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I keep getting the same “error 400″ on the EA but the Signals Cloner seems to be working, anybody any idea what 400 signifies? I’ve got a list of errors 2 to 146 but not 400! Friday is refund time, methinks. I have only had it for four days but I wont to make sure my seven day trial doesn’t lapse and they don’t have any excuses to return my money’ Another waist of time. Clickbank must be getting fed up to the teeth with these EA charlatans.

I was getting ready to buy this and then thought I would try and find some reviews. Based on what i have read right here i wouldn’t touch this thing with a 10 foot pole. This is just another hyped up piece of crap just like i thought it would be. I think all these shitweasels live in the same house together.

I am testing this one as well (in addition to pip4idiots, and LeoTraderPro)…why do I get the feeling that these are all from the same box and the same SCAM artists? Watch carefully when you apply for a refund the last minute they don’t change your request to a support ticket as others have noted. I’ll hold on to all three and give them the benefit of a doubt but…45-50 day out “CLICKBANK” and end of story!
By the way, the “copy paste pips” has a placed pending trade on the USD/CAD; this from a 12 year veteran trader (Robert Colmer) who makes ooodles and goodles of $$$$… this after 3 days …..are you kidding me?

Well I also have 2 pending orders on the USDJPY one was deleted. so far no trades placed by this Robert Colmer. I wonder if this is going to work.

I see yesterday that there was the first update. I had to shut down Meta Trader for another reson and when I started it again copypastepips begins with “checking for updates”. It then gave me a message saying there was a new DLL and did I want to download it. This has now been installed so will see if it makes any diference. I currently show a buy limit order on USDJPY

Thanks Bob0 your comments make sense, yes you are right this is based in the 4 hr time frame so we need to have lots of patient, and wait for this EA signal service to work.

Hi Kym I dont remember get this update mmm? neither get a message re this update, but it is working it is placing pending order, we’ll see. Thanks for your comment

Sorry was away all day. I just checked my chart….I have it loaded on EUR/USD, but as somebody mentioned it doesn’t matter what chart you have it on. There were two pending orders on USD/JPY this morning, one was a buy limit at 82.10, the pair is now at 82.90, but the order was deleted. There is still one pending buy order at 80.50…..we would have made some pips if that first order wasn’t deleted. My account balance is only $750.00, and I’m on a mini, so the trade was set for .01 lots. Might have made ten cents by now LOL.

The manual that comes with the product is a scant 4 pages long and does not go into much detail at all.

I guess I’ll give it a week or so and see what happens.

I purchesed this yesterday.
I am still waiting for License.
anybody got delayed to get License .
support is very slow.

I bought CopyPastePips and the No Loss EA and was unable to install it in a workable fasion . 2 days now waiting for a response for support, but Nothing! Doesn’t sound good, although recommendations came through from ProforexRobot and Meagdroid for using it. Anybody that can help or advise?!

i must have done somehing wrong ? I still have on the left side
but I reed here on the forum about the pending orders ?????
after 4 days still no trade or seen anything moving or changing on my screen even not these pending orders
any idea ?

@ MAS probably you have installed the EX4 file not in EXPERTS ! I know they manual says Indicators but thats wrong ! Nice manual
Anyway as written before, did not see much movement with these settings eather

You must check this out!

The copy paste pips (CPP) website: claims to have “Pulled in $12,534.19 in Net Profits Just Last Week!” This does not jive with the mt4i stats that show this occurred over the LAST SEVEN MONTHS – NOT SEVEN DAYS! See

This type of advertising is very MISLEADING! I did purchase their program (you can click out of the bogus ad campaign and get a trial version for $4.95). The CPP EA crashed my trading platform twice! CPP Tech Support (you need to wait 24+ hours for a response) only now tells me I need to download CPP to a separate Meta Trader that contains no EAs.

This must be standard fare with these things … the guy on the commercial for this seemed to be a smart guy but it seems there are serious problems when it comes to the implementation and getting the results that are advertised. I hope someone here gets this thing up and running and can report just one successful trade … Boy, that is a lot to hope for, isn’t it?

I installed it a few days ago but still get the message :”Checking updates, please wait…” but without result. A response ticket has been created but no answer till now.

Bought this yesterday – haven’t received the license yet. Any ideas how long this takes?

Bought the basic and their upsale “noloss” programs two days ago. Installed both, but it seems that one replaces the other. Nonetheless, no trades have resulted. Two service tickets have only been answered by autoresponders. This “too good to be true” program is starting to look more like a scam every day. All their attention appears to be devoted to sales. If anyone becomes operational, please let the rest of us know.

On one of Robert Colmer’s websites he has a contact email’..admin@”’etc- came back as Non deliverable- This must be a total failure or a scam!

cant beleave when it opened it was for $69:00 dollors a mounth now it is $47:00 dollors a mounth can we do something about that?

hello all
for the good news, I received an answwer on my question
so, hope this is the beginning of the good story
this is their answer , hope it hepls someone more

The EA’s icon is grey, and this is perfectly normal. A colored icon means, that you have the “source code” for the particular expert i.e. the instructions that tell the expert how to trade. A grey icon means that you do not – almost all commercial experts will be grey.

In the PairSuffix parameter you should put only suffix – FXF.
We are really to sorry to keep you waiting for so long. Our dedicated support and technician staff is working really hard to deal with all of your inquiries and current issues. As our server is overloaded now and the interest to our program is just enormous, we kindly ask you to remain patient knowing that every question will be eventually answered and nothing will stay undone.

Thank you for your understanding.

Truly yours, Copy/Paste Pips Support Team

Kudos to bob for your observation as follows!! :

“”You must check this out!
The copy paste pips (CPP) website: claims to have “Pulled in $12,534.19 in Net Profits Just Last Week!” This does not jive with the mt4i stats that show this occurred over the LAST SEVEN MONTHS – NOT SEVEN DAYS! See””

I noticed this days before the launch and submitted an no avail. Not throwing this into the Scam box yet..just all be wary!

listen all how long this colmer will make you wait before you discover that it’s scam and you cannot claim back you money. I wan almost or amongst the first to recieved his Copy/Paste Pips system and waited to get all these full report from many of you before buying it. Next time lets search and then act before spending money on those scam programs!!!

If it works i will much be happy to get a copy so lets hope that a solution is given ‘cos we all strive to earn and money are vanishing with all our personal details in a generated eternel emailed system. LETS STOP THEM WHENCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

I have asked Clickbank for a refund for my “duck”!!!

3 pending orders on my platform, 2 buy limits on USD/JPY and one sell limit on GBP/USD. One of the buy limits it almost hit at 82.500, should know what happens with that when the market opens Sunday evening. Will post and let everyone know.

I have also asked a refund of my $4.95 😀

I received another email from Robert Colmer overnight.
Some of the text only
“I am sure by now you have seen with your own eyes that my service is different from anything you have come across online… it actually DELIVERS.” “Robert, so far I’ve been so pleased with your service and trust your expertise, so can you help me boosting my profits even more?” “If you are interested in making to DOUBLE your pip gains or more with NO extra effort, please take a minute to visit this page where you can find all the juicy details about this elite service”

Well Robert “Yes” I am more than hapy to part with my hard earnt cash to double my pips (NOT) So far the service has not made any pips so double 0 is still 0
I clicked on the link in the email out of interest and I was presented with all the upsells that I did not take when I first ordered the system. This was all I needed to put in my refund request.
For those of you who are looking for a refund but are not sure how to go about it direct with clickbank (if you use the copypastepips support emil you may not get a response)
you can do it by going to your original email from click bank. Towards the bottom of the email under “customer service” you will see a clickbank link. CLick on this and it will take you to your original purchase ticket. On the top left of the ticket click the “click here to get support link” You then have the option to cancel your subscription however if you select “other” from the drop down you then have the choice to select refund.

