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I joined the first stage three days ago, then decided to go for the two up-sells as well to see what would happen. After the first one, I couldn’t download the product, contacted support but still haven’t had a reply.
A few dozen hot of the press ‘trade now’ reports came in such as, This is a OptionsHybrid signal. Our system has identified new trade for USDTRY – CALL @ open price 1.7913 exactly or up in 30 minutes expiry option. Although we recommend TradeRush ( http://OptionsHybrid.com/traderush ), you can trade this with other brokers too

You can also place this trade with your broker in one click — Place Trade!. Dont forget to have a look at our MARKET SENTIMENTS page to see what others are trading

You are receiving this alert because you are a OptionsHybrid subscriber.

Which is great if they have a high percentage of winning trades attached to them – but they don’t. Currently 150 down on a $250 test I’m doing on traderush, the site they suggested.
The two up sells, one of which guarantees pages of winning trades, I have no idea about because since paying for them there has been no link sent, no upload page, no returned emails and no return support.

I know it’s early, but I would be VERY careful about joining this particular site. Beginning to look very shaky. I will update if it improves. A money back guarantee of course, but if emails and support messages are ignored, I don’t like my chances of a money back.

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