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I have watched the marketing video twice for FX Firing Pin with Ken Herbert and I am still hesitant to purchase it. I I usually try to read some reviews from other users before making any purchase, but so far I am unable to find any reviews, Question for any one who has purchased this system; Does FX Firing Pin really work? I don’t mean if it makes you a millionnaire in a year, but does it produce more wins than losses and are the wins most often bigger than the losses. Also is it easy to install.

He was selling this for 297 about 2 months ago and 6 months money back…I thought about buying it but I don’t think this system will work for low investment too well…

I suggest you manual trade..You should trade GOLD as it is the only thing that is easy to trade in this market crisis..Use daily Pivots and get the idea…Gold moves slowly when its ranging and you can get rich just from using pivots..

Hi God
I suggest you manual trade..You should trade GOLD as it is the only thing that is easy to trade in this market crisis..Use daily Pivots and get the idea…Gold moves slowly when its ranging and you can get rich just from using pivots..

Trading gold, Could you be a little more verbose on the use of pivots in a ranging Market?

on the ranging market PIVOT with Support and resistence line reacts very nicely and you can profit big time if you have good money management…

I suggest you use Daily Pivots indicator that shows R1 R2 R3 S1 S2 S3 in

1 hour timeframe…

If you trade GBP/JPY pivot indicator will help you big time…GBP/JPY can be deadly if you don’t use good stop loss..

also use Heinken Ashe, Parabolic sar with Pivot indicator..

Demo the strategy and get the idea how it will figure it out just don’t give up..


What timeframe do you use to trade gold? By the way I too trade the GBY/JPY at the London open. I agree with you about the stoploss policy.


1H is the best timeframe for GOLD…As I can see gold is ranging downwards and with the help of Pivots support resist line I can decide where to put my stop loss and target profit..

Here is something I have found about Gold…during the closing of london session and one hour after opening asian session gold seems to move very well…take the opportunity to do scalping on gold with parabolic indicator on 5 mins chart during those time but make sure you don’t open trade in between support and Resistance line…wait for it to break…

I did, or am trying Auto Fx Firing Pin. It sounded good at the time, and I figured I had already spent plenty of money on other programs that I’d give this a try. Pretty sure it was a mistake as I’ve basically left my computer running for 24/7 every week since mid-late November and there have only been a handful of trades. Most are small winners but the loses outweigh them. Overall, down about 20 pips, which in itself isn’t bad but considering I paid $297, I feel pretty dumb. I’ve found my self doing better on my own using trendlines while watching daily, 4hr,1hr,& 5 min charts for a pair.

Any current results to date with anyone? ZFLYER thank you for being honest and updating us

fx firing pin failed big time. i asked for the refund. send in my trade journal with the info the asked for.

now i missed out 1 week of trading because i filled the ea in wrongly. evendo i traded more then 90 days, the will not refund the money because of that 1 week.

and now the do not respond any more.

total scam.

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