% I am seeing at this early stage a 2% per day profit.

    The turbo version is doing better.

    I would like to see the trades closing faster and may run another EA in parallel to improve MM.

    I think that it needs 2 or 3 months on demo to be sure.

    The demo version is trading 12 pairs and the basic version 4 pairs.

    I waited a day before I saw any trades placed.

    Jury is still out for me.


  45. I agree. To be fair, one needs to let it run at least a month or two just like the web site shows a month’s worth of trading. I’d like to run back tests on it but not sure I am able to because one bot runs several pairs.

  46. Guys, don’t be sucked in. You get what you pay for, and don’t purchase stuff just because you can get a refund. Trading should be completed like a business. Do your homework, listen to what is said in these forums, and when you do purchase a system and go live then trade ‘real small’. Eg. 1% risk means you are not risking too much and trading scared, will allow time for a system to prove itself and give you time to stop trading it if things go wrong without losing too much.

    In the case of this system, statements are not even available on the sales page so must have been removed. You need to ask yourself why.

    Good Trading…

  47. This is in reference to the comment concerning the deposit amount for a demo account… If you highlight the box with the amount, you can pretty much enter whatever amount you want to test(demo) with.

    Happy Testing(and trading) folks

  48. Ok guys,
    I’m not trusting the EA it self.
    But, the describe tech in manual trading are valid.
    I starting the EA today xtreme version.
    Only for manual trading instructions for the price is Ok…
    Make that experience and you should agree with it.

    Have good 1clickpips ”manual” trading.

  49. Just to share my experience with HARD DEALING EA FOREX SCAMMERS such as 1 Click Pips EA.. After trying PIPS 4 IDIOTS for more than 1 month.. I have decided to seek for refund on Jan 18, 2011.. Yet, just like many people on this forum, the vendor is trying to change my REFUND process into TECH SUPPORT…

    That is what happened with me and I am sure all of you would be frustrated with this behaviour that the vendor of EA 1 Click Pips has also done… But I know I could rely on CLICKBANK so I directly CHAT LIVE with Clickbank Customer support on clickbank.com/orderDetail.htm … They are very FRIENDLY and HELPFULL which I give them 5 STAR for their TOP NOTCH Customer Support

    I told them what happened refer to this vendor behaviour and RIGHT AWAY, the Customer Support process my REFUND and block the Vendor for any possibilities to change my REFUND process into TECH SUPPORT…

    By the time I wrote this comment…I just received email from CLICKBANK that my REFUND has been approved so just wait to have my money back on my Credit Card and I am SURE that will arrive soon…

    So for any of the users who has been SCAM by many of EA VENDORS out there… Please note before you purchase to BUY EA only from CLICKBANK and IF the VENDOR does not use CLICKBANK… PLEASE DO NOT BUY BEFORE YOU READ POSITIVE COMMENTS FROM THIS FORUM OR FOREX PEACE ARMY…

    Better Late than being SCAMMED…Take care!!!

  50. Re:- Comment by “Nick” on April 21, 2011 @ 12:18 pm

    Have been running extreme version since 18/04 2011, and to date not “ONE” trade.
    I contacted 1Clickpips 6 times on consecutive days, “Allowing for bank holidays etc”, and to date,……


    I contacted Click bank via live contact, who said they would contact the vendor and tell them of my concerns, and I would hear from them within 48 hrs.
    I received from Click bank an auto generated Email offering me a full refund.
    Within minutes I received notification that my refund has been authorized, and will be in my account within the next 3-5 days. ( Let’s wait and see )
    I just hope Click bank do not loose out financially,to these odious, vile, selfish, and unscrupulous “Tit Turds” preying on the lives of decent people, hoping to better there’s.
    I have seen many other comments, re Click bank, and refunds.
    Well I cannot answer your situation! but can only say to you, that I followed the instructions on their web site (Click bank) and have had no problems. I just hope they will take up the case of seeking out these people, and get justice.
    Good luck to you all,and if I can help you in anyway, Please leave message and contact details and I will get back to you,
    kind regard’s

  51. Hi, I bought the extreme version of 1click pips but no trades are taking place on the demo account, I have twice requested help from the so called customer support but no one has ever got back to me, as a newbie feel very disappointed by dreadfull level of service, can anyone tell me how to get a refund?

  52. Hi there,

    My Extreme version on demo keeps making about 2% each day. I currently have three trades active. Only difference from the recommended set-up is I have 100:1 leverage on the demo account and a lot size of 2 on a 100K bank.
    I do run a parallel EA for safety that closes trades at 4% profit to avoid retraction. It also closes trades at 10%DD

    At this rate if results continue to be consistent I will run it live with a small bank in a month or so.

    I also notice that there is a live test being done on Forex Peace Army website. It is getting results similar to myself. It would be good to keep an eye on this test also.



  53. Hint, if you buy the regular version, you get the Extreme for free. It’s all in the members down-loads area.
    Ok, I started with $1000 on April 19. Today, balance is $976.96 and Equity is $2006.00. If I close everything right now, account doubled in 2 weeks. Let’s see what 2 more weeks do.