This is sounding exactly like the problems and lack of response I got after buying the FX Bully system a little while ago.They kept me going in a loop for a long time ,saying that their guarantee was good only if I ran it for 30days, and could then send them a report showing a loss.I could not get it up and running,could not get an answer for support,so could not send them a loss report,so they would not refund me my money.They did start taking my monthly subscriptions out after the first month ,so I had to cancel my credit card.My bank,the Commonwealth Bank of Australia,refunded me both the original cost,$155.56,but also the first month subscription.This FX Bully was run by Steve Hoftland.This is looking very much the same ,and I do wonder if this is some kind of club by a number of these blokes,all running something every now and then,taking turns so their names do not come up too often???,to be recognized again and again? I’ll be interested to see other reports of experiences,so write in ,especially about similar programs too,so we might get an idea of whether this is a combined scam with different names on them?

Thank you for the clickbank refund information. If nothing happens with the pending orders they’ve place on my account, I will be going for the refund too.

Well, they cancelled two pending orders…………..???????

Hi Guys, I have already cancel my subscriptions with clickbank. I went direct to and put in my order number.

The refund is quite fast.

I had two pending orders that went through, and they cloed in profit, I made 1100 pips on two trades. I am so happy

i still have a sell pending order open chris what broker are you using

hi all
just to inform you
This morning i discoverd 2 pending orders
sell limit uro/usd @ 1.3670 SL 1.3770 TP 1.3190 price 1.3590
sell limit gbp/usd @ 1.6030 SL 1.6230 tp 1.5630 price 1.5949
so, this system must be communicating , Good , thats one.
Two, looking to these conditional orders, the script must use a big timeframe. A difference of almost 100pips between condition and price Euro/dollar and 80 pips GPB/usd. This is sure not a “scalper”. a difference of 480 pips between price and TP in Euro / usd and 400 pips gbp/usd
as far as i can see it, i think they use bollingerband and stochasticks in the H4, I hope onces excecuted the order that they take profit manually, as 400 pips short in a euro / usd that for the last 2 weeks has an uptrend seems to me a contradiction , let´s wait an see….

At last we have a trade EURUSD, see how it goes

Has anyone as any info on Forex Morning Trade? Is it working well? Please send some info to me in the Forex Morning Trade section. Thank you!!


Robert Colmer à moi
afficher les détails 23 janv. (Il y a 2 jours)
Hey there,

I’m just sending you this quick email to reply to
many of you guys who contacted me in the last few
days, asking me if Copy Paste Pips was really
shutting down or this is just the usual “marketing

My answer is NO, there’s no “fake scarcity” here
— Copy Paste Pips is really closing its doors
in just 24 hours.

The countdown is right there on the page:

Once it reaches zero… that’s it. SERIOUSLY.

You’ve got a few hours… then you’ll be
left on the outside looking in.

Don’t email me tomorrow asking to
be let in once you see the page has
been taken down — to be fair to everyone,
once this is closed it’s closed for good.

So don’t wait on this — you owe it to yourself
to find out what all the buzz has been
about this past week and get on board
right away before you miss your chance:

I have the open EUR/USD trade also. Looking at the two cancel trades from Friday, it’s shame they cancelled them; they would have been in profit.

SEEMS that the system is working well from yesterday..i have 3 orders 2 pending and one is in profit already..seems to be good fingers crossed 😉

Hi All,

I actually wrote back to Colmer and told him that he should learn that traders are getting wiser to this type of marketing and that with these upsells he loses all credibility. I actually got a reply as a support ticket, telling me my comments have been taken on board…LOL.

Easy to get refund on ClickBank, that’s why I never worry about getting money back, however it still costs us, even if we try it on demo account, there is still a great deal of time we spend testing this rubbish.

To refund, go to ClickBank receipt email.

Click on 1st link beneath heading ‘Customer Servive’

This takes you to ClickBank page with your order.

Click on ‘Get Support’ button, top left, and take it from there.

There is a pull down box to give a reason for refund, I usually choose:
I was not satisfied with the subscription or it did not meet my expectations.

Normally takes from 1 hour to 24 hours to get refund confirmed.

Lastly, is there anyone on the FF who has actually made any pips yet?

i final got it download thanks to this site it has taken to trades in eru usd one pending in bp usd

hello with I it have buy Thursday last and I must say that I board nothing have not only one trade and poutant I can note that it function since I have the smile in top on the right .je find that strange that certain person one make some trades.mois I await toujours.peut be that come of config in any case I be nothing modify since I it you have some suggetions it be the good come in advance thank you.sorry for my english,im use one tradution.

Made $27.57 so far on the first day! Just signed up . You only have to open it up on one chart and it will trade whatever currencies he trades.It’s like a gateway or a robot for your whole account. You have to paste the second dl ,too, which seems to make it able to ask and record your license for the service!I will see how it does,like the rest of you? Also, the EA icon stays grey and still works after you attach it to one of the charts( only attach to one chart and it will trade all charts that he trades, automatically)

BobO, I read one of your earlier posts regarding Leo Trader Pro. I purchased it and the “upgrade” and installed on 1-11 with the recommended broker FinFX. I opened a $1,000.00 demo account that day. It has not yet traded. I have sent LTP support 6 tickets, they have responded providing suggested tweaks, setting changes, etc. I have complied with all, yet no trading has begun. Today they suggested downloading the new version 1.11. Do you have any experience with this EA? Thanks,

This blog is for the CopyPastePips review, if you have opinions or desires or wants about any other EA please make it on the appropriate page or block, it is not nice to read about another EA on this CopyPastePips blog, in actual fact really annoying!!!!

well, there are two open trades, both sell EUR/USD. The one is in profit 25 pips and the other at the moment is at a loss of 69 pips, the pair is currently at 1.36428. I have no doubt it will go down, but when. If my lot size was large I’d be really ticked at the second trade right now. My lots are .01 = 25 cents profit and 69 cents loss. I can afford to ride out the trades and see if they close the loss trade or how long it takes price to fall. As I said, I’d be very angry if it was for example a full lot on a standard account.

Regarding this blog CopyPastePips, I have purchased the program and the upgrade, looking to get the program running, have followed the instructions in the PDF like surgery but I am still waiting for the drop-down window to appear on the chart I have chosen to establish the connection to the CopyPastePips server, apparently we are to receive a very small window for the registration key, this is not yet appeared and it is being over 24 hours, in the PDF they suggest several seconds or minutes for the drop-down window to appear, however I am still waiting 24 hours later! I have sent 4 e-mails to support, 24 hours later have not received a reply, it is recommended that I wait 48 hours, here is hoping it all works out! However I will have the opinion that I will not hold my breath!

my login box appeared in the bottom right corner of my screen. It gives you about 5 seconds to log in – a white box on my computer.

