Are Silver Eagles a Good Investment?

Are Silver Eagles a good investment? Is it worth stacking-up on them? Let’s find out right now!

First, let’s look at the silver investing and the demand for it. The commodity has seen a gain of over 7% over the year 2019. And the trend continues into 2020. That’s good news.

Silver price in USD in 2019

According to BullionVault, the demand for physical silver investment has also increased. Moreso, the global supply in silver goods was lacking. With the gift season around the corner, this demand will see it’s annual spike once again.

Unlike gold, silver has many industrial uses. And that use grows every year. It bumps up the price even more.

Meanwhile, the recycling of the material has remained steady year-over-year. People aren’t likely to sell their silverware or Eagles to scrap.

These are all very positive signs for investing in silver. But why American Eagles?

  • It is money and it has intrinsic value. With world economies and paper money losing trust, people are willing to save their money in the form of silver coins.
  • They make great gifts.
  • They are a collector’s item.
  • They are easy to keep.

The Verdict

In the current economic climate and demand on silver, the Silver Eagles make a great investment.

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