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Well JTX my email was posting for you, then they blocked it just now, damn.

FYI Some of yALL may be having this problem too, and I may have found the problem, don’t know yet. I just found out that in Finland and many places in the world had their daylight savings time on Sun Oct 30-(my problems started right after that). My daylight savings time here in the central USA starts Nov 6/7.

I just sent this message to support–>

My LTP was working fine until Monday (yesterday). Now it misses all trades due to maxtimeslip out of range errors, even when set at 660. When I watch the trade start on LTPs FinFX account, within 5 seconds there is a maxtimeslip error (for 660 seconds) for that trade in my account.The trade is not taking 660 seconds b/c A. My computer always has gotten the trade within a second, and B. I’m able to read that error within 5 seconds of the trade occuring.

Today I discover that daylight savings time started Sunday Oct 30 many places in the world. Did LTPs time change on Oct 30?? I am on Central Time in the USA. My time will change Nov 6/7 an hour backwards. I am running version 1.12. PLEASE ADVISE WHAT TO DO, OR WHAT TIME TO SET MY COMPUTER CLOCK TOO.

I’ve just bought it, and run for 2 days now….

3 trades have been done on FinFX, and not on my MT4….
Look at the “Expert” tab, and it shows like “no heartbeat…”, & “connection interrupted…” with timeslip>120….

Submitted 2 support tickets to no response… not even an email stating that ticket has been submitted (like all other ticket system will do)…

Don’t know what else I can do…. Sigh….

Used to be our daylight savings time in the USA happened in late Oct along with London, etc. But this year London/Finland got theirs on Oct 30, the USA gets theirs this coming Nov 6/7. So I’ve set my computer clock back one hour to go along with London/Finland (like in previous years). Hopefully I start getting trades (without time slip errors) again this week. Then when I get my daylight savings time this Saturday I’ll have to set my clock back to the correct time (if this goes down the way I hope/expect it’ll work).

Dave, I,too, was having trouble hearing from LTP support. It was because I was submitting a new ticket each time I tried to contact them. If you will go back to the last response you had from them, and click “reply”, you should get better results. In other words, stick with one ticket rather than constantly creating new ones. Since doing that, I have had excellent results.

William I did discover that too.

Guys I’m not sure yet but LTP may have just fixed (within last hour) a recent problem responsible for some of your problems, including mine. This morning I had set my clock back an hour (on manual setting)to compensate for London going to daylight savings time while the USA does not changed until this Sunday morning. This moved the London time back an hour on the Leo clock display. Well now I noticed the London time is now moved back yet another hour, so 2 hours behind. I’ve now set my clock time back to the proper time and the clock time reads correctly for all time zones.

But more importantly I had been getting this message:
DataCenter connecting failed {2}
old version of server

I’d tried logging on like 50 times and continued to get the above message.

Well NOW it logs on in the 1st attempt and to the main server. I kinda expect on the next trade it will work perfect again, like it had been prior to Sunday. I think they may have fixed a daylight savings glitch and/or server glitch. WE’LL SEE.

LTP made 44 pips on 31/10 GBPUSD

Pontiac Dave, I did not received email from you.

JTX I tried to post my email here for you, then forexmachines deleted it from the post. So I don’t know what to do as I don’t know your email addy and they’ll delete mine if I post it for you. Thanks for trying.

3 days now… and still no orders for me….
“Expert” tab keeps showing “No heartbeat – restarting…”

Pontiac Dave, jtxUKNOWWHATfreemailUALSOKNOWWHAThu

Thanks JTX, I sent an email your way a couple of times, if you don’t get it check any spam filters or let me know to send it again. It’s coming from KliewerInvestUKNOWWHATaolUALSOKNOWWHATcom

I missed these trades in the last few hours. Overnight my LTP logged out and logged back on with the OLD VERSION OF SERVER <-per records. I keep re-logging back on and getting that message. I remember like 8 months ago have the old server message–and that it would not trade when that happened. Don't remember what fixed it then, may have been a version upgrade or they tweeked their servers, etc.

OK finally got’er logged on with the 1st-attempt/new server. Hopefully she stays logged on this time to that server, overnight she didn’t. My friend claims on the TV show ‘Hawaii 5-0’they had a TV commercial for LTP. He may be thinking of something similar, I have that episode of Hawaii 5-0 on my DVR and will have to watch it to see. But if more people are logging on/using LTP I suppose some could get kicked onto the old server if they don’t step up the server capacity.


FYI LTP support just emailed me that link for 1.14e, I’ll give’er a shot. They mentioned to be sure to read the manual as settings have changed, especially the maxtimeslip which is now set to 0 with that new version.

FYI this new 1.14e instantly opened (today, Wednesday) the trades it missed from MO and TU which are still active on LTPs account. So I’d say this new version has fixed my server communication problems. They said in the email to me, for the new version to work/contact the server, you need to have port 20,000 open on your firewall setup. I did not configure my firewall so I guess it automatically configured what it needed to regarding port 20,000.

And correction, in my LTP settings this new version is listed as 1.14f (not 1.14e). So they must have recently made a newer version than the 1.14e that JTX had mentioned farther above on this forum.

I was told by LTP support on 10/1/11 that the new version would be 1.15, and should be released within the next couple of weeks after that.

Nov 3 2011 4pm est

I just installed the 1.14f update and when I changed the time slip from 120 to zero a gbp/usd trade appeared..dont know if it was the change. I didn’t have a gbp trade going, I guess Leo figured I needed one lol. The entry point to is over 70 pips lower but the tp is the same..strange..never seen Leo do that before..maybe a new twist.

Oh, forgot to mention..the eur trade that Leo put on that dropped over 100 pips just closed with a 36 cent profit lol..that trailing stop is a killer for them..btw, if you look at the daily candles you will notice the last 2 days were inside days..leo indicated that the breakout would be to the upside and it was, which closed the eur trade with 36 cents..I guess they dont use inside days (especially 2) as very powerful indicators..price did break to the upside to close the eur trade but since the gbp trade is still open the eur may move up much higher being dragged along by gbp..should be interesting.

Norm same thing happened to me with 1.14f, as soon as I set time slip to 0 it opened up the one gbp/usd trade I’d missed from Mo or Tu. That’s what will happen with the time slip at 0, had I left it at 120 or something it would not have tried to open the missed trade because it would be older than 120 seconds from the time Leo first opened that trade on their account.

Guys, this is the main point of this new release: open an old but live trade, if it is in DD. So we could meka more pips… :)

JTX, yep, I like that feature, and got your email. Thanks!

1.15 has been officially released a couple of hours ago.

anyone encountered the EA stating “too many simultaneous connection…” and missed placing an order?

It happened to me a few times now…. and a couple of them actually exited my MT4…

Fredy I checked this forum for other mentions of too many simultaneous connections. Found only one mention way back on Dec 26. Then later that user did not mention it again but mentioned getting trades later down the road. Back then when it was new they had several bugs with version updates to fix’em. One of those probably fixed his problem.

I was having a problem last week with time slip errors and no trades. Even with the time slip set at the max allowed setting–like 10 minutes. 2 seconds after Leo’s FinFx account took a trade I’d have an error for time slip greater than 10 minutes, even though only 2 seconds had expired since Leo started the trade. But after installing the new 1.15 on Monday, have gotten all the last trades since then—like 6 in a row.

What version are you running???

Like it says on the replicator website, this 1.15 is the first major update since January, with many improvements.

Dave, I’m using the latest version 1.15….

The problem with the “simultaneous connections…” happened very often last week, and it actually crashed my MT4 several times in a day!!!

Response from support saying that my internet connection could be at fault… They suggested me to subscribe to VPS for much stable connection…

Well anyway…. Starting this week, for 2 days now…. it didn’t not drop any more…??

It could be my internet connection… even then, it should not crash and exit the MT4…

Will see….

IF anyone is wondering about the integrity of these guys, I requested a refund through clickbank, had my money refunded then received this from leo trader admin. Disgusting behaviour!!!!

“Sorry to learn that you are not polite enough to simply ask for a refund, despite our very clear 60-day, no-quibble refund policy and the equally clear reiteration of that fact on the receipt that ClickBank sent you immediately after purchasing.

Let me therefore bring you up to speed with the result of your chosen course of action.

When people are too impolite / ignorant / stupid / vindictive to contact a vendor and request a refund, deciding instead to raise a dispute via their card provider, this is essentially the position:

1) The purchaser (you) has committed FRAUD – there is not (and never was) a dispute – this is a very serious thing in all developed countries

2) The vendor finds the sale revoked AND gets charged a revocation fee of between $35 and $70 for no valid reason

So, your well thought out actions have resulted in unjustified costs to our business and you committing a financial crime (you have obtained monies by deception).

Fortunately, payment processors keep track of people like yourself and you are now working your way up a blacklist. You might be able to pull this stunt once or twice more but then you will be out of the game for good as your credit and debit cards will be refused at point of sale to protect vendors from this kind of behavior.

Have a great day!”


They do honor their refund policy, I recieved a refund back in Jan. with no issues. Bought it again after keeping up with this post and have been making out on a live acct.
Not saying anybody is wrong here just giving what I went through and yes the letter was arogant but it got the point across.

LTP 1.15 have yet to recieve a trade, thought I had 2000 port open but I guess not. I updated last night hopefully it works now.

Is there something I’ve been missing that I should do? Been out of town the past few weeks and trying to catch up.


Sorry for all those still having problems. And CraigM that’s port 20,000 (you said 2000, maybe you meant 20k). So far I love the 1.15, no errors/crashes, got all trades so far. Including one where my broker closed an hour earlier than FInFX Friday night and a trade opened FR night after my broker closed. As soon as my broker opened up again Sunday night LTP automatically got me into that trade in a 36 pips better position. One of the new features — getting you into a trade no matter how late it is, as long as it’s in as good or a better position as LTP started that trade

fridayStreet I’m not gonna deny that letter was kinda rude. But I can kinda see why they’d write it based on where they’re coming from. Bottom line, in probably the worst market year ever, their account has averaged like 46% per month returns, it’s now proven. And that 46% is with them only running a 10% risk most of the time–(that’s what it calculates out to now). Anyone who’d gotten all those trades over the last year, would have made the same, or around 100% per month if you’d set your risk at double of LTP’s risk setting. If I’d stayed with this thing since Dec, I’d be sitting very pretty right now. But now I’m back. LTP has confidence in their product for good reason. They know the only way someone would not make money with it is if 1. The user is doing something wrong, or 2. the customer is not getting the trades due to a compatibility problem, etc. They have fixed #2 for a lot of people with version upgrades, etc. So I’m sure they feel they can fix that problem for most people and are pissed if someone does not present the problem to them before requesting a refund. I’m not saying you did or didn’t try to fix the problem thru them, I don’t know your situation.