At least LTP people are following our posts and responding to them…where is this Robert C and gang hidding…why don’t we have access to a live account like FinFx (LTP) to go to and see open/closed/pending trades?????

So far I havn`t been able to download the program. never received a link or any conformation at all.
I did follow a link off of these boards but still couldn`t download.

good luck

I have a gut feeling about this program ,after reading all the comments ,with all their problems so far,that it is going to be a dead loss or not worth all the trouble to set it up and to run it.I have asked for and received within one day, a cancellation of this product from Clickbank,and a confirmation that no further payments will be taken from now on.I did not bother to ask for a refund of the AU$5.25 trial payment.At least Clickbank seems to be reasonably reliable for refunds and cancellations,as I have had to do that 3 times already with other like programs.
I do not want to be running my PC 24/7 with these types of programs,which I assume this one will require you all to do?I have sent in a request with this and other questions, but no replies as yet?That also gives me a queezy feeling about any program,when you cannot get quick answers for support.I say ,save your money and learn some simple techniques to trade yourselves.There are many out there on the web to learn from,starting with Bill Poulos,who has a complete trading program ,teaching from basic to right up there,and there are many others,like “Baby Pips”.Just look them up. Good luck all

Hi all,
Having read most of the comments I have to agree that the manual their website and service leave alot to be desired. I had the same problem with loading and error messages, but finally, I am not sure how, I got it to stay “working”, I have now showing V3.1. However not a trade yet in about one week. Yesterday I got a call from their “marketing department” basically telling me that they don’t believe in EA’s and would be happy to train me personally one on one with a top notch trader, as yet unnamed nor vetted. It was a nice two stage pitch with a return call about 25 minutes later where the closer offered me after an interview the opportunity, all I had to do was give them between 4-6 thousand for this 4-6 month course with an assurance that by the time I was finished I will have made my money back and more as well as being a top notch trader in my own wright. RIGHT!
Between the upsells, inability to have direct contact, and this call it seems that we have entered a scam.
I haven’t even seen one trade nor pip, wasn’t this supposed to be an opportunity to see a pro trade live from our own personal accounts???
I went to the link that they finally gave me and it shows about 48 trades from May 10 to now. Not that impressive for a big time trader. Correct me please but shouldn’t this guy make that many trades in a month?
I did buy the FapTurbo bot and so far I am impressed, but like any machine it does require constant human attention.
Good luck all and keep up the flow of info, it seems we will get more here from each other than we will from CPP`s.

I am still waiting after purchasing and emailing CopyPastePips support on the 20th Jan for a reply. My EA won’t load as it hangs while looking for an update file which prevents the box from appearing which I am supposed to place my receipt code in to activate the product. I have just emailed them again and instructed them that I will require a full refund if my product is not working properly within 24 hours.

I received an answer from support on a question (had figured it out thanks to this forum, but at least they’re starting to answer. Here it is:


You should attach the robot only on any ONE chart and robot will trade all currency pairs.

We are really sorry to keep you waiting for so long. Our dedicated support and technician staff is working really hard to deal with all of your inquiries and current issues. As our server is overloaded now and the interest to our program is just enormous, we kindly ask you to remain patient knowing that every question will be eventually answered and nothing will stay undone.

Thank you for your understanding.

Truly yours, Copy/Paste Pips Support Team

I’m not trying to play the devil’s advocate here but I believe they are overloaded, reading some of the reply comments CopyPastePips has posted seems to suggest it, we’ve got 60 days to reclaim our entitlement if we so choose to, so let’s give it some time to see if they can catch up before it’s too late for them, personally I will give 30 days and then I will pull the plug if nothing changes!

So far there is one trade in progress and is ahead (sell) from 1.36700 to 1.35991

STAY AWAY! SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. I am posting this wherever can to warn others. I purchased Copy Paste Pips when it first came out. Although I received a license to operate the software what I received had no input box for said license so it was not operational. Contacted for support immediately. It is now many days later with no response. Clickbank also contacted them about my problem. The support company is located in the Ukraine. I rather suspect Robert Colmes is a hired actor and not a real trader or even a real person. Fortunately I can get my money back from Clickbank but I would rather Colmes had been a real person and Copy Paste Pips a bona fide service. What people won’t do for money nowadays! STAY AWAY! SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

hi I have three trades on euusd sell 13575 sell 13670 bbpusd buy 15838 demo the eurusd has been ingood proft in and out the profit limt is a long ways away but its a demo so i am going to let it play out other wise i sure would have taken my proft

Got my refund from Clickbank today for the 7 day trial. Don’t forget that once your trial or 30 days is up, you will be charged around £92 per month for the EA and Cloner. Happy Forexing.

I have bad news
First trade and is a loss kind of disappointed.

2092266220 2011.01.25 11:30 buy 0.01 gbpusd 1.58400 1.57400 1.58500 2011.01.25 15:30 1.57764 0.00 0.00 0.00 -6.36
10101010 CopyPastePips102641135

I will give one more week if this does continuo bad I will request my refund for both the basic and the upsell.

I currently have 2 running orders. sell eurusd about $-106 in the negative running for a few days now, and buy gbpusd about $-29 in the negative running since last night I believe. I’ve also had 3 cancelled orders, one of which was issued by the no loss client… Overall so far, not a very impressive service, considering the lack of responsiveness of the support team (still waiting for a response to an inquiry issued 4 or 5 days ago), the lacking manuals, and the loosing trades… Will I be able to trust my real life account to this service? So far I doubt it… but will give it another week or two.

Hello Everyone, I have some a interesting message for you!

when I was applying for CopyPastePips they gave me a freebie indicator that works extremely well, it is not a auto EA is only a indicator that shows up and down trends arrows and I have founded it extremely effective using the one-hour timeframe and the daily timeframe in conjunction with each other, last night I accomplished three trades using the table of the CopyPastePips free indicator, however using the free indicator means that you don’t have any knowledge of moving averages as well! I don’t think this indicator will work for you or if you have zeroed knowledge about foreign exchange charts, I use this freebie indicator with extra knowledge that I have acquired over the years using the MACD moving averages and general moving averages, and last night the success rate is something that I have never seen before, I made over 400 pips as you can see from the direct copy from my trading account.

If anybody would like a free copy of this freebie please do not hesitate to ask. Just leave your e-mail address and I will send you one. I will be checking in regularly to see who wants one. My suggestion is that you begin your message with a long line of ******************************** so I can understand who wants one from slipping through the multitude of comments!

Your comrade in arms !

1/25/11 6:52 PM PnL Profit/Loss of Trade 05118004 13225968 58.35: 49,752.52
1/25/11 10:10 PM PnL Profit/Loss of Trade 05118004 13225104 2,053.36: 51,805.88
1/25/11 11:25 PM PnL Profit/Loss of Trade 05118004 13235793 2,448.72: 54,254.60

Total profit! = $4560.43

Hi Bill, doest not the indicator need the activation code?

no it doesn’t need an active code it’s a freebie indicator, it just starts up on its own as a independent program!

the program is called CopyPastePips mega Trend

the program is called CopyPastePips Megatrend, it worked to me quite well!

******************************** Hi Bill… If possible, could you share some insight on how to use the Megatrend indicator with your MACD and other moving averages? Many people here know something about these technical analysis elements and could be helped with additional details of your method, should you care to share them… Thanks in advance.

