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Guys, I don’t feel comfortable with this trade, again it is hitting a strong resistance, so I decided to sell all positions before market closed and won’t worry about it over the weekend.


Opened my £500 account 2 weeks ago. After first week, was up to £750. Now, back to £500 :( prob is, my minimum lot is 0.1.

Great system – whats he got to lose if he refunds your money after 6 months – for me NZ$93.00 but he still would have made NZ$465.00 out of me.


a little patience would’ve went a long way on this trade. haha. I closed it when it was down by 50pips x2 only for it to reverse right after i did that. Now AAP is up a good 60 pips x2. Talk about a turn around. Im shooting myself for not being patient on this one but I got shot in the foot by AAP last time i decided to ride it out. Haha.

@Hokie I’ve been checking in and out on the page but havent had the time to be as interactive as before. I’m doing allright with AAP. The one sting I’m still trying to recover from happened on that EUR/JPY trade about a month ago. I ended up closing right before it reached the stop.

Only problem was that it didnt touch the stop…it reversed right after i closed it and i took an Loss on that and some of you that stuck with it took profit.

After that i had to scale back and adjust my max lots according to my risk percentage.

I would assume that the stop loss is going to be 100pips away which it usually is and take that times 3 since he usually opens up 3 trades. And if it goes against me I would calculate the lot size based on the ideaa of “if it stopped me out at 100pips x3 how much would i lose?”

Its good risk management but the problem is that you dont get to see the money multiply as fast.

If anyone is still in this current EUR/USD trade that i closed prematurely…i would say move the stopp loss manualy to break even plus 1 so that you can have a free trade. Or close out 1 of the trade now and take half of the profit and move the stop loss to Break even +1 to enjoy a free trade and remove the stress or fear of losing.

Happy Trading

B.Wells, please don’t shoot yourself (we love you man :-))because actually if you checked the master account, the APP hit S/L before EUR/USD rebounded. So in fact if you had not closed manually at 50 pips down, you would have lost even more (> 100 pips). So in this case patience would not work unless you lowered S/L yourself to avoid getting hit.

I myself was a little bit lucky this time because I closed my positions before the market closed on Friday.

-12,460 on two trades. Lets see.. I think he was better that 50,000 now at 40,012. Now it dose not take a rocket to see that 20% of the account is gone in two trades… sorry I don’t like this.

It’s good that some are lucky by not following the system! LOL. But it has been said why are we here if we can’t or daren’t follow it. Something not right this month…i’m sending questions to APP. Hope everyone else does.

I’m still in a profit. But if truth be said, another loss like the past two and I can kiss that goodbye.
If as Justin says it took years of trials and testing to arrive at his secret 97 percent winners system. This had better be re-examined. I took him at his word as an experienced trader that he could do better than I do by myself in my own trading, and for a little while he had me convinced.
Really! All those years of trial and error lead to taking a position at one P.M. EST consistantly?
Hey Justin! This ain’t one and a half percent draw down. This is well over fifty percent for me. I didn’t get in on the trading in February. I got in in the beginning of April. Try running your back tests now Buddy.

@ Alex! Don’t you get the impression that the APP support system isn’t that at all? I think its just an answering service coached with set replies to any question that might be asked. They’re reading it from a card.
Otherwise, We would have an APP forum set up and working by now to really get to the root of our problems and answers that might be able to solve our misgivings about the system. A moderator or moderators including Justin able to calm our anxieties.

Hi fellow traders,

I am not sure if I am the only one who had bad trade with APP.
APP has lower performance for the past week, I was down for about $1,091.90 in 5 trades (real account)

(Multiply x1)
14/6 BUY EUR/USD 0.17 -> -$175.10
14/6 BUY EUR/USD 0.16 -> -$166.40
14/6 BUY EUR/USD 0.16 -> -$168.00
(Multiply x2)
17/6 BUY EUR/USD 0.28 -> -$296.80
17/6 BUY EUR/USD 0.28 -> -$285.60

I just hope Justin gonna improve his trading performance. Have nice day fellas.

OK folks, you all should have been following his account on MyFXBook if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about see here:


You will notice that NONE of major losing trades have appeared on the APP account. WHATSMORE, neither account is currently being updated and their tie to his master MT4 has been severed.

Clearly he is taking the big hits himself (see his master account on MT4 directly) but isn’t it a bit convenient that their connection to MyFXBook was severed JUST BEFORE the big hits started to COME?

One explanation for this (and fear) is that he is making up for these losses on and NEW account that we cannot see i.e. he is going in the opposite direction on the trades now, hoping that we have just left everything to run blind after initial confidence…

Once again, perhaps we still trust his trades and will continue to use APP & SNIPER until luck turns… after, he is taking the hits as well… or is he?

Sorry if this seems extremely morbid all of a sudden after such careful and considered opinions to date… but this is is something else now I suspect…

Just for the record, I am severing my MT4 links with APP & Sniper and will be watching his master accounts respectively and VERY CLOSELY – don’t care if I miss some good ones… no way am I letting APP trade EURUSD again for a while until I see some proof that HE KNOWS WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON IN THE EUROZONE AT THE MOMENT!


I think the APP fxbook trade history has not been updated in a while, I have checked and matched it with my mt4i trade history, there were some major losses appeared on april, but not as much as last week, it was APP worst nightmare, I believe he also lost a lot. By the way, I am still in profit with APP, so I will just wait and see its awakening.

@ Kuchy!
That’s a lotta good info you’re posting here.
Quote- (One explanation for this (and fear) is that he is making up for these losses on and NEW account that we cannot see i.e. he is going in the opposite direction on the trades now, hoping that we have just left everything to run blind after initial confidence…)
That’s a trick Racetrack touts often use too. In a ten horse race they’ll send the name of a different horse to a thousand bettors for free. Then whatever horse wins, they’ll offer the name of the next supposed winner to the winning 100 for a hundred bucks. Of course these poor Saps will jump on it cause they know this guy knows how to pick a winner.
I certainly hope your fear is misplaced in this case. Never the less, this was a piece of great detective work on your part. Thanks. Bill

Trading : 3 trades EUR/JPY – interesting 7pm Spain – usual time , but not usual day !!

I see the 3 EUR/JPY trades, and I’m holding my breath. I installed APP on 5/23/11, and was up $2200 through 6/14/11. Over last 6 trades, lost $2300. I’m only $100 in the hole, but the last 6 EUR/USD trades seemed to not take into effect the Greece issue. I may be wrong, but I could have sworn the service described was a real human pulling the trigger. Those last 6 trades just didn’t feel right, but I rode them all the way to the stop loss. Feeling nervous about these EUR/JPY trades.

Thanks folks – nevertheless, it was a bit of a mid-morning rant/dig.

Bottom line: we don’t expect to win all the time but when there’s so much other crap out there and when you’re still not 100% sure on this guy, we’re right to ask questions when there’s such major bad results. I had multiplier on 2 too.

I haven’t been around trading/analysing for a couple of weeks – but that’s my fault. However, it was totally plastered all over the news on 15/6 that Greece was probably going to default leaving the EUR up shit creek again – yet we went ahead and BOUGHT the damn thing!

Overall the feeling is still positive but this dude has got my attention a bit more now. As for APP and Sniper… what did I say? Severe? Well.. yep… I’m back in the game now (multiplier schmultiplier)!

@Andy (Jasper): Exactly my point on Greece. Don’t care what technical analysis is saying anywhere in these cases… the currency is going only ONE WAY (down, Justin)

Sorry I meant Justin Waldrep

Well if I were you I would bail. 20% in two trades should give you a clue. I Bailed asking refund as I type.($210 for the service) I am down about $300 NOT including the $210 and the VPS so….(-210+ -300+ -35)

Will let you know how it goes. You can still follow the master and see.
I will (you can to) still be able to trade with this system. I will trade on a very limited scale for that is what I choose to do for I think this is very risky.
Peace to all and I hope we all find what we are looking for.

Hi there,
I am so lucky my broker (Oanda) was not working properly and only making some trades but most had errors[Hedging is Prohibited] and so on…lol. I come ahead, and last week turned it off and went with another (Pepperstone) broker. They accept scalping, low spreads etc and I’ve been using MDPips. So far it’s ok as I get about 6-9 trades a day. I only have 3 trades today and they are all profit takers. Small-3.23,8.50 and 3.10. Total 41 pips today so far I think. It does work guys, and no monthly bill to pay like APP.
The Million Dollar Pips trades EURUSD on the 1M chart but you can purchase other for 79$ I think it is. MDPips was 99$ one time fee and includes all updates which there has been 2 software updates from last week already.
Anyway, trying it out and seems to be in my favor so far so I’ll hope for the best, and for you all also:)

Guys (for those of you who are still here :-)), we’re in the move again, big time!
This is it folks, the break-it or make-it trades !!!
So far so good… keep finger crossed…

I’m in Big time. Three positions on the Yen and three on the Dollar.
This’ll either add big bucks to my account or deplete it seriously. Go Justin! Hope you know what your doing.

It is quite worrying!
That i have changed the multiplier to half what it was before, after quite a lot of trouble with reconnecting, and now the lot sizes are about what they were before!!
I’m definitely hoping this is a lucky day!

Big Ben is Speaking right now. We can expect some volotility till he shuts his Yap.

this is not trading this is Gambling . Iam so happy iam not in it

From My observation, Justins one o’clock system must be strictly technicals. Fundamentals like Greece or even Bernanke spouting off are not taken into consideration. That being said, His Freaking timing stinks. He doesn’t have to use fundamentals in his system, but maybe he should wait to trade until after the announcements are announced!
He seems to be caught off guard every time. Sheesh!