Notice how bad Leo’s timing is..you’d think they’d hit tp at least 50% when they place a trade..seems like a lot less than 50% hmmmm..if so, thats a good thing..their entry points to tp may be being repulsed for some reason, or is it my imagination.

Hey Norm, but LTP did again… 24 pips on november 17 :)

fridayStreet: I really do not understand, why didn’t you ask a refund directly from LTP? I u dont want to make money with LTP, it is your business. But u should know about the results if u ask refund from clickbank: u incriminate the vendor. Its simple. Dont exept any rose from the vendor, especially since LTP did all the refund asked.
Still dont understand the people, who refund LTP… it is a solid moneymaking machine… :)

I don’t get it either JTX. The only way they’d not make money is if

A. They aren’t getting the trades (which can be fixed, be it operator error or a software glitch, compatibility glitch/computer/ISP issue, etc)

B. Or entering trades manually in addition to trades already started by LTP, causing margin trouble and closed trades in the red, etc. Or, not understanding margin and having LTP trades close w/out even hitting the LTP SL, b/c too large of lot size/risk was used.

When I was rookie in early 2011 I was guilty of B. But even then I knew it was my fault and didn’t blame LTP. Once I understood margin correctly all was fine.

if one of your very first trades with LTP was one of those 330 pip losses as mine was, what would your response be then? What would you have done in a situation like that? I was probably just unlucky and I am not blaming them either. But with a Risk/Reward ratio of roughly 10:1(they are risking 330 pips for 35 pips or less initial profit target) you’re gonna have to play catch-up big time if it hits the S/L. Their first big loss was @ trade number 224 when they were probably up 300% or more. What a pleasure. Then you don’t need additional measures. But what do you do when that loss occurs within your first 10 trades?
If LTP trades go negative x amount of pips and it does regularly, can you blame me for manually opening positions in the same direction and taking basket net profits as the market retraces and bascially forget about what might have been with that LTP trade? I am happy with my net profit. Period. I don’t care about having an impeccable almost zero loss. Obviously one needs to watch position sizes and margins doing this kind of thing and yes of course, the market’s bottom can drop out at any given moment with you on the wrong side.
Listen, I am not bashing their product, in fact I think it’s a great invention. That’s why I keep using it.


I forgot to mention,I still take manual trades when it goes negative. I’m not faulting anyone for that. But unlike my rookie days, I’m able calculate the margin and know that if the manual trade and LTP trade head towards the 330sl, there’s enough margin that they won’t be closed out before hitting the 330sl.

I understand about one of your first trades being a loser. That’s something I had to consider, and that anyone has to risk starting out. I used to think the profit/reward was not good, but compared to other EAs (that work, most won’t w/out a big SL) I’ve seen it’s not as bad, especially when it sometimes uses the trailing SL and gets a profit of around 50-70 pips. I mean, I started this thing again with real money like 3 weeks ago…. and in only like a week and a half after that it had earned enough money to cover a loss, plus still have a few extra dollars more than the start.

Simply i do not know robot, better results tha LTP. I tried many, but all of them garbage, compare to LTP…

That’s my experience too with other EAs. What got me away from LTP for a while was: If you put other EAs up against LTP in a race, in the very beginning they’ll often have a way quicker equity growth curve. But as I found a few months later when both EAs have had some losses, LTP will still be in the green, the others will lose their shirt.

Did anyone notice that leo’s rocket hit 6 stops out of 45 trades in sept, total loss $9000..thats about 1 stop every 7 trades…neural net must have had a few brain farts that month.

Norm, are you looking at LTP acct. no. 1331? I can find only three losses in Sept., for a total loss of $765.64?????

That’s what I’m finding William. I’ve had the 1331 account running/showing since Dec 2010 under the investor password on their FinFx account.

Their rocket acc. its a hyper 1331 (more
trades)…wait till you get a load of this one.

Jtx knows about it..he’s bein real quiet lol

2731 (interesting # also)
finfx – live

I see that Norm, it’s $97. –> http://www.leotraderpro.com/leotraderrt.php. That EA is a lot more peaky, check out the equity curve, etc on that page. It’s ups are very high, it’s downs are way more down. I mean, it started with 500 in the account like this standard ltp version. But even after the huge losses it still has 4300 in the account to this account at around 4200. Personally, in glancing at it I like this standard version much better–it doesn’t have the huge drops but has an over all average about the same, with a steady climb (no huge peaks up or down).

And wow that rocket account got as high as 12,000 according to the curve, before the losses. And correction, it’s 4300 profit, not 4300 balance, it’s balance is around 4800 b/c of the initial 500 deposit.

Craig, are you getting trades now..if not, turn off your anti virus and firewall..leave them off till you start getting all the trades..then add one at a time..most anti-virus and firewalls are kinda useless anyways..hackers get into the Pentagon lol

anybody here think that open buy pound/dollar is gonna get back to 5690?


Thanks, yes I’m receiveing trades. Had to unistall my Norton and do a free one for the time being. Have a couple trades going so I’m waiting until they close to reinstall.

Paul, it hit 5690! Straight shot

Anybody using LTP Rocket?

I copied and pasted the data from the LTP Rocket live account page, and sorted based on currency. If you would have started with $500 and traded only the EURUSD your account would be at $9447.38 as of 12/1/2011. However, if you traded only the GBPUSD, you would be down $2,052.49. In other words, you would have blew your account up. I love LeoTrader Pro and I don’t trade the LTP Rocket, but I were to trade it, I’d only the EURUSD.

Thanks Chet..good information..rocket had 36 wins and 6 losses in September..losses totalled over $8000..not real confidence building..thats 1 loss every 6 trades..plus i get flashbacks of their jpy/chf account that went belly up with 14 losses in 3 months (here we see it again in rocket)..so those high losses can and most likely will hit 1331 account with the big problems in Europe.

The only safe way to play LTP is starting with small money only.

Hi Norm! Nope, I dont use LTP Rocket. It seems to risky…
Anyway, few words from LTP:

“First… we hope you’re as excited about the results you’re getting with
LTP as we are!

Here are the current stats:

Since our recent update: $2,968 – 20 wins, no losers

Since we launched: $19,353 – 301 wins, 8 losers

Since LTP started live trading: $49,269 – 490 wins, 8 losers

How’s that for Forex DOMINATION!

On to the second bit of news.

Our support staff have put together a little ‘essay’ on stop losses and why
LTP works the way it does.

It’s not essential that you read this, but it does contain some very useful
information and may help you get the most out of LTP.

Here we go:

A few of the newer LTP users have contacted the support team and
expressed their concerns about the 330 pip Stop Loss so we thought
we’d cover that point for everyone’s benefit.

Many traders are taught that the “right way” to trade is with a small SL
to minimize losses. Unfortunately, that isn’t quite true – small SLs do
minimize individual losses but they also maximize the number of times
those SLs get hit … so using a small SL is really a double-edged sword
that very seldom works in your favor.

If you contrast that approach with the 330 pip SL that LTP uses, you can
quickly see the difference and the distinct advantage of this supposedly
“wrong way” of trading…

If you study our live account then you’ll discover a number of interesting
facts that will quickly show you how the “wrong way” is actually the
“right way” to trade!

Since we started trading our live account, LTP has taken 504 trades.

490 have been winners, 8 have hit the SL and 6 have essentially broken

Of the winners, the average gain has been 15.5 pips and, of course, each
of the losers has been -330 pips.

Armed with the above information, we can very quickly calculate an
important statistic… the win-lose ratio is 61:1

That means, on average, that for every 330 pip losing trade, we win 945
pips (15.5 x 61)

That’s an awesome statistic for any trading system and, of course, it’s
irrefutable since all of the information is publicly available in our live
account, which you can analyze via the investor password any time you
want to.

So, we now know that LTP is categorically profitable so the only issue is
how YOU trade it.

Regardless of whether you specify a fixed lot size or a risk percentage,
the actual amount risked PER TRADE is calculated and displayed on the
chart – look for “Estimated amount risked:” near the bottom of the
information we present on your chart.

Clearly, if you have a $1,000 account and LTP is telling you that the
estimated amount risked is $330 then you are NOT being sensible!

We consider that risking 10% of your account is more than sufficient for
good growth expectations and trading more aggressively is unjustified.

With that in mind, if you’re trading just the standard LTP license then
you could specify a suitable fixed lot size or just set RiskLevel to -10.

If, however, you were using the Rocket Trader license (which many
people now are) then you need to consider the differences…

Both the standard and RT versions of LTP trade EURUSD and GBPUSD.

The difference is that the standard version of LTP allows a maximum of
one open trade per currency pair whereas Rocket Trader opens a
maximum of two.

You therefore have the option of trading each license on a different
account OR you can combine both licenses on a single account for
maximum trade frequency.

However you decide to use the licenses, you should carefully consider
the aggressiveness of your trading decision and adjust the Risk Level

For example, if you felt it appropriate to trade the standard system with
a 10% risk level then you should reduce the risk level to 5% if trading
RT or 3% if combining the licenses on one account.

Hopefully the above information helps you to get more out of Leo
Trader Pro.

As Superman said when he looked at our equity curve – “Up, up and

Good Trading!


The Leo Trader Pro Team”

Thank you gentlemen, it is kind of confusing. I guess they assume everyone has been trading for years and can read between the lines.

I pulled the trigger on the rocket, will have it go live tomorrow or Monday in its own acct. all by itself. Have until the end of Janurary to see if it works.

Yes the issue with my computer is solved for the time being.

I see that LTP has posted an update to version 1.16 on their website. The update is mentioned on the MT4 terminal (experts tab) but no other comments. I had stopped using LTP because of stability issues. I’m very pleased with version 1.15. Since the update I’ve had no problems at all. Anyone using the newest version?

