Forex Bling

Forex BlingForex Bling is an automated Forex trading system employing 4 types of trading methods – Trend Following Trading, Breakout Trading, Scalping Trading, and Grid Trading.

Separating its functionality into these four parts makes the software flexible and allows traders to adapt their own trading strategies. And as such, the package consists of 6 expert advisors:

And so you can work with any of the advisors or trading methods, as well as distribute your money individually on the level of each sub-system. The very good thing about it is diversification and thus more stability in trading.

As far as the results, Forex Bling claims to have increased a $10,000 balance to $19,000 in a period of three months, and that it is constantly tweaked and updated. The support for the traders is provided through dedicated forums. In addition to that you get an access to a coaching membership.

The robot’s default time frame is 15 minutes, so you can expect a decent amount of trades. It trades with all major currencies.

Forex Bling tries to stand out among other automated software with a feature rich package and a dedicated support.

Some more facts:

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In the Forex Bling package are couple of EA’s, but NO one is a winning Expert, i use them 6 months in a Demo account because back-testing is not possible. The Robots are locked and the other bad thing is monthly fee, they do not sell it and the robots has to be connected to their server all the time. Do you know what happens when their server go down for some reason ???

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