Oh my god :( 6 open trades opened by Justin in buying position, at the moment I am still down $850, I hope he knows what he is doing. I wish he opened selling position instead of buying though. If you guys have the same open position, lets hope some miracle.

Win or lose (the latter is more likely :-( ), this will be my last trades with APP. No more… I have lost my confidence in him.

6 open trades, at a loss equiv to HALF my account, not much margin left. Got to sleep, I hope it’s not as bad in the morning.

What the Hell is going on? Justin still has all six trades open and I’ve had mine closedfo losses

I am watching with interest , I changed the SL & TP’S Yesterday to take a small profit, & have made the changes again on the 6 open trades – hope it works out, I agree with
Bill – all advisors saying stay out of trades today , & he then buys on Euro when everyone knows the euro is up the creek on a critical speech day !! Did not expect any trading, yes same time but not usually “his” number of trades or number of days tradinng in the week.

It doesn’t give confidence, especially when you have to ammennd the large stop losses. It’s 1.45am here, i’ll have to go to bed now & hope positive swing tomorrow morning, but do feel it is risky trading !!

Bill , just checked mine , all are still open

Can APP get a dead cat bounce at least to somewhat reduce the potential loss? All 6 of my trades are still open and down $1100, but EURUSD is just a hair away from the stop loss. I agree with hokie; I’ve lost confidence in APP.

as i said on 5/25 This guy risking 100 pips to make 20 pips . very risky.

Bill I hope you did not take the risk like you said your going to on 5/26

This FRICKIN SUCKS! (I was in this last trade)
And there is a problem with there refund for they want you to give a reason to cancel.

I think it is time to go to FPA,and to post all you can on all forms and to start a cancel on Plimus but Plimus is not so good ether.. Read there refund terms. You will see that they can with there discretion not follow there refund police.
I see a breach in Contract. I see S#it. I see I am out of a lot of money.. so what is New?

Please cancel my order and I want a refund.
Please abide by your refund guarantee.
No hard feelings
Brett Enloe
Order reference number: 58211950
account number 35486744
Order Date 4/5 2011

P.S. Please do not ask or try to have me reconsider.
for I will take this a violation of your no questions asked.

Hi Brett,

Please, specify the reason of your asking for refund. Just describe the issues you have received with our EA and we will be more than happy to help you. You have a great opportunity to try our product, you may run it on demo account without risking real money. Please, just try out our copier and we are sure you will change your mind about it.

I was doing well with FAP TURBO till $3500 and now I am down again to $1900, APP has no good performance, I lost more than $2000. :(

Guys should check on my stats before considering buying, what APP has done.

Thats it for me

If ( a big if ) I can get my refund I will come out at breakeven overall
So all I will have lost is time and yet more faith in anyone ever being legitimate with anything to do with trading forex

A promising start seems to have deteriorated into a full auto trade robot, not even a half decent or sensible one, and another scam revealed

Hope everyone gets their subscription money back at least, but I am not holding my breath

Since I started my live account 3 weeks ago;
Auto Pips Profits has lost me £340.
APP Sniper has made £240. I think I’m going to move Auto Pips Profits back to a demo account and just run sniper. Sniper has only had 1 loss in the 2 months I’ve spent trialling it.

Hi, all 6 trades blew out for me so I have formally requested a refund ( see below). We should all put our applications for refunds on here – and see how we get on as a group !!

Sorry guys but I’ve had enough – I am getting signals from multiple traders & they all said sell Euro or stay out yesterday , not BUY !!!

06/23/2011 04:17 Customer Product doesn’t match expectations – As of TODAY, ( Thursday 23/06/11), I formally request : 1. cancellation of all futher monthly subscriptions. 2. A full refund – as per the advertisement in the promotional material. Reason : IT DOES NOT WORK !! it has lost me money, not made it, the trades make no sense, and the advisor (Justin -if he is real) has very poor risk management – the last 6 trades cost me 17% of my overall balance – this risk was far too high and NO professional TRADER would allow that sort of risk to occur !! I do not want to continue with this program, not even in demo mode, so do not bother asking me to continue to try this – all replies will now be recorded and kept for internet display , if my request is not fulfilled. Regards, Disappointed, Andrew Campbell

This is the reply from Plimus :

The Vendor is given a week to make a response to your initial message. After that, you are asked to reply within 5 days of his response.If the Vendor does not receive your response within 5 days, we assume that you are satisfied with the answer and automatically close the dispute.

If the dispute is not resolved after 2 weeks, it will be reviewed by the Plimus team to progress towards a final resolution.

We understand that this may require time and thank you for remaining patient and courteous throughout the process.

If you are not obtaining the results you are looking for through the communication with the vendor, please let us know and we will enter the resolution process directly.

….So there saying I have to wait 2 more weeks before I can progress it to final resolution with Plimus. Anyone know how I can speed this process up & ensure they do not charge me the next monthly payment !!


Sorry guys it is really tuff to get a refund from them

As i said in my earlier post:
“I took a really hard line with Plimus re their legal policy & this seems to have resulted in a couple of refunds will keep you posted. Seems this is the only way to get it since that stuff from autopips sales page is rubbish:”

I suggest you do the same. Clickbank is far better and dont muck you around on their guarantee. The seller app will keep on replying to your request refund with “Resolve (without a refund)” so you get nowhere each time you reply back!!

Those who paid by Paypal can also raise a dispute with them but you have to escalate otherwise they close it down automatically too.

Automoney is just but a pipe dream – i’ll work on my trading & make it better & more profitable. At least i know whats happening to my acct each day…..

Good luck & yes i agree we need to put posts on Forex Peace Army too

To stop auto charging get in touch with your credit card company & stop the recurring payment. I processed through Paypal so if you look at your payments sent tab you can cancel the autopayments there

I think we should rename APP. I’d like to call it CR-APP! However, it looks like the GBP/USD Sniper is doing well. Does anybody see anything fishy with their myfxbook page?

Dear fellow traders,

APP has proven its bad performance, another 6 losing trades costed me another $2400 (muliply x2), it is recommended to stay away from this program. I have requested for refund. For the rest of ppl who have the same situation as me, I wish you gonna have better luck with other EA, but not this APP.

I have removed the S/L EUR/JPY, wish that would be up again whether in long or short period time. This Justin man caused huge damage to my real trading account. You could check on my MT4i, real live account

Good luck guys, wish you all the best.

I guess just about everything that can be said, has been said. And as Crappy as the system has performed the past several days, I’m still up $67. True I didn’t get in until April 8th. But looking at Wilsons performance the system was performing admirably until the last few trades.
True! Some including myself have not liked the risk reward ratio. (risk a 100 pips to gain 15 or 20). But with such a large percentage of wins to losses, I was willing to overlook this.

@Dave, I don’t know what risk you were refering to on 5/26. I went back and could not see anything I said that would indicate I was risking anything more than what was then in my account.
I’m 75 years old and I’ve been to the Carnival before and been taken in by the pitchman for my dime to see the bearded lady many times. I wont be seeking any refund for the peanuts I’ve spent on this system. It ain’t worth the trouble. Anyway the temporary excitement of winning and thinking the Holy Grail had finally been found was worth the expense.
For the record, and I know some of you Guys are really angry and dissappointed, I’m going to hang in there awhile and see where the system continues to go. Remember Gentlemen, we’re supposed to be playing with risk caapital.
Professional Traders will tell you this is not gambling. It’s a method of investing to get a modest return. If this is the case, why don’t I feel any different when I take a trade than when I put my two bucks on a horse in the seventh race?

I’ll be around a little longer trading raves and blasts , if necessary about APP. This one got under my skin and I want to see where it goes.

Good Luck and Happy Trading to All, Bill

Bill, i am also hanging in for now but reducing my exposure in case we are really aboard the Titanic on it’s maiden voyage.LOL
My experience was to see my demo account up 40% in about 5 weeks. Later with live money i was up 16%. Start to think i’m dealing with genius trader. I’m doing the compounding. Though i didn’t like some of his trades that didn’t matter if he was winning!
Now losing 7%. I pulled out of some early yesterday which helped a bit.
This is a bad but not impossible drawdown. If it is a good system a quite big bounce could happen.
My worry is i’m not sure if it is the same system and why would they change a winning formula?
Their big moves happened when they were trading at various times, not since they went to this nearly fixed time.
I have commented to them about this but no surprise that they haven’t really replied…
Good Luck to anyone who can continue..

It would seem this poor Bastard can’t win for losing.
He finally gets on the right side of a trade and the Darn Greeks throw a monkey wrench into the works.
The funny thing is the announcement that they will comply with austerity measures doesn’t change a damn thing. Never the less the Euro spiked straight up putting him behind the eight ball once more.
I actually feel sorry for Him.
But this time I really believe there can be a dead cat bounce on this trade.
We’ll see.

Licensing issue – In the website there is I no question asked refund (which has been violated) and a 180 day refund This is not good for they want a Reason. This is not in the contract, so no reason should be needed. You need to look at this service for they are not doing what they promised. Not only that I have lost a lot of money because of this. A lot more than you have on this return. Please cancel my order and I want a refund. Please abide by your refund guarantee. Thanks No hard feelings Brett E Order reference number: 58211950 account number 35486744 Order Date 4/5 2011 P.S. Please do not ask or try to have me reconsider. for I will take this a violation of your no questions asked. THERE ANSWER Hi Brett, Please, specify the reason of your asking for refund. Just describe the issues you have received with our EA and we will be more than happy to help you. You have a great opportunity to try our product, you may run it on demo account without risking real money. Please, just try out our copier and we are sure you will change your mind about it. I think it is time to go to FPA,and to post all you can on all forms and to start a cancel on Plimus but Plimus is not so good ether.. Read there refund terms. You will see that they can with there discretion not follow there refund policy. I see a breach in Contract. I see S#it. I see I am out of a lot of money.. so what is New?