I’m using 1.16, it’s working like a charm. A month ago I had the one from January installed (maybe 1.12, I forgot the number). It was working fine, then stopped a month ago, missed all trades for 1 week with time slip errors, server connect errors, etc. Support recommended I try an experimental 1.14. Tried it, all problems fixed. A few days later they release 1.15 for everyone to access, I install that and it still worked fine, no difference that I can tell. Then 1.16 came out and I installed it, working just like the 1.15 did.

Thanks PD,
I hesitate to update especially when things seem to be working ok with 1.15 but glad to hear that the newest version is functioning ok. If it was an important update I’d assume LTP support would inform us?

When I tried to install 1.15 it had issues and they told me to istall 1.16, I guess there was an issue with 1.15 in the install for some users. Since my firewall issue is taken care of 1.16 is working fine.

I always save the old version in case the new one does not work as well. I went to 1.16 because my alarm window kept popping up every few minutes telling me there was an update, like it was a big deal. I did not notice any difference on 1.15 to 1.16. But I guess depending on what computer you have, operating system, broker, ISP, servers your computer accesses, could make a difference for some people. I figure something’s gotta be different if they call it 1.16 and 1.15.

I am thinking of picking up LTP. Can anyone recommend a broker those platform works well with the program?
Thanks in advance

Todd I’m using IBFX here in the USA. It gets all the trades. But other factors play into it too for your situation, ISP, operating system, computer etc. I have windows xp sp3. One of my only complaints with IBFX is it closes an hour before LTP’s broker on FR, and opens an hour later than LTP’s broker on SU. So it’s possible for LTP to start a trade in that last hour of FR, and mine will miss it because my broker was closed. However, I came out on the winning end about 2 weeks ago when that happened. LTP opened a trade in the last hour on FR (so I missed it), but when my broker opened up Sunday night, the trade had gone into the negative pips … so my LTP software got me into the trade Sunday in a better position than when the trade started FR. I made around an extra 40 pips. Most LTP trades go negative in the beginning before they go positive and close, so my broker’s hours haven’t cost me too much yet (if anything), and b/c sometimes I come out ahead by missing the trade late FR.

Todd, my best practise with LTP is the broker exnessforex.hu
If your address is not from US… Then the best profit I know is from this broker :)

It is a correct statement that most LTP trades go negative in the beginning before they go positive and close. For this reason, a good friend of mine wrote an EA that will do add-ons to an LTP trade when they go “x” pips back. Actually, there are 5 to 6 add-ons in the EA. Basically it’s using the LTP as a signal, and then adds to to the trade when certain conditions are met.

That’s awesome Chet. I usually make more money with “manual add on” trades than the actual leo trade I added them too.

The latest trade closed by hitting the stop..not the t/p so that means that t/p is still alive..these guys use a trailing stop ONLY to have a win..they need “wins” badly even if its only 10 cents 4 days later..they need those winning trades to conn more people into buying their product..they won’t tell you about the 6 massively losing trades out of 36 in october..or their other account went belly up earlier in the year..they hope most won’t notice.. they rose color everything, then tell you how they HATE it when ea builders hide information form the public lol..this chit is too funny. Its interesting how they over trade their account hoping to build it fast to suck in as many as possible before it blows up..buyer beware.

In all fairness to LTP, any EA I’ve ever seen that trades that piece of crap JPY currency, blows up the account. I have other EAs I’ve tried that somewhat work on other currencies (not as well as LTP), but they totally fail on ANY pair with ‘jpy’ in it. I don’t think anyone should trade that currency unless doing it manually (and doing a sell) when it’s ‘nose diving’ like a son of a b_tch. And I don’t know if I’d advise it even then. So I excuse LTPs failures on the jpy EA, the jpy is a crap currency to trade, at least with an EA. The only other LTP account I know of is the Rocket account/ea. And yes it dropped it’s balance from like 12,000 to around 4,300 during a bad period, but it’s still in the green and started with a 500 balance.

The LTP Rocket is very profitable “IF” you stay away from the GBPUSD. As a matter of fact, if you look at the data, you’d be better off not to trade the GBPUSD with LTP or the Rocket period. Go back and read my post from December 1st. I looked at the Rocket data, and if you had started with $500 and traded just the EURUSD you would be up over $9K. That’s phenomenal! My personal experience trading LTP is that I’m up over 300% for the year. This is the best I have ever done. My only worry is will these guys quit supporting it. Hopefully not. BTW, they always respond quickly to any questions that I have. I’m happy!

LTP once told me ”as long as you guys are here we’ll be here””. As long as it’s making good monthly returns, people should be there for them. I’m guessing a lot of R&D was put into the base version that most of us are using, and they’d like to continue getting a return on that investment for years–by selling the product. My friend claims he saw LTP advertised on prime time during the CBS TV Show “Hawaii 5-0″. I’d like to think that is true, it’d be a large marketing investment needing payback–people buying LTP, etc. But for all I know my friend was thinking of something else. He swears he’s sure it was LTP.

How do you all feel about rocket trader risking $2600 of a $5800 account? The 2 trades that are on now are risking that much..we seen their other account become useless to us after paying for it.. now they’re risking almost 50% on 2 trades..they’re either very confident or very foolish..we know they’re very foolish at the moment to their customers that have purchased this account…almost a 50% risk.

Since the old tp of 1.55555 wasn’t hit, I’m setting that as my tp point, and also figuring about 60 pips lower on eur at 1.33600 I’m looking for cable to hit the old tp and to drag eur down..i’ll watch it closely if the eur doesn’t follow cable lower I’ll bail out.

Me personally, I wouldn’t risk 50%. Not sure if the rocket allows you to lower your risk to lower than what they are risking. But if so, I’d calculate what the monthly returns would be at a lower risk, and see how it compares to the base version at the same risk settings. What I like about the base version is as of now, my calculations show they are only risking about 10% when one trade is going, and 20 when two are going. The account’s never had a huge climb at once, but a steady climb with not too big of drops (unlike the rocket).

I’m not sure where you’re getting that 50% risk number for the Rocket. If I calculate it correctly they’re risking 21.6% ((330 SL x 3.9 Lots)/5965.42)). I don’t trade the Rocket, but if it’s like LTP then you can set your own risk level.

Are you all ok risking 21% of your account on one trade? lol

Norm, I don’t trade the Rocket, just the standard LTP and only the EURUSD. My question to you, is do you trade either one of them? As for your question of risking 21% per trade, not with the GBPUSD, but I am not adverse to it with the EURUSD. LTP has lost only 5 EURUSD trades since 8/2/2010.

Every time I put in a manual trade while LTP is in the negative pips, it seems it goes even more negative and I coulda had yet an even better entry point. THAT SAID, DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A CERTAIN POLICY OF YOUR OWN WHERE YOU PUT IN A MANUAL TRADE, DO YOU DO IT AT SAY NEGATIVE 20, OR 30, OR 50 ETC PIPS??? Obviously 100 pips would make me a huge profit, but if I wait for 100 it might not come, I’ve not kept stats on the average negative pips their trades go. I don’t wanna enter at 20 negative and miss more profit, but also don’t wanna wait for 100 when it only goes 70 negative. I’m just wondering if anyone has figured the sweet/common spot for LTP and negative pips?

I think that the boyz at LTP obviously do not care if their rocket trader goes broke, as long as their flagship 1331 account doesn’t (thats why only 13% risk).
If rocket goes broke (and could have in sept)they will just come out with another one to fleece their members with..but its failure will be hidden like their other account that went broke in 3 months..so, I think they have an agenda to overtrade their rocket account in hopes to hold it together (almost didn’t from overtrading in sept) so they can brag to the world how great they are..if the account goes broke..noooo problem for them..will just be a minor setback..they don’t share the rocket account with the public because they love money lol.. they know it could easily go broke, so they only share it with their members lol..nice huh..this chit is too funny.

Norm, I can see the Rocket account, and it doesn’t look like it’s about to go broke. As a matter of fact, they haven’t lost a trade since October 18th. Overall they’ve lost 5 EUR trades and 13 GBP trades. Drop the GBP and just trade the EUR and you’ll be fine. That goes for both the Rocket and LTP. If you’re trading the LTP, you don’t need the Rocket, and vice-versa. Trade smart and adjust your risk levels to what you feel comfortable with.

you ask about manual add-ons if LTP goes negative.
This is what I do and so far it works. There is of course the chance of a day of reckoning coming when the market will keep going negative without retracing enough to hit my basket T/P and then I am in trouble.
I got out of the latest sell G/U @ 5602 (and the sell 5590 the other day) by placing a sell stop @ 5722 when the market was retracing from the highs of 5769. I didn’t sell on the way up, I wait when it looks like it’s retracing. Same size position. B/E was @ 5662 You can of course have a riskier bigger second position and then B/E and T/P will be closer to your second position.
My new basket T/P was 10 pips away @ 5652 which was double their profit because I had two positions.
Both positios closed, my manual one with a nice profit and the LTP one of course with a loss, but a nett profit and even if the LTP trade closes in a profit I don’t care, I out of there. I am doing all of this this based on my “trust” that Leo’s original selling idea was “correct”? Risky?
Listen it’s risky and probably is crazy stuff, but what is not in this place?
But I fully agree with Chet Y, don’t trade G/U, then you don’t need to do this craziness or a lot less of it, it’s far better advice.

Paul thanks for your input. There is no doubt getting manual trades while in the negative pips, works. And yes the GBP is becoming way more volatile and not trustworthy. It had been making profits, but has completely stopped making profits on all my other EAs I’m running on demos. This kinda speaks well for LTP that it can even break even or slightly profit on what is becoming a bad currency.

Back to manual trades. It’s profitable, but depending on your settings, you might lose twice as much on a losing trade where they both hit the SL.

I have a plan to lower my risk even more when adding a manual trade. I will let leo keep auto trading, but will set my risk to half of what I prefer. Then when I put in a 2nd manual trade, the lot size for the 2 trades will be equal of 1 auto trade with twice the risk setting. But if the 2nd trade is set half way to the SL, it’s loss would be 1/2 of the auto trade’s loss. The risk will be set at half, but entering a trade 70 pips down with half the lot size will make more profit than an auto trade 10 pip profit with double the lot size.

2011.12.09 08:14:27 TomsEA 1.4 EURUSDn,M1: cannot call function ‘read_command’ from dll ‘TomsEA.dll’ (error 127)
Here we go again for the fourth time, with so far no answer
or solution from you from. Data comes in but none goes out. Initializing without end. On top of that I bought the Rocket trader but have been unable to download. Overall it has been a miserable experience. Trying to get a ticket is something else rejected see rule xxx like one should know what rule xxx is.Is there any hope, or do I just apply for refunds?