************************** Yes JJR I would like a copy please and Thank you all so much for your honesty, I too will be requesting a clickbank refund

Please me too I WOULD LIKE

people I need e-mail address is not your blog, if you don’t add your e-mail I can’t send you it, Dooa !

okay the MACD gives you buying or selling cycles, if you added to your charge you will be able to see a slowing down of a buy or sell cycle, when you get a crossover which is the point where the buying cycle or the selling cycle transforms into the opposite trend, it is all related to strength of the market! if you are in a trend that say a bullish market the trend will be going up, amongst all the upward move and you will have Plato’s those of minor cell cycles, its where the market takes a respite from an upward trend, however if you look at the majority of the long term time frames like the daily you will be able to estimate/gestimate from a pattern of buy and sell cycles where the next high point or low point will be, this has to be in conjunction with resistance from history by looking back into the past over a daily period you can see the actual resistances, when the market gets to these levels at the top of the trend or the bottom of the trend you can place a trade according to the values presented by theCopyPastePips megatrend direction, basically gives an arrow up is blue and down is read, I always use the daily chart to get an overall and then placing a trade through the hourly

general moving averages, is very difficult to explain and also difficult to implement, they are wearables add to particular timeframes and gives you lines on the chart that indicate strength of buy and sell cycles, very similar to the MACD however the MACD is set and does not require further adjustment, however general moving averages require variables to be implemented manually, and that is very hard to explain, I would have to do a webinar to explain so that you can see my screen as I implemented, then all you need do is duplicate the system on your computer and your moving averages will appear!

not wearables but variables, Dooa

I just went to the CopyPastePips website to see if there was any updates! And they are still trying to sell even though they know they can’t handle the people they have got at the present, there are just taking money, this is ridiculous, I haven’t been able to activate my package yet, it won’t take long before I go off to get my money!

I think they continue to sell because they are trying to replace all the people who have requested refunds!

Hey Bill Thank for the email. I got it and try it and got 20pip in eur/chf thats $200.00 in lest then 30min wow lol
thank you.

Thanks guys I was on th epath to give this system a try. From some of the comments, my working system continues to look better and better each day…. I do believe the technology behind the idea does work, but not sure the trading is that good… Don;t know that because have not come across anyone who has tried it..

****************** Hi Bill. Your knowledge is gold to people like me that don’t know what the hell they doing but will do it anyway. Can I please also get a copy of the “CopyPastePips Megatrend”. Applying what you’ve explained in earlier post is make me excited at the prospect of manually trading and knowing a little about what I’m doing instead for delaying totally of forex robots.
Thanks in advance.

Guys, I hope you understand that posting your emails here means the rest of the world can see them, pick them up and spam you like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve edited them to add spaces so that at least spam bots didn’t pick them up, but that’s not much of a fix.

Unfortunately there’s no way to send private messages as there is no membership to this site, it’s a simple blog. The best option would be if you asked Bill to upload it somewhere and shared a link, but that’s up to him.

Hi If u could send me also a copy of the MEGATREND INdicator it will be tremendous! ThaNK YOU

Thanks for the indicator, Bill. It looks good.

But back to the topic of this blog…. has anyone made any pips with copy-paste-pips so far???

the EA just does not work … all the time requests updates, working, copy dlls etc. but no single pip so far….

got the cpp on the 20th, did not get a licence until 23rd which was a sunday, none of my complaint was responded to until 24th. thruout 24th, there was no trade. i got a pending order for GBP/USD(buy limit) on the 25th which was triggered after the news and the trade went negative to like 75pips before retracing, presently its 11:16 p.m (GMT + 1) , its positive at 73 pips and still running. another sell stop order (EUR/USD) was opened few hours ago, and its presently down with 30 pips.

Yomi, Are CPP trades placed with SL’s and TP’s? or do you manage them yourself?

okay here are the CPP trades that are open on my account:

eurusd sell order from Jan 24, sold at 1.36700 t/p set to 1.319, s/l set to 1.3770,currently sitting -34 pips

eurusd sell order from Jan 24, sold at 1.35755 t/p set to 1.35100, s/l set at 1.3770, currently sitting -126 pips

gbpusd buy order from Jan 25, bought at 1.58323, original s/l was 1.5740, they’ve modified it to 1.59000, it’s in profit about 80 pips. The t/p on this one is 1.59900, however it may hit the new stop so that would be okay.

I changed brokers a while back and realized I can’t buy and sell on the same currency pair, so I’m wondering – if CPP could, would they have place buy orders on EURUSD? I used to be able to do that with Fxpro, but they dropped their Canadian clients and I switched to Interbank FX.

the cpp places the trade, the sl and tp itself, it adjusts it has it deems fit. Presently, it has closed out the GBP/USD with 60 pips profit. the EUR/USD is still running and its presently at -40 pips.

EUR/USD now on positive, 50 pips and still running.

This is trading guys, get used to it or dont play the game

Adam, a previous poster wanted to know if the system was running or not, and if any trades were occuring. Therefore I posted in regard to that question.

Chris… I used to use FxPro but they dropped their US clients as well. Now I’m using FxOpen with no problems. I still have demo accounts at FxPro however.

Thank you very much Bill

I purchased Copypastepips 5 days ago, could not get it installed even though I followed the installation correctly. No licence dialogue box pop-up ever appear.

I install/uninstall a number of times, until I got so tired.

I manage to get it done after so many tries.

In the MT4 folder/experts– paste .ex4
Libraries — paste .dll file

bought this the day it came out, Sussed it in about 2 mins, then it wouldn’t work. Emailed support and they emailed me within 10 hours, sorted the additional dll, etc etc.. (i have no idea about EA’s although have installed quite a few and all have the same PDF’s) so I waited and it took about 30 seconds to do (with the reg code) and it started trading almost immediately, it’s now Friday 28th Jan 16.53 GMT and since Tuesday it’s earned roughly $450 since tuesday am trading GBP/USD on hourly charts and I’ve done nothing at all. Trust me I have more or less no clue, bit of common sense is needed….and patience with yourself AND the EA!
I’m sure I’ve probably missed something or other but there you go!!

Oops forgot to add I’m on a demo account with $100000

well i ‘m back with an update :
So far, i v made +60 pips on GBP/USD, presently, there is an open order of EUR/USD (+ 65pips) and GBP/USD ( + 100)

I want to ask Tim what registered code did you use? Was the order code from clickbank? I have not received another code from CPP nor have I gotten any response on their Fusion site for trouble tickets. I have tried entering the click bank code but a message comes up “wrong or empty license key”. What did you use?

2 x completed trades so far with a total gain of +130 pips.

Currently have 2 open trades – Selling both EUR/USD & GBP/USD

Bought copy paste pips last night 1 trade so far +100 pips GBP/USD good to go so far.

just had a TP of + 105 pips for GBP/USD and + 75 pips for EUR/USD. in my own opinion,so far so good.

Tim, nice results so far. Did you set your own settings or are they all default? i.e. lot size, risk, etc.

Where do you find the license key – anyone.

Your License key is your Clickbank ID: Number you should have gotten a confirmation email from Clickbank after you have brought the system.

Jim, thank you. I have pasted my clickbank ID into the box for the license but it doesn’t accept it. Am I missing another step? I appreciate your help.