Hello All,
I have to agree with several of the comments here. I am currently down over 60% on a $5000 account. What is concerning to me is the fact that he places his TPs above previous highs or below previous lows and on 2 or 3 occations the markets reverse at that point a few pips before hitting his TP. Looks like the trading style is a coin toss.
I will watch for another 24 hours then pull the service and cancel my subscription via paypal. A mail from him to subscribers would have been nice rather than emails promoting other products. Did anyone join his mentoring program? I did and am yet to get a call or email. He seems to be the scarlet pimpernel of trading.


Hi all…I tried to get a refund from Plimus…I emailed them and then they sent me an email wanting to know why and i felt i was getting the run around. I contacted my credit card company and they called Plimus…Plimus informed then that they only refund up to 30 days…the rest of the money has to come from APP. They have agreed to not put any more charges on my card.

With an almost 50% drawdown in less than a week, I am sure most of us will want a refund. I’m. not sure there will be enough money to pay everybody their refund if they even pay any of us

I will let you know what .happens

Even worse losses today. Is there any other system out there that is any good.

Hi Amechi, I joined there Protege Program as well, yet to get anything but the pure run around, the only reason I goined is beause of the excellent returns he was getting.
I thought this guy is was a real PRO(just like everyone else)
They basically gave me the run around for 4-5 weeks and eventually I asked for a refund and the support said that the “program” has already commenced and someone will be in contact with me soon. I let another week go by and still nothing so I asked for a refund again(I paid $98). Again I get a responce saying “no refund” that the program has already started and someone will be in contact with me in the near future!(what ever that means)

So I have logged a dispute in with the resolution center in Paypal. I’ll see if I get my money back. I should?

It’s a real shame it’s not working out for the monthly APP service either, I like most of you was making really good money up until last week, I have basically given back all my profits and some more. I’m just glad that I moved his system into a smaller trading account this week otherwise he could have done some real damage to my capital.

I’ve just paid for another month last week so I think I’m going to see how he goes over the next 2-3 weeks in demo.

For the record, this guy is no pro! He’s just someone who has got his hands on computer(robot)trading system that has worked really well. Just look at the time of day it trades, almost 90% of his trades go off at the same time. You might as well toss a coin.

But when it come to the crunch these computer trading systems will fail, just like this is right now. If he knew how to read a chart correctly these big stopouts would not be happening. Only a computer program can be this stupid.


Thought you all might get a laugh with my exchange with APP support

Ticket Thread
Thu, 23 Jun 2011 02:33
This service has not met expected or advertised performance
In accordance with the 180 day refund policy as stated in the sales documentation I request an immediate full refund for this product
Thu, 23 Jun 2011 09:06 – staff
Hi John Schofield,
Please, specify the reason of your asking for refund. Just describe the issues you have received with our EA and we will be more than happy to help you. You have a great opportunity to try our product, you may run it on demo account without risking real money. Please, just try out our copier and we are sure you will change your mind about it.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 09:50
I have already stated this service has not met the advertised performance in any way
Therefore in accordance with the 180 day no question refund policy included in the sales documentation I request an immediate and full refund

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:31 – staff
Just kindly explain the reason of your dissatisfaction and we will be able to help you and get all advantages of trading with our software.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:57
With respect I do not need the customary run around and please stop trying to divert the issue as relating to any ‘ software ‘ or ‘ ea ‘ used to generate the signal service purchased
The situation is quite clear ….. The signal service has not met the advertised performance in any way ……. no further explanation is required or necessary
A 180 day full no questions refund guarantee was offered on purchasing the service
Please therefore honour the guarantee
Fri, 24 Jun 2011 11:13 – staff
Please, submit the appropriate request in Plimus.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 11:38
If forced to take additional action I will contact Plimus at some point
However as you will well know Plimus refund policy is totally discretionary and limited to only refunding a maximum of 30 days subscription
So I again request you honour the 180 day full refund guarantee

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 14:13
I did not purchase this signal service from Primus therefore they should not be deasling with any refunds
It was purchased through AAP who are entirely responsible for the full refund
You are clearly making every attempt to disregard the guarantee commitments stated in the sales promotion
Rather than just sending a standard off the shelf reply,
designed to frustrate and avoid the issue, pleasse advise why you persist in refusing to simply honour your supposed no quibble guaratee and undertake to give the refund youself

Dammm can’t edit and I missed their last reply out …. here it is

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 13:45 – staff
Please, contact Plimus regarding this matter. If you have any technical problems we will be happy to assist you.

I just put in for a refund also. Very disappointing.

Yes, me too Leatha!

My sense is Justin seems to use a delay tactic with tons of reasons for keeping everyone from bailing out. In the meantime, he’s placing trades like crazy, hoping they will win and recover some of the previous losses, and so he’ll then be able to convince some of us to stay. But the tactic did not work, the hasty trades turned out to be more losers.

Problem is we’re now in a situation like when the house is in fire and everyone tries to get out through the door at the same time, no one will eventually escape. I’m very pessimistic to get my money back… we’ll see…

I was on vacation this past week, so I didn’t get fallout like some. Just the eur/usd last evening.

Oh my God, how lucky you are… don’t you realize that was the most precious vacation you have? :-)

I was trying to think of some rational explanation for this boom and bust ride at app, especially after tonight’s trades..
1.We know we priced it too low. We want to close it down and bring it back with another name and a higher price.
2.We did too well before. We are being pressured to close it down.
3.We don’t really care about the subscriptions( not proven!). We are Gods of trading, we want only the truly faithful to go on to riches with this.
4. We did have a star trader but he left a few weeks ago!

Hi all, as I stated in an earlier thread, this is no professional trader.

He or she might have been several weeks ago, but now it has to be some B.S. algorithm software.

This has placed orders at exactly the same time 19:00 in my MT4 terminal.

How anybody or a software program knows which way the currency pair is going to go at exactly the same time everyday is like flipping a coin.

The reason we have been getting hammered is that this thing keeps going off at the same time when it trades.

Just look back at all the stopouts, its been buying at double/tripple tops and then selling and double bottoms.

And guess what, I have woken up this morning in Australia only to find that it has sold the EURJPY @ 19:00 right at a double bottom.

What a joke!!

Will the real Justin Delmer please stand up please!!

I agree with you Dino,
It looks like a set of trades by a robot that was programmed wrongly. If we had someone manually checking the trades before they were activated, they would not be taking some of those we have seen. Buying at resistance and selling at support as he has been doing is not the way to go, especially as he claimed that he was still the one who manually entered the trades.
I was doing a lot better alone. I checked and the page is just the same, no updates or amendments, and although his (spaces) have been exhausted, it appears you can till buy copies of the software.
Perhaps he will claim later that the oversubscription was creating zombies in the office who eat only good trades.

if everyone in this forum is so independent with their thought process why buy an automated system? #ImJustSaying

Heres my new line of thinking….put any and all robots that suck on a practice account and when it opens up a trade put one in the opposite direction in your live account! :-)

Hows that?

Hi Bwells, you make some interesting points.

First of all everyone has there own reasons for using these services, but the main reason is to make extra income while we sleep, study, work or learn this forex business.

I personally tested APP for 3-4 weeks in demo before I used real live cash and was blown away by the results. So it was great while it lasted.

As for placing trades in the opposite direction or trying to hedge the positions of these services makes no logical sence.

It defeats the purpose of paying for a service if we are continually trying to manage the position by moving stops, profit targets or place trades in the other direction.

The robot or service is either profitable or not, if not then we have to stop using it, our time is better spent with family, friends or learning to trade professionaly.


This was not sold as a robot, but as ‘Justin’ who would be placing the trades. A real live person. I think everyone knows that eventually without intervention, a robot will quit making any profits. They just can’t make decisions. If I had known it was a robot, I would never have gotten in.

I agree Leatha.

At first I’m not sure it was a robot with human intervention or actually someone(Justin) taking the trades as I dont have access to my demo results from 2 months ago.

But if I knew it was a robot i probably would never bought into it.


Dino and all, yes it was good while it lasted but why didn’t it last? Either they were quite lucky at the start. Or they never had any commitment about the long term. Just wanted to get a few subs in which they would try not to refund and then not give a shit about this, too busy with their latest marketing projects. More interested in a quick buck than building anything up or running a system actively for long.
If that’s true it’s shortsighted for them and disastrous for us because they built it up enough to convince us to go live and then abandoned us to big losses. Maybe i am wrong, maybe they are still trying, but friday’s trades looked like they actively want to lose for some reason..

Alex, we can only speculate on this service, personally I think it has been some form of a robot with human intervention from the begining, ( although initially I was conviced it was a professional trader) thats why I signed up for the “Protege Program” and never got anywhere or any insight into the strategy, I basically got nowhere with support everytime I emailed them about the program.

As for APP the service, there were losses all along but the profits outweighing the losses even in demo, which I felt comfortable with as the losses were faily small & never more that the wins.

So I felt this service was being traded by a pro trader, I could see sometime he was using quite large stops and even somtimes no stop at all, but the trades were being managed because if the trade didnt work right away, it was like he was closing the position with small loss or tightening stops.