Jack are you running the latest 1.16?? Mine was working great then just stopped, for 1 week it got all sorts of errors. At LTP’s advice to fix it — I upgraded to 1.16 and it started working aqain. That was probably almost a month ago when I upgraded, been fine since, got all the trades that the ‘1331’ LTP account has taken.

I don’t have Leo, yet, but have been reading all comments. If, as some have mentioned, the market has moved negatively significantly away from the entry point (say 75 or more pips) a great majority of times, could a person have another account open & manually trade those positions for additional profits?


Why not?? And yes people do it. I asked LTP if they had any concerns about ANYONE seeing their account in REAL TIME. They said it does not concern them at this time, that was almost a year ago. I guess they’re thinking since you have to sit by 24/5 to catch/copy every live trade, you’ll pay for the software to do it 24/5 … and b/c the software is a relatively cheap price. 2ndly, maybe they want people to see it for the time being as long as it’s doing well — around a 47% average for 15 months.

I wasn’t advocating scamming the system. My thought was using a legally bought LTP on one account letting it do what it does & when it makes a trade, trade the DD in another account. My question was basically, since it’s been know to have a significant DD, would this scenario work?

Jack, I have had excellent response from LTP support, once I learned not to submit a new ticked each time I had a question. Once you get a response to your first ticket, always submit any further questions as a reply to the last answer you received from them, even if it is a totally different question. DON’T keep submitting new tickets. It just delays their response time. Hope this helps.

Yep Preston you could do that.–Let one account get all the auto trades, while you make manual trades in DD on another account. I am currently doing that, but all on one account. I let leo get the auto trades, but if I go out, and come back home to discover one of the auto trades is in 30-100 pip DD, I enter a 2nd manual trade. On mine, the manual trade has not been interfering with the LTP trade in any way. I set the TP of the manual trade at the entry value/price of the Leo trade, and set the SL at the same of the SL on the LTP trade.

My only concern was, if they both hit the SL I’ll have double the loss. So I offset that by trading at half the lot/risk size I’d normally use (for auto and manual trades). So the total lots traded are the same with 2 trades, as with 1 trade and twice the lot size. But the risk is actually lower, because if one of those trades is entered at -100 pips, it will only have a 230 pip loss if the 330SL is hit. But my profit will be 100 pips on the manual trade if it wins.

You might be thinking of using a separate account for the manual trades, you can. –But here’s my thinking, if you keep it all in one account you’ll have a bigger balance, which means it will multiply faster. Since both accounts basically lose/win the same trades, it really does not matter in that regard of 1 or 2 accounts (you can’t really shield one from the others downfalls). You’d just have 2 accounts basically doing the same thing. Only one’s profits would be slightly more on the manual account.

The reason for the 2nd account was to trade in the direction of the DD if what I’d read earlier was happening consistently enough. That makes, in effect, a contrarian trade to the LTP.

I forgot to mention that. In the USA that is the only way I know to hedge, do it on another account going the opposite direction. I wouldn’t wanna bet against LTP though. Because take the other day, I saw a trade start and only go negative 1 pip, before going back up and closing in a profit. My dilemma betting in the opposite direction would be – if you wait until it’s in DD then you may have waited too long, you may get in and it may shoot right back up. And if you start the trade before it goes into DD, then it may never go into DD. A lot go into DD, but I’m thinking just enough don’t to make you not profit too much (or even lose). However I have another EA that sometimes bets in the opposite direction of LTP within 5 minutes apart, and yet they both still win the trade. Just shows sometimes there’s so much up and down movement that you could win going either way.

Dave, I was just going on the fact that some earlier posters had mentioned the a vast majority of the time that LTP jumped into a trade that the market (almost as if it knew what LTP had done) moved in the opposite direction for a large amount of pips…..and since the US has some regulations in place, the only way I saw around them was to have 2 accounts.

It is amazing how it does seem to jump like it ‘knows’. We had a guy like 6 months ago that was putting some program together that would bet against LTP. He was bragging how he was gonna make all this money and update us. He never did update us, so I don’t know if it failed or what. I guess before betting against LTP I’d wanna know the ‘exact records’ of what percent of their trades are going into DD. I don’t know what the stats are on that, but know the stats for wins–eventually going back the correct direction, which is impressive. That said, I like to trade ‘add on’ trades going in the right direction just to be safe, combined with the fact that I seem to have no problem catching them down 50 pips on a regular basis.

From what I’ve read on this forum, “with” is way better than “against” LTP.

1. LTP has nothing to do with ‘TomsEA.dll’ . Its not an LTP file.
2. Rocket Trader is not another EA, just another licence key. So u dont have to download anything else, just the LTP files, and use this RT code in the set.

continue: since LTP is a replicator, not an independent running robot on your PC. It is replicating what happens on the master serfver. So, for different kind of working, no needs different EA running on your machine, just different license number, then EA could identify, what trades you have the rights to replicate on your site.
Hope it is clear.

TomsEA.dll’?? Sounds like maybe another EA or the remains of another EA might be installed that is conflicting with things. Sometimes when programs are removed some of it’s files are still left behind, which sometimes have to be removed manually if they cause problems. I completely removed a virus program once, no folder showed for it, etc … but because of a small stupid file left behind it conflicted with my next virus software.

And after googling I find there IS an EA called “Tom’s EA” LOL

Hi, been out of the loop for a while, would just like to ask some of the veterans on here, what ver of LTP they are trading and what currency pairs? Many thanks Jay

Jay, 1.16 on EURUSD and GBPUSD. But u can try LTP RT, also. That is a heavy fighter. (u may switch off GBPUSD, for lower risk)

Well, I just entered cable at 1.54800..thats almost 200 pips from t/p. If the euro makes a new low I’ll bail out till the dust settles..this may be the trade where cable hits the stop..it’s got a hellofa uphill battle to get back to the entry point..if it does it I’ll be amazed.

Hi JTX, thanks for your answer.

Hey JTX, with the setup you mention, do you have the rocket on a seperate account to LTP or a different instance of MT4 pointing to the same account? Just wondering how you switch off GBPUSD on the Rocket, but not LTP.

Many thanks


Jay, actually (and momently) I am too lazy an busy to make a separate well laboratory… so just as a redneck, I did put RT to the same account, same MT4 to LTP normal. Even did not switch off GBPUSD… OK, it is a risky business, but I have to look for other business, so very low time… also my very new business is very promising, so sorry, might not too online…
But wish u a Merry PIPS!!! :)

Amazing that SEVEN neural nets (lol) can’t place a trade that hits tp at least 50% of the time..Now, I’m not knocking their system or whatever you call it, but neural nets it ain’t..these guys are smart enuff to know a gimmic when they see one..no one else has programmed ONE neural net..these guys claim to have 7..gotta luv how they put the majority of their trades on against the trend..then watch those trades drop hundreds of pips lol. they need an ea that trades opposite leo. now I’d buy that lol

Well I must admit Norm – it SCARED THE SH!T OUT OF ME WHEN THAT ‘BUY’ EUR/USD TRADE STARTED. With all the eurozone crap I’d be afraid to buy/bet on the Euro, fearing it could drop 500 pips at anytime, I’d think a ‘sell’ woulda been the way to go, but I’m just an ametuer that doesn’t know jack.


I have LTP and Rocket on 2 different platforms on the same computer. That way I can see the screens easier. FinFX I use the one screen for both of theirs though, just to watch their trades making sure I don’t miss any.
New 1.16 is better so far for me, travel alot and don’t have LTP with me just the platform so it makes it hard to know if any trades are missed. I will be getting a VPS soon JTX.
PD, I was scared also. I messed up with my limit amounts and had a few trades going that closed out from free margin. Rocket is up but LTP went down a little.
The Euro sucks now but wait until the real truth comes out about the dollar! Everyone is screwed then! Keep making Fiat money FED!!!!!

Yeah these damn USA brokers and their lack of margin. But I don’t get in margin trouble anymore as I understand the mathematics of it a lot better than a year ago (we just can’t trade with as many lots as over seas brokers, our commie Government and their regulatory BS). GLAD THAT GBP/USD trade closed in a profit that had been going since Dec 12, and had seen as low as negative 230 pips or so.

Thanks Craig.

Hi Traders,
Tried LTP late last year/early this year then canceled. How are you guys doing with this? Anyone out there actually getting similar results to what they’re advertising? Was curious so thought I’d follow up.

Think I recall LTP traded almost identical to Overdrive. Anyone try this yet?


K-Boy, LTP is making cca 10-12% per month based on 10% RISK.
LTP RT is makin about double, 20% per month.
No one else like LTP…

LTP has done better than it started out, JTX has better knowledge of its preformance. It has a few loses (some big) but the wins out weigh the loses. I went live in March with $200 and doubled it last month using very low lot size to ride out the DD. Now I’ve split the $400 and have 2 accts. One for LTP and the other for Rocket, both are up. The Rocket is ALOT more aggressive so it gets better returns but at alot bigger risk. Trading the DD is were to make the profit.

I returned LTP also and came back after reading this, glad I did. I’m a novice at this so alot of my loses are my fault.


OK guys – I have been following these posts and want to know what “DD” stands for??? Thanks.

“DD” means Down Draw, when the trade placed goes the other way.
Say you place a trade for at 1.3000 and a “TP” Take profit at 1.3100 buy it goes the other way to 1.2950 before it goes back up to the 1.3100.

For any new people wanting to hear real results. Been real money again for almost 2 months. The first month (2 months ago) I increased my account balance 33.5%. That was with about a week of trades missed from a glitch which was then fixed by version 1.16. The 2nd month, this month, I still have 5 days left and have increased the account balance by 40%(from just 25 days ago, not the full 2 months). This is on auto trading fairly conservatively, but also picking up some manual trades when they are 20-70 pips in DD.

I would have made more money with a larger balance and here’s why. I started with .01 mini lots. Since there’s not a 3rd digit I can’t trade .011 .012, etc. The next jump is to .02 — which I just jumped too. Problem is I had wait until my account balance doubled before going from .01 to .02. In Jan I am going to deposit enough money into the account that I can trad .1 lots. This means I’ll be able to increase to .11 .12 .13 sooner, versus having to wait for the account to double before stepping up to the next available lot size.

