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does anyone tried to use it?

I just bought a prelaunch version of Metapro forex a couple of days ago. Got a cool 30% prelaunch discount from them. Running it on my demo account and as of now the account is already up by 10%. The backtest and feedback was pretty strong, so will be running it on my live account by next week.

Put Metapro forex on my live account on Monday. No trades so far, but that looks like a good thing. Will keep updating this space.

Please post your opinions and results on MetaPRO software I was interested in people results

Metapro sent me their latest launch version. I replaced the earlier pre-launch version with it. Their customer support is excellent. My account is still up 12%. I liked the status message and information coming up regarding the current trade in the new version.

My Demo account up 28% in 10 days. The last trade is up 220 pips and still open. Running my live account with low risk setting and its up by 4%… looks like it will soon get back the price paid for the product

My Demo account is now up over 33%. Some excellent trades so far. Live account up 12% still on Low risk setting.

MetaPRO has made over 500 pips worth of profits in just 12 trading days!

Maggie, can you please post your trading result in MT4 live of MTIntelligence, so that we all can see the proof of that EA?

Might be worth its price, but need more time. It had several losses, but well controlled so far. I didn’t book any profit in 2 weeks, but no losses,too. Seems like conservative algorithm, not sure if it is real profit maker.

MetaPRO 3 months MT4i Statement is available at

MetaPRO 3 month statement is available at
This account is running with Swing Max Setting.

I have been using MetaPRO and use the above link to cross check performance. Results tally pretty well with my own account.

November = 403 Pips, December = 120 Pips, January = 556 Pips. Total Banked = 1079 Pips (in 3 months)
Up by over 200 pips in February so far.

This EA is as close to pro trading as you can get.

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