But over recent weeks it has seemed the trades became less frequent and also unmanaged as stops were being hit with larger than usual losses, trades being left overnight and even over the weekends which almost every professional trader I’ve ever spoken or worked with strongly advises not to do, as Monday mornings can gap on the open or if there is some form of a catastophic event, terrorist attack, sumarmi or whatever!! can affect the markets and we dont want to be on the wrong side of a position if something like that happens.

As for losing our money on purpose, I doubt it but I can understand how some of us might feel that way.

Good luck everyone, as for me I’m going into demo for the next couple of weeks with APP and see we’ll see what happens!!


What do you guys think the chances are that it’ll turn around and be profitable again?
From my account;
6 April through to 10 June, the system made 1256 pips, over 117 trades.
14 June to present, the system LOST 1296 pips, over 22 trades (only 7 have won). 3 losing trades open as we speed, losing 240 pips.
APP is back on a demo account after almost 80% drawdown. Debating whether to cut losses and risk only getting 1 month refund (if they’re not honouring 180day refund) or see it through another month.

I’m cutting this service loose, I traded out of my live position as soon as market opened after weekend, Justin had every oportunity to close this position out for everyone or tighten the stop loss!

But he did nothing about it knowing there was strong support where his system shorted on Friday.

I got out with a small loss, close to enrty price(I wasnt willing to risk a full stop out) and switched my account into demo.

Well the demo account shorted the EURJPY and picked up where my live account left off, and I’ve been curiouly watching it to see what happens.

I dont like what I’m seeing & I definalty wont be letting this guru touch any of my money again.

I hope everyone following this thread can see that this is not worth the risk anymore.

What a shame!!

I,m canceling service today.Nothing but bullshit.

I agree, He has again bought at resistance. I dont believe that there is any human intervention, gthe last EURJPY trade wiped $410 from my account. I will be switching to demo on this so I can have a laugh at least. I was taught to consider trades like these as experience.

Here is there response to my cancelation request:

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #558016 with the following response:

Hello Steve

We admit that we have had very bad days recently, however we will surely recover every loss with further profits. We are constantly improving our trading strategies and techniques. The overwhelming majority of signals we deliver are profitable, and the further benefits will be more than enough to cover the rare losses our customers may have gotten with us.

If you are not running yet our GBP/USD Black Ops Sniper, please log into the master account no. 45683, Password: ykJJz75Vd, Server: using your MT4 (File -> Login), and make sure you are aware of the quite accurate profitable trades executed. We hope this is exactly what you are looking for.
Here is a link to find some more details on it – (discounted price offer)

We believe this more accurate service will help our customers to recover from the recent drawdowns. And we will give it for the whole month absolutely free.

Whadda Ya Know? He got one. Lucky Me! I’m up 35 Bucks. Now with the two grand I’ve given back, at this rate, I’ll only need 58 more positive trades of this size to make that up.
Quote! (We admit that we have had very bad days recently, however we will surely recover every loss with further profits. We are constantly improving our trading strategies and techniques.)
I’ve often said in the past, ” It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye!” But I’d almost rather that stick than waiting for Justin to make up for these losses.
Still, I’m in the game, and I’m staying in the game. Remember I’ve said in the past, We should only be playing with risk capital that We can afford to lose. I’m staying for the long run, and “Remembere the Alamo!” and other famous last words….

Their reply to Steve or Jules, actually gives Me some encouragement. I’ve never seen any EA creator or system creator to apologize for their Systems performance before. Have You?

Hello Bill,
I have to admit I like your style. I decided I wont cancel yet but will observe to see if he is able to pull back from the Brink with a 60% drawdown. I did have the black ops sniper but I stopped the subscrioption as most of the trades went deeply into the red before returning to a profit. I took the double top for EURJPY at 115.74 as a sell and closed off his 3 trades on my account. Will watch future trades to try discerning his logic.
At least, they were honest enough to admit their failings.

Lookee this! While I was napping, Justin slipped a couple of Eur/USD trades in on us. They were at unusual hours fo Him.
Ahh! Another 12 bucks. We’re in the bigtime Guys.

Out of the last 13 trades, 12 are profitable. It’s back on my live account. But am I jumping the gun? Come on Auto Pips Profits! I’ve not lost faith!

I am not happy about Plimus and supporting fraudulent products.
Reply from Plimus on a APP return.
Forced resolve – We apologize, however you are outside the 30 day Plimus money back guarantee. Should you need further assistance, the vendor can be reached at: supportATeasyclickpips.c0m
So there is no 180 day return using Plimus.
People need to know this and Plimus should not support fraudulent products. ClickBank is way better.
So out $201 and I never would have bought APP with a 30 day return for this is to short of time to test.

APP is now being conservative with the stop losses, manual intervention by Justin? 3 more winning trades, I noticed the stop losses were updated automatically.

I think the prospect of their mealtickets deserting the sinking ship woke them up. hooray for people power. Just needs 132 more good trades to recover.

Yes, it will need a lot of trades to get my losses back. As i only trust them with very low size right now. Pity they took their eye off the ball. Now it’s not being very lucky but at least someone is paying attention this week.

Dear Fellow Traders,

I can assure you all that FAP Turbo is hell much better than APP. I am done with APP after it has screwed up with my live trading account. I have cancelled subscription payment with Plimus.

I started with $1000 net deposit, I was making it up to $5000 because of APP, now left me with $120 which lost me $880 from my init deposit.

Now I just let FAP turbo doing all the work for a week with 0.01 lot size, it is doing well so far as my account is near $300 by now.

if you curious the way how APP drawn my live account you can check on my mt4i in my previous comment. There you could compare performance between APP and the FAP turbo.

Wish you all luck in trading. Have a nice day

Yeah! Justin is playing His cards a little closer to the vest lately. Still, I prefer a more consevative method to the hell bent for leather, set it and forget it way He played this the past few weeks.
Now I hope He doesn’t get too tired as I notice a trade being closed in the wee hours this morning. If Justin is in the States and on the east coast, most of us are getting ZZZZ’s at this time.
While I took a hit of almost 600 bucks of my innitial starting Capital, and about two grand of total equity, His master account got zapped for almost 25 thousand dollars. That would tend to open My eyes, How about you?

@ Wilson. Glad you’re dong well with FAP Turbo. That EA was one of my introductions into Robot Trading. It too has suffered significant drawdowns in the past. Remember, it’s a Robot and they all eventually lose money.
The problem here was Justin kinda let APP act like a Robot here for a while with the “Set it and forget it” trade at the same time everyday method. That method bit Him and may I say Us in the Butt. I hope He wont be so reckless in the future.
So! Slow and steady wins the race as the fable says. And while He may be taking profits a litle early sometime, we may not be taking those 100 Pip losses anymore. (Ouch!)

I’m willing to give him another crack at making me a millionaire and wont be starting any Lawsuits with Plimus or anyone else trying to get my money back to invest in any oyher piece of junk software.

What the Hell is the magic about one PM EST? Is there any thing anybody can conclude that a direction, either up or down takes place on a regular basis at this time?
If that might be true, all I can see is an entry into a trade that is already at a top for the current time frame.
If he had only done it three hours ago, we’d be up thirty pips instead of bouncing off the ceiling(resistance).


His trading strategy is very simple, at 1 p.m. place a buy or sell position based on the current prevailing short term trend. Problem is, quite often the trend is just about to reverse when the position is placed and a lot of times it’s pretty obvious when this is about to occur as the trend is hitting a strong support or resistance, but he’s still going for it regardless. This is what pisses me off, did he ever learn from his mistakes?

Holy Smoke! Look at the stop loss he’s entered for now. Over 180 pips. What’s he thinking? Does he really want us all to go bust?

I feel for you guys.
Run Run Run

I have all ready made money using the reverse for this trade.
Run, Run, Run, away.
and never use Plimus for they support fraudulent products.

I have discovered that they are using the robot WSFR v3.8.3 FINAL for the transaction

Ya know Brett, It ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings.
I know you’re pissed about Plimus and the losses the APP has turned in so far. Still the rest of us who decided to stick with the program a little longer can do without the I told ya so’s. Now if you’re going to take the opposite side of every trade APP makes, in a couple of weeks we’ll be broke and you’ll be a far wealthier guy. Till then can you hold up on the naysaying a litle longer without dashing our hopes for a decent return on investment. In this time can be our ally or our nemisis. If this turns out to be the case, I won’t remark too much about your losses. LOL

WSFR v3.8.3 FINAL ? I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. I can find nothing in the English language about this robot. I’d like to know how it works so I can make the comparison myself.

Might as well go long on crude, to make up some losses, lol

@Bill, WSFR stands for Wall Street Forex Robot, looks promising but I am sure it is not as bad as APP, just google it and type wallstreet forex review, you might find someone has a live testing on WSFR.

Have nice day

Oh Come one now When you have a 3,000 count go to 1,5000 have fun you all.

Okay! We took a small profit on the positions we held over the weekend sunday night. Of course Yesterday was a US holiday Justin didn’t trade.
Now today one o’clock came and went with no trades at this usual time. It’s a puzzlement!

Ooops! To soon to comment! We’re in again. Just what is the magic about this hour?

Oops Again! I some how switched from trade to account History. We ain’t in.

I think many of you guys had left APP. Me too. But I keep Sniper, which is doing good so far.

Sniper was trading 1 lot since beginning. Now the master account balance has doubled, and they changed trading lot size from 1 lot to 0.1 lot. I don’t know whether should I continue trade 1 fixed lot (I have the same balance as master account), or use multiplier 1 to trade with master account. Do they just want to secure the profit? But with 0.1 lot for $31,000 balance, the profit is too small. No idea this lot size change is temporary due to market condition or permanent. Any ides, guys?