Craig – thanks for the answer on “DD”. It all makes sense now. I have been trading the LEO PRO Rocket since this past Monday (12-19-11). I have had 4 trades open and close (all EUR/USD) and all 4 closed out profitably. I currently have 1 live trade (GBP/USD) open today and it is down 24 PIPs as I write this. I am only hoping that the horror stories above about the GBP/USD doesn’t happen with my current trade. If it does, I am liable to close out the rocket traders ability to trade the GBP/USD and stick with the EUR/USD only.

I guess the rocket must take some of the trades as the base. The base also has one live gbp/usd trade going, it started today, and is down the same pips you mentioned. 24 pips down is way too early to start worrying. A GBP closed in profit on the 20th that had been going since the 12th, and had been in DD as much as 230 pips. Most of these go at least negative 30 pips, some 100, and a few around 200.

Dave – you are correct – 24 PIPs is way too early to be concerned. I was thinking along the lines that many have said the GBP/USD losses are greater than the EUR/USD on the LEO PRO trader. Right now my account would be hurting if I took a 330 PIP loss. Glad to hear that the GBP turned around after such a big drop. It has turned around again tonight and is very close to even. Thanks for the input. I have to admit, so far, I like this LEO PRO TRADER.

Yeah the way I look at Terrance our account mimicks their master account, gets the same trades provided there’s no glitches in your system or compatibility with theirs, etc.–And that account being mimicked has had consistent growth for 15 months. That’s what I tell people who are about to try it “”go check out their account, then try it for 60 days and watch yours copy theirs, that’s all the proof you need””. I bought this in Dec 2010, had I left it on for a year I’d made what LTP did over a year, provided I used the same lot/risk settings as them. What got me away from LTP, was in a short race I had other EAs that would beat LTP for the 1st month or two. But after a couple of months when LTP and the others finally had their losses, LTP finishes ahead.

Most of you know this, but a NOTE: Some Forex advisors/traders/blogs/etc say you might not wanna trade from say around Dec 18 thru Jan 6 as the markets can be very volatile and unpredictable. Last year LTP advised us to be cautious and turn the EA off if we wanted to be safe, otherwise they were leaving theirs on as they had confidence in the product. They didn’t have their first loss till early February. In looking at their records it seems they slowed a little during that time, but still had sonme profitable trades with no losses. That combined with my balance currently being small–(able to be risked) and I’m putting more money in the account January, is why I’m leaving it on and don’t mind the risk. But just a note for others who don’t want the risk or can’t risk what they have in their account now.

Thanks for the update guys. Considering getting back in with LTP now.

Anyone happen to know why the significant drop off in lot sizing on the LTP live acct #1331? Noticed two dates of late Nov ’10 and Jun ’11.

What’s the risk setting for this acct?

Also, if a new trading acct’s set up with a US broker @ 50:1 wouldn’t this change the risk setting? Ex, would 10% risk still be considered safe on both the EU & GU pairs?

K-boy, LTP started with a mini account. Sometime around June (the time the lot sizes drastically dropped) it became a ‘standard’ lot account. I calculated it and determined this change. But even taking the account type/change into mind, they are risking less than the beginning. I calculated various dates and found the risk. In the beginning they were risking as much as 20-30% occasionally at times. However for many months now the risk has been approximately 10% all the time. You can calculate this by taking how much they’d lose on a loss where the 330sl is hit, then dividing it by the current account balance. For instance the current GBP trade is at .15 standard lots. This would be a $495 loss if the 330SL was hit. If you go 495 divided by 4727 it comes out to .10471 which is 10.47 percent.

The 50:1 will not change the risk setting over say an account with 300:1. What it will change is how much margin is used, and you’ll get in margin trouble sooner with a 50:1 account. Lets take a 300:1 account vs a 50:1, 6 times the leverage. On a 300:1 account you could trade with 6 times the lot size while only using the same margin as the 50:1 account. I discovered this ratio while looking at 300:1 accounts compared to my 50:1 USA account. When the 300:1 accounts were trading with the same lot size as my 50:1, they were only using 1/6th the margin. Basically if I risk over 27% I can get in margin trouble before the 330sl is hit–if I had to LTP trades at the same time go towards the 330sl. On a 100:1 account, I’d be able to risk twice (twice the lot size) before getting into margin trouble. Lucky for me, I don’t want to risk more than 27% anyway, so I’m fine with a 50:1 account. Just remember, trading .1 lots will make you the same money on a 50:1 and a 300:1, but as you start increasing lot size you’ll get in margin trouble sooner on the lower leveraged account.

Rocket has 3 trades going..avg. almost 5 mini’s..if the stop is hit, rocket will lose almost $5000 of a $7000 account..thats ricking around 70% of the account. Either they’re pretty sure of themselves or they have no problem with account killing high risk..they pulled this same stunt in sept, only to lose their ass. Notice the 2nd trade on gbp, its only 15 or so pips..looks like they just want winning trades..should be interesting…anyone notice, all 3 trades went into draw down.

Be very careful, just because they have a 2nd trade on gbp doesn’t mean its a safe trade..they have no clue..if I remember..2 trades on one pair has been the kiss of death..several have hit the stop.

The market is loaded with a record number of shorts, so I doubt the big banks will take the price down and reward the shorts..actually, I expect the banks to destroy the shorts if they intend on going lower.. its easy to do.

Yeah 2 trades one one pair hitting the SL would be the kiss of death. It killed me in the Japan earthquake crisis when I did not have the JPY CHF upsell but was ‘manually copying’ it’s trades. Had like 2 on each pair, 4 total on the JPY and CHF hit the SL.

If you are going to add second manual trades to pairs LTP already has an auto trade going that’s in DD, it’s my personal recommendation that you run your lot/risk size at half for both the auto and manual trade. This way when they both suffer a loss it would be equal to the loss of ‘1 auto trade’ before you set the lot/risk size to half. You can still make a lot of money adding manual trades with 1/2 the lot size/risk. The DD will more than make up for the lot/risk size being half. LTP averages like 15 pips profit per trade. This means at 1/2 the lot size you’d need to make 30 pips to make the same profit. Well it’s easy to catch trades 50-100 pips in DD. Also, if you catch/enter a trade at 100 pips in DD and both the auto and manual trade go to the 330 SL, you’ll not lose as much as one auto trade loss at double the risk. –Because you’d have the auto trade 330 pip loss at 1/2 the lot size. But the manual trade would only be a 230 pip loss b/c it was entered 100 pips in DD. Plus it also was at 1/2 the lot size.

If you’re going to be away from your computer for a 1/2 day (or at night when you sleep) or more and know the only trading will be ‘auto trades’, then you can always set the risk back up.

Thanks for the reply PD!

Actually, the usa leverage isn’t 50-1, its in the 30’s because of the exchange rate. Leverage that low can get you into trouble real fast even at moderate risk..thats a perfectly good reason to go with Finfx..the rocket is using 70% risk..try that at 50-1 leverage and you’d get instant margin calls, yet LTP seems to think they can get away with 70% risk at 300-1 leverage. If LTP has a run of 200 trades in a row like they did earlier, the 300-1 leverage would make you very well off if you are manual trading, leverage in the 30’s won’t. The 50-1 leverage is good for the usa brokers because they know over time that ALL traders will lose..this way they don’t have any complaints that traders didn’t know the dangers..the first in first out (if used) also destroys your account because the biggest losing trade is closed first instead of the smallest losing trade closed releasing more margin..the brokers are quite happy to take every dime from every trader this way..they know they’ll get it all and have no complaints..pretty cool setup..just like Vegas..the house always wins…Vegas must be very jealous of forex brokers..no drunks, no cheats, small overhead..hell, most don’t even have a telephone lol nice huh

Woohoo! 3 cables and one eur trade..over $6000 in risk on a $7000 account lol luv it

Yes, that looks like crazy risk, maybe they’re hoping the 200 day SMA will lend support?

Interesting point Norm. TY

Hi Norm…Nice to read your sane views..I am standing back on my LTP until things become more stable( haven’t given up )just dislike those big DD’s on such small TP’s.
Would be nice to see LTP use some hedging trades to trap a few TP’s while in DD.
My guess is that this won’t happen so just waiting to see if the market settles down.
All the best in 2012…jim

I’ll bet if the President of Iran ‘accidentally’ got shot, the markets might climb twice the amount that they dropped over night with Iran’s knucklehead threatening statements about blocking the oil routes off.

I see they changed the investor passwords for the accounts. Anyone know where we can find the new investor password to the 2731 Rocket account?

I would too! I got caught and they will too!
I was wondering why it was buying when the EUR and GBP are struggling.
Oh well another lesson learned, only $40 in one acct and $76 in the another. It was from profit not what I put in.
Win some lose some, still making more than I would have on my own.

Josh, here you go.
PW: LTP28122011

LTP Rocket lost $1090!!
New password

Acct: 2726
PW: LTP01122011

where’s 2731?

Invalid acct now Paul. 1331 new pw and 2731 disconected noe 2726. Everything looks the same, it had the same trades going just different number. I don’t know why either.

Musical accounts..what a joke..100% risk lol too funny..oh, if we blow it we’ll just grab one of our many other accounts..lmaooo

their flagship 1331 is still intact through it all.

The cable target of 1.57290 is still alive..its about 90 pips away at 11pm est time on jan 3rd. Eur target should be hit also..shame the cable stop was hit..just needed an extra 50 pips…even 330 is a lil tight. USA is bailing out europe with several Trillions..pound/eur should remain stable.

New to ltp…
1. any other mt4 than finfx compati with ltp ?.

2. Is LTP trading, few select pairs or any depending on market condi ?.
3. who is the vendor for rocket ltp?.

do reply

I wonder if they had 10 neural nets maybe that would have told them not to counter trend 4 trades..7 neural nets..what a joke on us lol 50 pips away from eur hitting the stop..that will destroy this and their other “hidden” 2731 account. 4 counter trend trades risking almost the entire account..should be interesting what account they’ll pull out of their butt next.

For those that have trded this and/or followed for a while now I am curious to know when the EU last lost a trade. Is there anyone who could let me know?

