MT4 Alert

MT4 AlertMT4 Alert is a service for those MetaTrader 4 users who no longer want to be stuck to the charts for hours every day monitoring their positions and markets. The service sends you alerts in text messages about your account’s status and changes right to your cell phone. You can receive alerts when a trade is opened, closed, when profit or loss is made, alerts of live trading server going down, monitor spreads, price alerts, and more.

The main features include:

The service works for manual traders as well as EA users. The alerts are sent out via text message to your phone and supports any phone operator, so it can be used anywhere in the world.

Current pricing:

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I’m looking for a software tool that would allow me to monitor all of my alerts on MT4, per indicator applied, per pair monitored. Do you know of anyone who offers such a system? Thanks.

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