I’m only in APP, not Sniper. Justin definitly has changed the lot size here. Much smaller lot sizes. therefore smaller profits. As I said in a previous post, It’ll take awhile to recover losses at this rate.
I thinks He’s Gun Shy after hitting so many big losses in a row.
One things for sure. He doesn’t seem to take any Fundamentals into consideration before placing a trade. Everytime Trichet opens His mouth the Market goes crazy and throws Him for a big loss. Look at this mornings result after the ECB’s expected rate inrease. Did He not anticipate this or did He just Guess the wrong direction?
The way and timing of His trades is throwing me for a loop. In my account, seven trades for a 64 cent loss. Go figure!

I’m out. Fighting for refund as we speak. Really a shame. None of these robots works. You just have to learn yourself and keep good money management.

Sorry to see you go Jules. But I don’t think APP is a Robot. True it seemed to look exactly like that for awhile. Trading at the same time every day and the same number of lots.
What I really think is Justin either got lazy or side tracked with the initial sales program for APP and other systems He was pushing for the introduction.
This distraction led to the disastrous results of the past few weeks. A lesson learned? Time will tell.
Why am I not too concerned by his failures? Because I’ve had similar failures in my own personal trading. I know the tendancy to hang on to losers too long waiting for the return to the direction you entered the trade for in the first place. Therefore, if I can forgive myself for being wrong, I’m thinking I can give a Pro like Justin another shot.
A few good trades and my equity will be back to where it was when I started APP, and maybe shortly after that, back to where it was when I was ecstatic about the initial results. Let’s make a date to comment here on Labor Day Holiday to see if I was right or wrong about My decision to hang in there.

Bill when is Labour Day in the US, Glad this is here so we can catch up and see what’s sort of going on.Think AAP is slowly moving forward though.

Labour Day in the States is Sepember 5th this year Klive.
Where’d that extra “U” come from. LOL
Yesterdays trade puzzles the Crap out of me. He gets in after a spike up, that all the Pros consider resistance. Then he bails out for a loss long before the anticipated drop. As I watched this, I felt so strongly it was a wrong move, I entered a short in my FXCM account(I’m the only EA involved here). I made 75 pips when it touched my TP. As you see, if I had larger Balls it could have been well over a hundred. But I must remain cautious. After a trade like this, I might get the idea I know what I’m doing.
Still, I’m lazy. I want Justin to make my profit for me. To be able to go away on a two week vacation and return to a nice fat profit. That’s what I’m searching for. My granddaughter suggested I try owning Rental properties. Smart Ass Kid!

Hi all
Sorry for my last post that didn’t mean anything.
But I thought you might want to know that I have posted to Ripoff reports about this fraud. Looks like someone beat me to it though. If this keeps up this service my not last long.
Just thought you might want to know.

Oh, and you might want to post to!

PS I bet you figured out how to use the Master and not have to pay!

I think I might go to the
Warrior form

Do not under any circumstances give these people your money if you have any hope of testing it under the 180 day guarantee. THEY WILL NOT HONOR IT! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!

I am telling you this in hopes of saving yours. They advertise on their website the guarantee several times and I thought it was worth a try because of the guarantee. Maybe I was naive. But this organization is run by a group that intends to steal your money and you will not get it back.
Plimus refunded the last charge because it was within 30 days (which is all that they say they will do.) My credit card company got another refunded. but they ended up stealing $134.
The only way to root out the crooks in this business is to expose them for what they are. I hope this gets posted and is able to save your money.

I will be hitting the other forums also.

Plimus very helpful I got full refund for three months. Thank God i tried with mini lots. Only lost 150.00 but I got my 190.00 back. I guess you can call it even. F off Justin.

As One who is sticking with the program, I;m addressing this to those of us who are still trading with APP. Have you noticed the latest trades, It certainly looks to me as if Justin is activly involved with the program now, Trades at many different times for many different lot sizes.

For those of you acting as if your Tits were caught in the crack, 90% of these trades have been positive. I hope you haven’t jumped Ship to early.

July 12 9:23 AM EST. 62.5 pips before the morning coffee break. It appears to be Scalping, but I don’t care. It shows Me someone is activly watching and playing the game.

Yes, very positive and promising, can´t help wondering though, for how long?

Very little activity on the forum lately. In any case the trading strategy has definitly changed. Time of trade no longer seems a factor. Justin is activly moving Stop losses and taking profits before targets are hit. Anyone watching this would no longer say there’s a robot doing the trading.
I haven’t recovered all of my beginning cash, but I’m over halfway there. Sooner than expected.

Good luck Bill, hope you are ok with these guy’s. I think mostly what people are trying to say is the fact that this is very unfair practice, and in a way fraud> does come to my mind…Lol. I went through the same thing with Plimus and they are crooks as is Justin and the the gang. You simply don’t become a Merchant and allow a Vendor to sell a product or service without certifying or “looking over the product” to make sure it meets certain standards etc.
Well we could go on and on about this but me< I have had it up to here, so so to speak. No one person I know likes to be scammed and at this time more investigating needs to be done on this type of practice
Some times it’s not what you say but how you say it.
Good luck to the people who stick up for what is the truth!!!


Since you are one of the only ones that appear left on this forum – how are the trades going with APP?
Making Profit?

@ Rick!
Slow and steady crawl from the pit of quick sand.
Generaly, profitable. Since the first trade Sunday night there have been ten trades. Nine profitable, one loss. Still I’m up $14.94 for the week so far.. Better than a sharp stick in the Eye!
I’m not in profit yet, but I have gained over half my starting investment losses back.
Justin does seem to be very active in the trading again. Nonee of this make a trade at One o’clock and let it run into a big loss anymore.

You know you can follow the trading by looking at the main account with the details given formerly on this forum.

Another nickle and dime day! Stayed with three positions foe six hours. He moved the S/L up just beyond entry point to lock in miniscule profit. Price came back to exactly the S/L and took off above and beyond the original 50 pip target,in five minutes. Just like somebody was watching and waiting to stick it to Justin. If this keeps up, I’ll start believing in conspiracy theories. Jeez!

23 trades this week with 2 losers. As usual the losers are larger than the winners. Still my small account was up $69.00, enough to cover the monthly fee.

Justin still throws in those one o’clock trades with great frequency, but He has been doing plenty of trading around the clock.

This is information for those of you who have dropped out completly or those of you who are no longer trading live.
I am now two thirds into the recovery of my starting capital.
I feel certain Justin is now acting and not re-acting to those big negative S/L’s. The two losses were taken long before the original S/L was hit.

I need to know how i can take my money back?
Plimus told me that after 30 days the vendor has to make the refund and APP is saying to ask Plimus.
Is any body can give advise?
Thank you

For all of you who are trying to get a refund…good luck…I have been fighting with Plimus and APP for a long time…Plimus will only credit you for 30 days…APP will give you nothing…this is a scam…be careful…take your losses and move on…I don’t see a way to get them to pay…all you can do is report them to scam and fraud sites…

First thing you should do is call your credit card and tell them to no longer process transactions from Plimus. That will stop any other charges from being added on. The only credit I got was for $1.00 from Plimus. You can only claim on one file at a time so pick the largest one to start the process…

they only allow one claim per email address at a time so time is flying while you are trying to collect on one and then it is too late for the others.

This is just another losing scam…many small winners and a couple that will bust you…anybody trading a progra taht can lose over 60% in a couple of weeks is going to get eaten alive eventually.

Good luck everybody

I got a refund, I filed a Rip Off Report and it worked.

Another week goes by!
An itzy bitzy profit to be sure, but still a Profit.
Twenty three dollars and seventy five cents.
I was actually doing much better than that, but Justin decided to close the last trade taken on Friday for a big loss rather than hold thru the weekend.
Once more, ever the Optimist. It looks to me as if Justins trading style has taken a turn to the more conservative side. Which of course it wasn’t in the Month of June.
I’m almost out of the deficit hole those bad trades led us into. I suspect I’ll be back to at least even this week,
and then take the monthly fees into consideration.
As soon as I’ve covered all my expenses, I’ll make a post in all Caps. Stay tuned.

Brett and the rest of you guys who have applied for monetary restitution. I hope you are all following the progress on the master account. I still like to hear your input on the latest performance of the App., not the past performance. If I’m gonna get rich using APP, I’d like to be able to share that with some of you. Or gloat it that turns out to be the case. LOL

Ouch!!! A very big loss this Monday morning. Justins timing of getting into a trade before big news is announced is terrible.
Anyway I hope he doesn’t go into the fetal position and do nothing while the market stays volatile. We need big gains to make up for big losses.

And today almost the opposite! Maybe it´s a Zero sum game in the end?

Balance out? Somehow or other last night, my computer lost her Smiley Face. As a result I missed a trade Justin made that gained two pips when the price hit the S/L.
When I noticed this Justin had just re-entered a trade and it didn’t show up on my account. I immediatly checked Smiley Face to on, and got into the trade at a two pip better price than Justin. Sure enough, after a good gain the price came back to the new S/L and I made two pips more than Justin. Back to even. Didn’t miss a pip.
Trying to second guess Justin, maybe He’d be better off scalping for ten or fifteen pips rather than throwing in that S/L so close to the entry point. I might even turn Smiley off and wait awhile to enter, because 80% of the time the price seems go go against Him in a big way after He opens a trade. That way I could actually beat his trading percentage. LOL
Probably not a good idea as I purchased this system so that I didn’t have to sit in front of my computer all day to get rich. Or busted if it turns out this way.