  54. wish I had seen this site previously.

    I have purchased both products.

    1. first product ran for several days @0.10 lot size on $5,000 demo account.

    I had 4 closed out trades with loss of -$145.09 with 4 trades running with total profit (as things stand if I closed) of $686.23. I requested assistance as to why these trades didn’t close – no help forth-coming (pretty standard for most products).

    I then started with extreme version yesterday with following

    Item Buy Sell Profit Wins Losses
    usdcad 3 0 $26.04 2 1
    gbpusd 0 2 $0.00 1 1
    eurjpy 0 1 $31.01 1 0
    audusd 0 5 -$25.00 2 3
    ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******
    Totals 3 8 $32.05 6 5

    Not great but small profit.

    I also didn’t find a manual – watched videos.

    I have tried so many EAs and still not been happy – this seemed different in it’s approach. I tend not to buy unless I think I can get a refund – I now assume they won’t work as advertised then try them! (then normally request a refund)

  55. These comments make for interesting reading. I have no idea what people are doing with this program to get the negative results that they are getting.
    I purchased the basic 1 Click EA and ran it for a few days on a demo. After a positive response, I installed it on one of my live accounts, it had $2,500 in this account and I started with .5 lot size. Started making money, so I bought the extreme 1 Click and installed it on another live account that about 5K. I must say that it did take a few days before the trades stared coming in. Yesterday there were four trades going at the same time. It is May 5, 2011 and I started live trading on April 29th, 2011.
    After I started making real money, I changed the lot size to 1 lot per trade. I know everyone will say, “This guy is blow smoke”, but I wish I could show you my Account History. I am up over 7K in one week. I have two live trades that are going right now on the 1 Click Extreme, One started yesterday and another one started while I have been writing this review. Total positive $692.
    So the question is, what is everyone else doing wrong, or is this just a fluke and I am make real money?
    I must tell you that I exited some of these trades manually. When I was using the .5 lot size and the trade made over $500 I cashed in. When trading with one lot size as I am doing now, when it gets to $1,000 or above, I exit the trade.
    I would have been pleased to make half this money in one week, but it looks like I will be over 8K this week. Next week I will move the lot size up to 1.5 per trade. You must watch your margin, in case you have 4 or 5 trades open at the same time.
    I hope this helps someone out there. I recommend opening a demo account with 5K and then start the program with 1 lot size. You aren’t going to lose any money, but you will have the opportunity to see if this works or not. Trust me, I have bought over 10K work of systems in the past two years. Always with a money back and I did get my money back. so If this does work for you, it make make a difference in your life. I am just glad that I did not give up. How many failures did Edison have while he was trying to invent the light bulb? Hundreds and hundreds. Don’t give up.
    Use a demo account and then try any of the programs for a month and see if it works. If you buy through Click Bank, you have 60 days to get your money back.
    I wish you well and may you prosper,

  56. I am running on a demo that has 4 digit broker. I heard 5 digit won’t work, is that true anyone? Maybe those who are getting sucky results are using 5 digit brokers, who knows.

    I am risking $1.00 per $1,000 and my account went from $1,000 to now $4400 in just 2 weeks using the extreme version. Works great for me so far.

  57. Some good results – good news!

    with the extreme version do people look for all currency opportunities or just the ‘majors’.

    Obviously spread will be poor on some currencies but a winning trade is a winner !

  58. I believe it’s the top 12 currencies that it looks at. Yes, TP is 250 pips (default) so spread doesn’t really matter in the long run assuming it has more winning trades then losers.

  59. Trav,

    How do you know the TP is 250 pips?
    My Extreme has no settings except lot size and spread.

  60. Thos, Strange, mine has TP of 250 and SL of 250.

    Wonder why there are different versions out there? I have a total of 6 settings for the 1 clip pips extreme.

  61. @trav
    There was a problem with the 1st release i suppose wrote to customersupport the second release(extreme)has only 2 settings, gere’s the answer from the customersupport:

    We have released a new update for the Zero Divide error,we have uploaded the fix and you can now

    redownload and install it from the members area, just overwrite the exisiting EA and it will work fine.



    Trades are few, and stay open a long time. Can any of the succes stories tell me the broker they use?

  62. That explains the various versions so Thos, you need to log in to the members area and update your version.
    The average time for a trade I see on my demo is from 1 day to 7 days. You know, sometimes it takes the market several days to move 250 pips. I have one demo that now has turned $1,000 to $4600 in 2 weeks and 2 days. I have now opened one live account and another demo on a different broker.
    The demo opened on the 19th of April is on IntelFX. The live account I just opened yesterday with Hotforex and no trades yet. I have another demo on TDFX and no trades there as well. The funny thing is IntelFX opened a trade today but the other two brokers did not. I will be opening a live account with Intelfx as soon as I get $100 over to AlertPay. Hey, if this thing even doubles every 30 days I’ll be dancing all the way to the bank in a year from now. LOL Seen too many trash EA’s out there so not getting too excited yet. 🙂

  63. My 3rd post to this forum. POSITIVE !

    Extreme never worked on any broker but the standard 1clickpips worked only on my Hotforex demo and not any other broker. Its more than doubled the account trading the basic pairs. Its running on 1hr chart ( never would trade on the 4 hr).
    Started with a $1005 demo acount and its over $1700 in profit in about 10 days. Thats with a .5 lot start. Almost no draw down an it seems to be hitting perfect timing for entering the market or the larger .5 lots would blow the acount if it swings the wrong way to far.