Josh, this link shows their entire trade history for their base EA package 1331 account (Gbp/Usd Eur/Usd). I use IBFX as my broker and can testify that I have gotten all those trades on that statement. All the wins you see, I won, all the losses, I lost too. The only difference is my losses/wins were smaller or larger depending on what lot/risk size I was running at the time. http://www.leotraderpro.com/account/1331/statement.htm

Dave thanks for that link. Much appreciated.

FYI Guys, I also just discovered that if you take that link I posted 2 posts above, and change the 1331 to 2731 you can view the ‘rocket’ account, including CURRENT OPEN trades.

Hi I have jus t purchased LTP ver 1.16. I have been reading some of the comments on this forum. I am interested in trading manually using LTP. As some of you have mentioned you do. Basically I would loke to know how you trade The DD. Do I go long or go short when LTP goes negative. I would really appreciate anyone’s help. Thank you

anil, basically if LTP puts in a BUY, wait until it gets about 30-100 pips (your choice) down and put in a buy. If a sell, put in a sell, etc. Set the SL to the same as the LTP auto trade’s SL. Set the TP to the figure LTP placed the buy at–the point it entered the buy/trade. If the auto trade has been going for longer than say 2 days, you might wanna reconsider entering a manual 2nd trade, b/c the longer the trade has been going on the greater the chance LTP has lost control of the trade, did not foresee that far into the future, at that point ‘luck’ starts to be more of the deciding factor if it’ll close in profit.

Also, if you like to trade with say 15%, you should set your risk to 7.5% when manual trading, so that LTP will start trades at 7.5%, and your 2nd manual trade can also be entered at 7.5%. This way you don’t risk more than your desire of 15%. When I go to sleep or away, I set the risk back up to double of that of when I am in front of the computer to manual trade. Around Dec 9/10th on this forum I went more into detail about my manual trading, you can look back and see that.

Just bought the LTP in late December and trying on a demo account. Jury is definitely still out. From reading the posts, I am thinking I may have made a mistake in buying the extra “rocket” for an extra $97. I am wondering if, before my 60 day trial is up, I can get a refund for the rocket portion if I’m not satisfied and just use the regular version. I have been out of forex trading for several years and tryin to get familiar with it all again. Seems to be a differnt world with all of the Ea’s around.

thanks Pontiac Dave really appreciate it

Well they destroyed rocket account 2731 with 3 eur trades at 4 mini’s each trade = $4000 bucks plus they had 2 cable trades lucky 1 closed before the drop..looks like the cable missed the stop by 3 pips or so. Can’t believe these fools risked almost 100% of that account..then they went and hid it with 2726 account lol didnt want anyone to see what real fools they are with their so called 7 neural nets putting on 5 massive trades AGAINST the down trend..this chit is too funny..poor suckers that paid $97 bucks for that crap..neural nets my ass..funny numbers more like it..wonder how many people they destroyed..I bet there where plenty.

I’m convinced you just can with large SLs, or stay ahead for long, or not have 30% or more of your account/money lost that you’ve already spent. And for those of you who’ve tried using a really small SL on other EAs, you know they just don’t make smart enough decisions to not have a lot of losses with all the market spikes, so the end result is too many small losses killing you, versus one HUGE loss with a 330SL, take your pic.

However, check out “Million Dollar Pips”–you can find tons of real tests on it by googling it, as well as it’s main website. Not bought it yet but am amazed, it’s 99 bucks. Found it by accident when looking up the top 5 EAs. It’s making around 67% a month WITH ONLY A 1-2% RISK SETTING. Even Forex Peace Army which hates most all EAs have given it good reviews. It has taken a few live accounts from 1000 to 67,000 in around 6 months. BUT HERE’S WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT.–It NEVER takes a loss of more than about 8 pips, but yet still makes a profit with such a small SL–which normally small SLs cause WAY MORE losses, and you need much better decisions to be made with a small SL. It’s never in a trade for longer than about a minute. It trades on ‘the spike’ with quick trades closing before the quick spike reverses itself, whereas LTP others often trade after or before a spike when it’s too late. It profits by making MANY small trades per day. Saw one account that went from 1000 to 68,000 in a few months despite having 40% losses and 60% wins. The base package trades the Eur/USD, and those are the accounts that have gone from 1000 to around 70,000. They have upsells for other pairs, but like with LTP and many others, the users of MDP have been telling me to stay away from them and stick with the EUR/USD.

Has anyone noticed that on the last 4 trades that have closed on account 1331 were closed at around 10 pips. It seems they are not letting the trailing stop run as it has in the past and they are leaving the TP fixed instead of being dynamic as before. I hope this is just a coincidence with these trades because I am use to the system winning often with around 25 pips profit on my account.

Just had another trade close out for +9.8 pips. It does look like they have unfortunately stopped using their trailing stops.

Stan in the past it’s had ‘varying’ trends for a while, but they did not last a long time. I remember one time it had trades for like 2 or 3 days that closed plus or minus only like 1 or 2 pips. But it went back to normal, like maybe they were recalibrating something, or tweaked something after it had been that way for a couple of days. The trailing SL seems to not be predictable, sometimes it’ll seem like they’re using it on every trade, then you might not see it for a few days. If you wanna see every trade the 1331 account has made since Aug 2010 to present, if you don’t already know this go to http://www.leotraderpro.com/account/1331/statement.htm

Has anyone experienced since 16:00CET that LTP is not recognizing your Receipt Code? It was working fine until early afternoon (Europe time). One other strange thing is that I tried sending an email to LTD support just to get in return a failed delivery notice. For last also the http://www.leotraderpro.com website is not working now. They either have a major server issue or they have packed and left. Comments?

The website is up and running again, and support actually replied to my mail. They explained that there seems to be an issue with one of the bandwidth providers and that I should try later.

I have been running LTP for the last 3 weeks on a demo account only. Has anyone experienced issues of this type in the past?

My receipt codes are not being recognized either

I had exactly the same experience as you, I also checked the web-site and found it down, and had the same “bandwidth” reason from support saying to try again later.

See what next week brings I suppose!

Thanks for the feedback Gary/Larry. Lets hope all is properly working again on Monday.

Has anyone had any experience running Leo on a VPS? Or can it even be run on a VPS?

Hi when LTP places a trade and it goes on for more than 1 day is is better to close the postion or allow it to trade to its conclusion i.e. 2, 3 days…

Can some one please answer that for me. Thank you


Sometimes yes and no. LTP had a bad week to say the least, it has been on a roll until the end of the year and the bottom fell out.
Most of the time it does go into DD and will come back to profit (some big, some small).

Pontiac Dave, should have listened to you about the end of the year better. Lost alot but still alive and ready for more, just licking my wounds.

looks like I bought at the wrong time as LTP has been performing horribly. If I would just go opposite on every trade so far I would be doing great! I’ve got a few weeks before my 60 days are up but this isn’t looking good. Is it normal for it to have a 300 stop loss trying to get 20 pips or so of profit?? Never seen this strategy before, but I am still a novice.

I am also on a 60 days trail version and up to last week I was doing ok. But what I made in profit so far went down the drain with the current losing trade. I am not quite sure what to think of it. What I can observe is that the these major losing trades are becoming more frequent. Hope it is not a trend.

Regarding the 300 S/L, LTP support told me that this was their strategy. Problem I have with my current broker is that since I have a US trading account, I dont seem to be able to modify the S/L. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I’m still letting LTP run. But installed another EA (Million Dollar Pips) last night on another account. The account grew 6% over night WITH ONLY 2% RISK which is the default. That was 27 trades, of which 6 were losers. How did I survive with 6 losses?? It never accepts/takes a loss of more than about 7 pips, thus the low risk and ability to trade with bigger lots for bigger profits. The average trade opened and closed in less than one second, I guess my broker IBFX can be/is damn fast, a fast broker is one requirement of this EA. It only trades on ‘the spike’ and may do like 10 trades in a minute some times.

Pontiac Dave, keep us posted on Million Dollar Pips. I’ve sort of looked at it, but didn’t pull the trigger. I’m now running a EA that I consulted with to trade with LTP. It basically hedges and adds on when LTP goes into DD. Just started running it live.

Has anyone figured out the optimal distance in pips to place a limit order during a move against the original position so we can pull more profits month to month.

there seems to be no way to backtest or optimize this like with a conventional EA so it would be a tedious process to scan a 5 minute bar chart to plot drawdown stats from august 2010 up to today unless 18 of us each worked on a different month and posted the data here. I will post august 2010 trades and then someone else volunteer to post the next months trades.

About -$2000 profit (4700 went down to 2700) since December on the 1331 account, that’s pretty good -(if you’d been betting against it).

I’ve decided EAs with a large SL just are not the way, ANY EA, no matter how accurate, because with super large SLs you’ve gotta win 95% or more of the trades. Even if you do make a profit, you usually have to GIVE BACK/LOSE 25-35% of your account when a loss occurs.

I’m trying out million dollar pips in the early stages. It’s nice to lose 40% of your trades in the last week and still gain 7% on the account. Had 4 trades today, all losses, all 4 only lost a total of .9% (less than 1%) of the account. It lists/shows my average loss which is a .24% average per loss, with the largest loss being .86%.

2010.08.02 05:40 sell eurusd 1.30739 h 1.30888 tp dd=14.9

2010.08.03 12:15 sell eurusd 1.32270 h 1.32618 tp dd=34.8

2010.08.06 00:34 sell eurusd 1.31793 h 1.33335 tp dd=154.2

2010.08.11 03:38 sell eurusd 1.31325 tp no drawdown 17

2010.08.12 06:35 sell eurusd 1.28790 h 1.29319 tp dd=52.9

2010.08.12 18:08 sell eurusd 1.28423 h 1.29058 tp dd=63.5

2010.08.13 17:24 sell eurusd 1.27755 tp no drawdown 25

2010.08.16 09:31 sell eurusd 1.27967 tp no drawdown 16.4

2010.08.17 12:00 sell eurusd 1.28670 tp no drawdown 16.2

2010.08.18 13:40 buy eurusd 1.28921 trailing stop no dd 32.6

2010.08.18 19:10 sell eurusd 1.28650 t s no dd 24.9

2010.08.19 17:00 sell eurusd 1.28763 tp no drawdown 9.9

2010.08.20 03:00 buy eurusd 1.28089 tp no drawdown 9.9

2010.08.23 14:47 sell eurusd 1.27038 tp no drawdown 9.9

2010.08.24 01:35 buy eurusd 1.26416 l 1.26069 tp dd=34.7

2010.08.24 17:14 buy eurusd 1.26818 tp no dd 24.9

2010.08.25 01:20 buy eurusd 1.26330 tp no dd 9.9

2010.08.25 11:07 buy eurusd 1.27110 l 1.26079 trailing stop

2010.08.26 09:21 buy eurusd 1.26999 tp no dd 18

2010.08.27 10:38 buy eurusd 1.27311 l 1.26759 trailing stop

2010.08.30 16:11 buy eurusd 1.27139 l 126251 trailing stop

12 precise winning entries totaling 182 pips forfieted while gaining 240 pips above par by placing limit orders 30 pips into dd.

