Forex Torpedo

Forex Torpedo
Forex Torpedo by FTS (known for other products like Forex Decimator and Forex Enforcer) is a new Forex robot designed to work in multiple market conditions – volatile and non-volatile, trending and non-trending. The artificial intelligence technology used in this robot allows it to predict the future rather than rely on past data.

Once released Forex Torpedo promises to show live proof to back up its performance. From that proof we’ll be able to see what the software is capable of in more detail.

Among other features we see a pretty common list, such as that it’s easy to install and use, it’s fully automated, it has money management system built-in to minimize the risk, support that responds within 24 hours and so on.

Other details:

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I cannot access your website. I am a national of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago but temporarily working in North Acklins, Bahamas.

Is your Torpedo website carry a block on Bahamian customers?

First of all, Forex Torpedo is NOT my site! It’s a review, which means I review a website/product but it’s not mine.

With that said, I don’t know but it is possible, they may have geo targeting and not selling it in your country. You may try using a proxy.

Thanks Admin! What do you mean by “using a proxy”?

A proxy server changes your IP to something different (different country) and allow you to see a website if there’s a geo block. You can find one on google and try using it.

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