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The purpose of this page is to encourage and collect the user reviews of a Forex product called Auto Trader X. To get the details about this product (such as its features) or if you’re looking for support, please visit the official website that can be found at

Below are the current reviews of Auto Trader X. It is possible that at the time you’re reading this page there are no reviews yet. Because they come from real users, it may take some time for the first reviews to appear. Please bookmark this page and come back regularly to check for new reviews.

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  1. Well, to me, looking at his backtests…

    this looks like a scalper with a 5 pip takeprofit with a 500 pip stoploss. He’s also got the risk jacked trough the roof in all his backtests. Looks like hitting the stoploss would cut your account in half.

    So all you have to create a backtest like this is to tweak a bunch of settings till you have no losses in x trades, jack the risk through the roof, and you’ll make it look profitable. He’s pretty much done everything he says not to do, and wrapped it up in a nice story about how he stole it from the bank…

    Someone tell me I’m wrong, I really want to believe in fairy tales, I really do.

  2. Anyone catch the EUR trade this morning?closed at tp..small stop 45 pips.anyone testing this EA?…jim

  3. Does not trade very often, but all the trades have been positive.

  4. Hi


    I got the auto trader X almost 5 days ago but it does not trade and the atx.mq4 file i got from them, it is blue/yellow and not gray like the other ones, maybe i got the wrong file.
    P have written several emails to them but no respond.

    Thank you

  5. I had problems applying the atx.mq4 file to the platform so I twice emailed for support over a three day period but got no response. I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong. I now have the EA in place on the chart as advised in the pdf but no action. No trading as yet and customer support does not exist.

  6. Hey Guys..Try support through Click Bank…Just a thought..jim

  7. Trades like once a day, but so far all trades in the positive.
    To make an income from this would require a hefty deposit.

  8. Re: Support – I find the quickest route to support is to put a request in for a refund via clickbank – you normally get an instant how can i help you then … 2ndly – i have bought this one – but hbeard a recent update was issued to allow people to manually alter the stop loss and take profit after people were complaining about the huge stop loss and the fact that the ea didnt know when to jump out of trade – so went into positive then negative…. I would imagien that would take some work on testing that a reasonable stop loss would be taking into accoutn how the ea trades and what sort of drawdown you are to expect as reasonable? – I;ll hold fire a bit longer and see what feedbacks like following the recent update to the stop loss and take profit feature.

  9. opps – meant to say i HAVENT bought this one yet!

  10. Ok, that’s it …

    I guess the server problem is still going on, although I received an email today confirming that all issues have been resolved.

    We all have been excited by the advertisement of AFM from the first look at the impressive statements, but discovered its another scam.

    Today I have requested for a refund from Plimus, I am not sure if they are supportive in such issues, I hope they can maintain my request positively.

    Has anybody received any of the money paid through Plimus?

    Good luck everyone.

  11. Yep, received refunds from Plimus no issues at all. Very impressed with their service and follow up.

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