24.9 pips forfieted on one that only went into 14.9 dd.

small gain for August 2010 as a result.

Mouse—-what’s the significance of showing trades from August, 2010?

Mouse, I just read your previous post, so now I understand.

Dave, their neural net is a bunch of bullshit, as u can see..they opened lots of accounts then released the best one..now they’re bombin everyone with more crap..just a matter of time when eur blows up too..they keep taking counter trend trades..thats the kiss of death..you can’t stay alive doin that.. NO ea works..if it did you couldnt buy it for $99

I got on here with a result from Google looking for the leotraderrt.php page.
Is anyone still trading this? (Rocket Trader)
I contacted support@LTP and they told me the page has been withdrawn as the EA has been sold to a fund.
And as a footnote, Norm, I have an EA I have been using with very good profits (I run it in a demo and piggyback live trades) FXRetributionPro. It quickly proved very good for picking winning trades but always closed them out of profit. When I saw this I kept it going in a demo and after a few months of no losses I started piggybacking the live accounts so, there are some out there . . .

Boy what a a%# whipping I took last month! My own fault risked too much. Everything I gained is gone plus more.
Both LTP’s shut down trading after that mess.
Kelm, rocket did place a eur trade this morning (est).

Know what I love is all the time and effort they put into these programs and they work great sometimes and blow it on a few. Yet they still try to sell you other peoples EA’s on top of it! What gives, I guess they need the affiliate money to pay bills.

My rocket acct has another eur trade going but the rocket acct on finfx doesn’t.
Can’t find the web anymore to see if what it was changed to.

Norm, I guess you are correct they left town but forgot to shut the oven off! Let us all burn.

Pontiac Dave how’s your system doing been checking both of these blogs and wondering if it is any better or the same.

My demo account for million dollar pips is mimicking other real accounts on myfxbook. It’ll often trade and close, like 20 trades in one minute during the day (usually only trades 1 set per day). I’ve noticed I might win all 20 trades by 5 pips (100 pips) while other people’s accounts will take the same trades and lose all 20 by 2 pips each. Internet connection speed, broker speed is very important with this EA. For this reason the EA posts average execution time. Mine has been averaging 229ms which is one of the best you’ll hear. Other people with problems are as high as 3000ms or 3 seconds. People on blogs seem to be putting it all on the brokers fault, or lack of fault. They are forgetting other factors like computer/connection speed.–Because some of them have switched to supposedly good brokers that are working for the rest of us, but they still have problems/losses while others are winning.

MDP is erratic in it’s monthly returns, the highest I’ve seen on a real account for it is 350% in one month, while that same account had another month that was only 1%. What I do like that seems consistent is the losses–usually around 4 pips, whereas the profits range from a few pips to huge.–That is the opposite of LTP–the losses are always huge 330 pip losses to small wins.

It’s been 2 weeks and the demo has made a 13% gain. What’s encouraging is other real accounts have made around this same 13% like me in the last 2 weeks, but those same accounts have had as high as over 300% during other months.

Get this, that’s with only 58% of my trades being won in the last 2 weeks. My broker reports the maximum drawdown has been 2.92%. Largest profit trade was 53 cents, largest loss trade 43 cents. I started with 50 bucks on the demo, it’s now around 57. Since it’s mimicking real accounts that have done well, I will probably go real money soon. Compared to past records/months, it’s been a tough last month for MDP and I still have made 13% in 2 weeks with only 58% of the trades won. I can see how you could have a 300% month when things are right. FYI My account gained 8% just last night in one minute, making it at the current total gain of 13% for 2 weeks. My balance was never less than it started with initially.

MDP increased my demo account balance by 20% in one minute last night, pretty crazy. There’s a website that posts 100s of REAL ACCOUNTS, plus people’s comments. The MDP users all got the same results I did, only a few did a little better, some the same, some slightly worse … depending on their broker, connection speed, computer performance, etc.

The advantages I really like are:

Small losses of usually 3 pips, not large, you can have over 50% losses and still have a gain.

All trades open/close within 2 minutes PERIOD–no hanging trades that go for days, weeks, etc.

CraigM, I also over traded 1331 acc. even tho I knew the account hadn’t had a loss in over 2 mo’s..was hopin for a 6 mo.run, so can’t blame them there..greed will get ya in this game.
Mouse, thnx for your work on the DD’s, this account was cherry picked out of several accounts they created..they haven’t come anywhere close to no losses in the first 6 mo’s.
I’d start at the release date..I don’t think they’d create a bot to trade against their neural net..wouldn’t look good, but it does look like it would have been profitable.
Kelm, I caught LTP support in a couple of lies..I doubt they sold one of their many failing rocket accounts to a fund lol..let us know how your EA is doing.
They way over traded their several rocket accounts hoping they’d get lucky so they could show the public how wonderful they are..luckily for the public all the rocket accounts crashed and burned, otherwise they’d have dumped them on the unsuspecting..would they do that!..nooo..well maybe lol

In one of the rocket accounts LTP placed 3 eur trades and 2 cable trades AGAINST THE DOWN TREND ALL AT THE SAME TIME..did their wonderful neural net tell them to do that? They’ll tell you it did lol..imagine 5 trades going at the 4 mini level..thats $330 x 20 or over $7000 on an $8000 or so account. 4 out of 5 trades hit the stop..they got lucky one just closed before the massive drop. Thats a loss of 4 x 4 or 16 x $330 = $5280 in losses…they pulled that account fast..didn’t want anyone to see their inept trading..imagine risking over 90% of an account..they needed to get lucky, and it blew up in their face. Now they’re flooding me with emails about their other crap that they say is so great. There’s a lot of big losers out there that mimmicked those rocket trades..they destroyed a lot of people..nice goin LTP.

Flooding me with emails about ‘other’ products after I bought yours, does not help my confidence in the ‘initial’ product I bought from someone. And as far as the new products mentioned there’s not a shot in hell of me buying them when marketed that way after buying an initial product that was claimed to be the absolute best, but now you claim someone else’s is the best. Amazing how some venders send you those emails literally hours after you bought their initial product. Even one electron of electricity used to send them to me, is a waste as they go right into the electronic trash can.

I think the way to trade LTP is let it go on it’s own at very low risk, which means you won’t make much. Putting in secondary manual trades to compensate for small profits in auto mode, will only eventually wipe out your account when an auto trade loses and takes your 2nd manual trade with it. The risk needs to be set low, which means your profits will be very low due to the fact that the avg win is about 1/25th of a 330SL loss. So with a 10% risk, each win will be around 1/25th of that 10%. Might be good in the very very long run, but you’re not gonna make a lot in a short time.

You’re right Dave, the win ratio needs to stay over 95%..once you start manual trading the win percentage drops fast..once at -250 dd the odds are probably against you..even at -50 pips dd the odds are a lot less than 95%..LTP says thats the ones that make the most..the manual traders..another lie

Was funny when rocket put on 3 eur trades all at once..I bet that move sucked in lots of newbie’s..shows you they don’t have a clue where price is going.

Yep, and the Rocket basically is like when you add risk ‘manually’ by adding-on 2nd 3rd etc extra trades. Only it adds those 2nd and 3rd trades automatically when it’s in DD. It gets the same results as manually adding trades to trades in big DD. It’s great as long as all 3 of those trades win, but when they don’t win.—> That rocket account started at like 500 bucks, got up to 12000, then those multiple trades/losses at once took it down to a little less than 500 the last time I saw it. I used to be able to view the rocket account statement at http://www.leotraderpro.com/account/2731/statement.htm . But as soon as it fell from 1000s of dollars to slightly less than 500 OVERNIGHT, the link INSTANTLY started forwarding you to their main page. That’s the same as what happened with the USD/JPY account they had, it failed and they quickly swept it under the rug.

And that’s what’s wrong with this industry Dave, lies by omition.

Well, their 1331 acc. is still intact after 14 months from the release date..gotta hand it to em for that..remember, they don’t use support and resistance trading..100% of traders do and THATS why they’re all losers. I’d love to know how LTP trades but they aint tellin..I guess their crystal ball was a lil cloudy the last couple of mo’s..although they were on a roll in oct. and nov…they gambled and lost with their rocket account,tiss a shame..they were doin great..so great that it gave them a lot of confidence..that says something for their methods..if you think you can beat the game by not going with the crowd that use support and resistance to trade with, you have something special..1331 proves it..its very conservative and its worked pretty good over 14 mo’s..I think their trading method was designed for more normal market swings..the big volatility swings will take out 330 pip stops..bigger stops could leave you stuck in trades for months..theres a good chance that the euro and pound may be entering some stabilization with the us throwing trillions at them to help stabilize their economies..thats the kind of trading LTP needs. The guys running the rocket account were extremely aggressive..thats VERY interesting..there’s something to that..it looked like they thought the markets were stable enough to take a shot..unfortunately they were wrong..I give them an A for effort and a D for dumb risk lol.. but hey, they went for it..thats confidence..interesting

Not only do I seem to be missing a few trades (I’m using FxDD) but LTP has been crashing & burning as of late. It wasn’t too long ago we all received an email from the folks there heralding the EA’s uncanny win streak and the benefits of allowing significant DDs. Perhaps they’ve made the mistake of believing their own hype? I see that the latest position is perilously close to being down limit. That would make 5 DLs since mid-December. Dare I say it-not a good sign.

