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Forex ApocalypseForex Apocalypse is one of those Forex robots that shoots high. It claims to have turned the $3,000 account into $100,000 in just over 14 months. That’s a huge return on investment and not an often automated trading software makes such claims (unless they are outright lying). It also claims to have a nearly 100% winning rate which is supposedly why such profits are possible.

The explanation behind that is that it makes very few trades – just a few trades a month – it’s a swing-trading system. That’s the slowest robot I’ve ever reviewed. Definitely requires patience. But the reasoning is that it carefully picks trending periods and goes for the win.

Among other features Forex Apocalypse has a protection against spread commission stealing on broker’s side. It trades with all major currencies at a 2.4 reward-risk ration. That means even two losses in a row leave you profitable against 1 good trade. The system trades in 30 minute time frame by default.

This robot is trying to be unique by providing really high accuracy achieved through long analysis and waiting for the right moment. And once it gets one, it goes for the kill. That is both, good and bad thing. For one, you have a higher winning chance, but the trade off is that you may have to wait for it longer than a month.

Some more facts:

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I bought and downloaded Apocalypse and have rquested info from in order to apply it to a trading platform. I can’t get anyone to respond to me. Has anyone else had this problem, or have you heard if it is a scam?
Fletcher Ingals

Hi Fletcher,

Give them some time, and if they don’t respond you can always get the refund from Clickbank.

I actually found that they have come back to me reasonably quickly 48 hours on one occasion and 72 in the other.

How is the Apocalypse working out for yall? Was thinking of giving it a try. Did they ever get back to you Fletcher?

Can You start with a small amount of money, say $150-200 on the Apocalypse?

It depends on the broker, but yes, in general you can.

I recently bought the forex Apocalypse and lost a lot of money. It seems that it works exactly the wrong way round. Must say that their support team is very helpfull and their feedback is quick and brilliant. Maybe I was just unlucky but this robot lost half my money and did not even make 1 winning trade. I requisted a refund and this was done promptly.

Hey I just paid $97 to get forex Apocalypse and then they send me to a page so that I can upgrade to an advanced version of the apocalypse for $77, problem is that i don’t have an option to decline it! so im stuck with no product? what now?

Hi Erick,

That’s an upsell you’re seeing and you can simply ignore it (by closing the browser). You should have received an email about your purchase.

I bought the Apocalypse,I run it for almost 14 days,and in this time it don’t make a single trade??? but I get my money back…

thanks i got it now, Listen, I am a complete bigginer, I don’t think this auto thingy is for me is there one that u recomend that does not require more than $100 to start? I think I will return this one and try the one you recomend me

Well, there’s FAP Turbo, it’s been around for quite a while and still works.

have you tryed forex Monster? what did u think?

Thanks for putting up blogs against each EA. I wanted to purchase Apocalypse but i guess i wont, looking at the results from real users .

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