How Do You Get a Trading License in Adopt Me: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to obtain a trading license in the popular game “Adopt Me” to safely trade pets and items with other players.

Key takeaways:

  • Trade License is essential for high-value trades in Adopt Me.
  • Obtaining the license ensures safer trading and record-keeping.
  • Head to the Safety Hub Building and complete a short quiz.
  • The license appears as a virtual card in your backpack.
  • Show off your trading prowess with confidence and style.

Trade License

trade license

A Trade License in Adopt Me is essential for conducting high-value trades with other players. Think of it as your ID card in the bustling world of in-game trading. Without it, you’re limited to making only simple trades, which is no fun if you’re aiming to exchange rare pets or valuable items.

The Trade License isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s your ticket to a safer trading environment. It helps to cut down on scams, ensuring that every trade is recorded. Remember those shifty traders who promised you the moon but gave you dirt? This system helps keep them in check.

Obtaining this license also gives you access to the in-game history of your trades. It’s like having a receipt for everything. Handy, right? Now, no more arguing about who traded that legendary unicorn first.

How To Get a Trading License

The journey to obtain your trading license in Adopt Me is pretty straightforward, even if it sounds official and daunting. Just think of it as your first step into the world of glamorous—and safe—trades.

First, head over to the Safety Hub Building. No, it’s not a new punk band. Just look for the big building with glowy plaques; you can’t miss it. Once inside, you’ll be given a short quiz to ensure you understand safe trading practices. Don’t worry, it’s not a pop quiz from your nightmares. It’s designed to be easy.

Next, follow the prompts that guide you through a few example trades. Think of it like learning to cook with training wheels—no one’s losing a dog here. Once you complete these steps, voila! License in hand, you’re ready to trade like a pro.

Remember, this is about safety too. Never trade your golden unicorn for a sandwich, no matter how delicious it looks.

Getting Inside The Safety Hub Building

First, locate the Safety Hub. It’s perched right next to the Hat Shop, nestled in the heart of Adoption Island. You can’t miss it – it looks like something straight out of a spy movie.

Enter the building and brace yourself. Inside, you’ll meet Agent Lily. She’s there to guide you step-by-step. Approach her and start the dialogue to initiate the process.

The Safety Hub is filled with fun interactive elements and helpful signs that make it a breeze. Look around; it’s a beautiful blend of style and strategy.

Take your time, enjoy the design, but don’t linger too long – you’ve got a trading license to earn!

Getting The Trading License

Once you’re inside the Safety Hub and ready to rock, you’ll encounter a few NPCs (non-player characters) eager to set you on the right path. Your mission: ace the test and earn that trading license!

First, the NPC will present you with a series of questions. These questions are designed to ensure you understand the basics of safe trading. Think of it as a pop quiz, but way more fun (and fewer sweating bullets).

  • Pay close attention to the scenarios they present.
  • Remember, common sense is your best friend.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

After you’ve answered all the questions correctly, you’ll be granted a shiny new trading license. It’s like passing your driver’s test, but for trading—no parallel parking required. And voilà, you’re ready to trade rare pets and items like a pro!


Once you’ve earned your prized license, it’s time to marvel at your accomplishment. It’s a virtual card that will appear in your backpack under the “Toys” section. No, you can’t use it to buy snacks, but it will let you trade safely.

When displayed, it looks like a shining badge of honor. This card ensures that you’re recognized as a legitimate trader, not just some digital drifter. As a bonus, it adds a bit of flair to your in-game profile.

Enjoy showing off your trading prowess with confidence and a touch of swagger. Now, go forth and conquer the trading world in Adopt Me! You’ve got the license to thrill.

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