I think someone on here mentioned that they expanded the stoploss to over or about 500 pips and they had very few losers..may need to take a look at that..I know one guy that uses 1000 pip stops, but his money gets tied up for quite a while..need to check the losses to see what stop would have worked best..many trades that have hit the 330 pip stop have come all the way back..if anyone has looked at those figures, could you post them..and the number of weeks it took also..would be greatly appreciated. Thnx Norm

I think you’ll regret using a bigger SL. I was putting in manual trades in 2012 right next to LTP. Many times I modified the SL to what woulda been 600 on the LTP trade. I think it was hit EVERY time I did that (granted a good chunk was after the Japan crisis). Even if it is not hit, your money is so tied up for so long you’ll wish you died at the 330. And if you live in the USA with our current communist Gov/regulations, then you can’t hedge against it during the 3 months it’s tied up. And if you live in the USA you probably can’t do a trade in the same direction either, b/c your margin is probably tied up from the wimpy 50:1 leverage (6 times more margin used than at 300:1).

Bottom line, if a trade has been going on for days IT IS NOT GOOD in my opinion, LTP or any EA has lost control of the trade. NOTHING, not neural nets–(yeah right) could enter a trade knowing it would win in one week later. If it knew that wouldn’t it have a waited a week to enter??

So basically–any long trade means LTP did not know what it was doing for that trade. How many go a long time??—too many in my opinion.

I meant to say ”in 2011” in the previous post.

I entered this last trade at -300 pips, just above 1.3000 figuring 1.3000 would be major support..as usual the bank controlling the price broke support at 1.3000 to pick up 1000’s of stops..once that was completed, they shot the price straight up almost 200 pips..in this case a 500 pip stop would have worked..you need to remember, LTP looks for what they think is the perfect entry point..where they have a good chance that the swings won’t hit the stop..the price should remain inside of that swing zone and most of the time it does. They’ve come across a trading method where they wait for what they perceive to be the perfect entry point within the 330 pip stop (sometimes they wait days to enter) having to wait till the market settles down. I’m still blown away by their risking over 90% of their account on 5 trades that equaled 20 330 pip stops..talk about cocky..these guys go for it..they destroyed a very good account..to run $500 up to $12,000 is an amazing move..I think they were hoping their luck would continue just one more time…if it had, they would have had a very impressive account that would have brought in many new accounts..they purposely risked every dime in the rocket account figuring the odds were in their favor..they could have played it conservative..they obviously never thought that 5 out of 6 trades would hit the stop. What’s needed is a run of 200 positive trades like they did in prerelease..will it ever happen again..imagine a rocket account hitting a 200 winning trade run the way these guys use risk lol..keep in mind, these guys think they have a winning method..they’ve even said “you’re here because you can’t make it trading”. That quote is true, 99% of traders lose after 2 years..keep that in mind if you try support and resistance trading..you will get killed..plain “guessing” in the forex market will destroy your account..you cannot outguess the banks that control the price..LTP thinks they can outguess the banks……interesting.

Well now that you mention it, not only were my ones that hit the 600sl right after the Japan crisis, but they were on Eur/jpy, GBP/JPY, USD/JPY currencies, all 3 of the damn things hit the 600sl. I still think I did have one or two Eur/USD and GBP/USD hit too. That’s back when LTP was still running their optional JPY package. Luckily I didn’t buy that package, but I was copying it’s trades, along with GBP/JPY USD/JPY added too.

@ PD,
Regarding MDP, would you mind sharing this site that shows real acct stats? Been researching this EA but reading mostly mixed reviews at best. Rarely can anyone obtain consistent results compared to the vendor’s it appears. Since the broker’s trade environment has to be “perfect”, my understanding is that demo acct’s are meaningless as far as results are concerned…which makes sense.

The vendor’s stats are impressive. However, since it weighs heavily on the broker’s execution time, slippage, etc, nobody wants to share their broker, which is understandable. In any case, pretty interesting I must say.

Good luck to you!

Try this link http://www.myfxbook.com/search/million%20dollar%20pips. It should say ‘no users found’. But look up above where it says ‘systems’, click that. There are demo and real accounts making 20-60% monthly. Yes some real accounts are at 60%. I started with real money 2 days ago. My first batch of trades for that day made only like 8 pips and a .4% gain on the account. But many people were maybe negative 4 pips and a few were +2 pips. The next batch of trades that day I made 26 pips when many only made about 8 pips, some of those were demos. My account made 3.1% gain on the account the first day, then did not trade the 2nd day–no one else’s did either. It’s only been one day of trading but so far I am beating the same people by the same amount of pips I was beating them by when I ran a demo. And some of them have my broker. Again, I don’t think the broker is most of it, in my case a quick isp connection and computer that’s cleaned up–crap not wasting resources, etc.

My execution time was averaging around 260ms on a demo. The first set of trades that were real were about 455ms–still good. But the 2nd batch in the middle of the afternoon were around 2700ms. But that was the first ‘day trade’ it’s done in 30 days of playing on a demo and one day of real. I had like 30 windows open, resources being used, the internet is slower in the day, etc. The trade still raised the account 2.7% despite 2700ms. When I get more trades I’ll know if it was the day causing it, or the fact that things are slower on a real account. Since the first set of real trades were fine at 455ms in the night, I’m guessing I didn’t lose too much execution time going to a live account. One guy said the quickest execution time he got on my broker was 4000ms. Since I always got 260ms on a demo, it tells he was wrong to badmouth the broker, something else was wrong in his case–his computer, connection speed, etc. But time will tell if this is gonna to work for me as it did on a demo. On a demo it made 39.6% gain in one month.

As you can see, the 330 pip stop was a little tight..it was barely taken out..the 1.300 level proved to be good support..as you know, price has rallied up around 300 pips, getting close to where LTP targeted. Although the price swing was large it is returning to the point that LTP said it would..thats pretty impressive..not many would have guessed price would be approaching the 1.3300 level. First, the banks had to destroy the longs by dropping price HARD under the 1.300 level, picking up thousands of stops (free money)..sucking in thousands of shorts when they seen the break of the 1.300 level (perfect manipulation)once all the shorts were in the banks reversed the price destroying all those shorts that were counting their money lol. Now the banks have drivin price up hard and fast to keep out the longs (they just got burnt bad, remember) But,as the rally continues, they WILL get sucked back in because of their greed (they missed most or all of the 300 point rally). You see how easily the banks can take your money thru greed and fear?.. they use both against everyone perfectly (oh, a high amount of traders will win) but over time they all will lose, guaranteed. The banks know exactly when to conduct rallies to suck in longs and to blow out the shorts..then they reverse the process by dropping price hard and fast..ruining longs and sucking in the shorts..they’ve done this so many thousands of times they know EXACTLY when the time is perfect to go after your money once you’ve placed it in the market to try and take theirs..good luck, you have no shot thru support and resistance trading..the banks laugh at all the “chartists” lol..so does LTP..LTP’s problem is the wide swings..they know where price will go eventually, but they are caught in a very tight price swinging range..they can’t expand it because the public will reject bigger stop losses..many reject the 330 pip stop as it is, so the LTP boys are between a rock and a hard place..they need calmer price swings..if they get them they could have an amazing string of wins..stay tuned and trade with LTP or GET OUT OF THE MARKET BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO SHOT ON YOUR OWN…just a friendly warning..no I don’t work for Leotraderpro.com..but I am impressed by how blatantly they destroyed their rocket accounts.

As you can see, the target or 1.33347 was just hit..that was a total swing of a little under 400 pips..price returned to exactly where LTP said it would..the vast majority lost out on the move back up because the banks kept everyone out with a fast move while they destroyed the shorts..THAT’S the way its done folks, when YOU control the price.
Keep in mind, brokerage firms have a much bigger advantage than you do at playing in the forex market..yet they don’t do it..they let YOU just lose naturally..like Vegas does..the house just sits back and waits..they all tried the forex gambling route and learned that its easy money to own a brokerage firm..they know only fools gamble on forex.



Where are your great comments ???? write something for fun with this robot

Hi George, I can’t believe no one is posting on here..wonder whats up?

Anyways, as usual, LTP trades ALL go deep into the red before going back into the black..amazin isn’t it..well LTP is still very profitable since the release date, 15 months..thats pretty good since LTP doesn’t use support n resistance. It will be interesting to see what the account looks like at the 24 month point..I stated before that 99% of all traders lose at the 24 month point…guessing where price is going and KNOWING where price is going (big banks)is the simple reason why 99% of traders lose over a 24 month period..its logical that they would. LTP has figured out the pattern the banks must follow. If you guys know of other bots that have been around over a year, please post their names. I’ve applied Ira Epstien’s indicators to my charts just for fun, makes it a lil more interesting.

Oh, since I use all of my free margin on all trades I have figured out a way to beat fifo (first in first out) I just use 0.05 you could use 0.01 but you’d have to do 100 buys to equal 1 mini. What I’m trying to do is catch a win streak, these streaks of 30 wins in a row then a loss don’t get it..we need LTP to hit 100 – 200 wins in a row..I’m still waitin. GL

I have run LeoTrader Pro for over a year now and sadly am still down due to overzealous lot sizing and risk management at the beginning. It seems clear that the robot can operate profitably provided the automatically opened positions are supplemented by manual positions at lower/higher levels,simply because it goes so far “into the red” most times. Can anyone recommned a good strategy to follow? Thanks very much.

Initial risk amount needs to be low enough that if LTP were to hit TP (rare) you can live with the profit amount (better than nothing)..that way you can add more to your position every 50 pips as the trades moves farther into the red, say to minus 150 , once the trade is 150 pips in the red you may want to stop because the stop could be hit. I’d keep my total risk under 20%
that way if the stop were hit you’d have 4 more chances to make a profit before the account was whipped out. There are several ways trades could be placed, this give a general idea. As you know, LTP has a trade thats 150 typical pips in the red just like clock work..there seems to be a repelling of price once LTP places a trade..there’s no sense in trying to figure out why,,just go with it and hope for a 200 trade run. GL

The trade that i previously mentioned that was in the red by 150 pips did work its way back to TP successfully..had you manually traded those 150+ pip you would have shown a nice profit. LTP had another trade that went into the red that also hit the TP target. As LTP starts to move into the red, you can add a portion of the 20% total risk per trade, say every 10 pips or so, that way if the trade were to reverse you’d have a
% in the trade instead of waiting till price went a full 50 pips in the red..more trades will end up at TP the shallower they are. I would expect the euro to move sideways as i mentioned in one of my earlier posts..so don’t be too concerned if either cable or euro go deep into the red..as long as there’s no major upheavals in Europe. I feel the euro and cable will continue to trade sideways..but that probably won’t last long. Remember, the “neural net” (yea right) loves to trade against the trend..THAT has caused their biggest losers.

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