What Do Traders Say About Warrior Trading: Unfiltered Opinions

Traders often praise Warrior Trading for its educational resources and robust community, but opinions vary on the cost and approach.

Key takeaways:

  • Traders praise Warrior Trading for educational resources and community.
  • Ross Cameron’s strategy focuses on momentum trading with specific criteria.
  • Warrior Trading faced FTC lawsuit, leading to mixed reactions.
  • Pricing ranges from 7 to ,297, with discounts available.
  • Courses offered cover basics, advanced strategies, and mentorship.

Ross Cameron Warrior Trading Strategy

ross cameron warrior trading strategy

Ross Cameron’s approach focuses on momentum trading, which is all about capitalizing on stocks that are making explosive moves. He hunts for stocks with high relative volume, usually low-priced, that are showing a strong upward trend. Think of it like surfing—catching the big wave and riding it until it starts to fizzle out.

Here are some key points behind his strategy:

Pre-market Scanning: He starts his day early, scanning the market for stocks with significant pre-market activity. Big moves before the market opens can signal which stocks will be on fire.

Volume is King: High relative volume is crucial. Stocks trading at multiple times their average daily volume are prime candidates.

Catalysts: He looks for specific catalysts such as news events, earnings reports, or other significant happenings that would drive the stock price up quickly.

Chart Patterns: Cameron relies on specific chart setups, like the bull flag pattern, to identify entry points. It’s like detective work but with graphs and numbers.

Strict Risk Management: He always sets a tight stop-loss to protect against major losses. This means if the stock’s party ends early, you’re out with minimal damage.

Short Trades: He often holds these trades for just a few minutes to a few hours. Blink, and you might miss it.

Daily Recaps: He publishes daily recaps of his trades, providing not just victories but also his mistakes, which can be quite the learning experience.

Imagine being a mercenary in the jungle, always on the lookout for a quick win with minimal risk. That’s essentially the game plan.

Bonus tip: Coffee is almost a required part of this strategy. It’s fast-paced and demands full attention.

Warrior Trading FTC Lawsuit Review

The FTC lawsuit shed light on Warrior Trading’s practices, bringing mixed reactions from the trading community. The key points of contention revolved around claims of exaggerated earnings and misleading advertising. Traders voiced concerns about the transparency of their marketing.

On the bright side, this legal tussle pushed the company to be more explicit in their disclosures, boosting their credibility for some. However, skeptics argued that the lawsuit highlighted deeper issues about online trading education in general.

  • Key takeaways:
  • Ensure you understand the risks involved, regardless of the platform.
  • Scrutinize marketing claims with a healthy dose of skepticism.
  • Always do your own research before investing in trading education.

The lawsuit served as a cautionary tale, reminding traders to stay vigilant and informed.

How Much Does Warrior Trading Cost? (Pricing Review)

Warrior Trading’s pricing can make your wallet do a double-take. First up, there’s the Starter package, setting you back about $997 for 90 days. Think of it as dipping your toes into the trading pool.

Now, if you want to dive deeper, the Pro package costs around $4,297 annually. This one includes a swanky suite of advanced tools and live trading sessions. Oh, and don’t forget the chat room – it’s like the much needed coffee break, but for trading strategies!

A la carte items, anyone? They also offer individual classes for those who prefer a more cafeteria-style approach. Classes can range from $500 to $1300, depending on the depth and complexity.

Lastly, keep an eye out for discounts during holidays and special promotions. Because who doesn’t love a good deal?

Warrior Trading Courses Review

Let’s talk about the courses Warrior Trading offers. Think of these as a bootcamp for aspiring traders.

First, there’s the Starter Course—great for rookies. Covers basics like market mechanics, chart patterns, and trading strategies. It’s like learning your ABCs before writing a novel.

Then there’s the Pro Course. Now we’re cooking with gas. Advanced strategies, live trading sessions, and access to Ross Cameron’s endless wisdom. Perfect for those who aren’t satisfied just dipping their toes and want to dive right into the trading pool.

Finally, there’s the Inner Circle. Imagine a backstage pass to a rock concert, but replace the guitars with candlestick charts. Direct mentorship, exclusive webinars, and VIP chat rooms. It’s trading heaven.

All courses come with a mix of video lessons, PDFs, and quizzes. Think you’re done with school? Think again, but this time your tuition may actually pay off.

Pros and Cons

Some traders appreciate the structured learning and clear guidance. Ross Cameron’s method has helped many beginners grasp day trading basics quickly.

On the flip side, his chatroom can feel overwhelming with rapid-fire alerts. Not everyone can keep up. Some seasoned traders find the approach too simplistic and prefer more advanced strategies.

The cost is another consideration. High fees might be prohibitive for newcomers. Yet, others swear the investment pays off quickly if you commit fully.

Customer support is generally solid, but there have been mixed reviews. Some users rave about the prompt assistance, while others feel left hanging during critical moments.

Educational tools are robust, offering webinars, live trading sessions, and a plethora of resources. However, the sheer volume can be information overload for some.

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