Some updates on my demo account:

1. I still have a short eur/usd trade running since Jan 24 04:57. It’s negative (-34.10) pips. It seems to me that it could be preventing the system from taking another trade on this pair??? It’s unfortunate since eur/usd moved nicely today. I think I might manually close it come Monday, but I am reluctant to interfere so I don’t pollute the service performance result… I see that Yomi has realized some profits on a eur/usd trade, but not here. Any thoughts on this anyone?

2. So far 2 winning trades have been closed. Both on gbp/usd with 60 and 105 pips profit.

3. So far 2 trades have been initiated by the noloss client, one still pending but not filled, and once cancelled. No profits from the noloss version yet.

My Clickbank ID is waht I used

Copy Paste Pips – 5 trades so far 3 cut short with no profit no loss and two up 165 pips. Hope this guy’s for real. So many scams.It the worst of all you will never know who’s behind these systems. They all use actors to do their marketing.But so far so good , early days though!

hello demo 3trades closed in profit 2eurusd 1gbpusd on fri day 1 eurusdstill at a loss but at one point the demo account was down 1700 dollars on friday i noticed they changed the take proft alot so the account could get out with profit

This is my humble opinion. I receive many offers for the “holy grail” each week.

However I am a professional trader and I think that no one should used this copy paste service.

1/ You may notice on the MT4 stats that almost half of the profits were made with a single USD 5000 trade. You may also notice that the guy is not consistent with his supposed tech analysis

2/ The man on the site is obviously an actor and if he was trading everyday he should have traded more currency pairs than he did. Do you really think that real traders spend all day long watching the screen for a single pair and waiting for the “moment”.

3/ He should also use multiple strategies (intraday, multi day and multi week. He should also send to all his customers once a week a comprehensive analysis so that everybody understand what he did, what he will do and why.

4/ Instead of having an EA copier, he should use PAM or MAM accounts. It works like this. The customer opens an account with a bank then allow a trader.

The trader trade a kind of virtual account associated to the customers real account and orders are automatically duplicated on server side to customers accounts.
For example, if the trader places a 1 lot order asssuming he is currently workin for 2 customers (one with a 20k account and the other one with a 80k account), the server will place 0.2 lot for the first and 0.8 for the second.

This system is much better because you don’t need to leave your PC on all day long and all the tech stuff is managed on the server side with no error or crash. Additionally the customer can also control everything thru his MT4 and also thru a special interface to limit or even revoke the rights of the trader.

Just my 2 cents.

I just got my refund from Clickbank

To be honest it such wasting time, what ever they said in their website is not as sweet as what it is.

I have to salute them in fabricating so nice marketing words.

Lucky I didn’t get their catch to buy their other upsell.

Guys. I know very little about forex trading but do a lot of swing trading. I came across this system and thought it was to good to be true but nothing ventured nothing gained. i have had the same problems mentioned trying to set it up and understand it. 7 emails and 10 day, no reply? that says it all to me, I am not wasting any more time with this thats for sure. If you want to make real progress in stocks have a look at Prophet max and project M in my opinion. great guys, real people, no Bul***it etc, and potential gains of 150%+ a year, really positive stuff all the best

I tried the 7 day trial program and nothing worked but now every few days I have to completly deleate my meta trader platform and reinstall a new one with a different name and location and get a new password only to have the whole platform crash two to three days later. I know it is because of this trial deal as that is the only thing I changed and I have read where others have had their platforms crashed also….is there anything I can do to get it completly out of my computer so i can get back to trading without have to do a complete system restore?

********** Hi Bill,
Thanks for the copy of Metatrend indicators.
I still am unable to get in installed. Received Friday
In Expert Adviser I see
_Heiken_Ashi_Smoother and
CostPastePips_Client (although I paid for NO_LOST upgrade)
but I don’t see that in my list.
CostPastePips_Client reads it is working Version 3.3
I have not made any profit and can’t get anything to work
on MetaTrend indicator. I am so close………
ANY hinds or help out there??

POS (piece of SH**) does work. Very hard to set up. It is their security that is most of the problem. Install CPP_Client in experts folder. DLL’s in experts/libraries. Drag and drop EA on chart. Make sure to set prefix/sufix or it will run but not trade. My broker uses (EUR/USDm)format put ( m ) in sufix box. The only way to check or make changes is to delete EA from chart and then drag and drop. Every time they update you have to go through the same S***. CPPNL_Client is another trading system not an upgrade. To install you must load a second copy of Metatrader and follow the above procedure. Support ?? enough said.

I installed CPP when it came out and have the smiley face etc. It has made no trades at all.
Dean I noticed that both the sufix and prefix boxses are empty. What should I put there if anything… Anyone with any help??


Look at how your charts are labeled. Upper left cornor in fine print on my chart. Showes EURUSDm,M15,####### . The small m after the EURUSD is the sufix. No m no trading. put m in sufix and it works. Your’s maybe different. If letters in front of EURUSD then put in prefix. Currently 2 trades, they use large SL because time frame traded. Working on better risk control because the SL bother me. Otherwise it is making some money.

CopyPastePips megatrend is different to what CopyPastePips automatic trade program is!

I have requested CopyPastePips refund my automated trade program, however the CopyPastePips megatrend manual signals is working excellence for me!

Presently I have made something like 530 Pips this week! Also I am able to do prove it! I have had to successful trade of over 200 pips each, one successful trade of 100 pips and an extra one of 30 pips, so the manual trading indicator is working excellent thus far!

I still have copies of the manual CopyPastePips program if anybody wants one, just submit your e-mail! With a long line of ************************* at the beginning of your request so I can identify between it and all the other comments on this blog.

forget about the CopyPastePips automated program EA, the server is completely overwhelmed with enquiries and completes stuff ups on behalf of CopyPastePips, this doesn’t mean they will not be able to respond well in the future just keep an eye on the latest selection updates! registered with there customer service website and keep in touch with them! Sooner or later they will get it together.

Re: On my CopyPastePips automated program EA I don’t have a prefix/sufix (m) on any of the pairs on the charts. It appears to be trading but have not made any profit pips.
I have had to close the trade out manually. My desisions to close have been based on DailyPlus+
postings and suggested max of the pairs. Maybe I’m not patient enough?

Also I wish I could see CopyPastePips megatrend run.
Still have not been able to install. I’m not too swift with installing so it must be me. Could use a walk through……

Dear Vin, it is most probable that if you are not able to extract from a simple zip file then it is highly recommended that you get yourself EduMacated in simple computer operations!
You need to unzip the file to get to the operations manual for installation properties! Without it your F—-D sorry, just telling it how it is!
There are free online unzip programs available of the net, if you go to look up free unzipped programs!

I really hope this works to you.

This is the most helpful Q&A location ever. You guys are great!
I am running CPP “working” V3.3 but no trades yet. Does anyone have the link for the MT4i CPP website that shows the trade status to date? Does any one know if there is a min amount of money needed to execute?

Hi Bill… perhaps CPP folks should consult with you on how to use their megatrend indicator so that they may call better trades for us.

