Caliber FX Pro

Caliber FX ProCaliber FX Pro is a Forex robot that focuses on risk minimization and diversification – the system itself is a package of 3 robots trading on 3 currency pairs.

The software was designed by professional Forex traders and programmers on a model based on complex math and statistics. According to the authors, that alone is what makes the software stand out. It is based on trading strategies that have been tested and proven to make multiple hundreds of pips in a row with no loss. The system was tested on back and forward testing (note that they don’t say anything about live trading, though).

Caliber FX Pro features:

Some more facts:

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Caliber has turned out an exceptionally poor result on the USDJPY pair. My losses on this pair in less than a month with lot sizes of 0.10 exceed £500.00 This was on a large volume of trades, all losers. I’ve removed it from my Meta Trader Platform.

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