Weekly update.
It may be premature as it’s only 11 AM EST, but I have a feeling Justin mey be done for the Day since He had an active period in the early hours this morning.
After a shock to my account with a $307 loss on Monday Morning, I figured “OH Crap” Life Stinks. But Justin fought back with a vengance, to recover this and add $98.58 to the Kitty. I’ll be watching the magic witching hour of one o’clock to see if there are going to be anymore trades today, but I think He may be done for the Day.
For those who have left the program (I think too soon), another sixy five bucks and I’ll have recovered my original investment. Then justify the monthly fees and I’ll be back to the positive side. I expect that in the next week and definitely in the next two.
Even if nobody is reading this review anymore, I’ll keep posting (kinda like my own Blog) until Im rich enough to have my personal assistant take over or broke enough for my care giver to write it. LOL

Hello Bill,
Thanks for keeping us updated on how things are going. I did jump ship as I faced losses that were too heavy at the beginning but it would be nice hear you are back in profit, some of us might then reconsider.
I am doing more personal trading now, especially with the downgrade of the US by S&P and the likelyhood that investors will dump money in CHF and JPY. That has been giving some good trades for the last few days especially on the Yen pairs.

@ Amechi, I never stopped my personal trading. However! Just as retirement comes around and we withdraw from the Daily conflict. I want to be able to put my Forex trading on Autopilot too.
This is not the only system I’ve tried. None have performed to my satisfaction. Most were total ripoffs. But like a good education, forex training costs money. So that the way I look at my expedintures so far. Now I won’t say I’ve tried dozens of fly-by-night systems, but more than enough to be skeptical.
After four months with APP, I’m not throwing in the towel yet. A few more good trades and I’ll be doing better than I was with Megadroid after a Year of trading.

Ever the Optimist! I’ll be happy to welcome you back to the fold

Lol, @Bill, I share your pain. I have tried so many systems that promised the moon and stars that I had started to be a cynic too. I decided to give Justin a chance just on the basis of the surefire trading challenge but after the range of losses, I felt like a dinosaur at a hunting convention.

I have been trading this autopips for over two months and it has under performed. Justin has been sleeping on the job during major news recently. Seeing more downs than ups.

This has been some of my battle with Auto Pips regarding getting a refund. I sent this on August 7, 2011:

Attention: Refund department

I registered with your service back in April,2011.

I have 3 references which are:

Auto Pips Profits Automated Signals Service, Account #35783020

Auto Pips Profit GBP/USD Black Ops Sniper, Account #35783812

58404154 for Auto Pips Profit Trend Raider, Account #35783020

I have already instituted a stop payment through my credit card agency. I DO NOT WANT ANY OF THE above services.

I have gone through Plimus but as you are aware, they only refund for a maximum of 30 days. Also, you can only file one claim at a time and by the time I got one credit, the others were over 30 days old.

Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed in your results as well as in your manner of honoring your guanrantee.

Do NOT send me an email trying to convince me to try it a bit longer or to go to Plimus for a refund. I have already gone that route.

I have lost enough money by trying your services live. There is nothing you can say or do that will convince me that your services are worth following.


Please refund me my entire investment immediately.

You offer a 180 no questions asked 100% refund guarantee. DON’T ASK QUESTIONS…REFUND ME MY MONEY IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Bruno Doucet

This was their response on August 8:

— do not edit —

Bruno Doucet,

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #807482 with the following response:

Hi Bruno Doucet,

Unfortunately, we cannot influence the Plimus refund policy. The matter is that our product is a Signal Service. All products of such kind of software are offered under the monthly fee and refund for monthly fee of such services is applied to the last month only. The monthly fee is used to cover the expenses for regular server maintenance, purchasing new expensive hardware. All these things are very important for signal service because every our client should receive signals on time and without delay.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please DO NOT SEND ANOTHER E-MAIL. Instead, login to your account online for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses. You can add a message to the currently opened ticket there.

Auto Pips Profits Support Team

After the above, I sent the following to our friends and scammers at Auto Pips on August 9th with a copy of their guarantee attached:


This is an unacceptable response. Attached is a copy of the warranty that you offered when I purchased your programs. There is nothing there that says any exceptions as you refer to. There is no mention that your warranty is limited to Plimus warranty. It says to send you an email and you will refund every penny. Consider this the email for you to refund me my money.

I demand and expect you to honor your warranty. If you refuse, I will expose you as a scam and do everything in my power to discredit your operation.

Send me my money immediately!!

Bruno Doucet

This was their response on August 10, 2011:

— do not edit —

Bruno Doucet,

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #807482 with the following response:

Unfortunately, the refund is applied to the last month only.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please DO NOT SEND ANOTHER E-MAIL. Instead, login to your account online for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses. You can add a message to the currently opened ticket there.

Auto Pips Profits Support Team

This was my response to the above email on Aug 11:

Absolutely not!!!!

If the refund was for only 30 days…why do you show 180 days money back guarantee when you are trying to sell teh system. This is misleading advertising and a total scam. You are thieves if you stick by this. It is absolutely NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

I demand a full refund or I will sue you!

Bruno Doucet

I understand that losing money is part of forex. What I don’t like is businesses and people that get you to invest in them with lies and fraudulent activities and continue operating.

I run 3 businesses. This pisses me off as much as someone not paying me because they have financial problems but still staying in business and taking other people’s money. It is not right and not acceptable.

These people need to be stopped and soon.

There are many names to call people like this. The following comes to mind: crooks, thieves, liars, frauds, scammers, scumbags and a host of others which are not suitable for printing.

I don’t have time right now but, by this weekend, I plan on posting on every scam site that I can find. If any of you know of any other scam sites other than, please let me know.

This is a matter of principle…not money.


Here is their final words:

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Bruno Doucet,

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #807482 with the following response:

Unfortunately, we can’t rearrange the refund period as it depends on Plimus terms.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please DO NOT SEND ANOTHER E-MAIL. Instead, login to your account online for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses. You can add a message to the currently opened ticket there.

Auto Pips Profits Support Team

“Shot through the heart as I lay there alone
In the dark through the heart
It’s all part of this game that we call love/Forex.”

Bon Jovi lyric, modified at the end by Me.

A disasterous Week for the system. I was a mere sixty five bucks from going back into the profit zone. Then WAM! A losing week of $566.77 for me. That meeans around ten grand for the master system.
Justin hasn’t traded since Thursday morning, and I don’t think He’ll be doing any trading before four PM Today.. He must still be in shock. I know I am.
On the bright side, if you can call it that, I was in worse shape after the last big series of losses. This sytem has a lot more winners than losers. If Justin will try to limit these losses and not place his stops so close to the entry points on the winners, I don’t think We would ever have a drawdown over %5.
So My Timetable has to be set back a lttle until I’m back in profit. So! A very bad Week.

Bruno/Putz. I certainly don’t fault You for Your anger at The Vendor and Plimus. Justified and correct. But from My perspective, it is not worth the anxiety and effort trying to recover the Funds expended. Mark it up to a mistake and get on with trying to make a fortune in Forex.

@ Bill, Hi
Well I see you are still trying to recover the Funds expended.
So I think Bruno/Putz are on the right track and you my be on the wrong side. You should be asking for a refund.
I still cant believe you have the will to go on with this system.(scam)
I got I refund after going to Rip off reports. You can see how I did it on there site. The thing about RFR is when you post your compliant a lot of other sites index your complaint not just Rip off Reports and that is how Plimus found me. Use your invoice and email correspondence in filling your complaint. Look AT What I Did on Rip off Reports.
Yes there are other sites you can go to to report this scam and I did but Rip off Reports seamed to be the best.
I hope you all have success.

Oh, and buy the way
all of you who still want to follow this scam you can do it for fr*e.
All you have to do is get a trade copier(for fr*e)and link to the master.
But I wouldn’t even do that.

Hello again Brett!
I guess I’m just a dumb Ass. Unlike many of you, I still have faith in the system. That’s why I’m hanging in there.
I am intrigued by the copier method you speak of. Now strictly from a moral point of view, Wouldn’t that be cheating the Application Creator?
Sort of like buying illegal DVD’s?
Anyway! Stay tuned Brett. This is going to work out for me yet. LOL

Hey all

For those seeking a refund – deal directly with Stephanie @ Plimus details are at Scaminformer on a reply to a post. Refund was processed very quickly by Stephanie for me.

good luck

@Bill,How are things going with Justin, he just keeps hammering my mailbox with different offers but I want to know how Auto Pips Profits is doing?
Thanks for keeping us up to date on your progress.

Weekly Update:
A very lack-luster week for the system. A loss of $9.85 for me. Twenty three trades with twenty winners. Of the three losing trades, one for 13 cents, one for $1.95, and the big one for $208.44.
I know Ya gotta leave some room for movement in the stop losses, but these big ones are the thing that’s killing the winning record.
I shall continue to persevere. I am not faint of Heart. LOL

Lol, @Bill, I feel your pain. Perhaps a buy on CHFJPY might brighten your day, what do you think?