My updates:
Currently I have 3 active trades with combined loss of about (-500) pips, and 4 pending trades. I am not sure how accurate the results are, considering that last night we had a power outage for several hours due to the Chicago storm. But also, I’ve seen CPP and CPPNoLoss go into an ERROR loop from which they can’t recover except by reloading them; perhaps following an Internet connection loss for a second. These outages do happen and we know nothing about how CPP/NoLoss are affected or are able to recover and continue managing the trades… From my short experience, it’s too dangerous for me to use this service on my home computer… We need to hear from someone who’s running it on a dedicated server.. Additionally, trades do not seem to be picked so brilliantly! I had real hopes for this one following their sales pitch, but unfortunately it did not work for me, so I am going to request a refund. I’ll let you know how that goes… Good luck

I have seen e-mails up to this point! This is just a reference to me so I do not have too go over multiple messages to find out who has and to has not got the program!

****************** Pay Due Diligence **********************

Okay I’m now done with CopyPastePips! I’m now on to testing Rovers North, installation was a breeze to see how it goes!

If anybody wants a new copy of CopyPastePips Megatrend you going to have to looked on Rover North blogs! I won’t be revisiting these blog about CopyPastePips any more so have a great day and I hope everyone enjoyed their megatrend, I certainly have. By the way getting a refund was a breeze as well, you might want to make a mention when you are retrieving your refunds that you use this quote “I require a refund without negotiation from customer service” this quote prevents the vendor or from instigating a negotiation on the basis of customer service, ClickBank have a responsibility to instigate customer service negotiations before refund is given and that will prevent you obtaining your refund and even stop you from retrieving your cash back within the 60 day period so please use the quote when retrieving your refund or you may miss out!

Your Comrade in Arms

end of transmission

I got my money refunded for CPP and CCPNoLoss with no hassle.

I may revisit this service in the future after they’ve worked out the bugs, and if I have a way of verifying it… Surely the idea is super, namely to have an expert and successful trader call trades for you or trade your account with small drawdowns! And the NoLoss concept is almost unbelievable! Oh Well… I’ll keep checking this site for updates anyway.

Hello friends,
I am getting a smiley face on the upper right hand corner but not able to put the licence key. Not sure whats the problem. I uninstalled and install again but its the same, not able to put licence key. I send few emails regarding that but only getting the automated response, no solution I have got regarding this issue. I think I will wait for few more days and if still not getting any response or solution to this problem then definitely go for refund.

Since Bill has gone on to other things I sent Copy Paste Pips megatrend indicator to those on list since Bill’s departure. If you did not get let me know.


I purchased Copy paste pips on 25th January,the binstallation was ok, my chart shows Version 3.3 working but no trades so far, i installed it on Alpari Micro account. Can anyone enlighten me maybe it doesnt trade on micro accounts.

CCP cleared all pending trades on the 24th. CCP_NL just placed pending order on USD/CAD. SL=210 TP=410 Apperantly they only have a few trades a week.

It is interesting to see all the reactions.
First, they collect money monthly, with your first 60 days fully refundeable; not a bad deal because you cancel your subscription even after the 60 days (ok: no refund) but you can leave anytime you want. Not bad.
Secondly, I am a novice at the FX trade, granted it is very complicated and risky without a strong backing and knowledge.
Therefore I chose to try out this new concept. What I already noticed is the great anxiety about their slow response, a bit sloppy is a fact. It is my opinion, right now, that they got swamped and needed to expand their internet and employee capacity.
This will show in the near future, or not !
My only concern is the relation between their pro MT4 and my basic MT4 with a $600 funding. Would this not lead to a large rejection of their higher trades on my MT4 as I would not sustain more than a 0.10 buy-in.
Also, when you look closely at their preceding history sheet, you can notice that they trade sparsely. in fact their live MT4i shows 0.3 trades a day. that’s 1 trade every 3 days and 7% in gains per month.
I just “READ” the instructions and installed the CopyPip succesfully and I am waiting patiently for a first movement (on the market that is).
I stay positive, but granted it’s not for someone who wants to make a quick buck. succes to all

Just checked my trade cant see any pending order and the chart still show Version 3.3 working….

Just wondering how everyone is doing with the CPP indicator.

I have had luck with this approach. CCP uses limit orders. I use the indicator to set up a trade with a target 5-10 pips before their entry point.

Hi Guys, got 3 pending orders Eur/Usd,Usd/Jpy & Usd/Cad. Lets see how it goes

Current pending trades. (ref. # my account)
Sell Limit EUR/USD (296)
Buy Limit USD/JPY (319) , USD/CAD (335)
Cancelled Buy Limit USD/CAD
My broker uses EUR/USDm format. My trades come through with size of 0.01.

Ken did you put m in sufix when you installed?

Hi All!
So where did you guys pick up a small (mini) account of $500 or less?
AND, is Alpari(US) better or worse than Alpari(UK)? Sounds like the UK won’t take a small account.
My buddy and I, I think, ARE going to go for it.
So, in all of this, has anyone made money? I’m kind of thinking Robert Colmer DOES know what he’s doing on the trading, but on the other stuff, yes, B-A-D !!!
Let’s keep informed.

anybody know if theres like a forum by copypaste teams where we can interact with the people behind this program?

Open Trades (ref. # my account)
Sell EUR/USD (296) -20 pips
Cancelled Buy Limit USD/JPY (319) , USD/CAD (335)

I had the same 3 pending trades with only EU/US remaining, active and selling.
I always follow LB/US and Eur/US, quite often they go together, Lb is now selling, Euro should follow.
All in all it works, but if you really want to stay ahead financially, you need an account with a $2000 reserve. allowing $67 a month for the connection and a guaranteed 5% a month profit on your funds ! you do the math ! (at $600 you need 14 months to double your money, minus the $67 a month connection fee (-$938), you’ll lose $300 overall.)hoping for a better than 5% return return,
this doesn’t scare me off, because i’ll use the cost of connection as a initial cost to recupe in the ‘farther’ future, allowing my account to grow over the year. I am not planning to buy my castle yet. good luck you all.

Interesting ! Euro isn’t following Lb yet versus USD!Murphy’s law in action, who would have thought ! LOL

Open Trades (ref. # my account)
Sell EUR/USD (296) +10 pips

Current pending trades.
Buy Limit USD/JPY (173) ,

Presently trading LOSS EUR/USD (-70pips)
Whats happening Guys! This Guru is blowing my account.

Open Trades (ref. # my account)
Sell EUR/USD (296) -90 pips
Sell EUR/USD (639) +1 Pip

Current pending trades.
Buy Limit USD/JPY (173) ,

This looks like adding to a loseing position.

Hello Dean,
Thanks for the megatrend. I have it loaded and monitoring on the aud/usd and usd/jpy. To load it, I had to close my MT4 and reopen. When I did that the CPP program (mt4tools.dll) kept crashing my MT4 so I had to off load the CPP.exe and .dll files. Now I’m just manually trading with the trades off the website. But have you (or anyone)anyone run into that “crash” issue?

Open Trades (ref. # my account)
Sell EUR/USD (296) -56 pips
Sell EUR/USD (639) +35 Pips


Close and reopen MT4 is standard.

Reinstall CCP.exe and both .dll files. Restart MT4 and follow prompts. If you get prompt asking if CCP has run once answer YES This got me around the crash problem.

Open Trades (ref. # my account)
Sell EUR/USD (296) +22 pips
Sell EUR/USD (639) +113 Pips

For a copy of the CCP megatrend indicator I need a place to send it.

