Forex Galactico

Forex GalacticoForex Galactico is an automated Forex Expert Advisor based on neural networks technology. The purpose of this system and its biggest benefit is an ability to adapt to and predict market changes.

Forex Galactico strategy is based on analyzing previous price movement patterns to predict the future movement by using its neural network technology. It also has an advanced money management system built-in which allows the user to set the risk, set fixed position size or allow the system to compound profit.

The EA is developed for beginners and expert traders, it comes with a detail manual explaining its strategy. Additionally, it offers an advanced EA version and an optimization guide.

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This robot just came out. I have been running it on 1 min Eur/USD and have lost more than I have made. Granted I have not given this robot a very long test…but when the website says it’s been averaging a loss just once or twice a month (or less) and I’m averaging 2-5 losses a day of more than I am winning, then I think it is safe to say the advertised examples are exaggerations. I will be asking for a refund.

You are supposed to run it on a 1 hour chart, not 1 minute. I have been using it and it works very, very good. About 10 trades, one small loss. Doesn’t run too often but trades very profitable.

dont forget the golden rule- dont over leverage and read the instructions properly. More haste – less speed – less money you’re left with!! I have only just started using this one and so far good results. I’ll continue to be pastient and test this one slowly.

I have tested this on a live demo account for almost a month and it has retuned me over 200% profit.

What TF used actually?? In the manual is M1, but Brian said on H1..

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