FX Retribution

FX RetributionFX Retribution is an Expert Advisor that can trade any currency pair on autopilot.

Other features of this EA include pretty much the usual features of a standard EA – it works with any broker on MetaTrader 4, promises to trade at least once per day, has built in money management, supports scalping, has email alerts, works with any currency pair and works completely automatically.

The back test that is shown on the official website has a winning rate of 91%, drawdawn of 14%, an average win of about $2,000 but an average loss of about $11,000. But the most recent statement shows an average win of about $500, and a loss of $186. It also shows, however, that it doesn’t use a stop loss.

It also includes 3 other FX Retribution systems as upsells.

Other information:

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The usual crap!
Traded once in 3 days and lost $1250
It ignores the settings and risks 10% of equity even though I set it to risk no more than 2%
Don’t buy it!

I’m getting hammered by it. Does it even have a stop-loss?

This is on rocky EA. It makes a string of good trades (amazingly 23 out of 25 trades were winners!)and then BAMM! knocks them all off the table with two run-away trades.
I’m looking for a way to tweak this thing and maybe make it work right but, so far, it’s just one hairy ride. Still testing.

It shares all typical weakness of ALL EA and robots.
It can screw you at any given moment when all of sudden reversal occurs. It makes some gains when it is easy to do it, but actually doesn’t provide real support to trader.
Site forces you for some add-ons and John Anthony later sends dozens of scams for purchase of other software.
I’m sure all those Johns, Pauls, Brians, Ricks, Marks, Seans ate. etc. are either non-existing people and likelly part of one group that tries to make money on inexperienced and new traders.
This is kind of fool tax.
Take money back ASAP.

Couple of weeks later same people made dozen of new scams and send them all around by e-mails.
Forget FX Retribution. Same as Automated PIPS it is TOTAL SCAM.

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