CopyPastePips Results:

Purchased 1/19/2011

Closed Trades:
1/24 sell EURUSD +70 (tp)
1/24 sell EURUSD -195 (sl)
1/25 buy GBPUSD +60 (sl)
1/28 sell GBPUSD +70 (tp)
2/1 buy USDCHF +235 (tp)
2/8 buy USDJPY +27 (closed)
Total: +267

Open Trades:
2/8 sell EURUSD 1.36400
2/9 sell EURUSD 1.37300


I have the EUR/USD @+70(tp) and -194(sl) on 1/24.
Total: -124

The USD/JPY on 2/8 Cancelled.
The EUR/USD on 2/8 & 2/9 are currently +71 & +163.
I also have 3 trades on 1/31 that were cancelled.

very happy , with this service , Thanks, Robert,I made 159 pips in a week

Closed Trades (ref. # my account)
2/8 EUR/USD (296) S@1.36400 SL@1.38700 TP@1.34320
Closed @1.3552 for +88
It was not stopped out
Open Trades
Sell EUR/USD (639) +206 Pips

For Dean,
Thank you for the advice on working around the crash problem. I reloaded everything but I now have a an “unrecognized account” and a trouble ticket in play to resolve it.

I followed the trades on the website and was able to pull +318 pips on three EURUSD trades that Robert posted. Followig his lead, it looks like a successful week and am happy with the pointers so far. I expect to have the client working soon.

Hi Dean,
Thank you for sending the mega trend system. I’ve waited until the weekend to load it up. I can locate the Heiken-Ashi template, but not the other in my MT4 Expert file, although all have been been placed in the template and indicators files. I am at a loss as to where I went wrong, short of removing everything and reinserting ! I like to really try out the megatrend template. At a loss.

Hi again Dean,
I seem to have resolved my own problem, somehow there was a template sub file which contained my downloads. I moved them to the main file and presto. thanks anyway.

The Heiken-Ashi uses a 30 period MA so I have added a 120 (30*4) period MA to my chart. This gives me a look at the trend (Heiken-Ashi) of the next higher time frame. I use vertical line that I drag to a point where maybe a trade developing. This gives me a fixed time on all time frames. I try to trade the 1 hour in the direction of the 4 hour. This gives me a visual on the 1M, 5M, 15M so that I get better entries by not going against them.

Anyone else have ideas on using the CCP indicator?

Hi Dean,
Which input do you use to add a 120 MA period ? I assume this is 120′(minutes).
Sorry for my ignorance what is MA ?

Qua ideas, I am still learning to follw the steps of the user directives.

To follow up: Do you replace the 30 MA-period with 120 or ??
This is fun, just like going back to school !!!!

Do not change CCP indicator settings. 120 is number of bars.
Going to add new indicator. Top left cornor click on (View) then (Navigator). Click (+) on Indicators. Find (Moving Average) Double click. (Parameters)(Priod) Enter 120, MA method (Simple), Apply to (close), Style Choose color and line that you like. Click (OK). You should now have new line on your chart. Change time frames and you will see that the new MA (moving average)will be similar to the Heiken-Ashi portion of the CCP indicator of the next higher time frame.

Hi Randal,
is it possible that u remove my email from above.i have already received the indicator…thank you Dean for the indicator sent

Has anyone worked with CPPNoLoss?
How does NoLoss operate compared to CopyPastePips?
Can you purchase lots the same.(.01 or .10 mini)
Does it take you out with NoLost.
What makes it NoLost?

Thanks for you help in advance.

Thank you all for the valuable inputs as i also received the emails and wondering whether to give it a try or not…

i have a Money Manager and i park a portion amount of my fund to the manager and help to make a return for me every month. If you know about Borneo Island then you probably understand why i need to invest in Forex for my living..
i did purchased a few EAs as well and i leave it to run on different platform but the result not as good as the return by Money Manager. but of course, commission charged by Money Manager is $5 per 0.1 Lots but i think worth it…

If any of you intended to have someone to manage portion of your investment and if you think that i can be trusted , you can write to me for more info.
thank you.


@Chai….why on god’s earth would any one with an ounce of sense send money to your “money manager.” Stop trolling these boards for potential victims. No one is that naive.

To all the others I have a bit of advice: LEARN TO TRADE. Most of these ea’s and “services” are crap. You will always lose money if you dont know how to make money for yourself.

Do you really think a $97 ea is going to make u rich or comfortable? NO IT WILL NOT.I know some of you are rolling eyes and sighing deeply but trust me. I’ve been there. Just learn to trade and you will be better than 99% of the ea’s and signal services out there. ForexFactory has tons of FREE trading systems, both manual and automated. Actually, they have automated systems that beat out most, if not all, commercially avaiable ea’s.

Save yourself some time, money and effort. Stop being sheep.

Well said Sushi boi

Thanks Sushi boi for the Forex Factory lead.
This is the sort of thing that one only finds with the help of serious guys.

How many pending trades do I have to endure this week ?
not one of them is gone live, it also seems that they are always a day or two late for the intended market move.
I realise that the market is sluggish, but somehow I cannot really believe that this is really happening on the desk of our “trader” !!
anybody care to comfort me ?

OK comforting is a bit much to ask, but enlighten me !

I am really concerned…
I put a question out to all on Feb.14,

‘Has anyone worked with CPPNoLoss?’
‘How does NoLoss operate compared to CopyPastePips?’
‘What makes it NoLost?’

Or any info about your experance with CPPNoLoss.
I am concerned because not one reply.
Is no one using this program ???
Maybe I need a larger account in order to see results??
Maybe I should just cancel this program……
Looking for input.
Thanks Vin

My first reaction when No-Loss was offered, (which I didn’t get involved with)was : would I buy a “guaranteed no accident” car insurance ? knowing how dangerous the roads are.
they offer you your money back if this no loss doesn’t work, big deal ! $77 refund for that one month, that is no guarantee of no loss, it doesn’t refund your loss does it.
No Loss on Forex is like no death in life, Absurd.

I have CCP No-Loss running.
In 4 weeks +131 pips and -201 pips.


On Jan 26, Admin advised against posting our email address here. I am a little dense when it comes to this sort of thing. I will ask the stoopid question. How do I get my email address to you?

My CCP is giving Error cant connect to server and i presently have a pending USD/CHF order what do you advice, should i trade manual?


Current version is 3.51. Can not advise on trade. Try restarting Metatrader and /or re install CCP. If you mess with the pending trade their system probable will not track it and then you are on your own.

Hi all

I’m totally new to all this – so sorry if these are stupid questions;

I bought this thing a few days ago – I started off with 350 dollars – the thing hardly ever trades -and when it does it appears to risk about 5 dollars! I put a question with their support and the response suggested the only way to increase “the bet” was to load more cash into the account – which I did – but it still seems to be playing around with tiny amounts from what I can see.

Any ideas???


CCP only trades 2 or 3 times a week. $5 on $350 is good risk management. Risk 1-2%. 5% starts to get extreme. Look at the take profits they are 3-4 times the risk.
IF YOU MUST USE EXTREME CAUTION: Change the multiplier or trade fixed lots.