@ Amechi,
To be fair! Those two small losses for me were caused by internet lag. They were actually a very small profit for Justin.. He either broke even or made a pip.
So all things considered, He has a great winning to losing percentage. But that ain’t making Me rich yet. LOL

Saturday Sept 3rd,
I did not add a report last week as I had completely screwed up. I think in WWII they would have called it FUBAR. I think most of you recognize the Acronymn.
I tried to outsmart the system. Justin has many positions that go very far against Him after He opens them, only to come back into profit. That is exactly what happened two weeks ago. I thought I’d try an entry in the same direction to increase the profit when the price recovered.
I outsmarted myself by entering too big a position and as the price continued to recede, Bango! Margin call. All My positions were closed for a major loss. Justins on the other hand went on to recover and reap a profit. I don’t know if the Moral here is, Don’t mess with the system, or keep an eye on your margin status.
In the past nine trading days the system has recovered that loss for me, but I put myself so far behind It will take some more time to recover to my original status.
This has been a great week for the system, over 300 bucks to the positive side of the ledger.
So if anybody’s still reading this forum, I’ll continue to report until disaster strikes and wipes out the account and I throw in the towel in disgust.

Thank you for writing Bill! I have also not thrown in the towel in disgust! After all, it´s a risky business and I also believe Justin has learned a few things lately…

Still in the game with APP and Sniper – however both have been turned off for a couple of months due to… Anyway, turning them both on again today… let’s for a ride.

Stirling job on reporting Bill

Friday Night Sept 9th 4;30 PM EST.

“Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea.”
An old opening line for Radio and Newspaper Reporter Walter Winchell from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. I guess I’m showing my age here. LOL

Anyway a not so hot week for the system. A loss of $10.28 in my little account.
Well not actually. I made two trades in addition to Justins. Being careful not to go too big and cause a margin call again. It added another $25 74 to the Kitty. Also Justin left three open positions over the weekend that are in the money for just over $55.00. I won’t count these positions before they are hatched on monday.
So 27 trade with two losses that knock the crap out of the results again. So if you look at the results from another angle the week was actually profitable.

Not to brag, but in another of my trading accounts I’ve been playing the downtrend all the way from 1.45 to the present 1.36 area. I’m a happy Camper and not too concerned over little losses in the APP account.
Happy Trading, Bill

Correction! The above calculations were made from the metatrader screen. I got my account statement after Fridays close and it says I actually made $37.24 for the week. That total doesn’t include the amounts on the two profitable trades I added on my own. So! Definitely, not a losing Week.

Crikey! As the Crocodile Hunter used to say. Those three open positions over the weekend closed at the open today for 87 pips each. A total of $220 10 for me, and $3245.90 for Justin. I’ll have to check back but I think this may be the best single trade since inception of the program. Darn near put me in black figures again. Betcha glad you got back in again Kuchy?


I said I’d report in Capital letters when the system was profitable again. I’m up a hundred bucks, but Justin is still around $700 in the hole. Can’t quite figure that out.
Not to be premature, I still have to recover six months of Monthly fees to be playing with more money than I have invested, but I’m sure that will be coming soon. Also back on June 10th, I was actually in profit for $1425 on a $2100 account. That was just over 63 percent. Wow!
At this moment at 9:30 AM EST that little profit amounts to 4.6 percent. Even that beats the Hell out of what the stock market is doing. LOL
I will continue with a weekly report until the original $3425 is recovered and the monthly fees are accounted for. I think by then Justin will have exonerated Himself.

Happy Trading, Bill

This is becoming quite impressing! Interesting thou – how long will it last?!

Not long!!!
The typical pattern: many small wins and then one big loss that wipes it all out although it´s been better results lately. Read on some other places that this is a typical pattern for these kind of EA´s…

This setember 2011 is being very good.

Friday Afternoon!
The trading week isn’t over for another Hour, but I think Justin is done for the Day. It was what people call a kick ass week for profits until the last trade of today.
Still a very profitable one. Taking the figures from my Metatrader list, I’m up $362.08. The very last trade was a loser for -$212.50 or the profit would have been almost $575. When I get into an account size like the master account. I wonder if I’ll Cringe at a loss of $2750.00? Ya think Justin cringes.
I’m still on the profit side of the ledger, but I’m waiting until the $3450 amount the account used to be at plus the six months of fee’s.

Happy Trading, Bill

@ Stefan!
One must be careful what one reads on the forum or blogs of other traders. There are many disillusion’d people out there who are quick to slander and complain about a systemm they have bought into and lost money. Most times not giving it a fair chance after a few quick losses. As for this type of trade copier system, they are fairly new. So there can’t be too much (typical) History connected with them.
In the end, it’s not the number of wins and losses or their size. Is it profitable? That’s what counts.

Yes Bill, you´re very right! Time will tell as always re profit, and re internet-info we always has to take it for what it is and not hang our lives on it. Re EA´s I was pretty much looking for the past 6 months and making a generalisation and for a trend or something! Seems like for ex that the old FAP Turbo keeps hanging in there…
However the sellers of EA´s are presenting it very cleverly and full of promises and nice stat´s , just take a look at APP´s with outright lies – no wonder we have many frustrations etc. That also applies for ourselves I think!

Anyway, Thank You again Bill for your writings!

Saturday Morning amendment.
I guess tme Metatrader profit and loss amounts just don’t jive with the Brokers actual figures. So! Here’e the total profits in my account taken from last Friday evening to this past friday evening. $444.84 Wow! a difference of almost $80. I must have missed some trades or made a plus a minus. Not too Shabby! LOL

1.- I’m costumer of APP from the first day (april 2011) and I realized that APP hasn’t fix method from the beginnig. It seems that they are improving their system progressively. These last weeks are being good.

However I cannot understand how a experimented trader can let more than 150 pips as SL. This is the thing more improvable of APP in my opinion.

3.- Anybody knows how many costumers has aproximatly APP? 100, 1000, 10000?

It’s hard to say after all the ranting and raving and claims of fraud, scam, lying, etc. I’m sure they lost quite a lot after the first series of big losses back in June.
There’s Me , you and Stefan to be sure. Any other Folks hanging in there? Chime in!

Oh noooo:-(

OK-some nice trades, now back to about Zero sum again… These are todays trades I´m referring to…

Yeah! That one eur/usd trade for a $3528 loss kicked the heck out of what was gonna be a killer week.. Still, it’s only Thursday morning here on the east coast. Plenty of time to make a bit more profit. The Master account is still up about a 160 bucks. Those carry charges eat into the profit a little bit too.
It’s a freakin shame the way the losing trasde rose to the stop loss and the reversed itself. Else, we could have been in “High Cotten” as they say. Ain’t it always the way?
I said a couple of weeks ago that a lot of trades go far away from Justins entry point before returning to profit. On the Yen trade which tuened out to be extremely profitable. I actually made quite a few extra Pips, which I don’t count as actual system profits, because they are not not trades the system makes. Careful not to put on too big a position, so I won’t get too close to a Margin call again. This can be a bad thing too! If I had done this on the losing eur/usd trade, the loss would have been larger if I had used the same S/L as Justin. It also can effect the actual results as each trade size is a percentage of the account total. Perhaps I should make these trades in my other trading account to keep the reults pure? Anyway!

Happy Trading.

One Hour left in the trading week. I feel Justin may be done for the day. If He does anything like buy or sell and hold over the weekend, I think He might be a little daft. The volatility in the market has been crazy this week. No telling what kind of Gap we might experience Sunday night at the open.
The Master account is showing a profit of $3485.77 this afternoon. I am acheiving a better winning percentage in my account with the little extra trades I make in the same direction when the opening price goes against Justin, I’m up $628.04 for the week. That’s taken from the Metatrader totals list. I’ll report tomorrow the actual amount from my account statement.
I’m now playing with the House’s money as I’ve recovered six months of APP fees. 33 percent profit at this point. Whoopee! I hope you guys who stayed with the program are doing as well.

Tomorrow, Bill

I called it correctly. Justin did not add any trades Friday afternoon.
Metatrader got it pretty close this week. Only a sixty seven cent difference between them and my brokers totals. So $628.71. That’s a twenty nine percent increase for the week in my account. Wow! If only that was consistant.

Hows youse guys doin? LOL

Tuesday, Sept,27 2:13 EST.
I don’t even know if anyone out there is following the APP performance. But today has been spectacular. Over 400 bucks for me in less than an hour. $669.00 for the week so far.
I just had to announce this before the weekend. I know you faithfull APP followers must be as exited as I am. My profit is now $1305.00 on a $2100.00 account. That’s 62 percent according to my calculations, in a little less than six months.
Realistically, ya gotta expect some losses after a runup like this. Perhaps I’m being pessamistic, but I hope Justin doesn’t give it all back.

Yes Bill, in a way it is as they promised in their promo!
I´m seriously considering to deposit some more, although last time I did that was in June and we know what happened then! Guess I will wait til beginning of next week though…

Right after my comment, a big loss,,,so typical:-/

Seems though it will be compensated for with many small wins, but the typical pattern continues, although the winning percentage trend is better….

Well it’s been a Helluva week as they say. We gave a big chunk of it back on two losing trades, that was just a bit over a thousnd bucks for Me. For Justin, almost eleven grand with the swap charges. Sad and depressing as I watched the losses occur. But then if I had stayed away from watching the results for the week, I would be happy to see I had accumulated another $552 dollars in equity. That’s the good part. Damn! It might have been $1500+ tho!
Did you notice the three trades Justin got in at the closing bell today. Not a minute too soon.
Shouldn’t really be complaining about a winning week. LOL

Bill, Happy Trading

Oh no,,not again…:-(

Oh no,,,yet again…:-(

There is no joy in Mudville! Mighty Justin has struck out.
I will comment further on Saturday after the wounds have healed and if the blood letting has stopped. Ugly!Ugly!

Still looking at this post.
Ride my see saw.
That was a good song.
I wish this would work for all of us.

You all know that you can copy the master and not even have to pay for this service. (you can get the copier for free to)
I paid, but even knowing that you can do this for free.
I would not.
If you do
Please don’t do this on live account.