  64. Forgot to mention, I have had to close out most of my trades manualy. Have lost hundrends ( demo) by waiting to lose and the chart retraces backwards. But still in the profit.

  65. Well ! what a variance of opinions !
    First of all my extreme version was purchase for $1 for a 7 day trial. thereafter a monthly payment of €43.86 for a maximum of 7000,00 (plus). although their intro page states that there are NO monthly payments. I did send an e-mail concerning this discrepancy.
    Secondly on a positive note, and like Frank, my extreme works on a 5 digit MT4 live account and has, in 6 hours, successfully closed 4 trades with a $56 profit. (using H4 and 0.5 lots).
    I’ve heard in the past that some brokers are more suitable for these EA’s, I use FXDD Malta and seem to be doing ok.
    Only future will tell …..

  66. today a short on EUR/CHF, $15 profit and a second follow up EUR/CHF short $10 loss. I stopped it manually, otherwise it was -$15.
    Therefore I’ve changed the SL to 200 and thus I should at least have a long 250 pips/ short 200 pips profit in the previous situation.
    Anybody has any other ideas ? so far no reply on my e-mail on monthly payments (ooh !! surprise. LOL)

  67. Dion, All factory set except changed trailing to 100 pips

    SL 250
    TP 250
    MinPipstoTrail: 1000
    TrailingStop :100

  68. Thanks guys for all the great advice.
    I clicked on their purchase page and was offered a $1 7 day trail, with a recurring $49 a month fee!! Pass thanks.

    No one in their right mind is going to sell a multi million dollar making EA for $47 or so. They will keep it to themselves, tweak it all they can and laugh quietly all the way to the bank.

    Good luck with your Forex trading, but shonky EAs is not the
    way to go.

  69. An open question for the successful ones (Trav or Frank or ..):
    Do you use 1 Clickpips on H1 or H4 ?
    The market is quiet yesterday and today, I can’t rate either for the moment as even my indicators don’t show safe market moves.

  70. Ok, here’s the deal.. i buy this system and try on demo.. first week i got 700pips and second week i got 200pips. All manual close. On third week, i go live.. 1k acc almost MC..

    So far i can see that this ea trade on BREAKOUT!!.. But its very STUPID to sell at LOW or buy at HIGH!!

    If this ea caught the right breakout, ur acc GROW, else ur acc MC..

  71. Hi, I’m curious what’s going on with this EA ? No one seems to comment since around 3 weeks ago…

  72. Hi guyz

    I really cant tell why there as been so many negative outcomes as regards 1clickpips EA…….

    As for me ……it’s been awesome…..although I first tried it and got negative result but after I left it for some more time….I discovered that the EA closes negative positions faster than the positives. But the results of the positive positions are always on the very high side………It is a longer time frame Ea, which invariably makes higher profit if only u can know the peak of the trend……….

    To me ….it as been great…and I have stopped using other Eas I was using ……and now I use only clickpips extreme on my live account with a lower lotsize…which is as low as 0.04 on a $4000 acc…..and my result as been more of positives and few negatives…….hence my equity as almost always been higher than my balance …….Most times I lives its order for 2weeks …..I wait until there is a clear reversal in the trend b4 I close the trade…..and its been working for me since July, 2011…till date……

    Hence ….if it is working for me….it will for u too…So I will advice u do it it this way ……

    1.Forget about the advertisement claims of the Ea provider and think of a smaller lotsize

    2.Try it for like a month on the demo account that is equal to the strength of ur real account using smaller lotsize…..( will recomend a max 0.5 lotsize on $10,000 acc
    3.dont close the negative orders let the ea do that itself( dont let emotions control to rush out of premature trades

    4.Try close the positive orders after 200pips and above….or wait til you sense a major reversal in the trend…….

    Goodluck everybody

  73. All

    This product is a well known previously released scam and does not work. You can see in the video it is a demo, the account would have easily been margin called. Despite the supposed weeks delay etc nothing in the scene changes, not a cup has moved. It’s laughable. I tried it to destruction just to prove it is a fake. Never fall for any of this Marketeers scams, but be aware less than 50% claim refunds so it is a no brainer game. Sell any old crap and end up still up with over 50% of your takings from mugs. Sooner or later these guys will get caught. The inland revenue would like to track them down and are on the case. Fraudsters and dream breakers all of them. If you want to try Forex – look up a proper proven trader who will only show you what might be possible with hard work. Don’t give your cash to crooks.

  74. Today, I went to the beachfront with my children.
    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter
    and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She put the shell to her ear and screamed.

    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off
    topic but I had to tell someone!

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