Well guys I’ve decided to exit.
I found a very similar system with a lot of transparency and hands free, they trade and you watch.
You can choose which trade system you want to go, agressive or moderate, manual or semi auto. (with third party confirmation on history)
I’ve joined ” ” yesterday and It does show decent activity and profits, more than I can say for this system, it’s extremely moderate here (2 trades in 2 months with a $5 profit (0.01 lot)).
If you go for Forexaccurate then 3 cautions:
1) if you join (a very moderate monthly fee)Do adjust your maximum lot size to 0.01, or else you get high lot size which your account can’t handle.
2) follow the video insallation instead of the download text. they are located in Singapore and their English text is not so perfect and clear.
3) you, in the USA, are very restricted with forex rules, they are not. Nor are we in Europe. they buy and sell on the same chart. Which is not allowed in your country.
Succes everybody and Cheerio

My FxOpen EUR/USD Chart shows no prefix or suffix letter so is this ok? Please advise

My trial 7 day period has expired and CPP have taken the 1st monthly instalment. So far I have seen no trades at all.
My laptop is on 24/7 as I have disabled the “sleep and hibernation” functions.
CPP support answers my queries but no real help at all as they say “you must keep your computer on permanently”. , I’ve started a blog on this site, it should be active in a day or so.
Meanwhile I’ve already made $40 profit on it @ 0.02 trade lots in 18 hours with ForexAccurate. What a pleasure that green TP light brings.

This will be my last post.

No trades this week. I have canceled CCP. I have seen this before where a trader with a good record will have problems when everyone is watching.

There are many good places like this with a free exchange of informaiton and ideas. Just “GOOGLE IT”.

May the force be with you.

I have an excellent method with the option binaire where you can make a least 50 Euros per day.

I amin profit of +106.65 euros. I am going to out my car in broken down. See you later.

I’m back now!

profit +10,80euros for the day see you tomorrow

Hi i’m back I’ve a look at me account since yesterday. I opened it with 100 euros ans is in profit +31,95

Hello Dean

I wery much like …………… the Megatrend Indicator
My mail.

Hello, NO REFUND. I went to Clickbank to cancel and canceled my subscription to CopyPastePips. I received an email from Clickbank which says that no money will be taken for future months. The posts on here says no problem getting a refund, but it did not happen in my case. Any suggestions??

phillip, you need to call clickbank and ask for your refund
you need to give them your order #

clickbank phone# 1800 3906035

Oh – one more thing, a question: I also purchased the “Blade System” and “Infinity Indicator” with the original CPP EA. I’m not much impressed with the EA replicator and “Robert’s” trades (if they are indeed his trades). But I wonder now two things:

1. Are either of these indicators really the Megatrend indicator repackaged? Or perhaps related? Has anyone looked at this?

2. Has anyone tried these out and if so, how did they do?

Thanks much, Mike

understood admin

Cpp EA is very good. I made 300 pips for the last 20 days .300 pips *$3.00 a pip= $900.00.not demo account. Thanks Robert. keep up the good work

Can someone send me a copy of CopyPastePips mega Trend?

Very Happy with this service. Don’t use Copy Paste CopyCat, that ones’ a scam system. This one puts my trades into my MT4 like yesterday own $400 with Eur/Usd trades and have another one going today!

I would ******************certainly would like the copy of Mega Trend

I think CPP should test their platform first before sell it to the market… Too much sweet on their sales page (especially the guy in the video) but too much bitter with the result… i’m testing another ‘copy signal’ service which is cheaper and have much reliable results.. they have losses but i profit in total, best thing they provide me with free membership first, so i could really feel how the service money in front ! their site is i think there’s other thread in this site about their service

Well… all was going just fine with CopyPastePips up until TODAY… 3/15. CPP initiated one loser after another ALL from today… I’m watching my account drain as I type this…down $1,500 just like that… using standard CPP settings and letting it do its thing. WOW

Well, I have been using the CPP and CPPNoLoss for a couple months. My final review? Learn to trade yourself. I can lose money just as easily as this guy.
The CPPNoLoss was a joke. Guaranteed to never have a loss…first trade was an 80 pip loss.
The CPP system pretty well has shown me that whoever is trading this is not a professional trader. A lot of the trades have a less than 1:1 risk reward ratio. Add to that the problem that I have seen a bunch of the orders go way into profit (70+ pips) without even moving the stop to breakeven only to turn around and go all the way to a full stoploss. If you use this system, put it on a demo account and copy the trades you know are good to your live account, then set your own SL and TP.

yup 3 loss trade in a row…lost 300$…Well I am going to say good bye to CPP until they improve in the future…Heck after the loss I traded on my own with 1lot of 800$ account balance..I was able to recover 100$..

One more thing if you look at their front page Mt4i Statement you will notice that they deleted LOSS trade for GBP/USD…

It is better to use RSI indicator and trade on you own…Just trade in Small Pips that is the only way to grow..

Wondering if anyone else has experience what has happened on my account with CPP. On March 21 the following trade was made by CPP:

2011/03/21 18:24:00 Sell 0.50 EURUSD 1.421 1.424 1.407 2011/03/21 19:48:00 1.424 0.00 0.00 – 150.00 – 30.0

This is directly from the snapshot of his live account… so, a trade that resulted in a loss of $30… ok fine

However… on this day… at this exact time… CPP initiated BACK TO BACK trades… within 2 seconds of each other… BOTH stopping out for a loss. So… while HIS account shows ONE trade… one loss on that day… I had TWO. HUH????? I stopped the CPP EA until I have answers. I’ve submitted a trouble ticket for this issue… no answer yet.

Has anyone else seen doubled up trades? I’m going to go back to the MESS CPP created on March 15th… terrible losses… very reckless. Wondering now if some of those trades were doubled up.

I am giving CPP one last week after 4 straight loss…They didn’t made any trade for 4 days which is good…Beginning new week if they lose ONE more trade this week its over for me…

I would like a copy of the copy paste pips megatrend…how can I get a copy without having to post my email address?…why don’t you post an address link for it? thanks in advance…also I don’t think it is wrong for others to make mention of another product or post links about other products because it is good to share info at all times…besides that I might not be on that other site/forum to be able to read that info that might be helpful & useful for all to know about…that’s my 2 cents…

Strange how we can have so different views of the same product.

I am myself impressed by Robert’s trading. Seems to be doing a great job. Sometimes not that many trades but that is how a professional trader works. You cannot put on a trade just because you have to. You must be patient enough to wait for a setup that delivers a high probability trade for the system you use.

As for the drawdown on March 16, you cannot blame Robert for that. The JPY just went crazy when the tsunami etc hit Japan, and just anyone with a position in the wrong direction would have been stopped out. There was nothing you could have done to prevent it – other than keeping out of the market. If you gained money then, you were just lucky to be on the winning side.

Right this moment, both CPP and NoLoss have one short position each in EURUSD. One has a slight pending loss and the other one is positive. In fact, Robert has moved the stoploss to below the opening price to lock in the profit. So, yes, he CAN move the SL or TP.

I bought the product CopyPastePips and used it for a less then two months.
He made a small profit in the first two weeks and lost over 40% of my live account in less then 6 weeks.
Using radical trades where some trades were 1% to 2% risk
and others were 20% to 30% of portfolio risk on single trades. He definitely
does not know how to trade or use proper money management
techniques. Then he does not show those large losing trades on his MT4i statement site, otherwise no one would buy his product if they saw he was losing 40%+ equity. So this product is a SCAM to take your hard earned money.

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