Yes I did like the Moody Blues.. But not in FX

It’s been a rough past two weeks for the system Justin has given back $4575. while I with my much smaller account balance hve returned $533. In truth it should not have been that much as I tend to add on to already losing positions in hope of getting a larger return. That bit me in the ass last week. It really seems like a much larger loss as the account equity in the middle of the previous week was almost a thousand bucks higher than the weeks ending balance. Still made a few bucks, even giving that grand back. Ugh!
While my account remains in a profit still, it hurts to give equity back.

@Brett! That’s the second time you mentioned getting a copier and following the master at no cost. Would you care to clarify and disclose this method, Please? It still sounds like shady business practice to me tho.

Happy Trading, Bill

You really need to got to this site
You will find all and More
including the copier.

change ** to ww and .c0m to .com
you will like this site
I look and learn every day on this site.

Many APP users know that Justin close the position very early when winning and very late when losing: many small wins and few but very big loses.
Bill, I can remember (I’m not sure) you proposed time ago in this foro a way to improve the results of APP making manualy longer the TP and to shorten the SL.
Am I right? Could you tell your improves here?
Thanks advance

Holy JPY interventions Batman! I thought we were doomed on that Eur/JPY trade. But! It came back into the money very fast after rumors that the Japanese govt. was gonna mess with the strong price soon. Whew! Glad we got thru that one.

@Quijote. Its about a 50/50 deal on modifying the trading. A very nice increase in profits when successful. The downside of course is when Justin has those big losses. You get even bigger losses. I’ve decided to back off from trying to outsmart his system for now.
Its only eleven AM Miami time now and I’m breathing a sigh of relief after recovering from that very negative drawdown on the Yen trade. Let’s see if Justin has anymore surprises left in him on this last trading day of the week.
I’ll post my weekly performance tomorrow after I get My account summary from my broker.
Keep the faith, Bill

Okay! Here’s the weekly summary for Me. The system recovered last weeks losses and then some. A total of $641.58. There’s also about a $100 in equity in the open trades over the weekend, I don’t count those chickens until they’re hatched tho.
That’s a gain of 28.3 percent for the week and 43.2 percent since account inception in April. Way better than any other so called safe investments Naysayers! The Master account shows a profit of $17,128 or 54.3 percent since inception. So with my smaller account and diddling with the process, I’m actually not out performing the system. It’s really not my messing with the method entirely. Computer outages have contributed to missing trades and substaining larger losses sometimes.
I will no longer be trying to out guess the system as it is performing successfully. There is afterall some stress involved when making your own trades. That’s why I invested in APP anyway. I’ll save the stress for my regular trading account.
I’m a happy camper. Tho I would like to hear from you folks about your current performance with APP.

Happy Trading, Bill

@ Brett!
I went to that Site you posted. I found the copy program, but could find no reference on how to find any accounts to attach it to. Are you attached to anyone’s trading accout? And how’s it working out for you?


Yep I attached this to the master on this site so I could have more than one broker using this system. I had a VPS and this system looked good until the balance of 30 grand to 40+(Master)and then went to 15 and I lost some money on a system that is way to risky for me. You should not have to pay 67 or so a month, when you can test this for free. I am not using any EAs real time at this moment (for they are not good) and you should look at many copiers (and demo) for there is allot out there. (Please DEMO)
I really like the site that I sent you to. It will show the crap that is out there and you can most likely test for free.

Few but BIG losses and many but SHORT wins. The trading system is clearly improvable.
Does Anybody know if Justin is going to improve the system in this direction?
I’m completly sure that making longer the TP a 30-40% and making shorter a 30-40% the SL or somEthing like this, the profit would increase A LOT. I cannot explain me why Justin haven’t realized this.


Whatever happened to Buy low, Sell high, and vice-versa?
Justin got in on the extremes and the trades went against him big time. The master account took a beating for about 18 thousand dollars. This week stole all my profits. Of course I’ll give an actual accounting tomorrow after I get my brokers statement.
It looks like I gave back about 900 bucks on my little account. Two steps forward and one step back! Sheesh!

It’s only late Friday Night, but I received my daily statement already.
The recorded loss for the week was $849.43.
Alas, alack, and woe is me! On the bright side. Three open positions holding over the weekend are up $112 bucks. If we don’t have a gap down Sunday night, that would be a little balm on the wounds. So! As far as Equity is concerned, I’m still in profit. Small consolation!
Till next week, unless aomething unusual happens, Happy Trading, Bill

Enough is enough!
I was pushed over the edge, this morning. Justin had six positions open at the same time. My positions were closed for a loss of $383.00 because of a margin call. I believed the system was suppose to account for this probability.
At this time the master account still has these positions open.
It may go either way. A profit or a larger loss than I had to take.
Whatever! I called Plimus and discontinued my Membership.
I will no longer be reporting on APP because I am no longer a member.
I never minded taking losses as they were recovered by thw winning trades, but Ya just can’t recover from Stupidity. Wether the stupidity was on my part or APP’s, I’ll let you be the judge.

Happy Trading, Bill

I see you have come back from the Dark side.
I to wished this was good.

You do have allot of guts to have gone this far.
I am looking at allot of things (EA’s, good websites, Fx courses, etc.) for 5 years and nothing yet has worked. But I think that I am getting Allot better. I can start to out think most EAs and see the FX market better. BUT!
I will never buy a course or signal service ever again when you can try for free. If you truly like what you have received (over allot of time) then I would pay for it if there was a charge. This FX is so full of BS there is nothing else you can do to hopefully learn.

Thanks for your reports.

Anyone still following this? 3 big losses today. And don’t even talk about APP Sniper, which has 4 HUGE losing trades open. Seriously at a point now where if I pull money out of the account I’ll have broken even after 4 months.

@ EvylRat,
As you can see, I bailed over a month ago.
I am keeping track of the Master account tho. I see the losses you are refering to.
No new activity since then tho. He’s down over $8000 bucks. He’s either thrown in the towel or He’s a complete Phony. I’ll leave that choice to others. It’s a pretty big hole to dig yourself out of. I’ll continue to monitor this account to see if He’s got the character to turn it around or slink away with his tail between his legs.

Bill, Happy Trading

No trades since Nov 22nd. Has Justin thrown in the towel? More important, is anyone still subscribed to this application?

“He’s Alive!!!!
22 trades on the 6th, 7th and 8th. All were for small profits. Over two grand recovery. We shall see how long till the next big losses.
This guy still has the Balls to keep sending me crap offers.

The strategy has been changed 3 weeks ago.
-No, big loses because the strategy of SL has changed affortulatlely and
-No 3 automated and injustify trades at 19:00 oclock (CET time).
In my opinion the last three week has been very very good (with volatile markets) because a new strategy could be proped. No big wins (because testing and no big sizes) but most trades were wins and almost all trades have some logic…

It’s not going to bad at the moment. Some losses last night, but these all pail in comparison to his other product I’m trying, GBP Sniper/Black Ops. On 14 November it opened 4 trades, and all 4 are sitting at -300 pips each. Ouch.
If you want to have a look.
I’ll jack the Black Ops service in once I get confirmation from support if the trades are still open on his account.
And I’ll probably quit the APP service too, while I’m still slightly ahead.

Just stopped in to see if Justin was able to turn this Fiasco around. The bleeding seems to have stopped, but He’s still down almost five grand in the master account.
I guess most peoples dream of getting rich have fallen by the wayside.
@ EvyRat, I don’t see How you can be ahead with the APP system, unless you didn’t take the same trades or got out real early on His big losers. In any case it’s been eleven months now since the systems inception and no profit to show for it. A one year bank certificate of deposit would even be a better performer with none of the risk. Of course with inflation even as low as it is, there still wouldn’t be a profit, but no loss to speak of.
I’ll pop in again next Month to comment pro or con. Though I doubt there’ll ever be a con. LOL


Ooops! I meant a Pro of course!
I wish there was a edit feature on this board.

I joined apm with no luck at all. I think it is a total ripoff and you actually have to refer people to make money.

Luckily I found something that really does not require any sponsoring or even advertising and I have made $927 in 1 Month.

I’m a little early this month with my observations. but something extraordinary has occurred. Justin has withdrawn $10,538 from the Master account. How are the Subscribers supposed to handle that event in there accounts?
It doesn’t matter that much as the Master account was going backward anyhow. The drawdown on the Master was over ten grand, another four thousand since the beginning of the Year.
I’ll still follow the Master Account until this Crook closes it, or denies access to anybody trying to check his lack of progress. If He does close it completely, that would mean He has no more Subscribers, Wont it?
How He has th Balls to keep sending me offers really ticks me off!


Been following Justins comeback on GBP/USD for ages, when he was 30k in the red I thought this is just daft… then he came back for a $400 profit to close 0830 UK time today! Huray! Anyway, as of 1430 this afternoon it looks like he has changed the investor password on the account or something so we can no longer follow along on APP or Sniper, what a shame.

What the h*ll has been going on since January 20th, no trades or response from the useless support site and no charges for the service either?????????? Anyone have any info????

Hey Bill, do you have any idea what is going on with APP now, no communication, no charges, no trades since 01/20/12. I guess Justin has no more subscribers huh? Shadowman

To All and Sundry:
Life has indeed interfered with my monitoring of APP.
It appears the Scam has run it’s course. There has been no activity since Jan 23rd. The account still shows an $11.000 balance. If and when this money is removed we can be pretty sure the scam is really over.
May the Fleas of a thousand Camels infest Justin’s nether regions.


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